What is it about a woman in uniform that works on our minds in a surprisingly arousing way? Like many things that I am drawn too, I believe uniforms create a spectrum of feelings that pull against one another to create erotic tension. Uniforms can visually represent a group while simultaneously removing individuality within that group. Uniforms create an air of professionalism intended to suppress the sexual energy naturally radiating and flowing around a woman. Yet, women in uniforms often have the reverse effect on the viewer.

We see this reversal commonly expressed with the emergence of erotic costume play. Many of us imagine the smoldering sexuality trapped inside a woman in uniform…a pent up release yearning to burst forth. Think about all of the sexual fantasies men and women express through CosPlay and sexual role play featuring uniforms. Behind these veils of professionalism or symbols of chastity, we know there is still a woman with womanly desires aching to be freed.

Hope you enjoy this gallery featuring scantily clad women in uniforms ~ Michael

French Maid – May I Polish Your Knob

Sexy Nurse – Sexual Healing

The Bet Her Boyfriend Lost

Candy Striper

Naughty Nun

Timeless Geisha Fantasy

Cowgirl – She Prefers Riding Bulls

Starship Pilot – It’s Lonely Out In Space

Naughty School Girl

A Few Good Men (Needed)

7 thoughts on “Digital Art VIII (Women In Uniform)

  1. I think there is something sexy and powerful about a woman in uniform. Especially in a pant suit corporate.
    Sometimes she may be in a position of power and needs the role reversed in her relationship. Other times she is tired of bowing down and needs to be dominant.
    I think a woman in uniform should be respected either way.
    Wow, just getting me hot and bothered thinking about it.

    1. Now you are getting me all hot and bothered thinking about it too, ha! I’m going add a couple of these visuals for my next gallery – thank you for the inspiration ☺️🔥

      1. You are so welcome 🤗 my pleasure!

  2. I can’t pick… lol 😉

    1. I may need to put you in a uniform, ha! So glad you like them ☺️

  3. Lol
    Ok, I like a little rope please. 😛😇

    1. Hmmm, looks like I better get the ropes out and get to work ☺️😈

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