Yumi is a featured series on The Dionysian Experience. This video explores the erotic energy swirling through our early seductive dance, her struggle with wild desire and sexual repression, and her eventual surrender. In other words, Yumi’s own Dionysian experience is the inspiration for this video.

[wpvideo ESFk4sp9]


About the video: I first published this video several years, but it has been “private” for a while. The art feels a bit dated (perhaps classic sounds better) from my perspective, but the video effects hold up well. There may still be a few folks around from when this was first released, and I hope this video brings back some good vibes. If you are seeing it for the first time, hope you enjoy ~ Michael

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86 thoughts on “(Video)Yumi – Calling to You

  1. Exotic Nita

    Micheal!!!! I was hoping you were building up to the conclusion of Yumi. Love the video! I see you have been putting in some work on your yumi post. It’s still so good to see your presence though…. I so wish I could make a video with all that awesome digital arts.. Call me anytime, Dionysus… Drinking from your vine…mmmmmm

    1. Nita, you always make me smile!😃I’m glad you enjoyed the video and so appreciate the feedback on the artwork. I find something very fulfilling about creating these works and love when it connects with others emotions. Mmmm, the thought of you drinking from the vine is calling to me and has the juices flowing…

      1. Exotic Nita

        Oooh Micheal, how I miss your presence and your provocative stimulating comments and posts… Maan, I could do with a good drink from that vine right now… Those juices I know will be so tasty

      2. Exotic Nita

        Michael, I have said it on many occasions and I will say it again, you have a most wonderful talent. You have such a creative and beautiful mind. You write so well and make your audience live every moment with you. Your art show reflects every scene and emotions that’s involved…
        you are somewhat a genius at what you do and I admire your excellent talent…and you…You show the extremely passionate you in everything you do…it’s divine bliss!!!!!

      3. Exotic Nita

        Hey Micheal..

        I have looked for you everytime I’m on. Wp..

        Miss you so much my friend..

        Hope everything is good in your world 🌎..,
        Come back soon

  2. I love the video Michael, you are so creative and well talented. I also like that it’s Yumi’s art that you used in the video, you know how I feel about Yumi haha.

    1. Sexy Samantha, thanks for checking this out. I’m behind on your writing but look forward to catching up on all the hotness that I’ve missed!🔥Regarding Yumi, I have built up quite an art collection around her, ha! I like using them again in videos when possible and there were several new pieces in this. You do like some Yumi…that makes two us. I even fantasize the three of us!😃😘

      1. I bet that must be one hell of a fantasy Michael, and I did notice some new art in the video. Yumi is a beautiful woman who deserve a man like you because clearly the man she is married to is clear incapable of realising her greatness and her graciousness and he doesn’t appreciate her. You make her feel like a woman, a much needed wanted woman and that in it’s self is a blessing to a woman’s heart.

  3. Yes, I did call! Will it take you long to get here???

    1. Exotic Nita

      We are calling..,he’s taking an awful long time to answer though…

    2. Haha, you are awesome! A call from you cannot go unanswered.😈 I am on my way, pretty lady🌌😘

  4. Micheal …i.love this!! Was amazing…hahha I had to watch it twice! Loved the highlight to the many layers of pleasure!…..🙊I can’t say no more! My mind races with salacious acts I’d like to do to you! Enticing you are!!!😍😍

    1. Oh Jenn, your reaction to this has sparked a surge flowing through me that feels almost impossible for a certain part of my body to contain!🔥I’m glad once wasn’t enough…I was hoping you would want to experience it several times…many times like I want to.😘 Your mention of salacious acts has created an early transcendent rise against my laptop with the rest of body wanting to follow🌌💖 Thank you beautiful for amazing comment, it is very special❤️

      1. Mmmm….your reaction makes me want to explore you more! How I envie that laptop since it gets to feel you in full …see your eyes glisten with mischief and I’d imagine..a devilish grin…hummmmm…yes…you did it again…mind completely in the gutter! 💋💋👅🙈🙈

        1. Exotic Nita

          Maan love your answer jenn..

          And isn’t that the very truth.. we all want to explore him with every comments he makes..
          that laptop 💻 is getting all the glory that we so yearn to experience…
          And like you jenn.. I always imagine that devilish grin of seductive mischief… and his eyes glistening with delicious 😋 lust
          ..with micheal .. presence …. there will always be only one thought in mind..,just to devour him and explore every inch of him.. and having him exploring us with every electrifying touch…

          Mmmm mmmm.. drooling over here with just the thought…😋

        2. Whew Jenn, you are making me absolutely crazy over here!🍆🔥 Your thoughts are far from being in the gutter, they are in a place that is much more uplifting and intoxicating. As for the mischievous grin, you are the one that has given it to me sexy girl as well as the fullness pulsing strongly from within 😈 Come closer…explore😘

        3. Oooo…that offer is sooo stimulating… I’m sitting here literally envisioning the paths to explore. I don’t think I can contain myself …I may become a bit selfish and allow my eagarness to mount such perfection😈😈😈

  5. Exactly! With every word written; I anticipate the very next and with each anticipation; my curiosity just continues to grow and grow… even now… my mind continues to race. To enjoy the beauty of time lost in the pacidity of his erotic pandemonium would be a girls dream….a new fetish just to devour every angle of his perfect body…an addiction only be satisfied with his touch…lips…sighs…🙈 yes…I do crush on this man with every word…💋💋

    1. Exotic Nita

      Oooh yeah…. I’m right there with you pretty girl…,
      Right there … with every single word…

      He makes us wanting him so…

      So so baaaad…

  6. Carly Quinn

    That music…where did you find it? Psychedelic was the first thing I thought of, with the kaleidoscopes, the bestial clang and screech. Then that word, summoned. Not tempted, or enticed, charmed or seduced.

    Summoned by Dionysus. Once she answered the call, then comes the dance, the tease, the seduction. Interesting that he makes her take the first step herself.

    Your discussion of divine madness, illuminating. Be careful, that mind might become the most sought after piece of you.

    1. Carly, your comments are always so intriguing and enticing. I’ve been reading some some about Dionysian art compared to Apollonian art and this song captured the Dionysian elements perfectly. It is Van Halen’s “Intruder” which is typically used as the intro to “Pretty Woman”. I wish this song was 10 minutes long rather than two. To me, this video is a like trying to capture a dream in the creative process. The beauty of the process (I believe) is that it leaves the final result open to interpretation. I’m glad the choice of “summoned” caught your attention. As Yumi’s story dances into the Dionysian realm, I wonder about the driving force. Who did the summoning? Was it Yumi or was it me. Or, was it both of us hearing the same call from a timeless archetype. Questions like this, though abstract and meaningless to many, are ultimately why this blog exists and my journey for deeper meaning. Regarding the mind, I do love a good “mind fuck”. 😉😘

      1. Carly Quinn

        Interesting that you think the final result is open to interpretation. 🤔
        I can’t believe you caught me off my guard in the comment again, now I’m wondering, who did the summoning? You start with the word Forlorn, then Summoned. I don’t know how that plays for Dionysus, but I’m getting an idea I know how it plays for Michael. I think Yumi was accustomed to being ignored by her husband. I think that a majority of people have grown so familiar with being disappointed with intimate relationships that when Dionysus surges inside them they are overwhelmed and terrified. Not only of the person who ‘brought them back to life’ but the realization that all those feelings, that incredible desire, was in them all along. Just there, under the surface, living, breathing, waiting. That glorious power you thought was long gone. Whatever it is, in you, that allows you to recognize that…. that is where Dionysus lives. Yumi’s tightly controlled response to you, was like waving a red cape in front of a prize bull. There was no way you could leave without looking deeper.
        So, I suppose, she summoned Dionysus with her pain. Once summoned, he’s not leaving till she’s on her knees in front of him, her eyes on his, demanding her own satisfaction. ☺️❤️

        1. Carly, I had such an overpoweringly positive and emotional reaction to your assessment of this post and the underlying drivers. My eyes actually filled with tears. On many levels, you have tapped into the essence of my journey and answers I seek to understand. I’ve probably read this ten times today. I have nothing to add…you understand completely. Your last paragraph is so erotic with your phrasing…”On her knees…eyes on his…demanding her own satisfaction.” Perfect.

  7. Carly Quinn

    The question then becomes, why is it so important to you that women don’t wander, lost in that desolate, sad place?

    1. You have such piercing and insightful questions. It is important to me because it is in this desolate, sad place that my mother took her own life.

      1. Carly Quinn

        Of course, almost as soon as I hit post, I had an idea what your answer would be. I’m considering a little boy left with only questions.

        1. This image you created makes me think of young Bruce Wayne standing over his parents, how impacted him, and his long-term reaction. Of course one is fiction but there is a story arch that really resonates with me. In a way, I have tried to leave my lasting mark working in darkness as a conduit of light. I think you see the connections laced throughout my blog. I appreciate having you along for this journey. You help me learn more about myself and how I am perceived. And…you are damn sexy! 🔥😘

  8. Carly Quinn

    I’m hoping that you spending time on the site means I’m going to have something delicious to read in the near future. The other day I was sunning while the kids swam and in that heat, sweat slipping off me, I walked a fine line in my mind. Visiting some of my old favorites, wondering about Yumi’s completion, day dreaming about the beast in Dionysian disguise….you’ve kept me thinking 🤔

    1. This is quite a visual you left me with… Sunning by the pool with sweat glistening from your body…streaks of water streaming down your body and pooling in enticing spaces… Thoughts drift through your mind. How does he take Yumi? Surely she surrenders, right? After all, it is she that summoned the force that now engulfs her. I’ll be picking up with Yumi soon. I suppose I have been left dripping between her legs for too long now. On another note, I love the thought of you browsing old favorites pondering what resides beyond the Dionysian mask. 😈😇

  9. Interesting. Is this the Greek God you think you relate to the most?

    1. Interesting question, Vegas☺️My exploration and “discovery” of Dionysus comes from my journey to understand some of the feelings and thoughts that swirl within me. This archetype doesn’t represent me in day-to-day life but I see it as a state of mind I sometimes find myself in…and embrace.

      1. Very interesting, indeed.Certainly hope you’re doing well. I try to keep afloat of your writings, but daily life has been stealing me away often. Hope you’ve been exploring and discovering more lately! 😘

    2. Hi Vegas, sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been out of action due to work demands recently. Hope you are holding down the “naughty castle” while I’m away. I will need some good stories to read when I get back to WP! 🙂

      1. Works been keeping me away too.
        Haha the “naughty castle” has been abandoned for some time now ☹️

        Good to hear from ya! Keep in touch. Hope you’re well. ❤️

  10. Intoxicating. My mind is full of images and thoughts and as I fell to my knees, the music stopped! It is like being shown a glass of the most exquisite wine and not getting to do more than taste. To know that scent and to crave to follow it and it is gone….Elusive and yet vibrant. If you were a color, you’d be molten golds with strains of coppers and reds and amethyst and blues twisting through you. Powerful piece of art, my dear. Powerful.

    1. Exotic Nita

      Wow??!! Kris…

      The way you describe him.. and his video..

      Wow 😳!!! Is all I can say..
      you put into words so mind blowing..
      and takes our imagination to completely another level ..

      And I totally agreed with your deep description of Michael….

      1. 😈😘😘

    2. Kris, this comment is absolutely breathtaking!❤️🔥As I read it, my heart swirled, my cock hardened, and I had the biggest…smile. Your reaction was a magical gift as you infused me with the colors you described. Breathless, I reached out to touch the vibrant, flowing energy…and you were gone. Thank you for returning the energy beautiful girl🌌💞 I’m so appreciative of your reaction to this and incredibly humbled🍷😘

      1. You have a way of bringing others in with your words and ideas. Meeting us, so to speak, and filling your readers with you. You have a definite gift. I love opening it! 😘😘

  11. So good to see you, Michael. Your analysis of Dionysus is intriguing… if we deny his influence we invite madness. I agree, without sometimes yielding to ecstasy, letting go of control – it’s like keeping the lid on a pressure cooker and never releasing some of the steam. We need mighty Apollo too – leading the chorus, master of the Muses, god of poetry and music. Maybe I could have both of them at the same time? 😈😈🔥 I’m a greedy girl! 😉

    1. I like that Grace. Both. In some ways, I think you could have both with one person. You need someone willing to invite that ecstatic frenzy sometimes but still with the ability to function well in the world as it is.

      1. I think it’s possible too. We are proof of that! We are passionate, artistic women who are also responsible and upstanding citizens!

        1. That’s true! 😀

    2. Hi Grace 😃 So glad to see you too…Your analogy for the Dionysian energy is perfect! I need to insert it into the post, ha! I am totally with you on Apollo. Without beauty, reason, and order, the world would fall into chaos. I certainly don’t mean to diminish the importance of this archetype. Actually, I think Apollo is my primary state mind. I seem to focus on Dionysus in my journey for deeper understanding because this energy feel more elusive…even confusing at times. Is it normal and healthy? Do others feel it? Do they touch it or suppress it? In fairness, I think many also deny the Apollo experience as well (especially the artistic dreamworld) and live Dionysus as the primary state of mind. As you put it, it isn’t a question of one or the other. We need both. 😇😈 Hope you have a great day 💖😘

      1. And maybe Dionysus is more elusive as we get older. It becomes ever more important to catch and hold onto that ‘fire’ especially if our childhood and early adult life was less than carefree. I recognize that pining in my own life as I have reached middle age. And as proof of my ‘maturity’ I seem to be the only one who recognizes the Van Halen song! Lol! 😅

  12. You got all the women hot again.Nice creative art work, Sir!

    1. Thank you Morgan, so glad you enjoyed the video ☺️🍷Creating heat is a fun part of the journey and you do it so well.😘🔥

      1. You’re welcome Michael. And as for heat creating heat or you could say building up the body’s senses to be engulfed in Intense sexual stimulation. Resembleming wine dripping from breasts it feels good to me and is enticing to lovers, makes their mouth crave to taste. Like envisioning what lies underneath the clothes it makes their hands desiring to feel the body they see that is sexy to the eyes and attracting their bodys to react with moisture and or strong length ready to be devoured by the one who has built up such tention. My poetic Latin curves enjoy causing that feeling, (Es placer para los sentidos)
        (It is pleasure for the senses), and when touched it is one exotic heated experience.

  13. FilthyDee123

    This vid was hot! The “From the vine” line was well timed, had me laughing good. Once again you’ve combined my favorite things; naked Asain gals, oral sex, and humor. I appreciate you Michael. Well done!

    1. Mr. Filthy Dee, love your visits my friend! “From the vine” — love that you called that moment out. Those three seconds were my favorite of the video…the way the music crushes, the words drops hard, the sexual innuendo juxtaposed against a deeper psychological meaning. Of course, sexy girls and sex make all psychological exploration much more delicious.😄🔥

      1. FilthyDee123

        I think you summarized it perfectly, well timed for sure with all the elements. It delighted me to the maximum and brought the heat🔥 and the joy. 😄

  14. Very nicely done. My favorite part is the “Mine,” at the end. And I’m not sure why because I have a bit of cognitive dissonance surrounding possessiveness. Most of the time, I don’t think it’s cool. But give it a sexual component and it makes me very hot. What is the song you used?

    1. Beautiful Aurora, I’m having a hard time taking my eyes away from your new gravatar. 💗⚡️I get what you are saying about control. As a way of life, it would be very frustrating to deal with. You’ve mentioned before the conflicting feelings you have around submission but how, with the right person, the feeling of losing control is exciting. It is something of an erotic dance to get into that space and let yourself go…to take in and be swept away by the full power of the fantasy as it becomes real…for a moment. The song is by Van Halen and called “Intruder.” It is often played as an introduction to a much lighter song called “Pretty Woman.” And, you are a very pretty woman 💖😘

      1. I suppose that for me, that space where I would be submissive, is sort of Dionysian because it’s not something I’d do very often or without wanting to take a walk on the wild side. It’s a space very much in opposition to where I live my life. But that’s what makes it such a mind bending, crazy hot thing for me.
        I’m glad you like my new gravatar. Thank you, lovely. 😘💋

  15. cool 😊☺😊

    1. Thank you brother, hope life has been treating you well!

      1. its all good ,i’ve been missing in action for 3 weeks so just got back , which means you have perfect timing ☺😊☺

  16. It appears I am late to this party…..still, I can’t stop staring. My God………………….

    1. You are never too late to this party. Actually, it begin anew when you arrive…like the sun on a new day.☀️Thanks for taking a moment to share your reaction and for the naughty smile you left on my face. ☺️

  17. Dysfunctional Woman's Digest

    M—Very erotic and thirst-provoking! The pleasures of smell and taste are uniquely physical and were made to be enjoyed—XO DWD

    1. DWD, so excited to feel your presence here again…missed you! I hope you found something to satiate your thirst🔥I so agree with your references to scent and taste…especially when connected to a lover and powerful memories. Just thinking about inhaling a woman’s scent has me feeling all dreamy and hot! Hope you are having a great weekend ~ Michael

      1. Dysfunctional Woman's Digest

        M—Thank you! I have been exploring a few interesting avenues and I am looking forward to sharing them with you…I am eagerly waiting for more of your beautiful and sensuous prose—XO DWD
        XO DWD

  18. Wow very creative and sexy post. I am pleased I came across your blog. I will have look at some of your other post. This one left a delicious taste on my tongue.

    1. Hi Carmen, welcome to The Dionysian Experience🔥So glad you enjoyed this post…not a bad one to begin with. Your comment is delicious and has left quite and impression…here. Look forward to exploring your work and appreciate you taking a moment to share your reaction.

      1. Hello Michael. Your post left a very sexy flavor on my tongue. I look forward to exploring more. By the way if you don’t mind me saying? Nice gravatar pic if that is you in the picture

        1. Thank you Carmen, I bet that flavor on your tongue tastes so sweet and succulent… I must admit, you have me drifting in some rather naughty thoughts🔥 The gravatar image is me (a modest selfie ☺️). Glad you like it 😘

        2. I will be exploring more I do enjoy that succulent tastes your posts leave. (Modest Selfie mmmm) naughty I like it.

  19. Sweta Ojha

    I loved the video. You had me in divine madness here. ☺

    1. Awww, thank you! 😃I’m so happy you gave this a view and took a moment to share your reaction. Thinking about you experiencing some divine madness is putting a twinkle in my eyes and a huge smile on my face today ☺️

      1. Sweta Ojha

        It was a pleasure to be able to. ☺

  20. twocheatinghearts

    Damn- so that’s a selfie eh? Ab King!!!

    1. Thank you, glad you like it.☺️I’ve sprinkled a couple photos in the blog but try to keep most of the images in the realm of 3D art. It isn’t an ab shot but you might find the photo in my exhibitionism to be…well, playful. Thanks for stopping by and engaging. 😊

  21. Clearly I’ve said enough here, but I love the ending. You called? I don’t remember seeing that before. It changes everything I feel about the video when I realize I called, not understanding what I was even searching for.
    Now that I see you I’m awash in emotion and sensation. Do I admit to summoning you?

    1. Mmmm Carly, your comment is amazing as usual…playful, curious, and so invoking 😈 “You called” has always been in the video ending. I think you are onto something with the “not understanding what I was even searching for” insight. That’s a big question behind my entire blog and I think the answer, to me and so many others, is now the Dionysian experience. Awash in emotions with passion’s wildfire burning bright…there’s no need to admit anything. The summoning and spiritual intoxication has already occurred…transcendent ecstasy awaits.

  22. I can see how the imbalance has hurt. Denying pleasure, letting others define your pleasure for you, being ashamed of that part of yourself, of course that is going to lead to other activities that can’t possibly fulfill that need but only worsen its absence and/ or make it harder to achieve.
    How is it possible this makes more sense to me now than the first time? It’s something I love❤️about the way you write! There’s always another layer waiting for me!

  23. Hey, cool video. I really enjoyed it. The music made it perfect.

    1. Thank so much for checking it out and so glad you enjoyed it! 😊 I was really excited about this one and the song…you are so right.🔥

  24. Micheal.. I need a buzz.. and I’m craving one of your ever so erotic… stimulating and highly provocative stories…

    Please please I’m begging you…

    I need my fix.. that only you can provide..
    Indulge me please.. and entertain my needs…

    I need to drink from that vine.. and become intoxicated with desire and lust.. I’m so lust hungry 😋 for the conclusion of YUMI DEEP WITHIN….

    1. Hi sexy girl, I have one waiting for you that you might enjoy in the mean time… ☺️🔥

      1. Heading over right now

  25. Wow your digital art is amazing.
    Sexy and exciting

    1. Thank you Cinnamon Girl, I love the thought of making you feel hot and wet…be it through my words, art, or other means… 🍑💧😘

    1. Thank you…just sharing a few of the oldies that never appeared on this particular site with refreshed digital art. ☺️Hope your week is going well 💖

      1. I love your art so no complaints. And it could be going better but its better then last week at least 💖💖

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