I don’t create many sci-fi related pieces found my way here a couple years ago during a free flow creative session. I ended up with bits and pieces of a storyboard. Some of those works aren’t polished enough to share yet, but I plan to build this out in the future.

One segment flows around female pilots in space. These pilots become very popular and also launch the sexual fantasies of many men on earth. Their popularity and lure of hefty payouts leads them to photoshoots. These sessions are wildly popular.

Then, there is some form of humanoid presence. Maybe these are AI Fuck Dolls based on the Space Cadets who are compensated for their likeness.

Did I mention hot studio shoots and a great moonscape?

What would a sci-fi story be without aliens?

The aliens find the female Earth species quite hideous in appearance given how humans are so different from their own females. Still, after intercepting and viewing many of their images being transmitted to Earth including private sex videos, the aliens are somewhat enamored with human breasts and potential reproductive capacities. However, it is a running joke among the aliens that given the very large size of their own genitalia, they would probably ruin a human female…but are eager to try.

After a successful skirmish with the humans, the aliens managed to successfully capture one of the space cadets.

I think we have a woman-in-peril situation.

If there is a woman in peril, we have to have a hero. Will he arrive time?

Or will it be too late…

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