Continuation of Shantel – Dancing Lights.  In Dance of Lights I introduce Shantel as my new massage therapist with a special focus on the energy flowing between us. I then explore some of my playful exhibitionism during those early appointments and her willingness to indulge my naughty ways. As my next appointment approaches, I’m anticipating a great massage and plan to turn up the heat even further.

Arriving for the appointment, Shantel greets me at the front desk and walks me back to our room. She steps out briefly as I undress, lay down, and haphazardly toss the hand towel over my buns. She returns and we spend some time catching up as she works on my back.

I’m feeling flirty and doing my best to stoke the smoldering embers from my last visit. The heat is soon rising along with my cock. I can feel my shaft and plump head sticking out prominently from under my hips. I’m sure she sees it. Shantel joins in on the fun by mentioning there a song she can’t get out of her head — “wetter and wetter”. I don’t know if she is referring to lyrics or a song title, but I’m hoping she is making a reference to how she is feeling at this moment. Oh yeah, this is going well!

Shantee 35

Her touch has always been electric but today it is really loaded with energy. Shantel whispers softly, “I’m feeling a heartbeat down there”.  What? She’s not touching my cock so she must be suggesting her pussy is throbbing. Seriously? She may be coming onto me harder than I am to her. I let her know I am having a similar sensation down below. It seems Shantel has been giving some thought to my last visit and may have decided she wants to go further. She is being far more flirtatious than ever before.

Shauntee 103

She has questions though. “What is it that you do to women?” She tells me the receptionist, a blonde in her late twenties, joked that she wanted to switch jobs for the day and give me a massage. She adds, “Our girl that dose facials said she would love to work on you too.” Shantel seems genuinely intrigued. “What is it like to be wanted by so many women?”

Her questions make me feel super embarrassed. I laugh uncomfortably and can feel myself blushing. These are flattering questions but there is a suggestion of superficiality around them that bothers me. I feel things on a deeper level and it is always about the connection I feel with someone. I really don’t want to just have sex. I’ve been down that road and, for me, it is an empty experience.

I don’t want Shantel to think I am just looking for sex. “It isn’t like that at all. I can see a thousand women and not feel any energy flowing between us.” She isn’t buying it. “You know what you do to us, Michael.” She continues,“I let you get away with so much. Any other man would be under a sheet or kicked out of here for behaving like you do. Not you though. I only want you to stay.”

My mind is working overtime on the situation unfolding before me as she asks me to flip over on my back. I know Shantel is feeling hot for me but I can also sense her hesitancy and lingering reservations about next steps. At one point she is working on my hip and thigh—dangerously close to my raging erection—I nudge the towel off my manhood. I’m breathless. She is looking right at my cock. She doesn’t cover me…she doesn’t say or do anything.

Shantee -106 v2

While she may have doubts, she did share that she is wet, her pussy is throbbing, and that, despite my antics, she only wants me to stay. I’m feeling such incredible energy with her but hesitant to touch her first. Slowly, I ease my hand around my shaft and begin gently stroking my length. Shantel watches me for a moment and says, “You know I’m married, right?”

I sit up and frame her hips between my legs with my hard cock straining upwards between us. I pull her close to kiss her. She is hesitant. Slowly, I open up her kiss just the way I want to open up her pussy. She doesn’t touch me and a moment that should have been electric instead turns cold and dark. She pulls away. “What do you see in me?  Why are you attracted to me?”

Shauntee 102

Whew, she clearly has a lot on her mind with all of these questions today. I speak from my heart and tell her she is a beautiful and sensual woman and that I feel a strong connection with her. “I want to remind you how the fire feels.” She isn’t persuaded. She eases me back onto the table saying, “Well, you are definitely succeeding in that. Now lay back and behave yourself.”

Rejection. I get it though. She is a professional therapist and a married woman. To her, I’m just some nicely dressed dude that rolls into her spa every three weeks that flirts with all the girls. She must feel like I’m not sincere, and I feel guilty and embarrassed for putting her in an uncomfortable situation. I felt the energy so strongly but seem to have read everything wrong. The room feels cold, and I’m eager for the massage to end.

I sit up quickly when it’s over and begin to dress. I can’t get out of here fast enough. Before walking out the door – feeling nearly certain I wouldn’t be coming back – Shantel asks me to wait. She walks over and gives me the kiss I wanted earlier. She places a hand on my cheek and looks deep into my eyes. “Michael, what are you doing to me?” Then, she leaves the room.

Shantee 34

Will I return? Should I return? Time will tell.

18 thoughts on “Shantel – Questions

  1. DAMN. what a perfect ending! reat write. The anticipation and desire…..all perfect.

    1. It was an up and down experience for sure but she left me…on the rise.

  2. Very interesting and very arousing, Michael 😘😘😘🔥🔥🔥


    1. Thanks Christina, so glad you you found it arousing…always a treat to make a woman feel this way 🍑💧

  3. You blush? Hmm

    1. Haha, it happens ☺️I appreciate flattery but at some point… 😛

      1. Haha,
        I guess we all blush at least once in life.🙈
        This post reminds me I need a massage
        Nothing like a good deep long massage.

        1. Mmm, I’d like to help you with a good, long, deep…massage. 🔥☺️

          1. Now I’m blushing 😊

          2. Good 😘 Hope your days are filled with a few more smiles.✨

          3. You’re sweet I hope you’re days are filled with more smiles as well.
            Also thank you for being a follower of my Christian blog. I do appreciate it, most people run from others who talk about Jesus all the time. 😊😊☺

          4. I wish youd come help me with one and let my pussy massage your raw BBC til I make you bust deep inside

          5. You may have gotten confused with my writings but I appreciate the thought.☺️ I’m actually white but have fantasies of my lover being with a well-hung black man. 🔥

  4. I forgot how much I missed your writing. Glad your back

    1. Nice to be missed ☺️ Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Ugh Michael this was a killer 🔥🔥 so hot and authentic

    1. This is a short series and I need to share what happened next. She was being so cautious but also struggling with the same disappointments and desires shared by many women. I’m so glad the authenticity came through – always try to keep these stories true to the moments.

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