If you are a man or woman that enjoys cuckolding (couple where woman occasionally sleeps with other men), understanding one another’s desire and boundaries is important. When it comes to cuckolding, one moment we should anticipate is near certainty is our “Bull” (the other man) releasing his heavy load. The question though, is where should those creamy ropes of manly essence be deposited or at least what is most desired and what is off limits.

This seems like a great topic for a juicy poll question. The poll doesn’t work from the reader, so you’ll need to visit the website version of my blog – The Dionysian Experience. I’ll focus the poll question on what is most desired. The first poll is for male perspective and the second poll is for women. Whether you are a man or woman, I hope you enjoy looking at the results, pondering the possibilities, and sharing your thoughts in the comments.


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Once upon a time, I had a chance to have this very discussion with a former lover named Sienna. We were early in our relationship and cuckolding was just taking root in our erotic thoughts. Are you curious how a woman falling in love might respond to the thought of having another man’s cum inside or on her? You can read it here – The Other Man’s Cum.

Early Poll Result Reflections:

Early results from the male perspective suggest we would most like for the other man to cum inside our girl’s sweet pussy. Why might this be the favorite? I have a couple theories but please feel free to share your own in the comments. One explanation I often hear is that the other man, by pumping his creamy load inside our lover’s pussy, is making the ultimate statement of claiming her…at least for one night. This in itself is hot for most cuckolds, but there can be additional erotic layers at play.

One erotic layer is the biological reaction we experience known as Sperm Wars which stimulates male competition. Seeing another man cum inside our woman makes our cock harder, generates increased sperm production, and a burning desire to reclaim her. It may also tap into the Wife Breeding fantasy. Another potential reason for the popularity of this response is that it sets the stage for a creampie. “Some” cuckolds are aroused by the thought (or actual act) of licking another man’s cum from our girl’s freshly seeded love channel. Or, to a lesser degree, the visual seeing another man’s sperm coating our shaft as we slide inside our lover.

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3 thoughts on “Poll Question: The Other Man’s Cum

  1. Mmm 🤔!!???


    1. Sexy Nita, what did you vote for? I can see myself on the bed beside you as another man is having his way with you. All the while, I wondering where is he going to cum…where do you want him to cum 🍆💦 Or, maybe your man is on the bed, and I am the man inside you… In that case, as my tempo picks up, I know exactly where I am releasing…

      1. Mmm 😋!!!

        I’m visualizing the latter.

        With you inside me..

        Focusing only on you.. there will be only us in that moment

        And just how good it’s feeling., as I lm begging you for more and pleading for your release…

        And I don’t care where you spray your spunk…
        As long as it’s in me or alll over me..

        Because I will be matching your tempo. And exploding my cum with you… as we reach our ecstatic climax…

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...