Sienna had been incredibly open and vulnerable when she revealed her fantasies to me in 30 Days (Sienna’s Fantasies). Much of her desires centered around submission. With trepidation, I also shared my most secret desire which was to watch her with another man – Introducing Sienna to Cuckolding. I hadn’t planned on sharing this fantasy so quickly, but there was something about Sienna that brought it out of me. Our newly revealed fantasies quickly became part of our daily phone sex and sexting.

Our early fantasy scenes flowed around massage scenes with a male therapist. Spa settings worked well because another man was present and Sienna was already naked except for a thin sheet covering her. The professional setting also allowed for the sexual energy to evolve at a pace Sienna was comfortable with. This Young at Heart story is special because it was the first time Sienna wrote about another man joining us for some sexy fun. It also gave me some valuable insight into how she might want to experience this fantasy.  I hope you enjoy Young at Heart.

I am at work when a text from Sienna drops in…

The other totally hot thought that raced through my mind, was what you described on Friday. It was crazy! As I flip over on the massage table, my breasts are exposed. Tyrell is so turned on and wanting to take in this half naked woman – your woman. He starts to massage my legs and moves closer to the inside of my thigh. My wetness is evident as he brushes his large, dark hand against the lower part of my lips. Then, as he pulls the sheet up, he sees “Michael’s” written above my pussy.

Soooo sexy! I love this!!! ~ Sienna

If you are into cuckolding, you can imagine the heated rush I experienced knowing Sienna was fantasizing and writing about another man touching her wet pussy. Another message drops in…

Tyrell hesitates and almost freezes. I look over at you, “Baby, tell me what you want. I’m yours, and you can have your Girl anyway you want. You take my arms back exposing my chest and placing me in my vulnerable, submissive position. As he gently moves his hand up my thigh, you sense my nervousness and lean in close to kiss me and ask in your soft, sexy whispering voice how I feel? I look up at you while arching my back as I feel another man touching me. I feel…safe with you here.

I need reassurance this is what you want. “Baby, does it turn you on to see another man touching me? Do you want only me?” The thrill for me comes from wanting to please you. My passion for giving myself to you is my ultimate pleasure. I feel conflicted and awkward as another man touches me and start to pull away.

As I do, you hold me down firmly and whisper with sultry arousal, “I want to feel your sighs and moans on my lips as he pleases you. Your pleasure is my pleasure.” The sound of your sexy, amazing voice in my ear calms and settles me. My heart is flooding with your passion as I comply with your demands. Deep, sexy man sounds escapes your lips. “My cock is so hard…think about me buried deep inside you after him.” You feel my once tense and resistant body now relaxing and succumbing to the pleasure of another man’s touch.

Baby, sharing this has me feeling so aroused inside! ~ Sienna

Sienna’s fantasy comes forth in a highly submissive framework. We were early in our relationship and still in a state of virgin-like storytelling…exploring and feeling one another out for the first time. She leans in heavily to the erotic energy flowing between us rather than focusing on Tyrell. At this point, I join in the messaging and we begin building out what happens next together. Carefully, I hope to expose Sienna to my erotic hot buttons while also deepening my exploration of hers.

Michael – My cock is so hard right now, and I’m struggling to breathe as I take in your exposed, sexy curves. Sienna, you are breathtaking! I am close and our eyes remain on one another as I provide encouragement and direction to Tyrell who seems uncertain about what we actually want and next steps. “Run your hands along her body, but don’t touch her pussy…yet. Tease her, handle my girl’s full breasts, and take her straining nipples into your mouth.” Our eye contact remains and our emotional connection is deep as the erotic swirl begins to intensify. 

Sienna – Your face is close and my eyes are fixed on yours as his large, strong hands begin exploring more of my body. You set my arms free and ask me touch to him – his shoulders, back…and his face. I resist touching his face, only his body and shoulders. My heart is racing and the excitement is exhilarating! I can feel how turned on you are getting. Michael, I am at your complete mercy to do with me as you please.

Michael – I kiss you deeply before moving to your side…my hand trail across your breasts and nipples…wet and straining from the attention Tyrell has lavished upon you. Moving between your legs, I lightly glance across your dripping pussy before resting my chest against your stomach with my lower torso pressing between your legs against your swollen clit. My hands flow across your sexy hips as I slowly slide downward between your legs…

Sienna – Mmmm, your touch is so perfect! My back is arching and I feel a warm gush between my legs. I’m moaning…Baby…. Baby!!!! Mmmmmm! You connect with my eyes and we gaze deeply as I feel you exploring my body. Your fingers circle my lower stomach where your name is written. Your strong hand presses lower and your fingers part my lips. Wet from my silkiness, you lift your fingers to my lips and ask me to taste my sweetness. I suck my sweet nectar from your fingers…

Michael – As you savor your arousal, I savor the moment. In case Tyrell has any doubts about our love and the nature of our erotic play, I ask, “Sienna, who owns your pussy?”

Sienna – Mmmm, Baby! You do!!! Michael, you own my pussy!!!

Michael – That is so hot, Baby!

Sienna – I’m weak!!!!

As day passes into evening, I want to continue our story and more fully spell out my desires. If she finds it even mildly arousing, her desire might burn brighter over time and lead to it actually happening. While I do want her crave another man’s bigger cock, it will be more important that she feels my love and desire for her to receive such pleasure. I let Sienna know I will be sending her a sexy story in segments and ask her not to read it or react until I am done.

Sienna – Baby!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I feel like a 16yr old 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

I remember Sienna’s excited reaction, the anticipation of reading that story, and the general high we were both feeling about each other. Our love was bursting forth in full bloom and the world felt young again. Everything was bright and filled with such vibrant color and promise.

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