Alpha Confessions is a new series of “alpha-male” type vignettes based on my personal experiences. While I write a lot about cuckolding, Alpha Confessions flips the script and explores the other side of my sexual energy. In these vignettes, I am the one doing the “taking”, and the sweet deliciously naughty angels joining me are married. Sometimes the husband knew I was with his wife, but there was plenty he didn’t know…which I will now confess. At other times, the husband had no idea I was fucking his wife. In all instances, his wife made him a cuckold whether he knew it or not. The writing in this series is a bit edgier than my more typical sensual fare. The audience for these vignettes are men that fantasize about cuckolding and perhaps women who find themselves fantasizing about being with another man…wondering if they could ever do it. Hope you enjoy these moments…the women certainly did.


Your wife was excited about the purchase of your lot and plans for building your new house. She wanted to share this part of her life with me and brought me by for a visit as your house was being built. I still sometimes wonder if her intentions were purely innocent that day. The foundation had been laid and the house was framed. As it always seems to happen, she started getting really worked up and hot. I’m sure she’s like that with you. Well, one thing led to another and we found ourselves in the area that would one day be your primary suite. Before long your gorgeous wife was on her back with legs spread wide as I pounded her sweet, little pussy. Every time I mentioned that I was now the first man to fuck her in this house and in your master bedroom, she would come so hard! Her arousal dripped heavily and soaked into the concrete below. That was nothing compared to the size of the cum-soaked pool I left after busting a heavy load inside your wife’s gaped, overflowing cunt. My thick, creamy white seed is literally soaked deeply within the very foundation of your future.

My Wish, Her Command 

When your wife reached out to gauge my interest in potentially playing with her, I was surprised. A beautiful woman like your wife is a rare sight in general, even more so on an adult dating site. I had the same initial reaction most men might feel in that moment, “If I had a girl like that, the last thing I would do is share her with other men”. Then of course, I realize perfectly well how the cuckold fantasy works. You are fortunate to have such a sexy woman to share this erotic adventure. My many, many times with your wife have incredible…as you know. Most of our time is spent alone together – she wants it this way. We don’t forget about you though and have sent you videos and photos every time we were together. She says you have beaten off hundreds of times to videos of her sucking my dick or begging me to cum in her pussy. I know you are especially fond of seeing me pound your wife’s tight little asshole. It’s a personal favorite of mine as well. Off camera, it’s a different vibe with your wife and she has fallen in love with me. I own your wife’s pussy and she has given me her heart and soul. She dreams of marrying me and having my baby. All I have to do is ask. I haven’t…not yet. She’s coming home to you tonight with a well-fucked ass and cum-filled pussy. Enjoy eating my cum tonight…it comes from the man your wife loves.


The first time I saw your wife, it was like she had walked right out of a dream. I immediately wanted her. Everything about her had my adrenaline surging and my balls loading up. In fairness to your beautiful wife, it wasn’t like she met me one time and couldn’t wait to spread her legs. Even if she did feel this way, she didn’t make it known. It took me several months to seduce your wife before she finally surrendered to the passion burning white hot within her. Fortunately, it was time well spent and she had no regrets. Laying in my arms with sweat glistening off her body and cum spilling from her fully sated pussy, she was absolutely glowing. A sense of overwhelming joy radiated from her moist dreamy eyes, smile, and sensual touches. As she put it, “Wow! So that’s what it’s like to be fucked!” Her revelation, given that you two have been married for five years, was surprising…and extremely flattering. Don’t worry, she’s still coming home to you and may even have a few new positions or technique suggestions that she picked up…”online”.

A special thank you to the sweet, naughty angels who shared in these amazing experiences. You will always be special stars lighting my erotic dreams.💫

About the Art

I created these images using AI Art software with upgraded, fee-based models, and detailed prompts to include lighting. Post-work with NIK Collection and Photoshop. Some images were “seeded” with my 3D art. I remain committed to creating and continuing to develop as a 3D artist. Use of AI art is intended to complement and speed up my workflow.

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    1. Thank you, slave sindee. Doesn’t appear to be too well received here on WP, but glad you enjoyed and really appreciate the feedback. 💫

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