I’m shopping in an upscale retail area and notice a nail spa offering waxing and massage services. As a physically active man, I thoroughly enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bodywork and massages are a reward I give myself for steady training. These sessions also provide me with an opportunity for a little playful exhibitionism if the vibe seems right with the therapist. Waxing is another guilty indulgence. Yes, waxing.

I like being waxed between my buns, around and including my balls, and the base of my cock. This is commonly called a manzilian or brozilian. There are several reasons for waxing. It keeps with my overall desire to be well groomed and polished. I also get a lot of pleasure from it. I love the feeling of having the hot wax applied between by buns along with the sudden pull followed by a quick soothing touch…sometimes even ice is applied. There are sexual benefits too. 

Having smooth skin heightens my sensitivity and sexual pleasure – I love having my smooth, highly sensitive balls touched, sucked, and massaged. An unexpected benefit is that manzilians lead to a slippery slope of pleasure. Increasingly, women tend to drift downward from my cock to my silky smooth, heavy balls and then swirl their tongue along my smooth hairless bottom. This, as many ladies are well aware, is such an INTENSE pleasure. My feet are almost cramping right now thinking about a sexy lover working magic with her tongue in this area.

As I mentioned earlier, I am also a playful exhibitionist. I’m intrigued by the idea of stripping all the way down before a woman that I’ve never met before and savoring her reaction as we both try to carry on like I’m not naked or that we are both unaffected by the situation. There is also a very high probability that I will get hard during the waxing, and this will also present my esthetician with a handful of decisions to make. I savor this delicate dance.

Waxing for men in the more intimate zones does require a little extra effort. The majority of female estheticians don’t offer this service. However, for whatever reason, I have noticed that if I inquire in person, my odds improve. This is my strategy for today.

Walking into this spa, I quickly assess my surroundings. There are ten or so tables where manicures are given and maybe ten reclining chairs for pedicures. Immediately to my left is a makeup station and before me an unattended receptionist desk. There are a handful of Asian girls and men who are busy taking care of the female clientele. I can feel a lot of eyes on me and they linger longer than they should. I imagine they aren’t used to seeing male customers walking in. Within a few minutes, a stunning Asian woman comes to the front to greet me. She introduces herself as Yumi. It is as if she walked right out of a dreamy haze and now stands before me.

I’m instantly immersed in her exotic eastern glow. She appears to have a tight little body with perky breasts and is wearing traditional clothing with platform heels. Even in those heels, she can’t be over 5’ 4”. The heels make her tone calves pop and hint at similarly tone thighs hidden beneath her dress. Her hair is dark chocolate brown and pulled into a stylish large bun. Her smile is engaging and framed with plump cherry-red lips. Her deep brown eyes seem infused with light and twinkle with excitement. My thoughts drift momentarily…it would be so amazing to feel those full cherry lips stretched wide and wrapped tight around my hard cock.

I snap out of my trance to inquire about a massage appointment and am soooo hoping Yumi is the therapist. In her broken English, she lets me know the therapist is out but offers to book an appointment. Damn. I put that aside for the moment and move into my real reason for stopping by – waxing. Even if they don’t do waxing for men, I’m hoping to at least have some innocent fun with our conversation.

I ask, “Do you offer waxing for men?” My heart races as I anticipate Yumi’s next question. She delivers on cue, “What waxing you need?” I flash a bashful boyish smile and savor the awkward embarrassment of the moment I know is coming. I move my hands over (not touching) my package and ass as her eyes follow along and say, “I’m looking for waxing down below”.


She seems embarrassed and bashful by what just happened.

In an instant, I’ve created an inner swirl in the mind of a woman I just met by directing her thoughts to my cock and balls. I feel a little bad for embarrassing her, but it is a reasonable service request at spa. It’s not like I walked in and flashed her. Yumi is clearly flustered, perhaps guarded, and obviously wasn’t expecting my service request. “We…I…um, not sure we do that for mans.” Still, she didn’t say “no”.

Yumi is offering up some uncertain resistance so it feels like I may have a chance. I inject a little humor and a warm smile into the discussion. I work the waxing proposition and explain that I’m a “good boy” and just trying to find a reliable place for regular waxing. I’m not really sure understands everything I’m saying. Yumi smiles and at least seems to be enjoying the playful, non-threatening boyish charm as I make my case. Our eyes continue to drift up and down one another’s bodies as we laugh and talk.

As her initial impression continues to wash over me, I have a strange sensation that she is wearing a mask. She is guarded and trying to hide what she is feeling, but Yumi is failing. Her energy is spilling out and infusing me. We are connecting and I can feel it. It isn’t like this happens all the time but I know it when it happens. Magic is present.

Yumi’s eyes linger bashfully on mine. I find myself licking my lips subtly as we talk…imagining I’m kissing her and tasting her arousal. Damn, I am all over her…in my mind. Can she feel me thinking about having her sexy legs pinned above my shoulders and how badly I want to pound her hot little pussy? I see her stealing glances at my lips as I innocently keep them moist. Is feeling this same magnetic pull between us? What naughty daydreams are flashing through her thoughts?

Yumi’s accent and modest English only enhance the eastern glow I feel radiating and warming me. Clearly, she wasn’t born in the U.S. and much of her traditional culture must remain. I find other cultures and ethnicities so interesting, and I am immediately fascinated with Yumi. I have noticed she is also wearing a large diamond wedding band. I’m envious of her husband.

Yumi says she will check with the therapist for available massage appointments and finally concedes that if the therapist agrees to waxing it is okay in her spa. In her spa? This is a magnificent spa, and I’m impressed that she owns it. She says, “I call you later when I have answer.” I had hoped it would be Yumi that provided both services and this wasn’t exactly the reply I wanted. Regardless, I felt something with Yumi and sensed she felt it too. If I could become a regular customer, she might take over providing these services for me. Leaving the spa, I know I have to find a way to spend more time with her…even if I have to endure pedicures and a foot massage.

A few days pass with no call from Yumi so I call back to the spa to follow up on my waxing. An Asian girl answers the phone and asks what I need? I start explaining what happened a couple days ago when I first visited. The voice on the other end of the phone is suddenly very alive and filled with energy. “Yes! I remember other day from you. You come today for wax? I will do it.” At that moment I realize I am speaking with Yumi. This is an unexpected and very exciting turn of events! WOW! I schedule my appointment for later in the afternoon.

I can’t even get my mind around what is happening. Did her massage therapist decline both services? Did Yumi even ask her? Wow, my thoughts are spinning as the erotic swirl takes flight. In three hours I will strip down and stand completely nude before Yumi. She will touch my cock and balls as she waxes me. Really, I can’t even believe it. I don’t usually get this pumped up for moments like this, but there is something about Yumi that is calling to me. The energy I felt flowing between us, she tried to fight it but must have felt it too.

I wonder if she has ever seen a nude American man or, if having a very traditional Asian upbringing, any man other than her husband? Is this something she has fantasized about? Why did she offer to do the waxing for me? How will she react when I am naked on her waxing table? Will I be the first man she has ever waxed? Will it matter that Yumi is a married woman? What are the odds that her husband knows what Yumi is doing? If he did know, how would he feel about it? Why did she say yes? An endless stream of questions and vignettes are dancing and swirling through my mind.

I will know more in a few hours…

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55 thoughts on “Yumi: Wax On, Wax Off

  1. felice di averti ritrovato Michael.. baci baci 🙂

    1. Thank you, the pleasure is mine ☺️😘

  2. Sorry! 🙂 I am really glad you enjoyed though and totally understand the frustration. I just wasn’t sure if a 4,000 word post should come all at once or in pieces…it’s a lot to ask of someone to read that much, ha! I will stay on task and make sure my next post is about what happened. 🙂:-)

  3. Tosha Michelle

    I’m trying to think of something clever to write but keep coming up with silly things. Balls bare for spare. Told ya, sheer lunacy. Looking forward to reading the rest.

    1. Haha, that was cleaver! 😉 This is a fun story and it gets hot…not just the wax. 🙂

      1. Tosha Michelle

        I can imagine. You should really try your hand at writing an erotic novel or as I like to call them dick books. They seem to be all the rage. Alpha male, innocent girl…etc etc.

        1. Dick books, I like when you talk dirty, ha! Thank you Tosha for even thinking I might be able to pull that off. I have been some back and forth trying to settle on themes/categories. It would be erotic…minus the fiction. 😉

  4. Tosha Michelle

    Ha! Perhaps, a memoir then. 🙂

  5. I second Tosha’s recommendation! My kindle needs new life!!

    1. Thank you…you are so encouraging and supportive! 🙂

      1. In true Libra fashion I’m afraid. “Libra women know how to make sweet compliments, which undoubtedly flatters the Leo man’s self-esteem.” “Libra will adore Leo and will constantly flatter the Royal’s ego.” So… You’re welcome? lol

        1. Lol! I feel my “self-esteem” rising right now against my laptop… 😉

      2. Your writing is through the Roof!!

  6. I’m sure that’s not quite what those quotes referred to but I’m happy to oblige either way. 😉

  7. Each post that includes waxing makes me want to check it out. This one puts me over the top… Can’t wait to see how yummy Yumi is for you! Sounds hot, or maybe it’s just that I’m feeling it… 😉

    1. Yummy Yumi, that is awesome! 😀 Waxing is fantastic and it is…hot! 😉

      1. Glad to be of service! Might be hard to wait =)

        1. Hard and waiting…I can appreciate that, ha!

      2. :)))))))))))))))))))))

  8. Where do I begin…why did it have to end…it had my full attention….the pictures in my head.

    1. Would love to know some of those visuals😉 There is definitely more to come… After all, if it didn’t turn out hot and steamy, I wouldn’t be sharing the memory😃 Glad the introduction caught your attention though 🔥

      1. You have so many experiences and the way you describe them beckons for my attention😏

        1. Thank you, I do value you reaction and find it sexy too! I’m sure you have some experiences that you’ve been holding back on, and I thoroughly enjoy the special touch you have for brining a story to life.

          1. such amazing words……..

          2. I so appreciate you sharing your thoughts as you read these stories and comments…everyone of them is a gift.

  9. I wouldn’t say holding, more so haven’t posted yet. Thank you so much.

    1. Valerie, you seem to think this was a good read. In maybe a sentence doesn’t need to be a long reply…what was pleasure point? Was it sexual tension, the allure of exhibitionism, or something else? Thank you☺️

      1. The pleasure was in the build up, the sexual tension floating through the air. The thought of cherry lips slipping over your vessel. I so can’t wait for the continuance.

        1. Mmmm, this was HOT feedback and helpful too. I really savor that tension and buildup but wasn’t sure if it would transfer as the focus of one post. I appreciate you😊 I like the word choice of “vessel”…you use such variety in your erotica.

  10. You make it easy for me. I love variety it heightens the senses and makes the reader become more imaginative. I’m so ready for more. I’m a fiend for your posts.

  11. Explorer3000

    You write like a demon….

  12. Gah! I hate cliffhangers! You should put a warning at the beginning of the post that it will be continued that way I can wait and read them all at once. I’m too impatient for “to be continueds” when something like this has my full attention.

    1. Also waxing is awesome. Once I made the switch from shaving I couldn’t fathom how I went so long. But you have me thinking now that maybe I need to find a male esthetician… 😃Finding one straight may be the tricky part. 😕

      1. You being waxed…now you have me thinking 😉 That would be a hot experience if you found the right esthetician… I don’t see how a straight guy could possibly survive the torture of women coming in and spreading their legs one after the other. Damn, just thinking about it is making me hot! 😉

    2. Sorry! 🙂 I am really glad you enjoyed though and totally understand the frustration. I just wasn’t sure if a 4,000 word post should come all at once or in pieces…it’s a lot to ask of someone to read that much, ha! I will stay on task and make sure my next post is about what happened. 🙂:-)

  13. Do tell what happened!!?? The suspense is killing me. :). I’m an esthetician but haven’t practiced my trade for years. I started brazilian waxes when most didn’t want to do them.. It was fast and easy money. I got connected with a company where I was doing their models. Super easy and fast. I’ll never forget the male models would always ask if I would clean up their happy trails. That always makes me smile. 🙂 So spill… What happened! 🙂

    1. My next post will be about what happened 🙂 So, you were an esthetician? Apparently you were a trailblazer too, ha! I bet those guys were loving the attention…and wanting even more attention. 😉

      1. Funny thing about it is I started doing s few strippers and before long my card was up at all the strip clubs. Not bragging… More of embarrassment. 🙂
        I told them no bills only CC only :). True story…. Can’t wait for the next post 🙂

        1. LOL! No one should read this comment out of context. “I started doing strippers and before long my card was up at the strip clubs” haha! 😀 Great idea to request CC, no telling where those dollars have been! 🙂

  14. Omg! You’re writing is an extreme turn on… so perfect, a little about you, what and why your into it… then your story begins… holy fuck… I’m lovin it

    1. Mmmm, you know how to stroke a man’s ego and create the desire for a different form of stroking!😉 Thank you for the amazing feedback on my writing. Knowing that it makes you wet is such a gift…it makes me hard just thinking about it!🔥

  15. Haha.. I re-read my comment several time and laughed. My words can always be used in different ways. I can tell you’re a man who likes to be pampered… Massages.. And get facials, etc. When I was working back then I realized Brazilians were the way to go. I worked for myself so I kept what I made. I could do a facial or microdermabrasion (does that show my age.. Ha) for 45 min and make about $90
    Or I could do a Brazilian in 8 minutes and make $100. Now I wasn’t busy all the time but it is a very profitable business. Have you ever had a back facial!? Me. Oh. My. Those are the best. I would do those all the time. Men would want those the most. You need to try one if you haven’t yet. Okie.. Dokie.. Story time with Carisa is over.. I’m just sitting in a waiting room… Time to start doing and quit waiting. 🙂 Don’t judge my typos! 😉

    1. I like “story time with Carisa.”:-) Sounds like Brazilians were easier money. I’ve never had a back facial…never even heard of it actually. But, I do like to be pampered and may need to investigate…if I can be naked during the work, ha!

      1. Haha :). The back facial is more of a relaxing service. You do use cleansers, scrubs, masks.. Etc… But the steam and massage is what I believe they like the best. When the steam is on I always massaged their hands with hot oil. They would fall asleep. There were times they kept moving and I finally figured it out. I was very naive back then. Michael.. I’m sure they would let you be naked under your clothes… Haha 😉 Men would ask me may I be naked… I would say.. Sure under your clothes. Some didn’t think it was as funny as I did. However… I’d let you.. Maybe insist on it! 😉 ha

        1. Mmmm, this sounds so relaxing… You are so torturing me with visuals of being nude on your table with you and hot oil involved! Thanks for the delicious daydream! 🙂

  16. Erotic writing and poetry relaxes which is why I write and read it. Yours however does more than just relax me.

    1. Beautiful Morgan, I find that having that effect on you does more than relax me as well… You might say it is building a lot of erotic tension… 🙂

      1. I would say it is 🙂😊

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  21. What I took away from this was the thought of my tongue running up and slowly…down the smooth, sensitive parts of you…on my knees…looking up at you as you gently but forcefully pull my hair…mmmm…I want you so much 💜

    I also like massages…I may have a story or two to tell you one day…😘

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