Shantel shut down my advances pretty hard last time and I’m feeling torn about whether to see her again. After all, my goal isn’t to coerce her into something she doesn’t want to do. That said, she had shown a spark of continuing interest as my last appointment ended. It was confusing. I decide to give her plenty of time to think it through and then schedule one more appointment to at least get some closure.

It has been six weeks since I last saw her and I’m not sure what to expect as I enter the spa. Shantel greets me warmly and hugs me as we enter the massage room. She then peppers me with questions. “Why did it take you so long to come back? Why did you make me wait with no contact?”

Shantel - 17

Shantel is ready to talk it out and showing no sign of bashfulness or intent to leave the room for me to undress. You don’t have to give me much a window before I’ll strip down for you. I remove my shirt and respond, “I wasn’t sure how you felt about my last visit.” I toss it on the chair as she watches. I open up my belt and pants. “I didn’t think you even wanted me to come back.”

Shantel seems a little distracted. “I was worried I hadn’t been responsive enough to you and have been kicking myself ever since.” My pants slide off my hips as I stand naked before her with cock already extending proudly. She is dialed in and measuring my…responses. I say, “No, you weren’t responsive.” I walk confidently up to her with my cock bouncing proudly, take her into my arms and kiss her. Her kisses are deliciously sensual and full…her body fits perfectly against mine. She moans softly while running her hands along my back and ass before catching herself. “Michael, I can’t…I can’t do this here. This is my place of business.” I ignore her smokescreen and whisper low in her ear in a deep, hungry voice, “I only want to feel your body against mine.”

My left hand sinks under her top making quick work of her bra as I unhook and raise both over her full breasts. She needs more encouragement so I place her hand on my rock-hard cock. She responds by squeezing and stroking it.  Mmmm, better. I squeeze her breasts and work up her nipples before slipping a hand inside her tights and panties. I knew it – soaked. 

I pull out against her tights as she says unconvincingly, “I can’t do this at work.” I slip them and her panties down over her hips to the floor. She has options here. She can pull them back up or she can step out of them. Shantel chooses to step out. I pull her in close again to feel our energy, her warm skin against me, and inhale her scent. She seems to be losing any will to resist and I am pressing the moment.

I whisper in a deep register, “On your knees, beautiful girl.” Her eyes are glassy. “Michael….” I cut her off. “On  your  knees.” She presses into my body, buries her face in my neck, and holds me. It’s a strange moment. I have no idea which way she going to go or what she will say. It’s like she is almost trying to hold herself up in a distinct moment between the past and the future. Slowly, I get my answer. Shantel works her way down my body—tending to my chest, nipples, tight stomach, and the “V” at my hips.

Shantel 21

Shantel 22.jpg

When she gets all the way down, she looks up into my eyes as if waiting for instruction. I direct her to “get it wet”. She wraps her hands around my cock and balls and, with eyes closed, inhales my manly scent. She runs her tongue along my manhood before taking me deep inside her full lips. I give her some time to allow the fullness of the moment to penetrate her senses. I take control of my cock and rub it across her lips and face…gently smacking it on her lips before easing back in and slowly mouth fucking her. 

After a few minutes, I pull Shantel up and kiss her deeply as I sink one and then two fingers inside her secret garden. My fingers move with a “come here” motion against the wall behind her pubic bone as I search for and find her g-spot. She is on fire and my fingers are dripping with her arousal. I pull out and ease them into her mouth so she can taste her own excitement. I spin Shantel around and bend her over the massage table. It flashes in my thoughts that I shouldn’t be quite so familiar with bending women over like this.

Shantel - 19

I smack my cock on her ass a few times before rubbing my wet, plump head against her opening. I press down between her shoulder blades while also easing my cock inside and  opening up Shantel’s flower. I love this position – a woman bent over with chest pressed down and ass arched up high. It strikes me as primal – the way we were designed to mate in the wild. I grip her hips as my thrusts and control of her body deepen.

After a while, I flip her onto her back and pull her legs up against my chest and over my shoulders. Shantel is getting off and is sloppy wet…mmm, I love it! I move her around from one position to another on the table. For a woman that had been so in control, it is exciting to feel her being so submissive in this moment and taking my cock however I want to give it to her. Our pace rises and falls over the next 30 minutes but time is getting tight. I know I need to cum so I can keep her on schedule.

I move on top of the table with her. We are chest to chest, slipping and sliding, and soaked with sweat. I keep good pressure with my pubic bone on her clit as I move slow and deep inside her. Shantel hasn’t been much of a talker but I want to hear something naughty to help me cum faster and stronger. I jump start the dirty talk. “I want to cum inside you…I want you to have a part of me with you tonight while you’re home making dinner for your husband.” Her body immediately begins to twitch and I feel her pussy contracting around my cock as she swirls her hips…she is coming. Shantel grabs me even harder. She whispers, “Yes…yes…I want that. I want your cum inside me, please.”

Shantel 23

I continue to move slow and deep inside her grooved pussy. “You want to sit with your husband tonight on the couch and feel my cum seeping out between your lips?” She goes over the edge and cums again. She is a quivering bundle of womanly hotness beneath me. “Yeah Michael, I want your cum. I want to feel you tonight when I’m home sitting beside my husband.” I continue working my cock in and out of her married pussy.

She touches my face as if to recenter my focus and looks deep into my eyes with such genuine intensity. It shakes me momentarily. I start moving again as she grips my ass with her other hand pulls me in deep. “Look at me Michael. I want to see your eyes.” My eyes are hazy and her voice is coming through like soft, sensual waves. “I want it Michael…I want all of you inside me!” My eyes are rolling as my legs begin to shake. “Empty that beautiful cock inside me…” I grunt and moan deeply in her ear as I surrender those creamy white ropes she wanted to feel so deep inside.

Shantel wraps her body around me and holds me tight. Her breathing is uneven and her body is softly shaking…she’s crying.

Shantel - 18

These tearful moments don’t happen with every woman of course, but it is incredibly special when it does. I know she experienced something very special and felt it on a deeper level. I touch her face and kiss her teary eyes. She apologizes, “I’m so sorry, I don’t know where this is coming from. It’s just…I’ve wanted this since the first time I saw you. I’ve always been so wet when massaging you…it’s been torture not touching your pretty cock. I’ve had so many dreams and fantasies about you but the way you touched and kissed me is so much more than I even imagined. It all just feels so amazing. Can I see you outside of here? I want to meet in at a place where I can really let myself go. I don’t want this to be the end.”

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  1. Well I’m running out of words Micheal. And I don’t often have to repeat myself this much. Amazing hot I loved it, have to attend to things….all of that haha

    1. Thank you for such a fun 2019 😘 Let’s make 2020 even better 🔥

  2. Ooh Michael..

    You are getting really bold with your approaches…

    You didn’t even got massage here..

    And you have shantel begging for more…

    She was so eager for you..

    And you had her at your mercy….

    Be careful though.
    I do sense she’s falling hard Michael..

    And I wonder if you will able to catch her…

    But I can’t blame her..
    Because I’m here swooning and falling myself just living the experience with her….

    You always possess that electrifying undeniable, irresistible magnetism..

    You can always successfully pull in anyone you want …

    Keep sharing these erotic experiences…
    Always a pleasure to relive them with you

    1. So basically she just took my brain and put it into the words I couldn’t find haha

      1. Nita does have a way with words…always enjoy the way she calls out particular details from the story that connected with her.

    2. Sexy Nita, your comments are always so sexy! I had already been through a few massages and was tired of playing games. It was now…or never and, honestly, I didn’t know which way she would go. She decided to go…down. As for you swooning, you know I’ve thought about bending you over that massage table quite a few times 😈🔥🍆💦

  3. I have followed Shantel’s visits and after questions I too wondered what was next, to be honest I didn’t know I was in for a huge hit surprise and the way you write Michael, it’s a turn on within itself. Besides this elicited my interracial preferences, you always know how to get a girl going Sir

    1. I felt like Shantel needed a different approach (compared to Yumi) to set her free 🍑🗝 I was hoping you would enjoy this one – the interracial layers along with the more dominant approach and, of course, the ever-present sensuality 🔥 Thank you for the wonderful comment – you know how to get a man going, for sure 😘

      1. Yumi had such grace about her, sometimes I go back and read some of the chapters, (also listen to Sienna’s soundclip), because sometime I just miss that hot and exciting feeling I get when I read her parts.
        The interracial layers do it for me, I have found myself getting more and more attracted to men that aren’t Black since I am an African black woman.
        And Sir, you always get me going 💦 I can’t steer clear off this page 😍

        1. Samantha, I still have stories about Yumi to share. The next two have been ready forever (and I have pages of journal notes) but it seems but in all my blog changes…just never got to creating the artwork because I was trying to save my blogs and stories. Personally, I think the hottest parts are still ahead for Yumi….like what became frequent hotel visits and how she truly spread her wings. I think you will like her even more 🔥 ☺️ And, I like your interracial desires…as you may have noticed with Shantel and Keisha, African women are also…very enticing 😋🔥 You alway leave me on edge with your visits, thank you for the fire 😘

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