I have been wanting to make this video for years and finally found the time and inspiration. Feed your head ~ Michael

[videopress sPn1Av5H]

  • Digital Art: Dionysian Experience
  • Music: Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit
  • Video Mix – Dionysian Experience

The images used in the video are available in my Dollhouse Studio.

3 thoughts on “Wonderland (Video and Digital Art)

  1. Wow I love it! The psychedelic sensual look to Alice in Wonderland or at least I thought so!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! 😃 What you felt is exactly what I was going for…so glad the psychedelia and sensuality came through. I should have called it Alice in Wonderlust.

  2. Well well well….

    Michael you really showed off your digital arts skills in this video…

    Love the team you created with such sensuality

    It sure makes the wander to the world of pure sexual pleasure..

    And open up the imagination 💭 to stimulate the brain 🧠 in a most effective sexual manner…

    ℹ imagine that’s exactly how most visualize the beauty of women…

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