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Setting the Stage

Yumi is a true story about two souls that should have never met and two souls that will never forget. Was she a muse, lover, or even a divine projection from my soul? Time will tell.

If you are new to the Dionysian Experience, Yumi is a beautiful Asian woman I first met while seeking waxing services. She is married with beautiful children and owns several high-end spas. I know how I enjoy experiencing Yumi, but how about your experience? I recommend a glass of wine and perhaps slipping off your clothes. Settle in and savor the erotic journey. Who knows, you may even create your own happy ending…or two. Since this journey is fueled by rising erotic tension and memorable firsts, some of the context may be lost if you begin with the latest post. That said, I will try to weave in enough context to have this post stand on its own.

Yumi Butterfly

I’m driving down the road heading to my next appointment with Yumi. Almost eight months have passed since first experiencing the divine pleasure of Yumi easing her lips and mouth over my cock. Since then, the intensity of these erotic interludes has only increased. While being on the receiving end is truly a transcendent experience, it also seems to satiate something missing deep in Yumi’s soul.

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Our journey though has left me somewhat puzzled. I have persistently tried to get inside her bra and panties but Yumi is evasive and sometimes confusing. She has admitted on multiple occasions to fantasizing about having me inside her. She often follows that with several caveats. “You too big” or “You break me.” She will tell me she can’t do it at work so I offer to get a hotel room for us to visit in private. She says she is worried about someone seeing her going into the hotel. Language is also a bit of a barrier when our conversations get a little deeper and more nuanced. Sometimes I’m not even sure if she understands everything I’m saying.

Why does she resist? Perhaps it has something to do with maintaining this last vestige of faithfulness to her husband even though he sounds like a complete jerk. Maybe she worries about being caught at work and shamed by her employees. Maybe Yumi is worried about a deepening emotional connection that might come with increasing intimacy? Perhaps she genuinely and naively believes that I will stretch out her pussy and her husband will know the difference. Whatever the reason, Yumi won’t let me in fully behind her mask.

Yumi 16-1 v2

It would feel amazing to please Yumi and know her in a deeper and more intimate way. I often fantasize about seeing her naked and exploring her sexy curves. My heart races as I imagine inhaling her sexual scent while my tongue explores her secret Asian garden. In my eyes, she is like a butterfly aching to break free from her cocoon and spread her vibrant wings.

Yumi - Deep Inside 4-1 v2

Try as I may to set her free, I’ve reluctantly resigned myself to the status quo for our relationship. While our friendship has deepened and the passion remains, our intimacy seems to have plateaued. I’ve been patient, but she seems unwilling to take the next step. Regardless, the pleasure she does provide is divine and one hell of a consolation prize. As I pull into the parking lot, I’m as excited as ever to see her.

Yumi and I exchange our familiar and completely professional greeting with naughty twinkles in our eye. I like this edge. Her spa is always full of women getting their nails done, and I feel their eyes upon me. We slip into the private room and she watches me undress. Yumi is looking exceptionally hot today in tight jeans showing off her tone thighs and perfectly round little ass. Her high heels are a sexy touch. Seeing Yumi has an immediate and obvious effect in my slacks. Yumi giggles at the sight. I laugh with her and say, “This what happens when I see you!”

I undress and lay on the table. As always, she gives me a little thigh massage and slides her hands across my stomach as we catch up on life. Somewhere in the middle of my boring update, her magical hands center on my manhood. I lose track of what I’m saying but could care less. She wraps one hand around my base as the other cups and sensually massages my balls. Seconds later, she has my cock buried deep in her mouth and I am under her spell. There is a sense of urgency and hunger that emanates from her during this progression. I feel the sense of pleasure and contentment that sweeps over her once she has me in her grasp. It’s as if there is no place in the world she would rather be. That makes two us.

Yumi - Deep Inside 10-1 v2

Yumi admiringly licks my length and balls, and then looks up to say, “You so big! You make me so crazy…” This makes me smile. I remember the early visits when I first tried getting her to stroke and suck my cock. She would laughingly call me a crazy man and add, “If I do that, then I crazy too.” Now, it is extra hot to hear her say I’ve made her crazy. She engulfs me…and I forget what I was thinking about.

After a few minutes of this decadent and divine treatment, I pull Yumi off my cock. I sit up on the table with my legs framing her hips. I hold her close and kiss her neck, cheek, and temple while deeply inhaling her scent. I whisper in her ear that she is a special girl and so beautiful. She usually pushes me back down on the table at this point. Her breathing becomes more labored as she holds me closer, more intimately. No resistance? Well, it is my nature to press forward.

My hands soon flow towards her breasts. A hundred times they have been pushed away. Today there is no resistance. She seems somewhat weak-kneed as I squeeze her breasts. My left hand slips in under her shirt and around to the back as I make quick work of releasing her bra. She is nervous, and I can sense this is a big moment for her. It may be the first time a man has touched her like this other than her husband. I press her body into mine to reassure her that she is safe in my arms and my only desire is to please her.

I’m nothing short of spellbound as I finally touch and hold Yumi’s bare breasts. My heart is pounding as I slip off her top and bra. It is hard not stare, but this is a sight I never want to forget. Her nipples are darker than I’m accustomed to and contrast vibrantly with her skin. I cup her breasts and savor her womanly weight as I kiss between her breasts…imagining I’m kissing her heart. I savor her softness and deeply inhale Yumi’s scent. She is intoxicating and passion’s flame is coursing through me like wild fire. In this state I feel beast like and rejoined with nature–I am home.

Yumi 205-1 copy v2

Yumi’s hands flow across my upper and lower back and then into my full hair as I take her plum-colored, eraser perfect nipples to my lips. I feel the side of her face pressing against my head as she sighs deeply and trembles. I pull her in closer so her breast press firmly against my chest. I’m thinking, “Feel me Yumi, my heat…feel all this manly sexual power flowing for you.”

Yumi’s breathing is more labored. “Michael, you a strong man.” My hands glide downward over her jeans as I firmly grip her ass and lift her off the floor and into me. She is swooning. Incased in a cocoon for all of her years, I can feel Yumi opening up and spreading her wings. She grips me hard, “Michael, I’m crazy for you.”

Wait. What did she say? Crazy for me? That would be a new level of “crazy”. I ask her to say it again. Yumi presses her head closer against mine and whispers breathlessly in my ear, “I’m crazy for you.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I sink my hands into her hair and kiss her, “Yumi, you are a special woman.” She looks into my eyes, “Ah Michael, you special man for me.”

I grab her and pull her up on the table on top of me. We start kissing and she is soooo excited. I quickly sink my hands into her stretchy jeans and under her panties for the first time. Pinch me…I must be dreaming! I am excited like a boy touching girl for the first time in his life but with the wisdom of one that knows what to do.

Yumi 206-1 copy v2

I squeeze her shapely buns and palm her ass like I own it…and I will. If I have my way, she will one day be screaming that I own her pussy (rather than her husband) as she orgasms all over my deeply thrusting cock. I push down deeper into her jeans so desperate and hungry to reach the promised land. Her jeans are tight and crowding access to her pussy from the back side. I’m almost there…so close…reaching…. Oh My God, her pussy is soaked! The moment is completely surreal…I can’t believe I am touching Yumi’s pussy. I rub her clit a bit and trace to flow of her lips as a visual forms in my mind of she is shaped. I slip a finger inside her tight, burning hot pussy. Oh the sensation of being inside Yumi’s hot gates…there are no words. Yumi is grinding and kissing me. My cock is so hard it could bend steel. I have no idea why today is different from other days with Yumi but we are engulfed in an erotic whirlwind spun up by the archetypal force of Dionysus.

Dionysus 102 copy 2

Then, there is a bang outside the door. Fuck! Yumi hops off and quickly pulls herself together as she tosses a blanket over me. We listen nervously. Yumi has her ear to the door and there are voices on the other side speaking in her native tongue. I’m wondering if it’s her husband as thousand scenarios process through my mind. She quickly comes back over and tells me it’s just the repair man here to work on their heater and she needs to meet with him. Damn, MAJOR buzzkill!

I sit up on the table and again frame her within my thighs. She snuggles in with her back against my chest and brings up the topic of travel. She mentions a city she goes to a lot and asks if I ever travel there. I reply, “Sure, I travel all over the country.”  She smiles. “I want to travel with you, Michael. I can’t see you here, everyone they know me. We travel, I see you.” I’m feeling rather dazed but pretty sure Yumi is telling me she is ready to fuck me.

Yumi 210-1-4 v2

I pull her in closer as she places her arms over mine and holds my hands. It feels amazing to hold her like this. We craft a high-level plan for how we will make this work and a tentative date. I explain that I’ll have a rental car and hotel room. With that, Yumi turns around and says, “That sound perfect” as she eases me back onto the table.

I understand she needs to go see the repair man and let her know I don’t need to cum. “No, I make you feel good. It make me feel good.” At my suggestion, she rubs my dripping head across her nipples and spreads my pre-cum all over her chest before once again devouring me. I’m instantly transported to dreamland as new fantasies of fucking Yumi flash through mind like erotic thunderbolts. Like a goddess, Yumi commands her creamy tribute and swallows my offering.

Reluctantly, I dress and prepare to leave. Yumi gives me a hug and says she likes my outfit. “You dress so handsome, you like movie star.” I feel flattered…maybe even blushing. “Thank you…and you are my leading lady.” Before opening the door, Yumi pauses. “Michael, today you come here hungry for woman and now you full. Now, I’m hungry for you. I see you soon.”

I am so anticipating the next chapter….

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  1. Liverpoolmunky

    I think we are all eager for the next chapter

    1. Haha, love your humor!😃Appreciate you following this journey. I hope you will find that it was worth the wait.🔥

  2. Yes, I’m eager for the next chapter too. You’ve had such a slow build up with her that I imagine when you finally do get to be totally together, it will be explosive and amazing. You are such a good story teller, Michael. I felt like I was there. 🔥🔥💋

    1. There is a lot to be said for the buildup, right? It is like a volcano of passion waiting to explode🌋💦Appreciate the feedback on the story telling. I think you are such a talented writer and it means a lot coming from you.☺️You mention feeling like you were there…in many ways you are. I thought a lot about you as I was dusting this older story off.❤️😘

      1. Yes. I for one, love a slow build up. That sweet ache of wanting more. Mmm, yes. You are so sweet, Michael. You are a very talented writer. ❤ Oh, I wasn’t sure if this was an older story or current to your life. I like that you were thinking about me. 😘😘

        1. I prefer to write in the present tense because I feel like it puts everyone in the moment as it unfolding. It is how I have always scribbled down the notes in the journal I have kept for most of my life. It feels great to have an outlet to share these memories and make sense of it all…and to create new and even better ones😘I often find myself thinking about you…even when I’m not writing but with hands still full engaged 🍆☺️

      2. Yet when I try to “build up” you get “mad” that I’m making you wait Lol. Seems like I’m not the only one with that skill set 🙂

        1. Haha 😄You are feisty ☺️Trapped in my I own words here…or not. Each post does have build up but there is (hopefully) arousal and a satisfying release in each post. 💦🔥It is build up and release within a larger build up 😛

          1. Hmm thats one way to put it

  3. Ha ha, you’re so naughty. I love that though. I think you’re right about present tense. It puts us right there. It’s more intimate. I love that you’ve kept a journal all your life. That’s something I wish I had done. I hope you have a good night, sweetheart. 😘

    1. The night and dreams are always sweeter after connecting with you 🌌💖

      1. Aww. You’re so sweet. 😘😘

  4. Holy Mary mother of Christ I LOVE YUMI! I instantly sat down at work and had an early break cause my boss isn’t here, only because when I saw the name YUMI I knew I just wanted to read about her.

    Gosh, she is amazing! And you two had a great time together and you surely gave me a hard time as I read this at work, some hotness is occurring here and damn Michael, this is 🔥🔥🔥.

    I proper proper enjoyed this, I cannot wait for the next chapter. I seriously can’t and whenever it comes, I will read it earnestly.

    I am so impatient for it lol

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    1. Wow sexy Samantha!!! Your comments are amazing…I had such a rush reading your reaction!😃🔥You may be Yumi’s #2 favorite fan 😉I think you two would get along amazingly! It is very arousing thinking about you slipping away at work and feeling some heat…though I suspect your fire is always burning hot 🔥You’re feeling impatient? Trust me, I understand, ha! Thanks so much for sharing reaction💞😘

      1. I just read it again. Despite how I love every chapter about Yumi, the build up in them made this one hell of an explosion. We would definitely get along haha and I can’t concentrate well at work, I was in here much more than I normally am.

        I seriously can’t wait! Patience is not my virtue at such kind of hotness 😄

        1. Sexy Samantha, you always make me smile…among other more naughty physical reactions… I hope the next one is well worth the wait…this has gone on so long, we all deserve a fiery explosion🌋💦🔥 Hope you have a great week😘

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      Samantha.. girl..Michael has us all mesmerized and horngry for more.. and more.. of his super hottt experiences

      1. Oh yes Nita, we are well horngry alright 😂 I seriously can’t wait. I am growing impatient as each day passes and he is such a tease!

        1. Exotic Nita

          Samantha.. it’s so good 😊 to find a guy like Michael to take us exactly where we wanted to be ..

          Michael writes so sweet and he says he most beautiful things..,

          He has me swooning with every comment he makes…
          he knows exactly what I wanted to hear .. and he sure knows how to stimulate my mind.. to keep my body supple.. and ready.. I’m in- joy with his words..and his imagination…

  6. You and me both!

    Seeing his name in my notifications makes something churn inside me before I even read what the comments are haha…

    He is amazing! Magic Michael haha

    1. Exotic Nita

      girlfriend…. you and i seems to be in sync where micheal is concern…

      he’s got a hold on us.. and he just using the power of his words to consume our minds with fantasies only he can creates and fulfill…

      1. He definitely has a hold on us… you should have seen how I was blushing when I saw a notification showing his name while I was in class. I caught everyone’s attention haha.

        If his words are this powerful and enticing like this… what happens in person should be what only god knows haha

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          Hahahaha .. Sam..gurl..
          we yearn so much for a man and lover like this.. who are capable to takes us to heights beyond imagination..
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      Girl.. just one touch from him would have me prematurely in a frenzied ecstasy..
      We would be so worked up from anticipation..that he could triggered a convulsive reaction because all our senses would be extremely heightened..

      I’m here shivering and Jerking at the very thought..

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        1. Exotic Nita

          Michael don’t know what he got himself entangled with…

          Two tigress in heat… rawrrrrrr…
          Ready to pounce on .. and tear him apart.. gnawing.. nibbling.. licking.. and eating him alive..

          Rrrrrrrr… rawrrrr..

      2. Sexy Nita, you are blowing my mind with these sexy, sensual, and dreamy comments…you are amazing! A man should feel smiled on by the heavens to experience your passion💖😘

        1. Exotic NIta

          Michael.. heaven has smiled on few..
          but.. the passion I gave wasn’t always returned in the extreme intensity I was hoping for…
          And mediocrity sometimes does not fill the soul and leave you yearning for that ” divine bliss ”

          Unfortunately not all men are versed or in sync in the art of fully pleasing their women..

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    1. Thank you Grace, I’m always excited to see you exploring here🔥Glad you found this one hot and hope the next one leaves you with a hotter and even more satisfying sensation ☺️😘

      1. Well I’m imagining the scene when you finally get to be together in a private setting with plenty of time. And I imagine you taking your time with your delicate butterfly. And I am pretty much getting myself worked up just talking about it. 🔥🔥🔥💞💞💞

        1. Mmmm, that makes two of us getting worked up as you talk about it… 🍆🔥I must confess, I’m finding myself thinking about you in that very scenario💞😘

        2. Exotic Nita

          Haha 😂 Grace, I’m with you girl… I’m so anxious for that date night to take place…
          And I have been playing in my mind to exactly how I think Michael is going to treat his experience with her and just how she’s going to react..

          Maaan.. the power of the imagination…

  11. I like that scenario very much… 🔥

  12. Carly Quinn Author

    I read this last night, I wanted to comment then but there was something I just couldn’t put my finger on….I had to mull it over last night. Apparently, in my sleep as well, that was a trip.
    At first I thought it was this line,

    …it also seems to satiate something deep in Yumi’s soul that she has been missing.

    What a beautiful thing for a man to realize, to recognize. I have such empathy for Yumi, for her situation, for her desire to connect to another person. And I mean connect spiritually, connect with someone who doesn’t need her, has no expectation of her, sees only her.
    I read further and thought again, perhaps it is this line.

    In my eyes, she is like a butterfly aching to break free from her cocoon and spread her vibrant wings.

    Why doesn’t her husband realize how much more she could be? How does a complete stranger walk into her place of business and peg her perfectly within the first thirty minutes of knowing her? How does he do that and the man she lives with 24/7 have no inkling? Of course, that question could be answered by this line.

    It’s as if there is no place in the world she would rather be.

    We’ll just let that stand for what it is, along with his ‘nature to press forward’ and this, ‘I press her body into mine to reassure her that she is safe in my arms and my only desire is to please her.’ If the majority of men understood how powerful that feeling of safety was, I can’t even imagine. Safety is what makes those fantasies okay, his and hers, safety can play rough, safety can experiment.

    I especially loved the nod to the Goddess, a theme found in FemDom.

    I’m going on too long, but it just isn’t that often I read something that leaves me longing, wishing, plotting, planning.

    You try the patience I’m cultivating here in my cocoon.

    1. Carly, you have left pixie dust in here with your comment…truly magical!💖 Sounds like you may have had a fun dream? I hope you share it at some point ☺️🔥 I absolutely love the lines you selected that called to you. Your thoughts about connecting on a spiritual level really touched me. In the beginning, I walked in her door with a more playful attitude but our energy changed almost instantly into a deeper more meaningful energy flow. As for her husband’s behavior, it happens to far too many women. I suppose I find myself drawn to women that need this form of healing…women who are clearly aware of what is missing in their world. Good or bad, filling that void seems to have been a calling. It is a theme running through much of writing and journey for deeper understanding and meaning. Loved your thoughts about safety. So true, right? A woman can be very adventurous as long as she feels safe and reassured in her man’s arms and love. I am beyond flattered by what you have written. I do believe I see your wings trying to break free…and they are beautiful…like you😘 ✨💫

      1. Carly Quinn Author

        Interesting that you find yourself drawn to this kind of woman. Yes, it does run through your writing in various forms.

        It’s astonishing how quickly playful turns to fascination and to that cosmic recognition.

        I’m looking forward to the next installment, you don’t write fast enough to keep me satisfied. 😳 Yes, your snails pace might work to your advantage elsewhere…lol.

        1. Well beautiful girl, I can’t have a woman share with me that she isn’t feeling satisfied😃I can see you prefer a faster tempo🔥😉

  13. Carly Quinn Author

    Impatience is my speciality, though you are teaching me that good things come to those who wait…😉

    1. Haha!I do savor a nice buildup…🔥😘

      1. I’m going to try not to use that against you in the future 😉

        1. Please don’t, forget I ever said those words 😄

  14. She is slowly succumbing to your seductive charms. Phew lucky for me I’m in the bath already, because this post was smouldering hot! 😘

    1. Mmmm Rebecca, it is great to see you here again😘I like the thought of being in the bath with you…it is one way to make a bath even wetter. So glad you enjoyed it…and hope you found it satisfying💦 ☺️🔥

    2. Exotic Nita

      Yep 👍.. girl. Smoldering hottt..

      Phew 😅.. got my juices flowing and my adrenaline going …

      She was his from the moment he walked into her parlor..
      Michael oozes sexuality and very irresistible.. sooo hottt….

      1. He got my juices flowing too, have to agree with that!
        Michael is very sexy!

        1. Exotic Nita


  15. Damn Michael. You’ve sure got a special way about you. The way you love and appreciate women is on another level. Men, take note! xo

    1. This is such a wonderful comment, thank you Kristi 💞 You’ve been along for my journey for so long and know so much about me…this means a lot. I appreciate you🌹😘

      1. and I appreciate you Michael! xo

  16. Exotic Nita

    Micheal.. I’m anxiously awaiting this new chapter Too..
    wow 😳!!! What a exciting feeling to have…just like a schoolbiy with his first crush….

    I’m hungry 😋 for you too Michael..😂..mmm mmm

    1. Sexy Nita, love this comment! It is an amazing feeling to tap into the passionate fire of youth that we can all remember so vividly. A fire that time and life does its best to stomp out. Can you feel it burning…the hunger? I do…and I’m feeling hungry for you😋💦

      1. Exotic Nita

        Michael. You have me so fascinated.. and I’m so intrigued by your gift and your talents..
        To be able to dig deep and bring out that burning desire from us women.. making us go crazy 😜 for you and your touch..

        It’s truly a rare and precious gift..
        and I’m only get hungrier for you.. with each word you write..

  17. Lapsed Catholic Wife

    I came to this via a comment made on February photofest and my goodness I am so pleased I did. I love this and will now spend many a happy hour browsing and reading and digesting and waiting for the next instalment. I am almost wishing I was not at work tomorrow

    1. You have my heart racing with this comment 💞 I always aspire to put the cream in Cream of the Planet and hope you find your explorations here worthy of your time. I look forward to following and catching up on your sexy journey as well. I have a feeling you are kindred spirit. Pleased to be connected 🌹~ Michael

  18. Never cease to amaze me

    1. Thank you, beautiful Valerie ☺️ I’ve missed your presence. Hope your year is off to a great start 😘

      1. Good morning, hun💋. Yes my new year had been great thus far, I hope yours has been as well.

        1. That’s great to hear, pretty girl 😘 The year is off to a hectic start but getting back to normal now. Great to connect again ☺️

  19. I like this one as I do enjoy them all. Something sexy and alluring about being able touch the one you yearn for. Feeling their warm body pressed against yours. Breast to chest arms surrounding the body. Smooth caresss of their skin softness of their lips kissing yours silkiness of their tongue encircling your tongue. To be engulfed between thighs feeling the thick long length so deeply penetrating. Clinching onto the strong hardness. Grinding against one another luscious flavorful juices flowing and sweet cream of him being released inside. Sorry I got carried away in this one. Every since i first read your blog your post always get me aroused Professor Cuckold I like calling you that it arouses me even more. Making me think and feel even more sexy things than what I just wrote.

    1. Mmmm Morgan, as always, you pick up on the sensual details suggested in my description of the moment. The warmth and arousal of bodies, hands, and lips touching and flowing together in erotic unison. Your description of a thick, long penetration…engulfed in creamy wetness as mutual orgasms build has me rising strong and hard this morning🔥🍆Don’t worry about being carried away…that is exactly what I want to feel and share with you😘

      1. Well I am virgo very much into detail. I take the time to feel every part get to know it’s sweet spots depth length just like exploring a man’s body. I do get carried away thinking of such sensual things. But, sex should be that way having the ability to take your body to explicit highs of arousal. Desirable allure that penetrates so deep that mind can feel that sexy touch. Erotic unison is a pleasurable dance between two bodies. Hands gripping and stroking each luscious part of the body. Painting the lines and curves with the tongue. Exotic embrace of the flavor of the body into your mouth. Tainting a person with your lips all over their form. Being inside feeling someone inside it’s sensation strongly takes over your senses on high. Amorous melting them both to intense orgasm. A woman’s body tighly latching onto a man’s hardness. The feeling is beyond good it is mind boggling. Impassionate lust causing two bodies to pour out their excitement. His cream melts in her she melts on him. I have a big sexual apatite so I believe a sexual desert as I like to say is great for the night or a morning breakfast. And to think some people believe virgos are prudes. But whoever said that didn’t meet me. Lol

  20. Paws2Smiles

    She is finally giving in! I can’t wait for the next chapter! 😃

    1. The loooong surrender🔥☺️Thanks for checking this out…she is so close!

  21. Exotic Nita

    Okay Michael..
    Here I am again.. reading and still enjoying your stories…
    we need that date night with yumi.
    We need to feel And live with you that explosive night Of built up and pent up desires..
    it’s well over a month..Michael..

    And I’m so hungry 😋 for you…
    My desires Are building up…
    And I’m about to explode with anticipation…

    Getting very impatient to read more from you..
    I’m lust hungry 😋. Only for your very hottt.. stimulating.. visuals..

    Michael.. please quench this hunger with your presence and your erotic encounters..

    Impatiently awaits….

    1. Thank you, next Yumi update is coming soon.😊

  22. Happy New Week Michael 🙂

    1. Thank you Simona, hope you enjoyed this. Your visit has my week off to a great start 😘

  23. This is great.

    1. Appreciate the kind feedback.

      1. Would you like to share your content on our open publishing platform?

  24. Oh my goodness is all I can
    You know how to make a woman blush🙈
    Very nice artwork it is truly well done
    As the writing well my goodness as I said before.
    This is a very spicy post makes the pulse race while reading it😄

    1. Cinnamon Girl, it is so fun having you here…I hope you will stay. ☺️The thought of you reading this and blushing with pulse racing really does something to me🔥You sharing this with me feels like a gift…thank you. I’m very appreciative of your kind feedback on the artwork too. It is a big part of most posts and it is great to know these visuals enhances the experience. Cheers to racing pulses… 😉

      1. Of course I will stay a follower of your blog it is spicy but it is interesting and I am a fan of your artwork.
        I will have to look at some more of your post although I might need some water to drink while reading them also I will read them peeking through my fingers as they REALLY do make me blush ha,😄
        But, I like your blog Michael.
        Cheers to racing pulses 😊

        1. You having wearing a very large smile right now 😃 “Peeking through my fingers”…that is one way to put your fingers to work while reading some of my stories. ☺️Hope you had a wonderful weekend Cinnamon Girl 😘

  25. I’ve been a fan for a while now and you never disappoint with your imagination-inspiring words and stunning artwork.

    1. I’m a big fan of yours too, thank you.☺️Interestingly, I find the more I read of your writing, the bigger I become.☺️ Thank you so much for sharing your reaction to both the writing and artwork…I truly appreciate your feedback and love that it touches you.✨

  26. Happy Easter Michael 🙂

    1. Thank you Simona, hope your Easter was wonderful too 🌺💖

    2. Thank you Simona, hope your spring is off to a great start 🌺😘

  27. Holy freak!!! I am new to your blog and this is the first one I have read and oh my god what an incredible blog post it was I can’t wait for the next update

    1. Hi Jad, thanks so much for checking out this post and the AWESOME comment!😃Wow, so glad this hit the spot for you and hope your future experiences here won’t disappoint.🔥

  28. It’s been a little bit, but I’m delighted to be (as always) an eager participant in the waiting peace. Lovely, still. Good to see You again, Dear Michael. @}`~

    1. It has been a while, so glad to see you again…to feel your energy and edges.☯ Look forward to reconnecting.

  29. I’m not going to lie. I’ve come back multiple times and read it again….along with binge reading your other work….heh heh hem what was I saying?

    1. Mmmm, you are being a naughty (but very sexy girl) coming back to these stories 😈🔥You should share your reactions…let me know how they make you feel☺️😘 I’m sure that would create a stirring reaction here…right here.😘

      1. Maybe I will. Or maybe I’ll just continue to tease and make you guess hehe. 😘😘

  30. Wow ,Michael this is so passionate and🔥, can’t wait until Yumi gets the full length of all that🍆, I’m sure I’ll melt right along with her😂😘❤

    1. Mmmm “the full length”…such a sexy description. 🔥At this point, I couldn’t believe she was finally willing to take that next step…finally! The thought of you melting 💦is delicious…hope what happens next update leaves you (and Yumi) hungry for more. 💞😘

  31. Micheal.. come on man.. the rendezvous.. please…

    You are so mean making us begging you for more…

    1. I know, I know 😛😄I have been dragging this out…so sorry! I have two more of the “old posts” on Yumi to share and then will start moving forward again 🔥😘

      1. Hahahaha…

        You really know how to make a girl beg you for more and keep her hotttt for you…

        And I’m so begging and wanting more 😘😋😛😝😜🤪

  32. Michael…my time has once again been limited as of today and until Monday… that’s not to say that I won’t be able to check notifications and stuff…so I mean…if you want to leave me.a thought or a million…please, please do..

    I have so much to share and tell you…

    For now I’ll just imagine…you leaning in and telling me things I want…need to hear. Your lips just barely touching mine. It’s all I can do to stop myself devouring..every…drop of you.

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