In Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off, my quest for a new esthetician led me to check out an upscale Asian spa where I meet Yumi—a beautiful, married Asian woman. There seemed to be a lot of connecting energy flowing between us, and our first interaction left me absolutely mesmerized and drifting in an exotic eastern glow. Yumi was initially vague about agreeing to my waxing request but, after making me wait for several days, she agreed to personally provide this service…for my more intimate regions.

The First Reveal

Arriving for my first appointment, Yumi gives me a professional greeting and takes me to the private waxing room near the back of the spa. The room has thin walls separating the space from the manicure and pedicure stations. Yumi gestures towards the waxing table, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Ah yes, in just a few moments I am going to be totally nude in front of the lovely Yumi. My heart is racing and it feels like energy is just firing all around me. I don’t know what will become of all this but I am ready to begin the journey.

This “first reveal” is both exciting and awkward. It is exciting because I do enjoy some playful exhibitionism. The moment is also awkward too. It isn’t like we have been making out and I’m stripping down to reveal my hard, throbbing cock in its fully glory. Odds are I won’t be hard, yet. It’s more like, “Hi, nice to meet you. Excuse me while I get naked and show you my soft cock and balls.” I quickly strip down and lay confidently on the table with my cock slightly swollen…filling with anticipation.

This first reveal will invariably lead to another first. At some point during this session, Yumi will most likely see my erection. A man’s erection is an intimate secret typically reserved for our lover(s). Today, I will be revealing a personal secret about myself to Yumi—the full measure of my cock—in a situation where it is inappropriate for her to do anything about it or even comment…even if she wanted to. She will most likely touch my hard cock as she waxes me. Yet, neither of us will say a word about it. The silence in this moment will be sweet torture and such a fantastic mind fuck for me and, hopefully, for Yumi.

There is a soft knock at the door and, without waiting for a reply, Yumi enters. The moment is priceless. She is wide-eyed and apologetic as her eyes dart rapidly between my package and eyes, “Ohhh! So sorry…I meant to leave towel…you want towel? So sorry!”

I decline the towel with a smile, “No, it’s okay, I’m okay. Thank you.” Yumi seems nervous and turns her attention to her the waxing station.

I would love to know what she was thinking at this very moment. As I tend to do, my mind races with questions as I try to fill the silent void with context. Why did she agree to provide this service personally after first saying someone else does the waxing? Is she happy? Does her husband make her feel special and let her know how sweet, adored, and beautiful she is? What are her sexual fantasies? Has he been open to exploring and satisfying her sexual desires? Is he dismissive and uses her only for his dwindling sex drive and to take care of the home? How did she like this moment when she came in the room? Is she excited?

I see her with new eyes in all her exquisite beauty. I can imagine her in less conservative clothing. Is there a flower within her ready to blossom? Perhaps a butterfly ready to spread her wings?

I savor Yumi’s curves and how she flows. I want to explore her body, heart, and mind…to unleash the passionate, affection-starved being I can already sense within her. Does she have any idea how amazing her eyes look? The time she puts into “putting on her eyes” is time well spent. I notice and appreciate it. A woman’s eyes (of any color) are probably my favorite feature. Yumi’s lashes are like butterfly wings and I feel every blink deep like a flutter across my soul.

My thoughts spiral. I imagine setting her bun free and sinking my hands deeply in her long, dark hair and gripping it as I bend her over the waxing table and slowly work my manhood into her tight pussy and marking my spot as she writhes in pleasure beneath me. Does she fantasize about being sexually dominated and taken like this? The room feels electric as we enter the delicate dance.

The Delicate Dance

While my mind is racing with wild thoughts, but I appreciate the need for more rationale behavior. The delicate dance is about finding the right balance between receiving a legitimate professional service requiring some nudity and the appropriate level of flirting. I actually do want this service and don’t want to offend her. On the other hand, I want to explore her naughty side and let her know I am attracted to her. If I come on too strong, I might scare her away or get kicked out of the spa which would be extremely embarrassing. I tread lightly. I need to build her trust and arousal at a pace she is comfortable with. This takes time and is a delicate dance.

Yumi turns to me and inhales deeply as if gathering herself. It seems that for the first time she is realizing she will need to touch me to provide this service. Yumi comes to my side and rests her hand softly…almost teasingly on my thigh. She isn’t wearing the gloves many esthetician’s wear. The warmth and softness of her touch on my smooth muscular thigh transmits an electric surge to my balls as I feel them rise and begin to tighten. I feel a little light headed as my blood flow is diverted elsewhere.

My cock, surprisingly, is at full mast already. I wrap my hand around it as I show her where I need waxing. I point to the base, my balls, and between my balls. She seems a bit taken back by the task at hand and processing the the sight of a man holding his hard cock before her. Personally, I’m finding it hard to process my thoughts and form coherent sentences. I laugh inside. Yumi probably thinks English is my second language.

Yumi seems to be responding calmly and gets on with the waxing at hand. Sure, I could make Yumi’s work easier by assisting her with moving my cock and balls around but instead rest my hands behind my head. She is on her own to touch and position me as needed. Yumi pushes, lifts, and holds my balls as she works on the sides and underneath. She is moving my cock around asking questions, and I have no idea what she is saying. Most estheticians touch with the thumb and maybe one or two fingers. Yumi is wrapping her hand around my cock.

At one point, she has me spread my legs and place one leg on the outside of her so she can apply hot wax between my buns. Having my legs spread with Yumi between them applying hot wax is too much! My cock swells to full mast with veins spiraling down my length. I can see pre-cum beginning to pool and drip down my plump head. It is so fucking hot…and awkward. Even by my standards, this is a bit much. This spilling of pre-cum gives away too much of my arousal. I want to assure her that this is unusual…this erection belongs to her. However, we aren’t acknowledging the presence of this hard, dripping cock in our midst. She would be going out on a limb to do something sexual at this moment…as would I. But, there it is. My hard cock stretching out proud before us in our mutual silence.

Yumi next turns her focus to waxing the base of my straining sex. She moves me left and right, up and down…I am absolutely swept away in erotic fire! Her diamond engagement ring is pressed against my cock…yes, I think see pre-cum dripping over it. This is such a hot visual. There are erections and then there are ERECTIONS! I am definitely experiencing the latter. Everything about this moment is making me absolutely throb! Her technique is certainly questionable, but I want her to know I like it.

“Yumi, this feels amazing. You are doing a great job…this is just what I needed.”

I imagine it has been a long time since Yumi has seen a naked man (other than her husband) and probably the first non-Asian man she has ever seen nude. Has this been a fantasy of hers? Tapping into a woman’s fantasies and helping her explore them is such an exciting rush. It is equal to, if not greater than pursuing my own fantasies. I would love to be a vessel of discovery for Yumi if she would like to climb aboard. We can create moments and memories she will always remember.

Despite my mind running wild and being overly focused on short-lived moments, Yumi’s handling of my cock comes in brief waves and only to reposition me or check her work. She calms and distracts me by making small talk about her children and other random topics in broken English. She asks me questions about work that are killing my arousal. I hadn’t picked up on her English at first but as our conversation expands, I begin to realize she must be a first generation American. Her broken English only adds to the allure of her exotic eastern glow.

Oh, to slip my fingers in her pussy and feel her arousal right now. Would I find her dripping wet or unaffected? What is the truth flowing within her at this moment? I consider pressing the boundaries further but don’t want to risk this becoming my last waxing with her. Time is running tight, and we made good progress today. As this first session comes to a close, Yumi smiles and confides, “I not supposed to wax man like this. You call next time and ask for me. Say Yumi. Say you need leg or chest wax.”

I was having a hard time reading Yumi so her mention of my next appointment offers some much needed insight. Yumi is clearly being a naughty girl and wife by providing this service and appears to be having fun. I must have made a good first impression. With a mischievous smile, I agree to her request.

How far will Yumi go? Stay tuned for more.

Yumi – Chronology: Index and links to my erotic journey with Yumi.

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  1. Yummy. Looking forward to what happens next!

    1. The next post will include several visits…I know you hate the stories that stop short, ha! But, I’m going to let it sit for a while and dabble with some other subjects. 🙂

      1. You’re right. I like completion. Waiting and wondering will be slow torture. But I’m looking forward to the other subjects as well.

        1. Yes, what she said!

        2. A satisfying completion is always a good thing. 😉

  2. Didn’t someone comment “yummy Yumi” last time? I agree but she’s not the yummy one.

    1. Mmmm, I’m thinking you’re the yummy one! 😉

      1. Ha! Flattery gets you everywhere I’ve been told.

  3. Another great read, Michael! Hot graphics. You are definitely hotter than I imagined, which says a lot… (I had suspected that was you in the cover for Keisha, your quads give you away…).

    1. Haha, my one cameo photo…and you picked up on it! Glad you like the bun-quad shot. 🙂 There is of course some aspirational/motivational design in the images. My six pack is more like a four pack at the moment but I’m rallying for spring and summer, ha!

  4. Tosha Michelle

    You know how to paint a picture. Looking forward to reading more xx

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I went a little deep with details but think the exploration around this particular moment will have relevance elsewhere as I look for themes and patterns. Thanks for giving it a read. 🙂

      1. Tosha Michelle

        You’re welcome. xx

  5. I had to reread this morning. Okay I mostly just looked at the pictures. 😉 Tiffany is right those are hot graphics. You’re very talented with that. I assume it’s okay to use those images? In my head I mean. Don’t worry it’s for impure reasons. No? Too bad I just did.

    I like this line, “A man’s erection is an intimate secret reserved for our lover(s).”

    1. Amy, you are making me all hot and bothered at work. If you were sitting beside me, I would be leaning back to show a partial glimpse of my intimate “secret” and imagining you providing something equally teasing in return… Glad you enjoyed the images. I’m enjoying thinking about the possible naughty images running through your mind…heaven knows I have plenty of images of you running through my thoughts! 😉 You were the first one to really comment on them in “Pink Submission” and it meant a lot…thank you. 🙂

      1. I wish I could explain what those images are but a good girl doesn’t divulge all her naughty secrets. Thank you for the now added workplace imagery though. 😉

        1. I’m stomping now in playful frustration…such a tease! 🙂

  6. I have to smile … it is so good to have you back here. 🙂

    1. Glad you still enjoy visiting…I was thinking you weren’t feeling it anymore. 🙂

      1. Laughs. You should know me better than that. I don’t think I’ve missed a single post. Maybe this weekend I need to revisit and go over all your posts again. 😉

        1. You are sooo sweet! As we used to say in the good ole days, revisit them “again and again”, ha! Thank you Dana 🙂

  7. Hmmmm … I know the one I will revisit first!!! 😉

  8. How’d I miss this!? I read it’s soooo gooood! I have to run out but will be back. Want to leave more of a comment. 😉

  9. Wow… Wow…Wow… Did I say wow!!? Michael, I can tell you have a intense love of women. The way you describe knowing when to back off and when you can move forward. You know women need to feel adored.. Appreciated.. Wanted. Most men don’t know all the wants… And needs of women. I can tell you find every single type of women desirable. Reading this brought back memories of my time as an esthetician. Let me reassure you Yumi… Likes Michael very much. 😉
    Her not wearing gloves from the start of it all… I knew immediately, Yumi, was into it all. She wanted to touch.. And savor the feeling of your cock. Can’t wait for the next piece.

    1. Damn, reading your description of this has me even hotter than I was in the moment! 🙂 “wanting to touch…and savor the feeling of your cock.” So hot! I’m really enjoying your perspective as a former practicing esthetician (not to mention sexy woman)! 🙂

      1. Haha.. You always make me laugh 🙂 and smile 😉 Reading it made me think of the men who were so confident and proud of their (ahem) assets. Most people are so nervous but the confident ones…made me nervous. Haha.. 😉 I’d have a different playlist for them. Haha 🙂

        1. I would have like to have been on your table…and I don’t imagine you being nervous. I would have come by once a week and you would keep reminding me that it doesn’t grow back that fast. I would make the case that it actually grows quickly, lol! 😉

    2. Nice and steamy comments..

      1. There is definitely some heat swirling around in the comments…💫

  10. Very nice

    1. Thank you

  11. Well well Michael, you always seem to amaze me I just want to continue on this journey with you but realize I have to wait till the next upload for release of tension built up within me…I’m ready.

    1. Valerie, I appreciate you taking and enjoying the journey with me. 🙂 I’m so hoping you didn’t wait to release the tension… 😉

      1. Trust me I didn’t wait.

        1. I like that visual 🙂

  12. The physical is sooo much better!😏

  13. ughhhh, waiting patiently to find out how far Yumi will go? *not*

    you are so very naughty Michael! I love it! 🙂

    1. Kristi, you more than anyone knows the full range of my naughtiness! 🙂 You know how far Yumi goes…otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about her, ha! 🙂

      1. true, true! but i still want to know HOW it happened. hehe

  14. (Giggle) your so naughty! ❤

    1. MmmmHmmm…a very naughty boy! 😉

  15. So very very hot! I cannot wait to read more!!!

    1. Mmmm, you have put a smile on my face this morning! 🙂

  16. I could do with a sensual massage like the one you described here.

    1. Amen! If only they all went that way 😉

  17. We had guys come in to the spa for Brazilians all the time 😉

    1. Do you wax as well? I LOVE being silky smooth…and enjoy the exhibitionism! 🙂 I would love to know the naughty spa talk that goes on behind the scenes, ha!

      1. Lol oh gosh I have stories for you!
        Ive only waxed my eyebrows but willing to do more if you go with me lol.

        1. That would be a fun adventure. You could move me around to help the esthetician… Of course, there would be the naughty and slightly awkward moment where I become achingly hard in your hand as she is waxing me… I’m sure we would be able to work our way through it. The best part would be watching you get waxed, mmmm that would HOT! 🙂

  18. Is it hot in here or is it just me?? 😉

    1. No, passion’s flame is burning hot and bright! 🙂 :-*

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  25. Deep breathes and panting while reading this one. 😊
    A lip biting post this was.
    Spicy oh my,

    1. Mmmm, deep breathes and panting…biting your lips… 🔥 You are creating quite a visual here and a significant impression in my slacks… Tell me more Cinnamon Girl, do you appreciate Yumi’s struggle or I am being too naughty and tempting for this innocent girl ☺️

      1. Oh my impression in your slacks…
        Now I am red blushing and flushed.
        And yes her struggle I understand maybe because I am shy. And you are definitely being naughty and tempting ha 😄. But, the two of you being as you are
        I think makes the tension builds up like a bottle of champagne, it takes time to open it one has to apply persistence gentle pressure to get it to open up but once burst open it could be quite satisfying. 🙈

        1. Oh Cinnamon Girl, mmmm! Now you have me flushed and blushing 😃🔥Your description of opening the champagne was absolutely delicious 💦The building tension, persistent gentle pressure…leading to a satisfying release…I mean burst. ☺️🔥Ummm, I forget what this all started with now, but I really like the ending.😄

          1. That makes two of us. Your spicy comments and post always are lip biting 😊. And your artwork is so vivid it adds more to the experience of your post a shirtless man is always nice to see 😄. I try to add a few pics of me in my work and gravatar but some found it to be not appropriate for my kind of blog to have a photo of my figure so I changed it to my face, but i put other photos in my post , You have to.
            because I liked them

          2. You are definitely inspiring me to keep the digital art as part of my works. It is quite time consuming and really slows down my posting tempo. There are times when I wonder if it actually adds to it. Comments like this keep me inspired…so thank you.☺️Regarding your photos, I remember you had a coupe up and then they vanished. You were getting some steamy comments…I guess readers of your works weren’t so into that. You should make another blog and share them…seriously 😄😛I think all of your gravatars have been amazing to look at 💞

  26. I’ve been looking forward to this sequel. And I love how Yumi admits at the end that she isn’t supposed to be waxing you like that. Lol… And obviously it took her a few days to decide what she was going to do about your initial request. Women are often like that at first. We kinda have to convince ourselves to take that leap and just go for it. I bet Yumi was so tired of her dull, ordinary life. And once she saw you coming, she just couldn’t resist. Lol… Anyway, great writing and digital art as always. I’m definitely looking forward to the continuation of Yumi. It’ll be interesting to see if her naughty side blossoms. 😉

    1. Thank you, Michelle ☺️I’m looking forward to going back through these older parts of the stories and polishing them up with some new art and videos. I have some new ones too that I hope you will find very satisfying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts around how women process things and what she may have been going through. I don’t want to give myself too much credit for enticing her but there seemed to be something powerful swirling within her…so many unknowns at this point. Really appreciate your feedback 🤗

  27. How delight I was when I saw Yumi at the top of your page. I don’t think I could ever get used to it. It’s a new feeling everytime and I love it.

    1. Hi Samantha 🤗😘 So glad Yumi still connects with you…I’m refreshing the art and will be adding more new chapters. I still see her 💫

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