Like many members of the Dollhouse, John enjoys a bit of voyeurism and even more so when the sexy scene involves cuckolding. His first few visits were mostly spent in the Gentleman’s Club checking out our lovely Dollhouse Pets. However, it didn’t take long for John to request a private dance in the VIP suite. John wants Sienna to perform for him.

Specifically, he wants to watch Sienna being dominated and treated like a fuckdoll by a well-hung black man. To further enrich his voyeuristic delight, John would like me to tend to Sienna like a good cuck while another man uses her holes for sexual gratification. As for John, he will sit back and relax in the VIP suite while being pampered by Dollhouse Pets as he enjoys the show.

I run the proposal by Sienna and, true to form, the thought of putting on a show and experiencing another big black cock has her creaming in her panties. She can’t wait to get started!

She reminds me that it has been a while since she has experienced a real man’s cock and how I will need to prepare her pussy for her Bull’s big cock. It’s an assignment I have become somewhat accustomed to performing. My thoughts flash back to moments where she has knelt before me and previous Bulls while making cock-size comparisons. Time after time, I failed to measure up and most often left me providing preparatory and cleanup services. Sienna loves making these cock-size comparisons and, while I find them arousing, I know it is more than just a game. It is deeply rooted in the reality of our past experiences.

I stretch out on the floor and assume my position of service as Sienna straddles my face. Just as I start tending to her pussy, I catch a glimpse of a muscular black man wearing a leather mask entering the room. His cock is already hard and bounces intimidatingly between his legs like a baseball bat as he approaches. I anticipate (hope for) a few pleasantries to ease the edginess, but our mystery Bull offers none.

“Open your mouth slut and get ready to take this black dick in your pretty mouth!”

Damn, is this how he introduces himself? His words are harsh and vibrate coarsely in my soul. There was a time when Sienna would cringe whenever she heard “slut” used. Of course, that all changed with Jalen, her first Bull. His expertly applied use of the term made her pussy gush with excitement and orgasm like never before. It is still a term that is off limits to me unless I serve it up as “black cock slut” which she loves to hear. Of course, our Bulls use the term and her as they desire.

His gruff dominating approach has Sienna overflowing with wet heat and soaking my face in her juices. In a matter of seconds his cock is buried in Sienna’s waiting mouth. (Uncensored images are available here – Dollhouse Studio)

It’s surreal to see how turned on she gets when other men handle her this way. This woman who once seemed so angelic and bashful is now so eager to have a man she has never even met before stuff his big cock in her mouth. He grips Sienna’s head and pushes her down deeper on his cock…gagging her…encouraging her to open up her pretty fuck hole to get all of his black cock. She is 100% compliant and does her best to please her Bull…and John. My own penis strains for release, but there will be no release for me tonight.

As all of this is going down, I am aware of a Dollhouse Pet tending to John…asking if he would care for anything to eat or drink. John declines, but says he would like to see her toss the Bull’s salad. As our Pet understands, John wants to see her face and tongue buried in our mystery Bull’s ass. John’s wish is her command.

In true Dollhouse fashion, our Bull’s are revered for the highly satisfying services they provide our ladies, and the Dollhouse Pets are always eager to show their appreciation. Personally, I am showing my appreciation by licking and preparing Sienna’s pussy for her Bull’s hefty manhood – the only cock she is craving tonight. Once our mystery Bull is done using Sienna’s mouth, he is ready to claim the depths of her once tight, little pussy. Sienna often reminds me there are places deep inside her that I will never know…places only experienced and known by hung black men. Another man is about to join this ever-growing list…for John’s viewing pleasure.

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4 thoughts on “(Commission #8) Sienna’s VIP Suite Fuckdoll Session

  1. Sienna is having the time of her life. Love the voyeurism aspect to this story. John is such a commanding presence, adding another layer of heat to your sexy images and story.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this. I must admit, I was thinking a lot about you when doing this…another man somewhat dominating you/us and directing your activities. I wondered if that commanding presence would excite you…

      1. There is always a level of excitement that wars with fear when one gives over control 😈. I imagine all senses being heightened, perched of the wings of the next command.

        1. Mmmm, I can almost feel your naughty mind drifting into the realm of possibilities 😈

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