Yumi is a true story about my sexy journey with Yumi – a beautiful, married Asian esthetician. In Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off, I introduce the benefits I enjoy from being waxed (intimate areas) and the electricity around the first time we met. Yumi: A Delicate Dance captures the erotic tension during my first appointment as I lay naked on her table for my waxing. The third post, Yumi: You Special, highlights several memorable moments covering a time span of three appointments as Yumi’s wall of resistance slowly fades. Now, our journey continues.

Burning Ring of Fire

It was hard to sleep last night knowing my next appointment with Yumi had finally arrived, and I’m beyond excited to see her today. I only get one hour with her every three weeks, and it is never enough to satisfy my hunger. My desire is more than sexual – I’m fascinated with Yumi and the aura of mystery flowing around her.

Some of her mystique is no doubt due to our cultural differences. Yumi is relatively new to the United States and still wrapped fully in the fabric of her Asian culture. It is present in the way she dresses, her spa’s decor, and perhaps her sexual views. Yumi’s english is basic and a bit broken which, at times, makes our verbal communication challenging. From what I can tell, her social circle also appears concentrated with other Asian Americans from her home country. There is so much I want to explore with Yumi and have so many unanswered questions.

Why has Yumi allowed me and my playful, boyish antics into her world? Putting myself in her shoes, it must seem to like I appeared out of thin air. Suddenly, she has this American man in her spa every few weeks that is laying nude and visibly aroused on her table. It is like temptation walked through the door and, even though she resists at every turn, she can’t quite turn away. Despite our slow progress, I can’t turn away either.

Yumi greets me as I enter the spa and she looks amazing as usual. I immediately feel the electrical charge sparking hot and fiery between us. Walking past a row of ladies getting pedicures and manicures, they look up and give me curious glances. If they only knew. Entering our private space, Yumi asks if I’ve missed her and says she thinks about me when I’m away. This revelation makes me feel really, really good because I genuinely like her and want my visits to make her smile. I assure Yumi the feeling is mutual.

Yumi smooths the sheet on her table, fluffs the pillow, and taps on the table signaling she is ready for me to undress and lay down. The question of her leaving the room as I undress seems to be a thing of the past. From a practical standpoint, this makes complete sense. I have always thought it seemed a bit silly for the esthetician to leave while I undress. After all, I’m going to be naked on her table for thirty to sixty minutes. Why the modesty around me undressing? Perhaps Yumi agrees and that’s why she isn’t leaving? Then again, she always complements me on my outfits and maybe she likes watching me remove my suit and tie? Regardless, it feels hot undressing in front of her. Yumi acts like she isn’t looking, but I see her stealing glances. Naughty girl. 

Stretching out nude on her table with my waxing in progress, I experience the savor the anticipated erotic tension. Yumi is holding my balls and cock at different moments as she waxes me. I flow in and out of full-blown erections. We pretend not to notice the male energy standing firm and proud between us. Does it make her feel aroused and crazy inside? Can she resist claiming this energy as her own?

The appointment feels mostly professional as it has in the past, but I want to expand our boundaries. Curious to see how she responds, I run my hand along her tone, bare thigh and compliment her. I’m pretty high up the back of her exposed thigh and only a matter of inches from her ass, but she doesn’t move or push my hand away. In fact, she isn’t giving me much reaction at all – good or bad. This may very well be the first time a man, other than her husband, has touched her bare upper thigh. I pause so she can get comfortable with my touch.

A few minutes pass before I trace upward along the back of her thigh and squeeze her sexy ass. Again, she is very stoic. It is almost like the presence of my erection. She acts as if nothing is happening, but I can feel the fire swirling and burning between us. Her hand movements feel random and she isn’t actually accomplishing anything. Her core is heating up.

Emboldened, I try to slide my hand along her inner thigh to her pussy, but she blocks me and moves my hand away from her leg. Damn! I pushed too far or too quickly. I hope I didn’t offend her or kill our energy. With each step forward in our delicate dance, Yumi sets boundaries…confusing at times. I realize that actually fucking her one day is highly unlikely, but this doesn’t mean I won’t gently push her boundaries as I just did.

Finishing up with the waxing, Yumi reaches for her oil and begins to lubricate my cock with her finger tips which has become our new norm. She gives me a few strokes and then tries to turn my erection over to me for the grand finale…just like last time. I’m not sure if she doesn’t feel confident about giving me a hand job, if she feels guilty because she is married, or if it feels like a sin. Why she would stroke me a little and stop…and then be willing to watch me?

I ask for her hand and place it mine. I’m going to show her how to confidently stroke my cock. I wrap her hand around the base of my cock. Starting at the base, I apply more pressure to her hand as I slide our hands up my length before ending with a little swirl around the swollen, dripping crown. As we descend, “relax your pressure a little and tighten again at the base. That’s it, more pressure on the way up and swirl at the tip. Lighter on the way down…pressure and pull upward…swirl…lightly down….mmmm, there you go.” Yumi smiles and says, “You my good teacher”.

My initial perception of Yumi as the exotic Asian woman of my dreams is transforming into appreciation for the curious and excited innocence with which she is now exploring me and her sexuality. I have the sense that Yumi is blooming before my eyes like an exotic Asian flower.

Her diamond wedding ring sparkles as it moves up and down my manhood. Her other hand moves to massage and nurture my full, heavy balls. The moment feels right so I lean up to kiss her. She turns away slightly and accepts my kiss on her cheek. Undeterred, I move to her ear and whisper in a deep voice, “I want you to suck my cock.”

Yumi smiles bashfully and pushes me back on the table. “You a crazy man. If I do that, it make me crazy too! I make you feel good only.”

🔍 Looking back on this moment, I notice something that didn’t full register as it unfolded. I used to think about blowjobs as something a woman does to please a man. I now appreciate how this experience can be something a woman does for herself and finds deeply fulfilling. Yumi anticipated that sucking my cock was something that would make her feel good too. I explore the fulfilling nature of blowjobs for women in the post – Dionysus & Cock Worship.

I don’t get what I want but, for the first time, Yumi is going to give me what I need. This mysterious Asian girl who won’t let me touch her pussy or kiss her is now stroking me off to a toe-curling, foot-cramping orgasm. Through blurry eyes, I see her looking on in wild-eyed amazement as my cock pulses strongly in her grip before erupting with creamy ropes across my chest and stomach. She took control of this erection…it was hers to command. She felt the fire in her hand and summoned the throbbing pulses of life’s vital energy surging forth through the shaft. It had to feel very empowering and liberating for Yumi which is exactly what I wanted.

Yumi continues milking my spent cock and says in a whispered tone, “Oh my god, you so sexy!” I gaze down briefly at her hand…my cum drips heavily across her diamond ring. It is a fleeting but powerful visual. My eyes return to hers and take in those dark pools of quiet fire. She is burning for more, and I’ll do my best to give her what she needs.

Yumi – Chronology: Index and links to my erotic journey with Yumi.

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