In the afterglow of Sienna’s first massage (Sensual Massage – Firestorm), we enjoy endless hours of erotic fun discussing the first experience with her male massage therapist and how it might evolve during future massages. She is increasingly excited about the idea of being with another man, and her excitement is making it even hotter for me. Cuckolding has always been a favorite fantasy of mine, but I had no idea it would feel this exciting. I am literally dripping with anticipation.

Despite my heightened anticipation and desire to provide my girl with this erotic gift of pleasure, the ever-increasing likelihood that Sienna will cuckold me isn’t an emotionally casual stroll in the park. The sensual dreamscape of “romantic love” flows strongly within me. The dream of my lover only having eyes for me with no desire to ever be with another man still lingers. I long for a love that is deep and soulful…a sensation so powerful it’s as if no other could have ever loved the way we do. Romantic love swirls through my soul.

At the same time, I anticipate the pleasure Sienna will feel when a more endowed man stretches her sweet, little pussy and fills her deeper than ever before. I anticipate the sight of her pink lips stretched tight around his thick, veiny length as he touches places deep inside her that she never knew existed…places I will never know. I anticipate the explosion of erotic pleasure overtaking my girl as she comes like never before on his cock.

Cuckolding is a complicated fantasy with an engulfing whirlwind of arousal, emotional energy, and mind play. As an observer, one can see the sex and visuals of cuckolding, but the mental and emotional layers often not noticed because they are experienced internally. Still, it is the emotion and mental engagement that fuels the erotic whirlwind for most cuckolds. It burns in a dizzyingly, erotic way to know the woman I adore has sexual desires for other men. Yet, without our deep emotional connection, the experience loses all of its intensity. As long as I feel our love and know she is experiencing this as part of our naughty adventure, it will feel hot and emotionally safe for me. 

For the first time, Michael’s fantasy was revealed to me in a clearer way. I wasn’t truly getting the idea of him “giving me to another man”. It sparks a fire in him and is also a gift of physical fulfillment for the one he loves – His girl. This gift is about my physical pleasure but also forges a deeper emotional connection for us. My gift to Michael is submitting to His desire and a deeper connection of trust and love for us. ~ Sienna

As Sienna’s second massage appointment approaches, she is beginning to struggle with the reality of potentially touching and being touched by another man. Fantasy is one thing, reality is another. There could be many understandable causes for her hesitation. It may work against her true sexual desires. She may not actually want to touch or be touched by another man. Another possibility is that she might be concerned about what I will think about her or that my feelings will change after she fucks another man. Perhaps the pressure of societal expectations around how a woman “should” behave is creating cognitive dissonance as she seeks to claim her sexual liberation. Or, maybe she wants me to be physically present when it happens.

We discuss what she is feeling and Sienna’s devotion to me is indeed one factor. Sienna, like many of us, attaches a lot of emotional meaning to sex. She has only been with a few men before meeting me and her sexual experiences have all been within loving relationships. The thought of allowing herself to be exposed during a massage or, even crazier, having sex with her massage therapist is something she never considered before. Behaving like this now, while being in love, makes the prospect even more daunting and confusing.

Beyond her struggle with the “wrongness” of being with another man, it also works against her submissive desires. In her ideal world, Sienna wants me in the room directing what is happening. If another man touches her, she wants to feel like she is allowing it to happen as an act of submission to me.

Sweet Love, it gets me so hot and wet thinking of you watching me and seeing my tiny pussy being filled with such a big, thick cock! This is so hot!!! I only need you to be looking over me, protecting me and in complete charge of the situation… ~ Sienna

Despite her struggles, Sienna is genuinely excited about our naughty adventure. She has suppressed so many secret cravings over the years and thought they were destined to remain forever in fantasy land forever. The friction she feels between her own dreams of romantic love swirling with her naughty desires to experience other men – men with bigger cocks – is generating angst while simultaneously fueling her erotic swirl. It feels wrong but this unquenched yearning fills her erotic fantasies and has her in a near constant state of arousal.

I find Sienna’s struggle very alluring. The tension she feels between her sweet, romantic, and innocent side juxtaposed against her naughty desires is completely captivating and mirrors my own struggle. I reassure Sienna that I want her to experience all the pleasure she desires and deserves. I want her to experience the fullness of her sexuality within the loving commitment and emotional safety of our relationship. And, even if I’m not physically present, I will always be there…deep in her heart. The experience will always be about our erotic journey.

We also discuss the somewhat unique element of submission flowing through our fantasy. She wants the other man to know that “all of this” is an expression of her submitting to my desire, not her being swept away by him.

So, here’s my complete erotic turn-on and twist in all of this. I don’t think I have ever shared this with you before. The other man with a big cock will know he can provide the deep, physically fulfilling pleasure I seek. He will think he has me and offers all that I need. He might even think he is controlling the scenario and will become the center of my universe. Yet, the impetus for me is what it is for US – our experience. It’s all about OUR pleasure seeking and part of our fun, captivating naughtiness. He plays a role that is not about the intimate, adoring love, and connection that defines US. He may take my pussy, but it is our intimate and adoring love that can never be taken. What can’t be won over is the deep, heartfelt love and spiritual connection we have fostered and treasure. Mmmmm, this is my secret and real depiction of our fantasy and our true love, babe! ~ Sienna

The other man’s perception of the situation is important to me too. I want him to know that she is in love with me, and I am the one making it possible for my girl to experience this gift of guilt-free sexual pleasure with him. I suppose this is the alpha-male part of me that I can’t leave behind and constantly struggle with as a cuckold. I will surrender a lot in cuckolding, but I do need the other man to know that the woman he is fucking loves me deeply and, no matter how well he fucks her, our love will always reign supreme.

We consider different ways we might let the therapist in on the erotic dynamic we have in play. I suggest writing my name on her pussy. It would be a clear statement of ownership and awareness she belongs to another just before sinking his big cock inside her. The thought excites Sienna.

Awwwww Baby, I adore this! You just gave me butterflies! I would be getting fucked by a big black cock with your name written in marker just above my pussy! “MICHAEL’S”

While this is certainly a hot visual for us, we realize such a revelation might freak him out. As we consider more realistic options, I want to ensure Sienna isn’t feeling pressured so I offer up the option of not moving forward at all. The last thing I want is for her to feel pressured. If Sienna was to tell me she only wants me…well, there are certainly worse things to hear from the woman I love. She responds by bashfully admitting she finds the thought of doing more very exciting and is open to taking it further next time. Given the option of enjoying the sexual pleasure of another man with my complete support or passing on the experience, she wants more.

Her desire to experience another man’s cock has my heart pounding and cock quickly stiffening. Our discussion quickly evolves into phone sex with me whispering naughty thoughts about her sucking his cock and spreading her legs as to accept what we both hope will be his large cock in her pretty, little pussy. My girl’s string of orgasms speaks to her truth – Sienna is, without a doubt, genuinely craving another man’s cock.

The contrast between what is being given and what is received is amazing! The BIG COCK is purely about physical pleasure. It stands in stark contrast to the intense emotional and spiritual connection between lovers. Physical pleasure can be staged and experienced in a superficial way. But, what cannot be fabricated or ever replaced is the intense spiritual connection of WE. ~ Sienna

To be continued…

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  2. I had the same idea over the wiccan dissection of my husband as goddess of all religions, stamping my husbandry with love no contact, international to baseground with magical neon ink and lipstick marks! lol just before i wrap them as statues!

    1. I have a feeling there is a lot intricate meaning laced within this comment, but I believe I’m missing the necessary context to understand it. Sorry. Thanks for visiting my site and the magic dust you sprinkled around a few posts. ✨

    2. I have a feeling there is a lot intricate meaning laced within this comment, but I believe I’m missing the necessary context to understand it. Sorry. Thanks for visiting my site and the magic dust you sprinkled around a few posts. ✨

  3. Marking my crossover of husbandry, redirected with my name in ink on his! but as goddess there probably would not be one that should not have been mine!

  4. I wish you Sienna all the best. Believe me, your massage guy knows he is just a guest and she belongs to you. And most likely, this role works fir him too.

    I have “my” erotic massage guy, and it is amazing experience. Leaves me mentally and physically lighter for two, three days afterwards. He is licensed massage therapist, so I am getting everything out of it: therapeutic massage along with erotic, and happy ending.

    1. Hi Jo, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. My story about Sienna is an old one…just writing about it in the present tense. Regarding your massage therapist, I think that is such a hot arrangement you have. Sexually liberated and very sexy ☺️🔥

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        1. Both ☺️Sienna is a lover from my past and this is an older story that I’m refreshing the art for and releasing again. I’m hoping you will share your massage story – would love to read those juicy details and imagine the pleasure you experienced 🔥

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