In Home at Last, I described the incredible evening Sienna and I finally became one. I’m not one to get all gaga just because I have sex, but this was much more than a physical experience. I was already crushing on Sienna long before we slept together, and the reality of the experience had exceeded even my most dreamy fantasies. In the afterglow, the intoxicating swirl of romance and passion are all around me.

Unfortunately, I will have to wait another 30 days before resting my eyes upon this beautiful woman again. Traveling home, I am daydreaming about about Sienna and wondering if she felt the same magic last night? I want to text and feel her energy but don’t want to come across as too clingy. However, I don’t want her think I’m not interested either. Sienna solves my dilemma by messaging that she made it home safely and really enjoyed our evening. We chat a bit and then a photo drops in:

Oh. My. God. Seriously?! I can’t believe she sent me a photo like this…and those boots, wow! My heart is absolutely pounding and my cock has sprung! I had fantasized about Sienna and getting my hands on her body for sooo long. Last night, I drank in the visuals of her naked body like it was the last time I would ever see a woman naked. Her sexy photo, accompanied by memories of our first night, will have me doing the five-knuckle shuffle many times over the next month! What a special power women have to put an image like this before a man and know he will likely be working his cock to the sight of her sexy body.

I admire her forwardness. I had been bold in approaching Sienna and now she was being bold with this photo. It seems we have another’s undivided attention, but it is much more than sexual attraction. We were drawn to one another by something deeper…our souls have been doing a delicate dance for a while already and now we are united in such a magnificent way. With so much energy flowing between us, being apart for thirty days seems like a lifetime.

Interestingly, as the days pass by, not being able to touch forces us to spend all of our time talking and deepening our relationship beyond the physical urgency often experienced when love is new. Sienna exposes me to some fascinating spiritual and psychological concepts, but it isn’t always so cerebral. Our passion easily bridges the miles and each new day is also filled with hot, steamy phone sex and sexting. We are acting like love-struck, horny teenagers. We are illuminated.

What I love about this period is our innocent, deliberate falling into each other. XO. We were both feeling each other out and testing the waters. I remember having such an overwhelming feeling of safety and trust in you. It was intense! This vulnerability has only deepened over time. ~ Sienna

As our trust and connection deepen, we begin to open up about sexual fantasies. I had picked up on Sienna’s submissive behaviors our first night together so it was no surprise when she expressed her submissive desires.

“My love, I want you to dominate me. Be firm and tell me how you will take me. Tell me what I should do to please my man. If I tell you “No”, be firm and in a commanding voice say, “Don’t tell me no!” I want you to hold me down and fuck me hard! Tell me what you are going to do and orchestrate what you want with me. You have my heart and soul…and now you command my body. If I fight back, hold me tighter and fuck me even harder!”

It is incredible to think about how long I had fantasized about Sienna and to have her saying I am now in command of her body. It absolutely blows my mind! This presents some challenges in a long-distance relationships, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help Sienna feel the sense of submission she craves. I enjoy a little body writing and find it really hot when a woman writes my name on her pussy. Of course, Sienna’s pussy is MINE now so she needs to mark it properly.

A few days later, I am thinking her tight little pussy (okay, I am always thinking about it) and remember she had a pretty lil’ bush. While I do have a preference about how my lover grooms her pussy, the more pressing matter at hand was asserting my control and that means change. I own it and it’s my choice. Off with the hair.

More time passes and we find ourselves on the topic of anal play.

“Baby, I want to lay you down and kneel between your legs to worship your yummy cock. Cradling your cock and balls, I want to feel the heaviness of your manhood as I insert one finger…then two fingers in your ass as I milk your cock with my other hand and draw out your cum.” ~ Sienna

I don’t know what it is, but I’m always surprised when a lover wants to slip a finger (or two) inside my smooth, hairless ass. Sienna is no exception. Of course, it wasn’t only my ass that was on her mind. Sienna reveals another fantasy though that reeeeally captures my imagination and desire. Sienna bashfully admits that she has fantasized about sex in her “tight space” (anal) but has never experienced it. She sort of puts it out there and is curious if would be okay with that?

“I want you to slowly push an anal plug into my tight space. Turn me on my side and slowly ease it in as you look at my ass and pussy. Spank me. Everything you see and feel…it is all yours to take you as please. Tell me what you are doing each step of the way, tell me what you feel, and then fuck me deep with your cock!” ~ Sienna

So, this is a moment I have to pause and let the moment sink in. Let me get this straight. I have what I think is the most beautiful woman in the world asking me if I will fuck her in the ass and take her anal virginity? Well, I suppose I can be a selfless lover and make her fantasy a reality. I mean, who am I to deny a woman’s deep desire? Oh, the lengths I will go to please a woman. Seriously though, would I be okay with it? Seriously?! Damn right I will! What kind of question is that to drop on a man? I don’t think there is a man alive that would tell her no. Taking her ass began to dominate my thoughts – I could barely think of anything else!

“Fuck me into submission Baby and tell me what a good girl I am. After fucking me hard and dominating me, I want you to love me and hold me tight…cradle me in your strong arms and nurture me after you have fucked me raw and deeply. Sweet love, let’s dream our dreams and drift off together into our sensual shadows.” ~ Sienna

The thought of taking Sienna’s ass was hard to shake. Yet, other desires still managed to surface. Exhibitionism is something I have always enjoyed and it was great to learn that Sienna may have an interest in it too. Her openness to sharing nude photos was a sign of this. Another mention came in the form of a workout vignette. Sienna wanted to go on a trail run then slip off into the woods to fuck. She then wants to continue the trail run with my cum running down her inner thighs. This certainly puts the “running” in trail running.


Another interesting desire came in the form of shoes. Sienna is very stylish, and I have always admired that about her. She wants to bring her fashion sense into the bedroom and have me bend her over and take her while she’s wearing those sexy boots she was wearing in the first photo she sent me. Again, I am a generous man and will indulge her decadent desires. Is it just me or do all men love fucking women in high heels or knee-high boots? It is a powerful visual, and I am into it.

Bent Over v2

I’m being somewhat matter of fact about Sienna’s fantasies but she revealed them slowly and softly over long conversations. She was extremely bashful and it took a lot of coaxing and creating a safe space for her to talk about them. Like many women, she has repressed her sexual desires. She worried about being judged but longed to be sexually free and knew what she craved.

It was so good to talk tonight as we examined the depths of our innermost thoughts, dreams, and desires. I loved the flow of our conversation and hope it wasn’t too heavy. I’m not an inexperienced woman, just not fulfilled in the right way. I AM A SEXUAL GODDESS and I want to BE a sexual goddess! Thank you for allowing me to fulfill the calling of my inner goddesses. I want to be your Aphrodite and Hestia together as one. I love you, Michael! ~ Sienna

There is something special about sharing fantasies and experiencing them together for the first time with such shared innocence and wonder. She has my complete and undivided attention. I want to explore and fulfill her every desire – in every way, on every level. I want to be that man for her today and always. If our first thirty days are any indication, her inner Aphrodite is truly divine and so deliciously naughty. Yet, it is her sweet spirit and nurturing Hestia that will always be my home.

Explore the conflicting archetypal energies of Hestia and Aphrodite and how they work against both men and women here – Hestia vs Aphrodite: Cognitive Dissonance.

Sienna’s intimate revelations are a special gift, and I will do my very best to satisfy her wildest desires…even those that linger just beyond her awareness.

Dionysus - 6

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17 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: 30 Days (Sienna’s Fantasies)

  1. I do tend to receive a good response when I wear what my friends have nicknamed my “stripper boots”. This seemed like a different tone then what you normally write and it definitely comes across quite easily how much you care about her. I think I can relate to this

    “She was extremely bashful and it took a lot of coaxing and creating a safe space for her to talk about them. Like many women, she had repressed her sexual desires. She worried about being judged but longed to be sexually free and knew what she craved” because I myself have struggled with it.

    Amazing work as usual though. ❤️

    1. She is gone now, but I want to tell the story we shared on our blog and finish it. It is a love story but filled with plenty of hot kinks as you will soon see. 😈 Your struggle with feeling free to release your sexuality is so real for so many women. It is amazing and sad. But, I think you are getting better at it I hope.

      1. With time I hope to be better at it. But you can only be hurt so many times before you start to go back into you shell.

    2. Oh, and you should share more about your stripper boots…like a photo 😛

      1. Now why would I do that? It’s fun to tease you 😈😘

        1. And you should see how well you do it… ☺️😘

          1. You let it effect you so 😘. If you have some time you should check out my Art of Dance posts. I think you’d enjoy/have an opinion on them

  2. Oh my 🙈molto caldo

    1. By the way I don’t speak Italian I just know those two words. Which mean very hot 😃

      1. I had to look it up and thought maybe it was Spanish too 😛I’m glad you like it though but sorry it makes you blush… I think you might be peeking through those hands covering your eyes 😈

    2. Mmmm, so sweet yet so naughty…love it 🔥

  3. I have missed you my friend and your awesome splendor at getting me all worked up..this is amazing!! I couldn’t find you for months. Hope all is well in your domain..I’ve been catering and it takes majority of my time these days.❤💋

    1. Awww, so glad to see you here again! ❤️ I have missed your radiating heat that fires this this place up 🔥Sounds like things are going well for you but hope you still have time to tend to your desires 😈I’ve seen some post so I suspect you have…

  4. *sigh*

    1. Mmmm, didn’t know you had such lingering desires…but so very hot 🔥😘

  5. You two are so sexy and I love you sharing Sienna’s beautiful body with the world.

    1. Thank you Larry, it would be a great disservice not to share her beauty with others. So glad you enjoyed…more to come.

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