It has been a little over a year since I first wrapped Sienna in a sensual, erotic glow and presented her photos and our stories to the world. I was proud of my sexy girl and wanted the world see her beauty, feel her sensuality, and lust after her. Showing off my girl tapped into my own exhibitionistic desires along with the pleasure I experience when arousing others. Sienna has also enjoyed the public sharing of our photoshoots and the interactions from viewers.

There is another erotic layer though. We are a sexually adventurous couple that is hoping to make cuckolding a part of our relationship. That’s right, I want to watch her fuck other men, and she is excited about cuckolding me with well-hung black men. She was hesitant about this at first, but it has become her favorite fantasy. Now it is about to become our reality.
I’m standing at the door of my hotel room with Sienna and Jalen, a tall, muscular black man. Both of them are so eager to get inside the room and fuck. I feel awkward and in the way…like I’m slowing them down. I fumble with the key before finally opening the door. We are immediately engulfed in an inviting glow of warm, flickering candlelight with sensual trance music filling out the ambiance. I had been a good boyfriend and set this mood for them just in case our meet and greet went well.
It would be easy to suggest I am feeling calm and in complete control, but I’m not. I’ve tried to anticipate and plan for as much as possible, but I’m no longer wandering lustfully through a perfectly choreographed erotic fantasy. This is the real deal with so many unknowns. The room begins to slowly spin and warp. It is hard to breathe, and my heart is pounding.

Interested in reading the rest of the story? The full story and accompanying uncensored art, it is available on my Deviant Art site: Creamworks Studio.  DeviantArt has over 75 million registered users and is one of the largest platforms in the world for aspiring artists, writers, and fans. Set up a free account and join the fun. Once you join, feel free to drop me a DM, engage in the comments, or privately explore my content. I hope you enjoy ~ Michael 💫


2 thoughts on “(CW) Kneeling At The BBC Altar

  1. It’s amazing to see Sienna transform from hesitant to confident in fully embracing the moment and fantasy. From her needing your reassurance in a sensual kiss to pulling his pants down. I imagine that uncertainty or doubt in the moment is very real.

    As always, love your writing and seeing these moments unfold though your gaze. 🔥

    1. Sienna’s “transformation” – you captured this perfectly. There was a lot to manage…the logistics, creating a sexy vibe for them to enjoy, and making them feel comfortable to managing my own sense of embarrassment/emasculation and needing that feeling to transform into the cuckold burn as quickly as possible. As you might imagine, my gaze in a moment like this would have flames dancing in my eyes. 🔥

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