Once upon a time, Yumi was one of my most popular series and chronicled a real-life experience I was going through at the time. What began as a rather casual attempt at playful exhibitionism soon took on a new splendor in my soul. Yumi seemed to especially resonate with women who were themselves feeling sexually repressed.

Over the last few months, I’ve been updating the digital artwork for this series and releasing updated versions of Yumi. When it came time to refresh the China Girl video, I couldn’t bring myself to change the artwork. The video, while artistically dated, was created when Yumi’s presence was very strong in my heart and these older images still speak to me. I still felt Yumi close when watching this video and the emotional changes we were going through. China Girl is my visual and emotional tribute to a beautiful woman that touched my soul. One might even call it a labor of love. I hope you enjoy this video as it was first shared almost five years ago.

[wpvideo 8NGNlK0r]

Digital art and video mix by Michael.

David Bowie’s China Girl performed by Anna Ternheim.

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33 thoughts on “Yumi: China Girl (Video & Digital Art)

  1. Tosha Michelle

    Really beautifully done. The music is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Tosha, that version of China Girl really captured the vibe I wanted to express with the images.

      1. Tosha Michelle

        Really wonderful

  2. DiaryofAlexa

    I like how you appreciate all women’s beauty! Beautifully done!

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment, Alexa 🙂 Yumi has definitely been an inspiration…muse-like I suppose. I do appreciate women and each is a special gift in her own way. I’m thinking you are quite the beautiful gift… 😉

  3. Mr. Modigliana

    Michael, I have always appreciated at least two things about you: one is your unabashed bravery in seducing beautiful women. and the second is your masterful artistry, especially in video production and editing

    1. Mr. M, this is a much appreciated and quite humbling comment coming from one I admire as an artist, thinker, and kindred spirit. My video prowess pales in comparison to your magic with the pencil and brush.

      1. Mr. Modigliana

        I deeply appreciate your words Michael. Though I have had my own, I’d like a few of your adventures.

  4. beautiful video, Michael! If she read your blog I think she would really like it! 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca, this is such a really sweet comment. 🙂 This made my day and I hope it does her justice.

  5. Woweeee, Michael! This was so sensual and beautiful. The imagery and visuals are stunning and some of them took me to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco which of course made me smile so big. I’ve never heard this song before, it’s lovely and set the tone beautifully. Bravo on the entire compilation my sexy friend. xo

    1. Thank you Kristi! 🙂 I’m glad I could transport you to a special place that puts a smile on your face. Although, there are other ways I’d like to reach that destination… 😉 I’m glad the sensuality and beauty came through. I’ve spent a lot of time with this and feel pleased with the emotional authenticity and vibe. 🙂

      1. You always make me smile Michael 😁 and I’m sure when I see you that won’t change one bit. Speaking of which…. When you coming to see me?? 😘
        You should be pleased, it’s magnificent!!!

        1. Thank you, beautiful girl :-):-* You always put a smile on my face…among other expressions of excitement! 😉 I’ll send you an email later today….

  6. SexualDespondent

    What can I Michael but Bravo! I love this song but this version is so seductive and filled with soul. The music alone is beautiful but paired with the video I can feel the love that you have for Yumi and the way that you show it truly comes out. Well done my friend, well done!

    1. Thank you so much, Sid. I love your description of what you felt…seductive, beautiful, and filled with soul. These videos, infrequent as they are, are attempts to reach a place I can’t get to with words. To hear those emotions coming back to me through your reaction is a special gift. Thank you for taking a moment to return the energy.

      1. SexualDespondent

        You’re welcome Michael. I have seen and read things that I have felt but can’t put into words or artistic enough to make a video. Knowing this has helped me find my words and express myself. You have a gift my friend.

        1. Thank you, Sid 🙂

  7. Michael, I’ve been missing your posts, and you, but you sure made good use of your time! Your art here is beautiful. Really. It’s so sensual, and there is a reverence for Yumi that can be felt throughout. Your talent mingling with your love for the female form produces graphic magic every time! I wonder if Yumi knows the depth of feeling you have?

    Thank you for sharing your incredible artistry with us Michael and it’s so good to see you again. I look forward to catching up now that we’ve both returned to the blogosphere world. xx Amy

    1. Awww, thank you Amy! 🙂 You always make me feel so good about the “art”. I’ve been vesting a lot of my free creative time trying to elevate the visual aspect of what I see and feel. This is a fun part of sharing the stories for me. Regarding Yumi, I don’t think she knows (especially on the timeline of what I’ve shared so far). I agree though that her knowing my feelings (and me knowing hers) would probably shift us to a more sensual vibe…which I love! 🙂

  8. Awesome, you are very talented!

    1. Thank you, Mala. 🙂 Appreciate you visiting and leaving some sunshine on the “yellow brick road”…I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

  9. Michael I must say your talent is beyond comprehension. I stopped the video at several points and rewound it to capture all the detail you’ve created. You have multitudes of talents. Most people only have 1 great talent. Michael, you’re gifted with a creative brilliance that only a handful of people have. Consider this a standing ovation. 👏👏👏 Swear im clapping for you!! I know you have life going on in your world. Whether that be wife/girlfriend, kiddos, demanding job, etc. But you have a gift you need to share more and more of it when you’re able. Amazing!!!! ❤️

    1. Wow, Carisa…this comment has me blushing AND smiling ear to ear☺️😃💖 the only thing that is beyond comprehension is your wonderful flattery…please don’t stop! 😉😘 sincerely though, I do appreciate you taking a moment to share your reaction and love that you checked out some the art drifting through the video. As far as posting more, some of it is time related but I seem to have post angst as I try to work through a larger story and connect the dots. At this rate, I will never finish, ha! But, you are lighting my fire in many ways, sexy girl!🔥🔥🔥😘

      1. Whaaaaaaaa!!!? Get to cracking. Now I’m intrigued. 😉. Btw… You’re always full of compliments to all your followers. I love that. 😉❤️

  10. I had a sleepless night last night and I thought just go read some hot staff on Michael’s blog, then I found this video and literally wanted to read all stories about Yumi and my god, I was entranced at every bit Michael. Not only are you an amazing artists who knows how to say a lot through visuals, you are also a mystic man who appreciates women and understands women and their differences, that is a quality that keeps me hooked in reading your work and that’s the quality most men don’t have. This video right here is a work of art, sensual and beautiful at the same time. Your blogs and your comments manage to put a smile in my face. You have a gift, an amazing blessing .

    1. Sexy Samantha, the thought of you laying restless in bed and needing some stimulation is a VERY steamy visual for me… That you visiting my blog in that state takes it another level, mmmm! :-* Regarding Yumi, I am so glad you enjoyed her story. There is something about her journey that women seem to connect with. This video in particular is one of my favorites…sometimes the music, images, and mood come together just right. I still have a couple steamier posts remaining and hope you enjoy them. 🙂 About my art…your comment is one of the most flattering comments I have ever received. You actually took my breath away in a good way! I won’t claim to be worthy of such praise around my understanding of women but my appreciation is definitely present. Every woman is mystical…each in her own way. The possibilities for releasing her magic and savoring the unfolding of her sensual, erotic layers is something I will always appreciate . You beautiful, are the gift :-*

      1. Thanks Michael and I like this ‘sexy Samantha’ it’s so exciting, your blog is the sexiest on WordPress in my opinion and I recommend it to my best friends who like erotica.

        1. Thanks for sharing my little corner of the world with your friends 🙂 Sounds like a fun group! As for “sexy Samantha”…just calling it like I see it sexy girl! :-*

  11. Thank you Michael, you comments always put a smile on my face

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