Over the last few months, I’ve been sharing an intimate and ongoing true story about Yumi. Yumi is a beautiful, married Asian woman I first met when inquiring about waxing services. I introduced the benefits I enjoy from waxing (intimate areas) and the electricity around the first time I met Yumi while inquiring about waxing services. The erotic tension rises over the next few visits as I stretch out nude on Yumi’s waxing table. My last visit finished with one very happy ending. My time with Yumi, however, is evolving into something far more than just sexual…a sentiment expressed in my video tribute to Yumi called China Girl. You can link to all of these stories here: Yumi – Chronology & Links

Yumi – It’s Good for You

My first impressions of Yumi were misguided. While beautiful and exotic to my eyes, she is actually quite innocent and sexually inexperienced. I can’t help but see her as a beautiful butterfly so eager to spread her vibrant wings or a flower bursting with life and a desire to unfold her petals. Unfortunately, like many women in an unsatisfying marriage, Yumi had resigned herself to a passionless life journey…until I walked into her spa. I have been playfully tempting her and seeking to unleash the fire that burns deep within her erotic garden.

More than a year has passed since the first day our stars aligned. I’ve been assertive in getting what I need from Yumi but not overly aggressive in taking what I want. I have given her space to move at her own pace and define the terms of her inevitable surrender. Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about Yumi. Most notably, her husband treats her like a servant. The difference in how a woman responds to the demand of servitude compared to her gift of submission is as dramatic as darkness to light. She, like all women, deserves so much more. While she may feel like I am tapping into her darkness, it is her light that I want to reveal.

Despite coming to America with very little, Yumi owns several nail spas and is an accomplished business woman. Her command of English is a work in progress, but she is clearly working at a high cognitive level. We have formed something of a naughty friendship, and I’ve shared some of our naughtiness in previous stories. That aside, she has also shared aspects of her life with me. I recently enjoyed a video chat with Yumi and her sister…Yumi seemed proud to show me off as her new American friend and said I was like a movie star. That phrasing seemed to have meaning to Yumi and her sister. She has shown me photos of her home and family, tells me about what is going on in her life, and shares her dreams. I listen to her. We laugh. I care. Slowly, Yumi is revealing herself.

My appointments have evolved as well, and I no longer do my waxing with Yumi. Instead, I prefer to spend our time in lower lighting with her hands on my cock under the guise of a massage. Sure, she always starts with a little massage but can’t seem to ignore or resist my erection…it calls to her. I adore the way she stares in wide-eyed amazement as she stacks both hands along my length with cock to spare. I love hearing her accent as she says with a surprised look on her face, “You sooo BIG!”

Speaking of erection, all hard-ons are not the same. With Yumi, I hit maximum fullness…almost painfully extended. Maybe it’s knowing there are women just beyond the waxing room getting pedicures and manicures as I receive Yumi’s special treatment. Maybe it’s because her husband is such an asshole. It is hot to see how sexy his wife can be if treated a certain way. Maybe it’s her innocence and how she looks at me with her sexy brown eyes and says, “You teach me, you my good teacher.”

Maybe it’s the way she watches in what feels like worshipful admiration at the volume of cum erupting over my stomach and flowing across her fingers as she strokes me to foot-cramping orgasms. Or, maybe it is the tender care she takes as my erection subsides before cleaning me and saying with a smile, “Now you full.” I suspect it is all of this and more. She is a dream-like vision dancing to life before my very eyes.

I have yet to explore Yumi’s body the way I want and, to my dismay, she hasn’t yet sucked my cock. But, hope springs eternal as I sit in the waiting area for my next appointment. Yumi calls me back and the energy between us is tangible. I wonder if the other women in the spa can feel it around them. We enter the private room and Yumi locks the door behind us. She doesn’t bother to leave the room anymore as I undress. Instead, she steals peeks…like such a naughty girl. Low lighting casts a warm glow and several candles are flickering as light dances with shadows. I am home in this space of contrast. Asian music playing low in the background adds to my sensory stimulation. Yumi reaches deep into a drawer to retrieve the hidden massage oil.

She rubs some into my thighs and on my stomach as we make small talk and catch up. My erection quickly stretches out strong and proudly before her as she takes me into her hands…mmmm, what I was saying? It doesn’t matter. Damn, I love the way she rubs and handles my large balls. They are silky smooth, sizable, and love attention. Yumi knows this. After all, I am her “good teacher”. Yumi’s hand jobs are unbelievable. My cock feels completely adored and honored through her touch. As Yumi’s hands flow sensually across my cock and balls, she pauses and stares at my cock. I can almost see her thinking… I ask if she likes it?

“Yes, you so big and make me feel like crazy girl.”

I make her crazy? She makes me crazy, and I’m excited to be returning the favor! I have asked her many times to suck my cock. Her reply is always, “In my country, girl does only when marriage.” Usually, I jokingly propose to her. Or, she will call me a sexy, crazy man and add, “If I do that, then I crazy too!”

Today, I sense her resistance weakening. I whisper in a deep, sensual register, “Go ahead sexy girl, just give it a kiss.” She moves her head down ever so slightly but stops. She doesn’t look at me but continues to stare at my manhood. I trace a finger along my dripping head, “Come on Yumi, just on kiss.” She looks at me…eyes that speak of innocence and her internal struggle…eyes engulfed in fire. I gently place my hand on her back and encourage her downward. Hesitantly, she begins the slow descent. My mood feels dark, stormy, and seductive. Her long surrender feels so intense and dramatic. This is huge step for Yumi. She gets close and those plump cherry lips finally press fully against my swollen dripping head…

After planting a fully juicy kiss on my cock, she quickly retreats. With a naughty smile she looks at me, “There, I kiss you.”

What? No way! All of the sudden Yumi is my playful funny girl?! What the hell, ha! This is supposed to be a dramatic moment! I shake my head with an exasperated smile and urgency, “Oh no, no, no beautiful girl! Kiss it again…put it in your mouth. Suck it, sexy girl…” She is pleased with her teasing and making me laugh. She smiles, “You make me so crazy!”

Yumi summons another round of courage and goes down. Achingly close to my engorged cock, she looks on admiringly and inhales the scent along my length before kissing my cock again. Slowly, as if surrendering to something deep within herself, her full lips part and take my swollen, dripping head into her mouth. It is as if all light and darkness have centered and now swirl around my cock. It is…divine.

Her teeth scrape against my thickness and I kind of like it. She has much to learn. I place my hand on her head with just enough force to push her down deeper. She moves up and down as I explore her uncharted depths. She pulls off and asks, “I make you feel good? Teach me, Michael.”

I take her right hand and cup it under and around my heavy balls. I place her left hand around the base of my cock. She engulfs me again while now stroking my length and gently massaging my balls. She has all of me, and I’m hypnotized by her steady movement. She takes instinctual breaks to lick my balls and the length of my shaft over and over as she tells me how long and big it is. I wonder if she is also feeling consumed? She then returns to completely devouring me.

My orgasm rises and this will be one for the ages. I usually have good control, but I can already tell this is going to be a challenge today. Powered by months of rising erotic tension, this IS the moment. I begin to gently pump my hips as I fuck Yumi’s sweet mouth. I fantasized about this the first moment I saw her and countless times since. I marvel at the sight of her mouth wrapped around my thickness. Yumi is finally sucking my cock…it is surreal. I look at her face, eyelashes, and hair…the wispy strands falling to the side. Her diamond engagement ring presses against my manly flesh. I’m a fortunate man. I push deeper. I want my cock so far down her throat that she feels me reaching for her soul. Yumi’s resistance is weakening. I reach for her soul while she struggles to keep me at a more manageable depth.

Yumi is sucking my power from me and infusing it within herself. She is now strong and controlling me. I fight my release as if trying to avoid pain while Yumi works to conquer me. I fight it, “No, no, oooooh, nooo….fuck…no…” She asserts more power and control over me. I am desperate now to release the storm of pain coursing through me. “No, no…Yes, yes…don’t stop…oh don’t stop…oooh fuck, yes, yes! I’m coming…”

I expect her to back off but she holds on. I feel her teeth again as I become even thicker. “I’m coming…” She braces herself. My body stiffens and that first blast is like a volcano blowing its top! Yumi moans and grips me even harder. The second heavy rope pulses as if pulled from my feet all the way up through my cock. She takes three, then four creamy shots in her mouth before pulling off with my cum spilling off her lips. She continues to stroke me, and I miraculously feel a second orgasm feeding through the first and driving me to new heights! It is even more intense than the first..more creamy pulses shoot wildly into the space between us…flooding over her hands and saturating her engagement ring.

Wow! I just experienced multiple orgasms! I lay there with spasming muscles, fading orgasmic pulses, and watering eyes. I am stunned. Yumi looks around the room and then at me…as she swallows my cum. Now able to speak, she says with a surprised tone, “You did in my mouth.” I look up at her with an equally surprised and naughty smile, “What? I told you I was coming.” She punches me playfully in the stomach. “Why you did that?” I laugh and consider my response. “Yumi, seriously…women in America consider it an honor to do that. It is an honor to have the seed of life inside you. Besides, it’s good for you.” Her eyes twinkle, “Hmmm… Yes, it good for me, but it great for you!”

Oh man, Yumi or her husband better put a lock on her sweet pussy fast because I am coming hard for it and, hopefully, in it.

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112 thoughts on “Yumi: It’s Good for You

  1. This is amazingly hot, Michael! Wow! I’ve been able to pull 2 out of a man, but 5, I’m a bit envious of her skills… and I should know by now to not read your posts at work. It’s going to be a long, frustrating and wet day for me. Thanks 😉

    1. Thank you Tiffany☺️ I may need to reword the climax…it was two sequential orgasms. I’m not sure it was her skills that caused this…more the mental buildup rather than the buildup in my loins😉 I’m sure your skills aren’t lacking in either department.🔥😘 Just thinking about that is making my day rather long and wet 💖

      1. Oh, I see, in my excitement I saw 5 and read it as the 5th climax and I’m seeing the error of my ways. Well, then, I’m feeling better 🙂 yes, he had 2 sequentials with a similar method of delivery 😉
        And welcome to my club, I’ve been dripping with “wisdom” for a few days even with extra efforts applied 😉 😘
        I may need to spend some time to myself tonight before picking up the kids…

        1. Mmmm, your time alone would be a hot post!🔥Even thinking about you doing that has my day off to a great start.☺️ Hope you have a wonderful day, sexy girl😘

    2. For me too..
      I’m shivering with the sensation of cummin

  2. 😉 yes, that could be a hot post. I’ll consider it, have been missing writing the erotica posts. Hmmm.

    1. Those post are definitely missed! Hope you’ve had a great week😘

    2. Hahahaha Tiffany.. please be kind to that kitty 🐱 of yours..
      give her some playtime

  3. Rushmore Judd

    very hot. I love Yumi’s innocence and your persistence.

    1. Thanks so much, Rush. Her innocence and patiently watching her blossom has been amazing. These are simple moments but for some reason it feels so intense.

    2. That innocence always appeal to you men..

      1. There seems to be an extra bit of erotic magic when taking a woman to a place she has never been. Unfolding a woman’s innocence is one of them. Exposing her to new fantasies such as cuckolding or submission are two other favorites💞

        1. Hmm 😒!!!!

          Michael not all men possess this sensuous gift you got..

          And it takes someone like you to go to all lengths to study 📖 a man like dino…. something another..
          the son of Zeus..

          Maaan that guy turns me ooonn…

          And I’m picturing and visualizing you in that light… you talk and act so much like him with the same attitude and sensuality…

          You seems like a one of a kind.. that knows exactly how to extract a woman emotions and deep desires and bring out that Wild 😜 sexuality and take her to a peak and let her experience mind blowing ecstasy. Over and over again..
          not many can do that..

  4. Well…I’m certainly nice and warm after reading that… 😊

    1. Glad you enjoyed it🔥😘 Thinking about reaction has me feeling toasty all over again☺️

      1. Michael.. you are so baaad and super sexual..

  5. 😉😉😉

    1. Yes… it’s good for you🔥☺️

      1. Fantasies of us have been created in my mind.

        1. Mmmm, those are fantasies that should be set free into the world and lived😈🔥

  6. Not everyone is as open sexually as you are Michael…

    Most just have fantasies that they dare not mention muchless live out in reality

  7. Wow…That sounds like an amazing orgasm. I think being mentally turned on makes for the best orgasms. The combination of the setting and the build-up made you explode! So hot. 😀

    1. I do think the mental engagement takes things to a whole different level which is one the reasons cuckolding is so fascinating for me. I may have made this post too much about my release when it was her surrender that I truly found most interesting. I guess the male and female minds are drawn to different things in stories☺️

      1. I think you’re right. I was thinking, damn I would love to make someone feel like that! 😀😋

        1. Aurora, I certainly imagine an evening with you would take a man far beyond what was experienced here. You engage the mind and are both sensual and naughty…a perfect blend of deliciousness to take any man to the top and far beyond!💖

  8. Wow, can I live up to the hype? 😝Hee hee. I did make a man see colors behind his eyes once… 😋😈

    1. Haha, you are making me see fire through my eyes😄😍

      1. 😀 Ooh, I’m talented! 😘

      2. Fire!!!

        You are already on 🔥 fire.. you stay super hottt Michael

  9. Wanting to touch and be touched
    causes a intense sensation of flooding arousal
    like sweetened cream melting over a fine desert
    the scent is erotically stimulating the mouth to
    water. Once felt in the soft stroke of hands
    willingness to bring desire to it’s full length
    gentle massage of the tongues lavender
    licks up and down hardening the fountain of desire
    to drip. Luscious lips open to inhale sucking and enjoying
    the taste, as the desire is unable to contain itself.
    Like swirling hips moving in the motion of exotic
    pleasure. Excited by the touch of moistened lips
    embracing the desire deeply.

    That image in the mind creates
    tension of sexual pleasure to rise
    nipples become stimulated
    lips licks by the tongue
    bottom lip bitten with wondering
    hands willing to go into sweetened moist
    place. Hands caressing the chest, breast
    Aching lustfully
    hips move back and forth
    soaked but
    in need of a steamy shower…

    1. Wow Morgan, I want to take your first paragraph and insert that into the post!🔥It is so hot to read how you experiences this…the thoughts and sensations flowing through erotic and sexy mind and body, so delicious! The description of your sexual tension has me wanting to build your desire even hire and then release that tension. Come sexy Morgan, I’m in the shower waiting for your hotness around me!🔥😘

      1. By the way. I like all your post, But this one had a real moist affect on me. Mainly because it has my fetish in it. Maybe you can guess which part. And you can use my words if you like, it would not bother me.

        You have me so aroused and wanting to experience you in the shower. Mmmmmm, that would be a very wet sexual experience. I am even more aroused now than before. Built up sexual tension is at it’s highest. If only you could help me release it. That thought is making me unable to be still.

        1. The thought of you wet, squirming, and aching for release is such an erotic visual…would love to feel the power of your orgasmic bliss, mmmm!🔥😘

    2. 😳 wow!!!

      That was one steamy poetry..
      and goes very well with Michael’s posts..
      it summarizes his story well…
      good job 👏..

      1. Thank you very much. I am a sensual person it shows sometimes

  10. Carly Quinn Author

    You’ve hit on an interesting subject to me. Women and their first, successful, blow job. The dynamic of her shyness, reticence even, and your asking for a kiss. (There was a whole other side to the dynamic I’ll be replaying in my own mind, looking for personal answers.) The interesting thing to me is what it finally takes for a woman to get past all the things she might do wrong, she might not like, and put her mouth on a cock.
    I don’t think anyone would argue that you are well maintained, pleasingly groomed, and smell delicious (care to tell us what the scent is you like to wear?). However, more importantly than any of that is the patience you’ve shown, the vulnerability that you exhibited every time you walked in the door. I’m willing to bet that that carried more weight than any single action of yours that day.

    1. Wow Carly, you single-handedly (well, maybe with both hands😉) made this post worthwhile. Reaction and feedback through comments like this is the biggest part of my blogging experience. I really appreciate it. Your take on a woman’s perspective in sucking a cock is fascinating and I’d love to know more about the “other side of the dynamic” you are pondering when you feel comfortable writing about it. Like many people, I fall into habits of thinking where I consider my experiences to be similar to everyone else. I think most men are very appreciative of any attempt by a woman to please him in this way. Hard to imagine a bad blow job…more like different levels of good, ha! Also, too many men fail to groom this area and I’m always a bit shocked in locker rooms. We groom our face and hair but some men have never even considered the idea of just trimming below. I can see how that would be a big deterrent. We should do our best to make it visually enticing and good for you. I appreciate your thoughts about what helped Yumi overcome her resistance. This is an unanswered question for me and your opinion as a woman helps me understand this dynamic better. Hope you have a wonderful day, beautiful👸😘

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        An unanswered question? What questions is that? My guess is you’re referring to Yumi’s decision to take part?
        I’m not what I would consider highly experienced when it comes to this and so I too fall into the trap of thinking everyone has a similar experience. We’ll have to discuss this more. lol. As always, you give me so much to think about!

        1. Looking forward to those discussions☺️🔥Hope you’ve had a great week 😘

    2. Mmmm..
      very insightful comments.. and so true for all first timers.. to get Michael reaction from every man would definitely boost a lot of confidence and pleasure.. that would definitely wanted to repeat.

      1. Sexy Nita, it is amazing how far a little encouragement and appreciation lead to even more delicious results. I think it was good for Yumi 😉☺️

        1. Yep.. she did enjoyed her first time.. and you made her feel like a pro.. and that she can master anything. .
          You response was epic..
          nothing feels better than knowing your efforts was loved by your recipient..
          it gives great confidence.. and a.big self esteem.. sexually..

  11. Carly Quinn Author

    Hm, I don’t read anywhere what you favored scent to wear is…..

    1. I’ve tried many fragrances (inspired by TV commercials) but always go back to my favorite classic scent–Drakkar Noir. The creator said of Drakkar, “It’s still very modern nowadays due to its timeless contrasting and its sensual masculine power.” I found this interesting, since I have a fascination with contrasting elements and sensual, masculine power is my aspirational sweet spot. Perhaps there is a sensory allure I was unaware of. If you have access to it, it would smell divine sprayed on a pair of your panties and placed in your lingerie drawer.🔥 I suspect that would feed into your man’s fantasy and, if served up properly, he would find that very arousing…. I also like Abercrombie.

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        You mean, if he noticed it while I was wearing them? I would find that terribly arousing
        Ah, a classic. The first cologne I ever bought for a man and one of my utmost favorites. If there is some extra sensory allure I highly doubt yo are unaware of it. It isn’t his cologne, nor is it anywhere similar. He prefers Joop, one I was unfamiliar with before him. But, anymore, if you want to make my mouth water, just walking past the perfume counter…..lol

        1. I think there are a lot of options for where he could pick up the scent of another man on you to spark the “Sperm Wars” effect. A naughty little story could add to his sensory overload🔥So crazy this one of your favorite colognes…I like that you have sensory memory of it filled away in your mind. Scent can really add to a moment… I was going to say Aqua Velva or Brut 33😄

  12. Carly Quinn Author

    Hm…I’ll work on the story. Aqua Velva, is okay but my dad sometimes wore it. I’ve never smelled Brut 33. So it makes me wonder if you really do wear Drakkar or are you playing with us? A little close to Christmas to chance the naughty list…

    1. What? 😄I do wear Drakkar. The Aqua Velva and Brutt were jokes…just trying to go super retro. I think you and I made the naughty list long ago… Merry Christmas naughty Girl🎄😘

  13. Tarnished Soul

    This was incredibly hot.

    1. Thank you, TarnishedSoul☺️I read your last post, and I’m hopeful this was a pleasant distraction for you last night😘🔥Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your reaction…greatly appreciated.

      1. Tarnished Soul

        Yes, well…I was distracted quite well, thank you very much.

        1. The feeling is definitely mutual 🔥☺️ I know you’ve had a few posts recently and look forward to checking them out.

  14. Tarnished Soul


  15. With patience cums the big payoff!!! 😜 very sexy Michael, love the visuals and the way you share your journey with us. 💋

    1. Haha!😄💦 If she could only learn how to take more… I imagine that is one of the rarest skills of all. Glad you like the visuals. They were fun to kind of free flow with and hope I ended up with something that matched the post. So happy to see your beautiful smiling face 😘💖

      1. it took me the better part of 40 years to be able to accomplish taking “more”… give her time. 😉 xo

        1. Visions of you dancing through my thoughts…my knees are weak just thinking about it…😛🔥So damn amazing!😘

  16. Cuckold Queen

    that is so sexy! Im jealous that she has tasted you and ill never get to! i look forward to reading more about the adventures your loins take.

    1. Mmmm, you seem to have a way with mind-fucking me so well! If your #1’s fantasies take a different hue, the cream of the planet is abundant and…good for you🔥😉 Hope you’ve had a great week, sexy girl!😘

      1. Cuckold Queen

        you have a good week too!! and feel free to stop by for a great mind fucking any time you want babe!!!!

        1. Whew…mmmm!👸🍆

  17. Yumi is my favourite too, I have read your stories about her a number of times and I always come back to them. I was so happy when I saw you updated a story about her 😄

    Man she is good! Her innocence almost matches mine and having her literally giving you multiple orgasms and drinking up from you, man that is something special about Yumi.

    This was well hot Sir Michael, it had some effect on me. I have a very inquisitive and vast mind, and now I will have Yumi in my mind haha.

    Proper hot 🔥
    Will definitely read it again

    1. So glad you enjoy her evolving story…there is more to share too☺️She did take if the fruit and swallow the seed, but I think it might have been an accident, ha! But, she is a good girl and it is good for her😉I do feel some similarities between you and Yumi💖 Hope you have a great day naughty and innocent Samantha😈😇

      1. Can’t wait to read more about Yumi 😊 even if she swallowed the seed by accident, she did good and I hope you have a great day too Michael

  18. Happy Sunday beautiful Michael ❤

    1. Thank you, Simona…you make me smile 🌹😘

      1. Un caloroso augurio di Buon Anno ❤

        1. Happy New Year, sensual Simona😘

  19. Ooooh Fuck.micheal..

    That was so super hottt and very stimulating and causes a big arousal ..
    Multiple orgasms from a man..
    I have gotten up to three shots.. but as much as I think Ive been there done that… I never knew it was multiple orgasms..
    I know I have that experience for me..

    Love how you tell that story .. and how expressive you were with your emotions and feelings.
    Love your description of events..

    Maaan I’m learning so much from you and your erotic writing ..

    1. Mmmm, so glad you liked this one!☺️🔥 Yumi has a special story and I feel honored to be able experience and share it. Regarding multiple make orgasms, I was vaguely aware of it but never thought much about it. Now I know 🍆💦 ☺️Nita, I really appreciate your reaction to my writing. I’m a sensual man at my core and always try to share that side of me. You are a talented writer and have a special way with words. Your compliment is high praise coming from such a talented woman 😘

      1. Michael…
        You sure knows how to make a girl feel good ..
        I’m smiling so huge.. with a warm feeling in the most interesting places..
        I really have to go back and visit your stories again..
        And talking about talent..
        you have got that story telling talent where you hold your reader in a trance while reading 📖 quickly to get that buzz that ends in ecstatic ecstasy..

        1. Sexy Nita, the thought of you being warm…perhaps even wet has a very strong effect on me, mmmm! I suppose it similar to how hard and heavy my cock becomes when I read your erotica… We seem to work each other up…kindred spirits☺️😘

        2. Thats what I’ve been saying lol. He’s got the touch thats for sure

          1. You are so kind and very sexy!😘🔥

  20. Kindred hearts 💕..
    love that phrase…

    I have experience a few lovers in my lifetime…
    but only a couple were successful to take me extreme heights..

    It’s so hard to find a truly compatible partner. That you are so in sync with..and able to fulfill your passion and desires to the fullest..

  21. Jesus Michael! Love it. Super hot story and that climax…Holy shit! Created some delightful images. Cheers mate!

    1. Thanks FilthyDee!😈 Yumi has been far and away my favorite ongoing true story. I love working up the art for her too…quite an inspiring muse. I never could get enough of her!🍆🔥

  22. Mmm, this was hot I never read writings that were so arousing. Sucking licking and stroking my goodness it is one of the best things to do to drive a man straight into ecstacy. Then once he loses himself in the pleasure of being sucked deeply. Straddling him and taking him for a sexy drive only increases the intense pleasure. This post was good that it made me want to join you

    1. Sexy girl, your reactions to these post are so sensual and hot. The thought of being “sucked deeply” and straddled has me drifting toward ecstasy right now… It would be very hot to have you join me 🔥Keeping with the spirit of this post, I’d suggest that in doing so you may also discover that “It’s good for you.” And, I know it would be good for me 😘

      1. Nothing more sexy than a man underneath a womans body flowing over him like a beautiful waterfall. Him kept between the warmth of her thighs until they both are released in ecstacy that would be good for both of them.

  23. Multiple orgasm, Michael? I am truly jealous, dude. I’m like a bottle rocket. One shot and I’m done. 😂

    1. I’m usually in the one-good release group with several heavy pulses. In this instance, just as my first was winding down, the whole cycle started again for a second orgasm. It was crazy good! Wish it was like that all the time, ha!

  24. Oh Michael, your stories are always so…

    1. Thanks so much for the comment…love knowing when other people feel aroused 🔥Did you used to blog under a different name? Is this Tarnished Soul?

      1. Yes! It’s me 😁 I’m glad you remember.

        1. Of course, I remember! 😃I always enjoyed your visits…spreading sunshine and heat.☺️You are also a talented writer. Welcome back!

  25. So yummy. I really enjoyed reading this. And Drakkar is one of my knee trembling favourites. Oooh lovely. 😶

    1. Curious Clitty, love that name 😈🔥So glad you enjoyed this and your reaction to the cologne…scent can add to moment. It sounds like you have a strong association with this scent? The thought of your knees trembling is creating a strong reaction here as well.☺️🔥

      1. Lol. Yes the name. I can thank Mr D for that. He came up with it. 😊 I like it too. And oh yes Drakkar has many memories for me. It was the first cologne I brought for my then boyfriend. I was 17 and I still love it. I’m actually addicted to perfume and cologne and have myself quite a little collection at the moment. It’s always been my thing. 😊

        1. Love this…and your collection.☺️You have me thinking that I missed out by being more attuned to the perfumes of women through the years. I liked the scents of course but have no idea about the names. Would be fun to go back to those scents…I’m sure they would give me a strong reaction. But, I can still do it moving forward😊

          1. There is just something about the scent of a man or a woman that does it for me, add to it a complimentary cologne or perfume and I’m done. Gone. Lol. A man’s voice, physical presence and the way they smell, that’s me done. Lol.

  26. So 🔥, love the details and how it opens my imagination andike Yumi, I find myself thinking of what I’d do after stroking and watching that🍆 grow too great lengths…💦😻
    Wow so awesome, the thoughts you give🍯..yum😉😘💗

    1. Tamara, I am so sorry about the delayed response…been buried with work the last few days. Your reaction to Yumi and this story has me 🍆 and thinking how much I would like to be buried somewhere else besides work! 😍🍆🔥I’m glad you like Yumi and it is very sexy thinking about you being there and how you might have responded….mmmm, you are so hot!💖😘

      1. Oh understandable Sweets, no problem Thank you..but don’t work too hard👄.
        And I certainly would have responded😻💦with all that stood in front of me😂😘

        1. Standing at attention…for the Queen’s pleasure (and mine) 😈🔥

          1. Mmm🔥and this 👑 would definitely find multiple ways too cradle 😻👄 that attention🍆 inch by inch until💦🎆😘❤

          2. Your emojis are so enticing…making me so dreamy and crazy 🔥over here!🍆😃😘

          3. Believe me I know the feeling Love, each of your comments motivates tingles and gets pearl’s attention…🔥😌💦💦💦

  27. Hi Micheal It Samantha, you probably won’t remember but damn Sir Michael, I missed reading about Yumi and after the busiest day I had today this is one hell of a story to read besides the most arousing at that. Not only did I envy Yumi’s skills I am left inspired to start writing again. I love this and you know how much I have fallen for Yumi over your stories even from before.

    So 🔥, and immensely erotic and so visual I won’t be able to take that off my mind anytime soon.

    1. Awww Samantha, I have so missed you! 😃😘 So glad you are back, sexy girl!💖I may have mentioned that I’m recreating my old blog here on this new site…so I’m sharing Yumi again…but adding some new digital art. I have a couple more of the previously posted stories to share and then will have a couple new ones. I think you are going to enjoy them.☺️I love that you felt inspired and hot after reading this…you are so sweet, thoughtful, and very sexy! 🔥Hope life has been treating you well, and I’m really glad you are back.😘

      1. I noticed the digital art and I have always applauded your skill, Sir Michael. 🙂

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    I had a ruff weekend needed to relax but I came across this post and this post
    Makes a shy woman’s pulse race. What a
    spicy lip biting post. 😄 red all over

    1. Cinnamon Girl…so sweet and even a bit naughty I think ☺️😘 I love that you were needing to relax and decided to take a break and stop by. I imagine you may have first felt some tension building as you bit at your lip…flushness filling your face and other areas☺️I hope your hands wandered and perhaps you were able to release some of that tension and fully relax.🔥😘

      1. Oh my,
        Your comment is about as spicy as your post.
        You make me Blush hard and flushed right now 😊

        1. I love the thought of you being in such a state…I really do☺️🔥

  30. Hey…


    So…I didn’t read these posts yesterday…but it’s morning (ish) here… I’m alone…I read them..and my god Michael…

    Guess what I did…

    Haven’t been this wet and hot and explode so fast and hard in a long, long time.

    My fingers are still wet…
    Want to taste?

  31. I remember that you were going to skip Yumi’s story…at least for a while.I’m glad you are easing into this one. I write this story in present tense but it isn’t happening in real time. The full story has already occurred and there will be more chapters. If you read beyond the Yumi-specific details, I am layering a larger story around it. It is a story…is become a story about all women that are in unsatisfying relationships and what they long for in a relationship. It is about a woman that feels dismissed and unimportant to her husband…a woman that also longs for the full power of romantic love. Of course, it is all very naughty too 😈🔥I love that it was hot enough to make you cum hard on this cozy morning. This image will leave a lasting impression… Bring your fingers to my lips and let me have a long taste to savor your arousal…mmmm, it’s good for me 😋💦😘

    1. I’m losing myself in your words right now as they dance their way step by step to my very core. Yes…of course I saw the deeper story woven masterfully into your recollection of this memory.
      You know my truth and you see me…really see me and some days , when I think of you…I am a little terrified that I have shown you too much, that I’ll be reduced to the bare, warm skin of my soul soon. Then I imagine other things and…my fear turns warmer.
      I feel you tasting me…savouring me. It’s sweet but causes an ache inside you that only has one way of being softly salved.. that’s how the thought of you taking in my arousal makes me feel…

      I hope you like the little gift I left you by Hestia’s hearth…🔥❤️🍷

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