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Welcome to Yumi: Deep Inside. If you are new to The Dionysian Experience, Yumi is a beautiful Asian woman I first met while seeking waxing services. She is married with adorable children and owns several high-end spas. What began as an opportunity for a little playful exhibitionism (for more on exhibitionism, see Exhibitionism: Exploring the Layers) soon evolved into an erotic journey. Now, it is more. In some ways, Yumi is a journey deep inside the soul.

My time with Yumi is fueled by rising erotic tension and memorable firsts. Each of the Yumi posts stand alone as an erotic story but each also builds upon the previous as the erotic tension of Yumi’s surrender rises. I provide a link to series at the end of this true story.

Deep Inside

After my last appointment with Yumi, I felt like I was drifting on clouds. I had finally slipped my hands inside her pants, handled her amazing ass, and for the first time eased my fingers into her secret garden. The scent of Yumi’s Asian flower was intoxicating. Even more, I couldn’t believe Yumi had (in my words) finally professed she wanted to fuck me. My lingering excitement over the visit strikes me as somewhat humorous. I mean, I’m not exactly a virgin.

I overestimated Yumi’s sexual experience when I first began seeing her for waxing service. I’ve since come to think of her as an innocent flower ready to bloom or as a butterfly wanting to spread her wings. What she is now willing to share with me feels deep in a soulful way. The unfolding of her secret garden is a special gift and one I intend to handle with care.

Yumi Deep Inside 11-1 v3

I believe Yumi seeks more from our journey than sexual play but don’t believe for a second she would ever leave her husband or break up the home of her children. I would never want that to happen. However, it doesn’t change the fact that her husband demeans her, treats her like a servant, and leaves her unfulfilled in ways he doesn’t grasp. She is so sweet, sensual, and beautiful. It is hard to imagine her being treated so poorly.

I feel for her journey and fading dreams of romantic love. On some level, what we share must fulfill a void deep inside in her soul. While our ability to communicate about deep feelings is limited by language barriers, Yumi shares her feelings in basic sentences and more so in how she touches me. It comes through in her smile. I see it in her eyes. This isn’t about getting laid. I have a special opportunity to touch and kiss her soul…to show her that the passion and emotional connection she has only dreamed of actually does exist. I can fulfill the promise of the rose explored in Love Is My Life’s Work. If I am worthy and capable, this will be my gift to Yumi. If but for a fleeting moment in time, she will have touched it and felt it…deep inside.

Michael - Rose 1 v2

After the last appointment, we exchanged a few messages and eventually settled on a date for our secret rendezvous in another state. Unfortunately, that date was eight weeks away. I needed to keep passion’s fire ablaze and didn’t want to let two months pass between visits. Frankly, the thought of waiting eight weeks to see her was practically unbearable. I ended up scheduling an interim visit at the four-week mark.

The appointment has finally arrived, and I anticipate a slightly awkward visit. We both want more but her spa isn’t the place for “more” to happen. Would today be like our last passionate visit or would it be more tempered and less risky knowing we have our time alone in a few weeks?

Yumi greets me with smile as I enter her spa. I remember the first time I saw her. She was an exotic Asian beauty from a faraway world. She was an enchanting, untouchable fantasy. The energy flashing and flowing between on that day was immediate and feels even more vibrant today. This isn’t figurative speech. I literally feel soft, jolt-like pulses of electricity throughout my body when we are close. The glow of our energy is almost blinding at times.

Yumi - Deep Inside 1-2 v2

Yumi has told me before that she spends more time getting ready when she knows I’m coming to see her. Today is no exception, wow! I have vague impression she is dressed like a doll bordering on some form of costume play. Her makeup is perfect. Her lips are plump, cherry red. I can’t believe I have felt those cherries wrapped around my vine. Her eye shadow is dark, mysterious, and enchanting. Yumi’s eyelashes float like butterfly wings as she gazes into my soul. In other words, she’s fucking hot!

Entering our private room, Yumi gives me a quick hug and kiss. “I have miss you,” she says with a shy smile. Turning off the overhead light, she leaves us basking in warm flickering candlelight and sensual Asian music. Yumi seems a little bashful…maybe nervous. We’ve texted a few times but haven’t talked since our last passionate interlude. Is she having second thoughts or feeling guilty about her behavior? Uncharacteristically, I keep my clothes on for a moment and sit on the table.

Yumi - Deep Inside 2 v2

I pull her in close to feel her energy and take in her scent. I share a little about my feelings for her, how special the last visit was to me, my anticipation of spending more time with her outside of the spa, and how absolutely fantastic she looks today. I don’t know if she fully understands what I’m saying but she seems to like what she is hearing. Yumi lingers in my arms with her head against mine and slowly rubs my back. She appears to be more relaxed.

With Yumi settled, I remove my clothes and lay on the table. I’ve stripped for her so many times but have yet to see her fully naked. That is a sight I eagerly anticipate and it is coming soon. She massages my thighs briefly and tells me about some business opportunities that have been presented to her. If she accepts, it will require her to move away in order to oversee the operations. I attempt a funny “panicked” face and say, “Nooooo, you need to stay here! We will being seeing each other for the next 40 years.” She laughs, “In 40 year, I’m then old and you trade me for younger girl.” Oh man, her words tug at my heart strings. There is something about the passing of time and aging…of women not feeling beautiful or worthy of a man’s affection that touches me on a deeper level.

I quickly sit up and look deep into her ebony eyes. “Yumi, you are very special to me. If you are here many years from now, I will be here. We will be old together and will have shared a wonderful lifetime of fun and special times. No matter how old we are, you will always be beautiful and special in my eyes.” Yumi holds me tight, “Michael, you the best. I so crazy for you.” She kisses me softly before easing me back on the table. Instead of talking, Yumi wants to show me how she feels.

Yumi massages my balls and looks on admiringly as she pumps my cock a few times. God, I can’t believe how hard I get around her. It feels like my cock can’t constrain the pressure pushing from within…so achingly full and sensitized. Yumi initiates some sexy back and forth on the size which seems to so fascinate her imagination. “You so big! You break me.” “Mmmm Yumi, you like it right? You want to feel me deep inside?” She looks down demurely as she closes her eyes and nods in agreement.

Yumi - Deep Inside 3a-1 v2

This only increases the pressure and pushes the limits of my straining manhood. I’m soon engulfed in her sexy lips and completely mesmerized. How could I ever tire of her telling me how big my cock is, watching her struggle trying to fit me deep inside in her mouth, or the sensation of her tongue swirling around my plump head as she pumps my shaft? She removes me from her mouth and strokes me with both hands. “I make you feel good?” Her words float along with the music and flickering candlelight. I’m in a dreamlike trance. Was that a question or a statement of fact? Regardless, the answer is the same. I smile dreamily and acknowledge the obvious.

I sink my hand into her hair and guide her back down. “More sexy girl, more.” I like gripping her hair as she sucks my cock. I thinks she likes me handling her this way. I feel her teeth slightly dragging along my length as my swollen head presses deep against the back of her throat. Her soft gags excite me. I like that she is feeling the desire to completely engulf me. It’s a sexy calling but she has a long way to go to achieve this goal. I’m a generous man though and will give her plenty of opportunities to practice. Yumi eventually finds her groove with her left hand wrapped around my base with the rest of my cock in her mouth as she moves up and down my length. Her right hand moves to my large balls as she massages them like they are her own erotic treasures. I feel completely devoured.

As much as I would like to savor this divine blow job, I want more and have to be aware of the time. After all, she has appointments and a business to run. I run a hand along her exposed thigh then up under her short dress. On previous excursions to her sweet pussy, my wandering hands have been met with clothing that is impossible to access. This has been reinforced by her hands fending me off or the moving away of her hips to keep me at bay. Today, my wandering is greeted by lacy panties. Mmmm, Yumi wants me to have easy access and dressed to give it to me.

I squeeze her perfect little ass and savor the shape of her round buns before slipping my hand under her panties. Ahhhh, she is soaked. I trace along her hot, wet lips and  massage her clit and pussy before easing one…then two fingers slightly inside Yumi’s silky petals. I will never forget what happens next.

Yumi cups my balls, presses my cock against her cheek, and buries her nose near the base against my balls. I watch intently as she inhales deeply while tracing her nose along my cock and balls…again and again. Seeing her taking in my scent like this strikes me as so intensely erotic and primal. It seems I’m not the only that finds our scent intoxicating. Breathe deep, Yumi. Feel my essence deep inside.

Yumi - Deep Inside 10-1 v3

Time is ticking. I want to get her dress off so I can take a good look at her ass and admire her naked form. This will be a hot visual to fuel my fantasies before our getaway. I sit up to face her and unzip the back of her dress. There is no resistance. I slip it off her shoulders as she helps by working her arms free. Her dress hangs around her waist as I unhook and remove her bra. No resistance.

I reach under her dress and firmly handle her ass as I pull her more fully against me. Yumi’s breasts press fully against my chest as I slide one hand deeper between her legs. One finger, then two slip inside her silky wings. Yumi is softly moaning and sighing as she melts in my arms. Weakly, she wraps both hands around my shaft and slowly pumps up and down. For so long she has resisted and drawn arbitrary lines. Now, there is only a heightened sense of surrender…submission.

I try to spin her around to remove her dress but she rallies for one last stand and resists. She shakes her head and says, “No, I’m so shy.” I counter, “You are so pretty. I only want to look at your beautiful body.” Her resistance is short lived. I turn her around and slip off her dress. Oh my god. The sight of Yumi standing naked before in nothing but high heels and sexy stockings is absolutely breathtaking. No words. Well, maybe one. Goddess. Breathe Michael, breathe.

Yumi - Deep Inside 4-1 v2

I pull her in close and hold her. I wrap my arms around her and nestle in against her cheek as I deeply whisper reassuring words. I take some time to work her breasts and nipples while keeping her close and making her feel safe, desired, and adored. I eventually press my cock along her sexy buns. I’m sitting but still able to slowly slide my cock between the crease of her ass. I can’t believe what I am seeing, doing, and feeling. Breathe Michael, breathe.

Yumi isn’t going to fuck me here. No way. She has made this crystal clear over past visits. I know the limits. We’re only stoking passion’s flame for our next visit. I get a wild thought that Yumi might enjoy feeling my cock pressed between her thighs (along her pussy, not inside her). She could slide her pussy across my shaft and this would leave her with a fun, hot tease for our visit outside the spa. Yes, great idea.

I lean back to create some space for my cock and press it down between her legs as I anticipate more resistance and having to explain what I’m doing. No resistance. She parts her legs slightly as I ease between her thighs. I feel the burning, wet heat of her soft petals as they spread and coat the length of my manhood with the nectar of the gods. I can’t believe I have Yumi in this position. I guide her hand down so she can feel my shaft and wet head against her pussy.

Yumi - Deep Inside 8-1

Her legs begin to shake as she slides her burning hot pussy along the top of my cock. She is trembling. Yumi is on fire.

Yumi - Deep Inside 7a-1 v2

My eyes are ablaze and I’m losing control…engulfed in the erotic whirlwind. Oh god. I am feeling so wild and bestial…

Dionysus 104 v4

To be continued….

I know, I know…tough spot to end. At long last, I finally have Yumi naked with my heavy, dripping cock pressed up against her soaked little pussy. It has taken a loooong time to get Yumi here…for all of us to get here. I hope you’ll indulge me in pausing briefly to reflect and savor the moment. What happens next deserves a full post and accompanying digital art devoted to it. Deep inside, Yumi deserves it. You deserve it.🌹

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  1. Oh, you are such a tease! 😈 What a lush, sensual, absolutely fabulously sexy story. There are so many facets to this gem. Innocence despite experience. Duty and obligation interfering with love and fulfillment. (How many of us know that reality?) And as a woman, I appreciated your words about beauty and our view of ourselves as we age. So much of the time our value as a sexual being is tied directly to our appearance. And lets face it, celebrity culture has us believing we all should look like (insert celebrity /model here) when we reach middle age. I cannot wait to see how it all worked out for your next encounter. Hope you are well, sweet man!

    1. Wow Grace, I LOVE your reaction to this piece, thank you!❤️This would be an awesome quote for a book review too.☺️I’m so pleased you mentioned the themes running through story. They seem universal and we each face them on some level at one point or another. As for getting older, we could all be a lot more supportive of one another. It is a timeline we all travel. If we can learn to appreciate the beauty within (especially at a younger age) we can live a life where beauty is everywhere in all men and women, young and old. Hope your week is off to a great start, Beautiful 💖😘

      1. You are right. (If you decide to write a book, Michael, I’ll be giving it 5 stars!) Of course we live in a very superficial world, the deeper layers aren’t even penetrated sometimes because we can’t look past the appearance. My week is off to a good start, hope the same for you! 😘

      2. How does one person (Michael) write so much, and well, and HOT??

        1. A lot of these true stories and my entire blog has existed before but WordPress has shut me down a couple times. So, this current version is on my self-hosted site. It is really almost a decade of sharing but the dates (when published again) make it seem more recent. That said, I like to think of them as timeless energy and, hopefully, connecting to that timeless fire that burns within us all…generation after generation.🍇💫

          1. YES! timeless………. gasp

  2. tamaraknowsbestblog

    This is amazingly hot! Love it, teasingly stimulating as well😊😚💦💋

    1. Thank you, Tamara 😃So glad you enjoyed the story. It is one that has very special to experience and to share.☺️ By the way, the thought doing something to teasingly stimulate you is leaving quite an impression here by the laptop 🍆🔥😘

      1. tamaraknowsbestblog

        You are quite welcome, love it! 💋👍💦💦😼😘

  3. What a sexy touching post, Michael! I love how you write your emotions for Yumi, so aware of her emotions and how she feels towards you! One day all your patience will be rewarded with one hell of love making session that will blow both your minds!😍

    1. Thank you Rebecca 💞😘 I’m so thankful the emotional layers of this journey are coming through. It takes this beyond sex and does set the stage for what could be a very explosive climax 🌋💦If I do the next edition justice, I think you’re going to really like it 🔥I always so enjoy your visits 😘

      1. Ah thank you! I cant wait for the next entry! You keep teasing us. similar to the way Yumi keeps you on the edge. Wanting more!
        Very naughty!

        1. We are all “edging” to release 😛 Hopefully we can all cum together! 💦

  4. Yes it would be very sexy and hot 😉

  5. Taste the Freedom

    I have to agree that this is so well written and beautifully descriptive. While enjoy the digital art and the lovely way if captures your narrative, it was more destracting. I was feeling your cock pressing against me…er…her. 🙂

    1. Thanks for mentioning the digital art. As long as you didn’t inhale deeply, you should be okay.😄My cock aside, glad you enjoyed the read.😊

      1. Taste the Freedom

        Paul mentioned your comment and didn’t understand it. I forgot to tell him to read your post and comment. 😉

        1. Oh Melinda, I am laughing with embarrassment! ☺️ I thought Paul left this comment and was taking a playful shot at me for the cock image, ha! It does change the context (in a very sexy way) knowing you left the comment🔥So glad you were able to immerse yourself in the story and my apologies for the distracting visual…😉

  6. Taste the Freedom

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    I have to tell you that I was rather wet after reading this but then again, since Paul started following your blog and I saw your posts in the feed, I have been wet quite often. 😀 I suppose that he should thank you because he’s been the recipient of a very-ready-to-go wife after a visit to your blog. Then again, I have benefited from him reading your lovely work! 😉

    1. Melinda, the thought of you being wet from reading some of my posts is a compliment of the highest order! 😘 Speaking of high, I’m feeling quite a peak reading this comment 🍆🔥Mmmm, imagining you and Paul together after sampling some posts…I’m happy in whatever fashion to lend a helping hand.😉

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    I see I’m not the only one chafing at the delayed gratification. I know I’m one of a chorus, but you hit so many sensitive spots with this installment, I think I held my breath all the way to the end. After everything I’ve seen and read, all your experiences, the idea of you driven wild, bestial, losing control–I imagine you know exactly what those images do to your readers.

    1. Chafing? I was hoping there would be plenty of lubrication to help with that, ha!😃You aren’t part of a chorus, you are a featured soloist 😘 Carly, it is very arousing to know how you felt as you read this. Imagining you gathering your breath in anticipation and feeling the swirl of past stories drifting into this one has an amazingly erotic affect on me.😈 I’m imagining removing your dress. Shhh, it’s okay…I just want to look. 🌋

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        See! That’s exactly what I mean! Anyone wearing clothes and reading this is feeling the rasp…. okay, yes it’s an imagined 5 o clock shadow, but no less delightful🤤

        1. Glad you liked the digital art, pretty Girl 😘 You are stirring up quite a few delightful visuals yourself 💞🔥

  8. “One of a chorus.” I am so glad to be a member of this ensemble. Michael, the visual stimulation with the thoughts you wrote combine exquisitely. You have made the reader be Yumi. I am Yumi. I don’t often become a character in a story, you have created a world I could legitimately live in. ‘I have a special opportunity to touch and kiss her soul…to show her that the passion and emotional connection she has only dreamed of actually does exist.” Those words touched off a tear. I have met a man who did this, it is a heady feeling to know this aging, silvering, chubby body is wanted by someone at least once or twice. Thank you for writing this. Looking forward to more.

    1. Oh Kris, your comments always give me the biggest…ahem, smile🍆😃I so enjoyed your reaction to this…it is really incredibly rewarding feedback to know you were able to slip inside the story and feel the moment. I believe Yumi embodies the happiness and sadness that many women carry. That you felt it deeply enough to experience as tear…I couldn’t imagine a higher compliment. The way you humbly describe yourself fits your carefree attitude but I don’t see it or buy it all! 😃You are gorgeous and I see you. More than this, I am so glad you met a man in person that also saw it and he was able to kiss your soul. 🌹❤️

      1. You are such a joy! {{hugs}}

  9. Hello sexi Michael ❤ Happy Day 🙂

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    Damn! this is fucking hot!

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    Holy shit! You teaser, don’t leave us hanging. Yumi is straight smoking. Very hot stuff,

    1. Thanks my brother! Sorry about the cliff hanger 😃I think I’ve captured Yumi’s essence with these renders and she is definitely mouth watering…among inducing other wet reactions.🔥

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    Your blog look amazing. I love the classy in it.

    1. Thank you, Sarah😘 I really appreciate this comment. Though I do write about sex, I try to capture the emotional, mental, and beautiful aspects of it as well. I’m glad you feel it🌹

  16. Fucking Hell Michael! I was soooo into it and then I saw “to be continued” I almost screamed! 😂

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    1. Oh Samantha, I absolutely love your reaction to this post and Yumi!🔥😃I’m smiling so big right now thinking about you reading and your reaction at the end, lol! I’m also feeling really turned on thinking about you being hot and bothered as this played out. I felt the same way…absolutely on fire.🍆🔥Sexy Samantha, I really appreciate your feedback too on the art, emotions, and writing. It is incredibly rewarding and humbling to get feedback like this…I really appreciate you😘🌹

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    ~ Silence.

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    1. A goatee? Ha! No, I think it was a mistake in how I set up my lighting for the render. Thanks for noticing and calling it out 😛Teasing😘I’m glad you feel like Yumi is a lucky woman. I think you would make a man feeling like he is one very lucky man. In fact, I’m certain of it.❤️ Sex in the next installment? Come on, there was sex in this…well, foreplay. As for the next installment, commenting on it would be premature.😃

      1. Oh no! I’m sorry…I must have just been imagining you with a bit of stubble…like maybe morning after stubble. 😈 All those warm, sleepy, scratchy kisses… 😍 um, ahem. Anyway! 😁
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        1. Mmmm, the thought of you experiencing my morning stubble gives new meaning to rise and shine.🍆☀️😍Sweetheart, I’m not teasing…only respecting everyone’s time, ha! I can’t post an endless stream of 10,000 words…certain moments need to be savored…like lover’s meeting for the first time and taking in one another’s scent…that first glancing sensation of lips slowly touching…um, ahem. Sorry, I was drifting into another world 💞

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    1. Awww Rebecca, thank you so much! 😃 I really appreciate you thinking about me as went through blogs to nominate 💞 As for my punishment, I have a few ideas on how you might administer it…🔥

      1. You are so welcome! I bet I would enjoy those ideas 💦😉

  21. Wow…this is amazing..I loved every word… I eagerly anticipated the next moment..your description of emotions and desire leaps off the page! Your words, “This isn’t about getting laid. I have a special opportunity to touch and kiss her soul…to show her that the passion and emotional connection she has only dreamed of actually does exist.”…are perfect! Mike…I can’t explain the admiration I have for your writing…if only more men thought as you…with age does come insecurities and with that …hesitation to explore areas that makes us feel that level of euphoric placity. When you discuss the level of experience yet innocence of her; this speaks to me on many levels. I always enjoy reading your work…as far as the ending..the devilish side says,”no, I want more; but the angelic side says, “perfect, this moment does need to be reflected. Take in every detail as it deserves to breath life.” 👏❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Besos Siempre 💋💋

    1. Wow Jenn, your reaction to this makes sharing this entire journey worthwhile. I genuinely appreciate your thoughts on my writing and, more importantly how it touches you. 💞 I feel like many women can identify with Yumi on different levels and share in her journey. You are a beautiful woman (love your new gravatar image) and I hope your journey to tap into your inner butterfly and spread your vibrant wings continues. We are waiting and watching💖😘 Love your thoughts on the ending…you are a wonderfully naughty angel 😈😇Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, they touch me…deep inside❤️

  22. Exotic Nita

    Oooooh Michael… that was so mean… but hottt.. Hottt damn!!!! You have me shaking with yumi…wanting more of you!
    You certainly have a way of telling your story to pull me in…and live every moments with you. I feel the desires… the urgency…the wanting you… the lack of resistance from your touch…wanting to bury my face and inhaling your scents. Oooooh Michael, please come with the conclusion soon…and I bet I’m going to explode with such a great force.. along with yumi…

    And you know.. you are so right about us women feelings less worthy and less attractive as we aged and lose our youthful looks…

    It’s so sweet that you understand this about us…

    Anyways… just please hurry up with the conclusion.. I’m so filled with anticipation… and very lust hungry 😋 for more…

    1. Sexy Nita, you have put a HUGE smile on my face…and other areas are feeling rather full as well🍆🔥I’m glad you are feeling Yumi deep inside…so hot and bothered…dripping. I don’t want give away the next update but I am eagerly anticipating your cream in Cream of the Planet. 🔥💦Age is something we all face but the erotic mind and sensual spirit only gets better with age…like a fine wine.🍷🍇Take of the fruit, Beautiful girl 😈😇

      1. Exotic Nita

        Oooooh Michael…
        my cream is ready to burst open with pure ecstasy with divine bliss…

        Your lovemaking to yumi.. is directed at me.. I feel every touch.. every emotions.. every desires.
        She is feeling..and my reactions is just as intense..
        I’m living it all.. through your descriptive words ..
        I will be creaming… glazing.. with this eruption 🌋..

        You are so right about age and sensuality and being erotic…
        I totally agreed with you .. it’s like fine wine…and I’m going to enjoy this fruit to the fullest 🍇 🍷

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    Hey 👋 Michael…

    Here I am.. searching for the conclusion of “YUMI-DEEP INSIDE”…

    You wet our appetite.. then leave us mouth 👄 watering for more…

    And I’m so drooling 🤤..

    Please hurry with that second half..,
    Anxiously.. impatiently… awaiting..
    ( Licking my lips 😋)..

  24. Michael…

    I’m lost in this tale of eroticism, forbidden desires, burning fires that may never be quenched ( I’m sure THIS story ends with full thirsts quenched, my personal story…not so sure 😏)
    My warmth was dripping with desire for you as I read your words and gazed at your rendering…of you. My need is pulsating through me… you’re understanding of a woman filled with desire for you who is …questionably treated by her husband..who aches for you….I read the story and I am burning…with desire at your words and with envy of Yumi. Burning 🔥🔥🔥🔥 with envy at your need for her, your tenderness with her, your gentle , forceful command of her desire for you…your hands expertly painting your throbbing need for her all over her body, making her quake with greed for you. I can barely breathe. And not just because of this post…seeing you’d posted almost made me pass out…I’ve written a few…things to you over the last week or two and I am…nervous about your reaction. You’ll see what I mean.
    I look back at the image of Yumi standing in front of you, bare , your legs cradling her waist , your pulsing hardness stroking her wet lips and I…am…lost in that moment.
    Not sure I can write more right now.
    By if I were to place myself in that vignette, I’d slowly turn around ,press my warm flesh against yours and lean in to lick your lips…kiss you as your hands invade my body…everywhere.
    Lost, completely

    1. M, thank you so much for such wonderful feedback on this story and sharing your delicious reaction to it. You have a gift for returning energy. Your ability to capture emotion in your words is nothing short of spectacular…this too is a special gift. “Forbidden desires”…love that phrasing. I come up short in this area but try to convey it though my art. I’m glad these images speak to you and allow you step inside…to come closer and enter the story. I can feel you backing in closer as my length slides along your wetness…your arousal coating me in your fiery heat as you slide back and forth along my throbbing desire. While it is hot to imagine you turning around around, I’m not sure you would have the opportunity. The bestial urge to take you from behind at this very moment will be beyond containing…😈🔥

      1. …..
        Sorry…I may have passed out from this comment. It poured over me like hot caramel…as you licked it expertly off with your warm, hungry tongue and lips.. …leaving no piece of my flesh untasted.
        You come up short in NO areas.You fill every part of me with warmth and desire…and if I didn’t manage to turn around to kiss you..well then I deserve to be taken by you…over and over. I thought of is in this may and I was dripping for you. Literally… I exploded with orgasmic release and I wanted to scream your name…and beg you to never , ever stop 🔥🔥🔥🔥💕🍷

  25. Micheal!!!!

    It never fails..
    I’m still so affected with the same burning desires when from when I first read this post…

    Breathe Nita.. breathe!!!

    I find myself breathing so heavily and holding my breath at moments … gasping with emotions that only you can create in me with your story..

    Every word.. every sentence.. of your detail description.. leaves me coming up for air..

    And yumi reaction seems to match mine..

    You did it again.. I’m lust hungry 😋 for more….

    Please quench this lust soon.
    I’m burning up 🔥🔥🔥 with anticipation of you deep inside…


    1. Nita, your reaction to this leaves me with biggest smile…among other things that are quite noticeable! 😃🍆🔥 You have been so, so patient with this and I am getting there, ha! I am, as always, so eager to stoke your lustful fire and, ultimately, to quench it and feel you rain upon me 💖

      1. Hahahaha… micheal..

        To have you stroke this lustful fire 🔥 only you can create..
        Would not only make me rain on you.. but I would cum like a typhoon gushing with a force so hard .. I would be swept away with these built up desires…

        Micheal it’s worth the wait.. and I know my patience is going to be rewarded with great satisfaction…..

        Anxiously awaiting the next episode of “DEEP INSIDE “

  26. Oh my…
    Things that can happens when a shy lady opens up.
    I like the artwork as always nice

    1. You are a shy lady, but I in no way associate that with lack of sensuality and passion. You are bashful but I feel a burning fire within you…behind the veil…aching to burst free🔥

      1. Maybe you are right I am shy and bashful but I am a passionate person. 😄 and ay papi you are spicy as your posts

        1. You are subtle but I see and feel your passion burning bright 🔥The “papi” reference has created a reaction that you would certainly see and feel if you were here ☺️😘

          1. Oh my….
            I am half Spanish so sometimes the Spanish comes out. And my passion is there hiding behind my rosy cheeks. I guess that is why I like the yumi series on your blog I can relate to her shy nature and the passionate side.
            Some people think all shy women are prudes or boring but that is only because they don’t know how to safely open her up. But, once opened she may still be shy but alone with someone her passion shows. Oh I hope you didn’t mind the ay papi reference?

          2. Half Spanish…I can sense that in your passion even if it makes you feel flushed.☺️ I can see how Yumi’s journey connects with you. I can easily imagine (and often do) how sensual and sexy you would be with a man fortunate enough to earn your affection, open you up, and release your special passion.🔥Btw, I love the papi reference…it makes me feel en fuego 🔥

          3. Well, my my. Michael i would say i can be that way but only with a man that knows what to do to get me to open up in a sensual way. 🙈 you must be a Leo , no? I ask because you seem to be full of fire i am a virgo.

          4. I am a Leo…good catch 😃🔥 I can sense your Virgo ways in how you carefully interact…dipping your toes into the water and building trust. As you might imagine, I often think about opening you up… 😘

          5. Ah I was right you are fiery. The thought of you opening me up.. That has me blushing along with another reaction that I’m to shy to say.
            And it is true virgo women are careful but if a man knows how to properly open her up I like to say that is kind of like taking a hot bath getting close to her is like first getting in the tub, you have to let her adjust to the water temperature let her relaxed, just as feeling comfortable with you. Then when she will feel comfortable enough to allow you to explore every part of her. Like lathering the body with soap you leave no part of the body untouched. And it is pleasing. Once you rinse off and get out of the tub that is like when you’ve seen, touched the inner passion to her. It is satisfying you may feel flushed but also better after the bath just like after you’ve experienced her.

          6. Whew, I had to sit back in my chair and deep calming breath as I read this…so juicy…I mean wet!💦 Are you adjusting to the heat in here? You seem to be relaxing. Come on in, slowly ease yourself all the way down and allow the heat to rush all over and within you. Relax, it is okay and, deep inside, you know you deserve it.😘🔥 Mmmm, this is a really hot “bath”.

          7. I am blushing hard you make a shy good girl think naughty things and flushed all over from the heat 🙈 oh papi, eres un león travieso(ay daddy. You’re a naughty lion) that’s what i said in Spanish. 😊

          8. MmmMmmMmm, I don’t think that need any translation at all😃 Oh wow, I could almost hear those words in Spanish and it washed over me like burning heat! 🔥I’ve taken a little Spanish over the years (high-school and college) but haven’t been able to practice much and it has faded. I know enough to recognize sentence structure, most simple verbs, and few common words. Wow, I’m still burning here…you know how to take a man’s breath away 🍆🔥

  27. I have heard about these spa/massage parlors, after looking at your art representation and description I will definitely book an appointment.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the artwork.😊You will find though if you read the story, this is not one of those type spas and she is not one of those girls.

      1. I guess hearing from other guys who have told me similar stories like yours, even when I am living on the other side of the world, paints the picture. I presume she is very special for you, and there are rare gems like her !

        1. She is a rare gem for sure 💖 Thanks again for stopping by and hope you have a great week.

  28. Love being teased !💦💦This is Sensually Awesome

    1. Thank you Tamara, I like the thought of you being teased and aroused and love the thought of inducing it 😈🔥

      1. You’re certainly welcome…yum😋💕😘 that certainly creates some fabulous sultry🔥thoughts Michael.💗

  29. For mine and everyone else’s sake maybe you should not keep taking a page out of my book and tease then end with a cliffhanger ;). Nice to see you back though and of course outside the fact you left us hanging at the end it was another amazing writing. I’m all hot and bothered now though and have to go do something about it haha

    1. Haha! This was a tough place to end this one…sorry about that😛 What happens next deserves a full post☺️Love your reaction to this…knowing it left you feeling all hot and bothered has me feeling the same way right now. Fortunately, I will be in the shower soon and able to take care of my rising need… 🔥

      1. Showers stopped working on me years ago Michael haha. I wrote instead maybe I’ll post it one of these days….. 😉

        1. Please post what you wrote…I need it!😃Showers don’t take off the edge for me either 🔥

  30. Mmmmhmmm… Well.. All I can say is.. Titillating…

    1. Thanks for giving this one a read. It gives me quite a rush to know you enjoyed this 🔥

      1. You are most welcome. I am glad it did. 😛

        1. You are quite the mystery. Popping in here and there…dipping your toes in the water. It’s okay, the forest and pond is open to us all. Take off a few layers and come in for a swim… I would say that I won’t look, but how could I not?🔥

          1. Yeah… Sure…. Nyaah… I am not doing that!!! Haha!!

          2. Well, it was worth a shot…maybe next time after a little wine 🍇☺️

          3. Not happening… 😏

  31. Micheal..

    Here I am..

    Hoping to see the continuation of this highly stimulating story of YUMI…DEEP INSIDE..

    Come on Micheal…

    Please make some to dedicate to give us a stir .. knowing how wett we get reading your sexual encounters with yumi…

    I’m breathing hard just anticipating what’s coming next..
    and I’m drooling 🤤 everywhere.. with visuals of you two together.. and you finally get to enter the garden of eden. /Yumi..
    and how she opens up her wings and flutter in divine ecstasy…


    My mind is running wild Micheal.. wild 😜

    1. I know 😛It’s coming…and so is she 💦It will be worth the wait and you have definitely had to wait a long time. So glad you enjoy her story. It was such a special journey and one that, I think, many women can identify with ❤️

      1. Oooh yesss.. And you tell it so good 😊.. with such details .. make our mind and body goes in sync with Yumi

  32. Michael! I’ve been on the edge of this for years now, yes I’m sure it’s been more than one and probably more than two, certainly feels like more than two! If I don’t get the last bit of Yumi’s story very soon I’m going to come find you and you are going to apologize to me in great detail, showing me exactly how it all ended. And if I’m not a stuttering mess by the end, we’ll start over from the beginning and you can explain to me what I missed whilst practicing your hot wax/erotic massage skills. My patience has found its end. 🤪

    1. You have been so patient with Yumi’s fulfillment and totally deserve to be shown the outcome in person. I can be a bit of a perfectionist at times so we might have to go through it multiple times…just to make sure I get it right. I envision a nice recap of the early stories while you are on my massage as I work in some oil and tend to aches and points of tension… This, I believe, will have you fully prepared and ready to deeply accept the grand finale…

  33. 😡 You’re not off the hook till I get that post🙄😯😦😧😲🤤

  34. Fucking hot. So sensual and building pressure and heat. Beautiful imagery this.

    1. Yumi…this has been quite the journey and one that seems to really resonate with women. You’ve caught the tail end of this series but I’ll be picking up on where this one left off soon… I think everyone needs to relieve some of this building pressure…I certainly do! I imagine, deep inside, Yumi needs it too 🔥

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