Sienna’s steamy first massage (Firestorm) has generated a lot of erotic heat and epic phone sex sessions. As hot as that first experience had been, it also surfaced our concerns and reservations about Sienna having sex with other men (Anticipation & Angst). Is Sienna truly ready to spread her legs for other men and embrace the fullness of her sexuality? Will the presence of other men in our relationship become our new reality? We talk through our reservations and desires and ultimately decide we were both ready to take the next step.

Several weeks pass and Sienna’s next massage appointment with Daunte has finally arrived. We are in contact throughout the day and buzzing with sexual energy and anticipation. In fact, I am on the phone with her right up until the moment she walks into the spa. Then, I am alone and think about this moment as a threshold. This may have been the last time I talked to her before she touches another man’s cock or welcomes him between her legs. When we speak after her massage, our reality may be very different.

Sitting in my car, I wait anxiously in silence. Each passing minute feels like a lifetime as I imagine the flow of the massage and every possible moment, touch, and tingle of pleasure Sienna might be experiencing. My stomach feels uneasy with my cock ranging from unbearably hard and aching to impossibly withdrawn as my emotions ebb and flow. I feel a little ashamed knowing that another man fucking Sienna fills me with such fire. This arousal must be wrong, but I can’t deny the erotic fire surging through my body. Looking down between my legs, I also can’t deny the large wet spot created by my leaking cock. It reveals my truth.

A little over an hour passes and Sienna finally calls! My heart is absolutely pounding! I’ll describe what happened in her massage as it was shared with me.

Daunte greets Sienna and asks if there are any particular areas he should focus on? Keeping with our plan, she mentions her chest muscles, abs, glutes, and “sit bones” need extra attention. Despite the “sit bones” being waaayyy beyond the line of appropriate, Daunte nods kindly in agreement. Daunte steps out of the room, and Sienna strips down nude and slides face-down under the sheet as requested.

Based on the first massage when Sienna was “accidentally” exposed, Daunte seems to remember she isn’t uptight about being covered and pulls the sheet down very low on her hips. He begins with long, relaxing strokes along her back with some casual conversation. His deep voice and strong hands add fuel to her naughty fantasies and have my girl on edge.

Moving lower to work on her legs and hips, he carelessly flips the sheet up high on Sienna’s hips. She isn’t sure, but it feels like her ass and pussy are exposed. His hands find their way to her inner thigh rather quickly with his large hands making long, flowing strokes. His motion ends just short of her already soaked pussy – far beyond the line of appropriate and just a fraction of an inch before reaching her swollen outer lips.

Her heart is already pounding with anticipation and a great deal of nervousness and uncertainty about what is about to happen. Daunte flips the sheet up a little further and Sienna can feel the cool air on her ass and pussy. She is completely exposed for his viewing pleasure. She arches her hips…presenting her ass and pussy to him. Any lingering resistance has faded, and she is craving his thick fingers inside her pussy.

Even with my girl arching her hips and softly moaning, Daunte avoids touching her pussy. As each moment is revealed, I’m slowly stroking my hard, wet cock knowing Sienna has crossed an erotic threshold and now craving another man’s touch. My girl is dripping wet as Daunte slides his hands up her perfectly shaped hips and ass. Movingly confidently, he slips one hand deeply between her buns and presses a thick finger against her tight space.

The unexpected pressure against her asshole causes Sienna to jump. Her reaction startles Daunte, and he quickly retreats to the safety of her thighs. Sienna quietly kicks herself for scaring him off. It was just a natural reaction to a sudden and unexpected touch in a highly sensitive area. She didn’t mean to scare him away and wants to tell him it is okay but feels too bashful to ask. Fortunately, there is still time to entice him back.

Daunte continues to work her inner thighs which are now coated with the silky juices of arousal. She can feel the cool flow of the air conditioner blowing directly on her hot, soaked pussy and is certain her juices are creating a large spot on the sheet. Once again, his hands move closer and closer to her sweet pink as the sexual tension between her another man builds.

The entire massage was bathed in a vision of Michael by my side in the room and loving me deeply while taking in the erotic views that peak his arousal. The height of my passion and excitement is steeped in the joy of my beloved. This is something I would have never done before meeting Michael. Now, my naughty girl behavior feels like a passionate and shameless expression of love and pleasing of one another through our shared fantasy. ~ Sienna

After completing her leg work, lifts up the sheet and directs Sienna to turn over. She could have turned with her back to him but instead turns towards him with breasts fully exposed. Daunte haphazardly drapes the sheet resulting in one breast left completely exposed and resting low across the other. The sensation of the crisp sheet edge against her firm, sensitive nipple leaves both breasts aching for his touch. A pleasing scent of lavender and mint fills her senses as her mind begins to drift with anticipation of what might come next. She feels a rush of excitement knowing this man has seen her pussy and breasts and that he may soon take her.

At this point I realize I am exposed and the thrill catapults me to new levels of excitement! Not because of my exhibition with a strange man, but because of my heightened awareness of Michael. His desire and spiritual presence in the situation is very real for me. I want Him here with me…submitting to my Man as he gives me to another for my pleasure and His. Michael’s physical absence only creates a stronger connection to him. It is my connection to Michael that excites me and drives me to give him what He wants. ~ Sienna

Moving behind her, Daunte works her left shoulder and upper chest as the blanket falls away from the one breast that was partially covered. She is now fully exposed. He is getting teasingly close but is careful to not touch her breast.

Her heart races as his large, dark hands massage her shoulders, upper chest and neck. The sensation of his hand around her neck causes a soft moan to accidentally escape her lips. Other than her obvious wetness and straining nipples, she has tried to mask her excitement. However, the excitement that surges through her as his hands suggestively grip her neck is too much to contain. She arches her chest in an inviting pose…almost begging him to touch her breasts and nipples. He descends in a strong, sensual motion from her shoulders down to her chest and over her breast while still carefully avoiding her nipples.

God, pre-cum is absolutely spilling out of my cock…I’m so turned on imaging Daunte handling my girl’s breasts and the pleasure she was feeling!

Baby, I was so, so wet! I could almost hear your voice and feel you close. I was feeling so nervous but excited by what you would do in this moment. I imagined it was you that had removed the sheet revealed my breasts to another man. I could hear your voice filling the room as you took my breasts into your strong hands and gently pulled at my nipples…marveling at how responsive they are to your touch as you teach another man how to touch your girl. ~ Sienna  

Daunte moves next to her side and guides her left arm up and beyond her shoulder. Sienna’s hand comes to rest at his hip area with his hardness pressing against her fingers. He guides her hand along his cock which she describes a feeling extremely thick and long…much larger than my own.

She resists squeezing or stroking him. Daunte repeats a similar pattern of movement on her right side, but this time he presses his hard cock more firmly against her passive hand and guides it along his straining length. His breathing becomes deeper and more urgent. Sienna’s heart is pounding with excitement. She is feeling so submissive but needs him to take a more assertive, dominant approach and take her. He doesn’t.

When Daunte finishes massaging her arm, he places her hand against her exposed breast in a position where her thumb and index finger come to rest on her exposed, straining nipple. This is a powerful moment of erotic tension. Sienna and Daunte have both been playing a game, neither acknowledging Sienna’s nudity. Daunte is now leaving no doubt that he can see Sienna’s breasts, and Sienna is also confirming that she knows her breasts are exposed.

Daunte next turns his attention to her right leg. At times he runs his hands along the length of her leg, across the top of her waist, along the side of her tummy, and upward along the outside of her breast. She isn’t sure, but it feels like her right leg is uncovered with the sheet barely draped across her pubic bone..if covering her sweet pussy at all. He repeats a similar pattern on the left side of her body.

Finishing up with her thighs, he covers Sienna up entirely with the sheet. Daunte announces they have 5 minutes remaining and asks if she wants any other areas worked on? Sienna requests that he work on her abs. He pulls the sheet down below her breasts and all the way down below her pubic bone until it comes to rest just above her clit. He rubs low along her hips and lower abs with moments of pressure on her pubic bone and inner thighs but is careful to not touch her pussy. His hands then make a sweeping motion up along her stomach and firmly grips her full breasts…while still being careful not to touch her nipples.

If he squeezed and tweaked her nipples right now, my girl would be his for the taking. He could strip off his clothes, spread her legs, and bury himself balls deep inside this goddess.

But he doesn’t.

Sienna is too conflicted to ask for more, but her body is screaming for more! She pushes out her chest when he handles her breasts and arches her hips as if pushing her pussy into Duante’s skilled hands as he works her pubic bone and inner thighs. Duante has Sienna writhing before him with her body screaming for his touch. Sienna wants him to take command of her body and take what he wants…what she obviously wants him to have. He is pushing Sienna to her breaking point…as time expires.

Left alone in the room laying in a pool of her own sexual arousal, my girl quickly brings herself to several intense climaxes before getting dressed.

Sienna’s detailed recounting of the experience has been pure erotic fire. Pre-cum has been dripping generously from my swollen head and was a perfect lubricant for stroking my shaft during her story. Hearing her sultry, breathy excitement and imagining all the places on her body that another man had just seen and explored filled me with such erotic fire for my sexy girl. My balls feel so heavy and full…like water balloons about to burst! Damn! I wanted to spank her ass and fuck her so hard for being such a naughty girl!

Sienna isn’t done with me and has saved the best for last. Sienna confesses that if the massage had lasted another 20 minutes, she would have given in and asked Daunte to make her cum. She so desperately wanted to feel Daunte’s huge cock inside her pussy. Even more, she still wants to fuck him and fully intends to do everything she can to get his big cock inside her mouth and pussy next time. Hearing Sienna whisper these decadent desires causes my cock to immediately erupt! Oh my god, my orgasm released with such unexpected force…so full and creamy! It was like long, thick ropes…pulse after pulse of cum blasting from my rock-hard manhood! It is amazing how she can work me up to such transcendent levels of ecstasy through her sweet, naughty ways.

We took a big step today toward bringing our fantasy to life. I reassured Sienna that I loved her dearly and found today’s adventure so breathtakingly exciting. I was aching to fuck my sweet angel for being so deliciously naughty. At the same time, I wanted to hold her tight, make her feel emotionally safe, and surround her in my adoring love. Our fantasy was taking flight, and I was feeling now, more than ever, it would happen.

This experience was all about US and OUR shared moment. I love what we share in our unique and loving bond!  Mmmmm Michael, my sweet baby…I’m loving you so deep! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘. I wish I was in your arms right now feeling so secure and sooo loved!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ ~ Sienna

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55 thoughts on “Sienna’s Sensual Massage – Threshold

  1. OHHHHHH MY !!!!!!!!

  2. Larry Archer

    She is such a bad girl, teasing him like that! Next time tell him to take off his pants so that he will be more comfortable and I think after these sessions, it would be okay for Sienna to be a little more aggressive and tell him what she really needs.

    1. I’m sure it was interesting for him not just in an aroused way. This spa is a professional place of business with many people roaming around quietly in the halls just outside the door. For all he knew, Sienna could have been an undercover (well not much under) officer. He probably had a lot of that going on inside his head. Plus, as you suggest, there were plenty of moments where Sienna could have eased him over the line…if she was ready for the next step. There is more to come with this therapist… 🙂

  3. Damn! That will get the juices flowing for sure. I know how erotic it is when B gives me a massage but for a strange man to do it and so intimately, the senses you must have been feeling Sienna had to be in overdrive.
    I may have to switch from the lady I go to and find a man to rub me down. lol 🙂

    1. And Michael! How the hell you could sit through her describing this without coming unglued and blowing your seed is beyond me?

      1. Tis, I did mention the creamy, hot lava building within my erotic volcano…just not the eruption, ha! Seriously, I came so hard that day on the phone with Sienna and that night…over the weekend…daily for weeks after… Hell, I came several times just pulling this post together today! I’d reach a point where I couldn’t write anymore until I took off the edge, ha! 😉

        1. Oh my the visuals your comment to ‘Tis creates… :-)

          1. He IS a master creating visuals!!!! I remember when he meticulously moved the sheet around to photograph me (in this shoot in particular), I lay there thinking ….. “Hmmmm, this doesn’t seem like it will turn out at all…he’s cutting off half my body, oh well, maybe he’s checking the lighting”… Then voila!!!!!! Damn! My creative and amazing Love!

          2. Right? All I keep thinking about now is this

          3. LOL!!! OMG! This was HILARIOUS…especially in this context. And yes, that about captures how I felt and feel about my naughty Girl’s behavior! 🙂

          4. 🙂 hehe! 🙂

          5. Hmmmm, that gives me an idea for a post. Just need Sienna to lend a helping hand, mmmm! 🙂

  4. Babe, and yet the most amazing eruption of all is when we relive and re-tell the experience …as you are whispering in my ear while taking me! Just as you did several times this week. Does your naughty girl get herself back into “good graces”?…Like an early morning wake up pleasure, a warm mouth inviting, an infusion and release to start the day off in perfect harmony! Baby, the ultimate sensual massage is our own perfected “mapping” and knowing of each other’s bodies… How we caress, love and take care of each other’s bodies in the most perfect and sensual massage EVER! xoxo

    1. Mmmm, my sexy Girl! You ARE my eruption! My Love and passion explode and flow because of YOU! And, just when I think my eruption has subsided you take me from dormant to erupting again…and again just as you did last week! Waking up with you on Friday morning with your hand under my heavy, full balls and around the base of my cock…the rest of my cock in your sexy lips–damn Baby!!! You take such good care of your man! Sienna, we know one another so well and every time we are together is indeed the perfect sensual massage. But, the massage is much more than superficial touch…we touch one another’s soul!

      1. Holy hell! That’s a lot of eruptions! 😉

  5. Poetic Passions

    A very sensual experience…

    1. Thank you, sensual and naughty all rolled into one special gift–the Love of my life.

  6. Oh, the mind, how it wanders when faced with Sienna’s beautiful story 🙂

    1. I can’t help but wonder where your thoughts wander… 😉 We would love to know your naughty thoughts. 🙂

  7. Is it wrong that I want to give a ^5 to Sienna for a job well done. 🙂
    I am breathing just a little faster while I sit here at work… I need to go out for a quick walk… Let the night air distract me. :-)

    1. Sofia, you give her a high five and I’ll give her a low five on her sexy ass for being such a good naughty Girl! 🙂 Hope that quick walk was enjoyable… 😉

  8. I really shouldn’t read this stuff at work… You two are so hot!

    1. Thank you, Mel! This would have been quite a read at work. It’s not as easy for men to get away with it public places…the “rising” action blows our cover every time, ha! 🙂 So glad to see you back and extra excited about the wonderful news you are carrying! 🙂

  9. That was just ridiculously hot. How could you know giving a massage like that with a woman I don’t know is one of my continuing fantasies? You just described to me my own daydreams. Amazing. I could feel the connection between you two, the connection that made this event everything that it was. Michael, you did such a good job of relating it all. Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment between you two.

    1. Thank you, JK! I read your comment earlier today and have been thinking about it. I appreciate you recognizing the connection we felt in this moment even when not together physically. As you point out, it is this connection that makes everything else in this story hot for us…every little detail pulling us deeper into the erotic swirl! As I thought about this more during the day, a fantasy began to form… Sienna blindfolded, perhaps restrained…a man she can’t see coming to our hotel room to massage her…a man that will please her yet she will never see him and always wonder…

  10. That was incredibly hot. I love giving massages to Tis but to have a stranger do it and watch is on another sexual level. I don’t know if I could finish a massage like that without erupting myself.

    1. I totally agree. He has kept himself fairly under control…so far. If I was him, I would have never made it through the massage…who knows, maybe he didn’t either and just managed to conceal that explosive moment. 🙂 There is another visit that I am excited to share. I just need to take an intermission from the naughtiness and express my Love to Sienna in the next few posts.

  11. You two are just amazing. I hope that you can be together more often (or permanently)

    1. M, your comments are always so gracious…I’m humbled and grateful for your wishes.

  12. You two…..SMDH lol! You two all at once turn me on and make me smile…and sometimes chuckle! I swear, you two make being in love so DISGUSTINGLY amazing 😀 Find yourselves in ##### so we can go out partying!

    1. Jalen! We’ve missed you… Glad you are back!

  13. Angel Morals

    This one was a bitter sweet one for me there was some lines that reminded me in how I wanted to Please my Alan, and what I would have done for him, which brought me to tears, however, it was so erotic at the same time. Thank you… You both are amazing!!!

    1. Angel, thank you so much. Sorry this released some sadness but glad you were still able to feel the eroticism and connect it with your own journey. 🔥💫

  14. Angel Morals

    Wow!! I think you just got me out of my funk!! I might be reading this later on tonight. I just find your love and sexuality amazing. Something I will be missing… You really did wake up the demon in me, I was afraid that I lost it… THANK YOU!!! BTW.. I havent forgotten your request but things have happened that is delaying that post.

    1. Glad this lifted your spirits if even for a moment I know things with Alan have changed…so sorry about that. I am really interested in that post and the details of how the experience was…mentally, physically, and emotionally. Of course, I understand though that it might be tough to think about right now.

      1. Angel Morals

        Thank you for your patiences. I will try to write about it soon.

  15. I’ve got admit the therapist is one very lucky guy. The way that you tell the story has made the whole thing even more erotic. I love the way that you two are so in tune with each other. Your attention to the details has made my heart rate increase among other things. I need to read the next one and find out how far it went.

    1. Thanks for the hot comment, B! Yes, I agree…he was one extremely lucky man. Glad you enjoyed the details too. Since I couldn’t see it, Sienna really walked me through this so I create the mental imagery and make the experience ours to savor. When I had finally recovered from the increased heart rate (among other things ) I remember scribbling the details down so I would always have them. This story still drives me crazy!

  16. I am dying to know as well… Thank the sweet lustful gods I don’t need to wait for I see you posted another part. :-)
Yay for me….
BTW this is way tooooo hot for words.

    1. I am really enjoying your reactions as you flow through this series! So excited you are enjoying it so far and happy not to keep you waiting! The waiting was killing me, ha!

  17. I can’t even imagine this kind of anticipation. It’s almost a catch 22, where you want her to be methodical in the details so you can relive the moment with her and yet I’d have to imagine you also just want to know how far it went. Like hurry up and get to the meat of it alrighty!
    Of course I myself enjoy the torturous tease, so slow and methodical with a big finish works for me!

    1. Oooohhh, you so nailed this one! Yes, it was torture…but exquisitely designed torture! I was dying to know the end but had to live the build up and experience every single erotic second of the rising tension and swirl! Of course, I realize that I’m telling the story the way I wanted to hear it…and some are probably wishing I would jump to end, lol! Really though, it isn’t the end that matters…it’s all that happens along the journey!

      1. I know I come off as insatiable and greedy and I am those things. But I also love experiencing every moment, every sensation. The build up, the peak, the fall into bliss. So please keep telling yours and Siennas story just the way you are, it’s perfect!

        1. Insatiable…yes, I think so! Not greedy though…just naughty like the rest of us! Your description of the story flow triggered a thought. Each story has it’s own flow of energy and renewal within it. Collectively, they represent the seasons of emotion–winter excluded and heavy on the heat of summer!

  18. Mmmmm Baby! You were there with me the entire time… It was a surreal experience for US! I love you Michale! XO Sienna

    1. Sweetheart, I was with you then as I am now…loving my beautiful Girl through every moment of every day!

  19. Oceans Water

    Hot, very very hot!!!

    1. Thank you Oceans! It is so very hot and is getting fired up all over again going through it.

  20. I guess I’m insatiable because you always leave me wanting so much more!

    1. Thank you Deisree, such hot feedback! While the realization that you are insatiable may just be setting in on you, it is not news to the rest of us, ha! Glad you enjoyed the story. This desire for “more” seems to be an emerging theme among the ladies…

  21. Larry Archer

    Michael, I hope you are able to get closer to the action unless Sienna wouldn’t feel relaxed enough with you there watching so closely. If she doesn’t feel comfortable going all the way, maybe jacking him off or a nice blow job would be nice. That would work for me! I know I love hearing my wife’s dirty stories as much as you enjoy Sienna’s.

    1. Love your enthusiasm around all of this naughtiness! You may recall that we aren’t sharing these in real time. Everything has already happened and these stories (though written as it was unfolding) are being released with several months of lag time. I’m hoping you feel the sexual tension and buildup as we did in the moment with a few orgasms along the way.

  22. 😳, this is really sensuous!!

    1. Thank you, Tanya ☺️It always give me mixed feelings (nervous and exciting) when sharing memories of my former lover with another man. I’m glad the sensuality came through in the midst of all this naughtiness 💫🔥

  23. Great story. Makes me miss my masseur. Oh wait, he is coming in couple weeks 😁

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