I’ve known Tom for several years. We first met through my blog, The Dionysian Experience, and had some very hot exchanges in the comments of several posts. He is also one of the early Dollhouse Studio members. Tom identifies with my cuckold journey and especially the experiences I had with Sienna from the past. It is something he wants to experience with his wife, Nina.

The love he feels for his wife and his desire to provide her with pleasure beyond her wildest dreams is something that truly resonates with me. As Tom and I got to know one another better, he shared a few photos of his wife, and she is a stunning beauty.

Nina was open to fantasizing with Tom about cuckolding. The fantasy made her hot, and she wanted to make all of Tom’s desires come true. Even so, the fantasy is one thing, but living it out required a new level of comfort. Being with another man scared her because she didn’t want to do something that might hurt Tom or jeopardize their relationship. She loves him dearly. As part of their ongoing discussion, Tom introduced Nina to my writings on cuckolding and later to me. I spoke with her about other men and my experiences as a cuck in the lifestyle. Eventually, Nina began warming up to idea of being with another man…but she wanted that man to be me.

🔍 I write a fair amount about my past experiences with women (outside of being a cuckold) and a couple of patterns have emerged. I’m not sure exactly how or why it happens, but married women seem to be especially drawn to me. Also, I seem to have a niche in cuckolding for being a cuckold couple’s first experience. I think couple’s appreciate my knowledge around this kink and my commitment to the couple’s experience. This isn’t the case for most men offering “Bull” services on adult dating sites.

I came up with a low-pressure proposal for Tom and Nina. I suggested a first meeting with no expectations other than to get to one another better, in person. I invited them to the Dollhouse for a private get together with drinks and dinner. When they arrived, Nina took my breath away. She was every bit as beautiful as her photos suggested and her sexy outfit was an unexpected but highly appreciated – stunning wrapping on an exquisite gift.

I felt an immediate connection with Nina and Tom…and their journey as lovers. The sexual energy and flirtatiousness created such an incredible vibe all around us. I asked Tom to take a few photos of me with his wife. I wanted him to see us close together and to experience that first painfully, throbbing erection. I wanted her to feel me close in hopes of eliciting that special tingle between her legs.

Nina moaned sweetly as my face pressed against her cheek…telling me how good my arms felt around her and how much she like my scent. I could feel her body temperature rising along with mine. I was picking up clear signals she was ready for more than conversation. Emboldened, I pushed down her top and gripped her breast. For the first time since their wedding day, another man was touching her body…while her husband watched.

I massaged both her breasts and tweaked her nipples until they were both standing on end and straining for attention. It was our kiss though that melted her. Soft, gentle, and teasing at first until Nina’s flame fully ignited. It quickly became more passionate, hungry, and urgent. Nina was ready for me to stake my claim on her married pussy.

Just as I had hoped, there would be no need to serve dinner. After laying Nina down on the table and removing her clothes, I was ready to savor the evening’s featured course – Tom’s wife. The sensation of a new man’s tongue exploring her sweet pussy and asshole had Nina captivated and soaking wet.

To be continued…uncensored in the Dollhouse Studio.

Part II Teaser

Tom felt that his wife had never looked more beautiful than she did in this moment…


Tom, thank you for sharing your beautiful wife with me and for graciously agreeing to share these decadent memories with everyone here on The Dionysian Experience and inside the Dollhouse. If you aren’t careful, other men will be wanting Nina’s special services in the Dollhouse VIP suite. I am honored to have been your first 🔥

4 thoughts on “(Commission #5) Tom & Nina’s Intimate Dinner…For Three

  1. Hi Michael, I’m so glad I shared my story on your blog and I’ve really enjoyed sharing my wife with you. Mmmmm when I saw you massaging her breasts wow I couldn’t believe she let him. But at this point I realized that you would be able to fuck her in a few minutes mmmm I couldn’t wait to enjoy the whole scene and my cock was so hard and wet that I had to jerk off wow I didn’t come that much… but you know I couldn’t wait for you to fill her pussy with your cum so then I could fuck her good with her pussy full of your sperm dripping down my cock wow I couldn’t believe it but it was amazing just thinking about it I’m still hard now, sorry for my english but i’m using google translate i hope you understood my story. I hope Michael that we can continue the story with you and why not maybe with a third person and black too with a nice long hard cock like yours I would like to enjoy my wife with a nice black cock thanks Michael for everything and see you soon

    1. I remember feeling her nervousness as I held her close but her moans and deep breathers were encouraging.It was such a rush to push your wife’s top down and grip her breasts. I knew then, just like you, that I was going to fuck your wife right in front of you. My cock is hard now just thinking about it. I remember you pulling out your cock and stroking it…you came so fast and your squirt of cum was a lot smaller than the heavy load I would soon be pumping into Nina’s married pussy. But, this is a story for the next post I will soon share. After all, no one has have accused me of premature ejaculation. Rest assured, we have quite a few black bulls in the Dollhouse that love stretching out married white pussy and ass…especially Nina’s 😈

  2. I was so taken by the crazy fuck that I forgot the moment when Michael put her on the table and took off her panties then spread her legs and get on her knees give yourself her pussy mmmmm how much my wife enjoyed and how much my cock dripped, it was amazing to see how he opened her pussy with his fingers and licked it all the way to the bottom then move on to her ass mmmm this was the moment i’ve been waiting for forever it’s a crazy zine but now i just wanted Michael to fuck her all

    1. I wasn’t sure if she was going to be open to me fucking her in the ass, but I thought if I gave her a good rimming it would increase my odds. I can imagine it must be very intense seeing you wife bent over, moaning, and looking deep into your eyes with my dick buried in her ass. You were stroking your penis like crazy and shooting little squirts of cum all over the floor…while I was preparing to blast a heavy creamy load deep inside your wife… 🍆💦💦 There is more to cum for Nina, I assure you.

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