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This “energy” is such a curious feeling and hard to explain. It is like a magical light…almost tangible. I tend to this energy and do what I can to feel it swirling and shining around me as often as possible. It probably sounds silly, but I can also feel this energy in some women. It is like a current of energy flowing between kindred souls. We are like lighthouses signaling to one another as we make our way through life’s journey. Nothing may come of this recognition but it’s there…we feel it.

I write a lot about my relationships and primarily focus on the hot and fun moments. It’s not always like that though. Believe me, I come across countless numbers of women who have no interest in me at all. It’s like there is an energy meter inside me reading “0” most of the time. Then, it suddenly begins to ping at 100%! This is what happened with Shantel.

Shantel is one of several therapists at the spa I visit but she isn’t my therapist. Still, I’ve seen her in passing many times and had brief conversations. There is energy flowing and sparking between us, but I’m not sure about the source of her energy.

Shantee 33

Is Shantel’s glow a result of knowing something she isn’t supposed to know? At a minimum, Shantel knows Jill, my current therapist, has seen me naked many, many times for some waxing down below and also gives me massages. How much did she know about the full suite of services Jill provided? Do therapists or estheticians talk about their clients with other therapists? Would Jill share such intimate details? Do girls even think about about such things?

I would have the answer to these questions and many more because Jill announced she was moving away. I wasn’t exactly enthused to hear this, but the news got better when she mentioned Shantel had expressed interest in taking over my massage treatment. I thought about the reasons why she would be so quick to take me on as a client. Erotic fantasies dance through my thoughts but are quickly dismissed. The more likely scenario is that, while I can be frisky on the table and quite a handful, I’m a good client.

After Jill left, I still needed to find someone for waxing services and ended up finding Yumi. Among the stories I have shared so far, Yumi’s journey seems to be one that really resonates with women. You can find her story here – Yumi.

Shantee -102

During the first few appointments, Shantel and I spend a lot of time talking and grounding ourselves in a sincere, thoughtful connection. We talk about life and our aspirations. It all feels very intimate and real. We also talk about what is missing. In short, Shantel is an adoring mother but not a happy wife.

When I feel this “energy” like I do with Shantel, it is so surprising to imagine such a woman being neglected or taken for granted. I see and feel such a beautiful soul and can’t reconcile this with her reality. Then, there is her touch. Each pass of her hands is deliciously electric and infuses me with such energy. Even though she is being completely professional, the room always feels so hot and steamy.

As time passes and I feel like Shantel is getting more comfortable with me, I start thinking about naughty scenes I can generate for both of us to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly want to get hot myself but what I’m even more excited about is making Shantel feel desired. I may never experience her womanly charms but I would sure love to mind fuck her. If I do nothing more that put a smile on her face and huge wet spot in her panties, I will have had a great time. In terms of creating erotic tension with Shantel, exhibitionism is top of mind.

I enjoy creating sexual energy and a little playful exhibitionism is part of that…at times. I explore the psychology of exhibitionism and have several stories devoted to it here – Exhibitionism.

My first order of business is to lose the heavy top blanket that is weighing me down and constraining my erections. If I’m able to get down to just a sheet, Shantel will be able to clearly see the outline of the numerous erections she inspires. Being neglected as she is, she might find it fun to see a man getting hard for her. Shantel has no problem with me getting rid of the blanket. Nice.

Free from the oppressive blanket, my erections are proudly outlined and visible beneath the thin sheet. You can picture the scene. I am on my back with my hard cock stretching up my stomach as Shantel works my upper thighs and hips. My head and shaft are outlined perfectly and only inches from hands. There is no doubt she sees it. In fact, she has to work around it when I ask for some abdominal work. It is subtle and no words are spoken. Does she wonder if I am embarrassed this is happening or if I even know it is happening? Is she wanting to touch but unsure how I’m feeling? Is it making her hot? So many questions and we both act completely unaware of this straining presence among us.

Over a few more visits, I eventually graduate from the sheet to using only a little hand towel for coverage. As an exhibitionist, this is a dream come true because the draping is quite modest and allows ample opportunities for “accidental” exposure and the towel usually ends up falling off to the side. When laying on my stomach, my large balls along with my cock are often exposed as Shantel works on my gluts and inner thighs. I encourage her to go higher along my inner thigh and get in deep. Invariably, this results in some incidental contact.

Shantee 32

I love the erotic tension of these moments. She touches my balls and there is no apology. She acts like it didn’t happen. It isn’t overtly sexual…just several glancing strokes across my balls and cock. I let her know how much I enjoy the way she is massaging me in case she feels inspired to do it again..or go further. The tension continues to grow once I flip over on my back.

Shantee -105

My cock always seems to be hard and finds a way to slip free as the towel falls away from my hips. Once exposed, Shantel never shows a sense of urgency about covering me up either. The erotic tension is soooo good! I’m visibly turned on…my hard cock stretching firm and proud but we act like it isn’t happening. I wonder how Shantel is feeling? How does this neglected women feel seeing a man so hard for her? Digging deeper into our psyche, perhaps we are tapping into a spirituality we aren’t even aware exists.

There was a time when a man’s erection was seen as a sign of divine possession by Dionysus. A hard cock was viewed as the surging of life and represented the need to gush forth. When a woman takes possession of the phallus, she claims the wild, liberating power of Dionysus in herself. Invoking this divine possession, she moves beyond her oppressive societal boundaries in a quest for joy and the intoxicating, transcendent ecstasy of Dionysus.

Phallus Worship 4

Does Shantel feel oppressed? If I slipped my hand between her legs would I find her soaking wet and showing her own desire to gush forth? I think I would. At the end of my appointment, Shantel is shining bright. She wants to know when I am coming back and gives me a lingering hug. It does seem she is enjoying herself and this is why I’m going to turn the heat up even further on my next visit…

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13 thoughts on “Shantel – Dancing Lights

  1. I savored every last word…a beautiful escape, Michael. 💋

    1. Mmmm, I’m always pleased when you find a savory escape here. 🔥😘 I exceeded the three swipe rule but try to make up for that by posting less frequently. ☺️

  2. Geat story rich in details. Love when we make those special connections with the opposite sex. It adds so much to a relationships, vene if it only friends with benefits, it adds os much more when souls connected.

    1. Thank you as always for the thoughtful comment. Without that connection it is just a physical experience and we can all do so much better. I was focused on women in this post but I imagine we carry a similar light as well. The effect is different but you know what I mean 😊

  3. Excellent, Michael. Intelligent and erotic 😘❤️🔥🔥

    1. Thank you Christina ☺️ “Intelligent and erotic” – love that you felt both 💞🔥

  4. Wasn’t expecting such a steamy read from you this morning Michael. But of course there is a fine line between the story and the steamy (does that even make sense? I’m tired haha) and you have yet again achieved the perfect balance between the two. To be perfectly honest I’m not sure I’d be so quick to cover you up so quickly either 😉. Hope everything is good in your realm -Lili

    1. Hi Lili, thanks so much for stopping by 😘 Your visits always give me a…lift ☺️ I love your observation about the story/steam balance. I suppose it is personal preference because context along with mental and emotional engagement are such a big part of an experience for me. Without that, it “just” sex. I wouldn’t say that is boring, but I definitely crave a richer experience. We should talk about that a little before you cover me back up with the towel. 😛🔥

      1. Definitely not the only one who craves the richer experience. And as for the towel maybe I should just hide it from you 😛😘

        1. Mmmm, now you have me sooo distracted. I would have to book your schedule for the entire day 😈

          1. That is definitely not something I’d be opposed to 😉 Glad I could keep you distracted

    1. Shantel is making me feel like a fortunate man… 🍆🔥

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