When my last interview with Amanda concluded, we were discussing her attraction to black men which, ironically, ended up with her requesting a photo of my cock…with preference being an erect photo. I happily obliged. Preparing for our next “interview”, I intended to probe more deeply into her thoughts on cuckolding and erotic humiliation. Once we connected, she immediately turned the interview on me. Given Amanda’s clear interest in learning more about cuckolding (and perhaps me), it was interesting to see what questions were top of mind for her. In her role as the interviewer, she eased us into an unexpected but welcome exploration of “Wife Breeding”.

Note for Dollhouse members: I’ve include the full transcript of my discussion with Amanda here on this blog (without images). This same transcript plus images are loaded in the Dollhouse Studio. You can link to them here:

Cuckold Corner – Amanda on “Wife Breeding”

Michael – Where were we? Oh yes, cuckolding and erotic humiliation. 

Amanda – Wait. What happened to Sienna? I gather you aren’t together anymore?

Michael – Things didn’t work out with her…unrelated to our sexual exploration.

Amanda – I liked her and want to know about the rest of your time with her. 

Michael – I will share everything, in time. I could be working on it right now, but you stepped into my world and it feels like we both have some interesting things to learn from one another. (You can my journey with Sienna here: Sensual Shadows – Chronology and Links)

Amanda – I think so too. Do you like having sex with your significant other or are you a cuckold that prefers your partner only sleeps with other men? 

Michael – I definitely want to have sex with my lover. I want our love and passion to be amazing. At times though, some denial can very hot. Cuckolding, for me, is a naughty sexual adventure for us to have fun with as a loving couple. It is one slice of our relationship but in no way defines the larger relationship. One benefit is that it infuses added passion into the relationship. I explore this in great detail in Sperm Wars: Seeding Passion’s Flame.

Amanda – I read your Sperm Wars post. I take it you are looking for the kind of relationship you once had with Sienna?  

Michael – My relationship with Sienna was deep and multi-layered. While Sienna cuckolded me and engaged me with some incredible moments of small penis teasing, our relationship was far more than sexual kinks. We were sensual, romantic, and soulful with one another and also had great sexual passion for each other. It was as loving as it was erotic. That is the kind of relationship I enjoy.

Amanda – Let me ask another way, would it be your expectation that your next girlfriend eventually spreads her legs for black men?

I remember being in this moment and how Amanda’s question felt a little dicey. It certainly seemed like Amanda was interested in being more than just a guest in the Cuckold Corner series of interviews, and she was no doubt enticing. I wondered…would a woman still be interested in me if I stated up front that I would expect her to fuck other men?

Cuckolding is an important and very enjoyable part of my sexual play. I want and need to feel the rush of that erotic intensity swirling within and all around me. Though she doesn’t know it yet, being cuckolded will make me even hotter for her. Still, admitting it up front before we have established our relationship is a lot. I process the question a bit before responding.

Michael – Yes…once the stage is set and that erotic fire is burning hot. 

Amanda – What about pregnancy? Do you think you would take it that far?

Amanda doesn’t react at all to my admission that I would expect my next lover to fuck other men. Instead, she pushes deeper into my mind with her next question about wife breeding. Perhaps she has already screened me out and written me off as a potential lover. Or, maybe these topics are soaking her pussy. Should I answer her question and confess one of my deepest, darkest desires to Amanda?

Would she find it arousing to know my cock is rock hard with fantasies of her being my girl as another man blasting a thick, creamy load deep inside her. Even thinking about the passage and gate to her fertile womb being flooded with another man’s potent sperm has heavy beads of pre-cum are dripping down my shaft. Taking it deeper, the thought of her carrying another man’s baby has me slowly tugging and stroking my cock as I ponder the wife breeding fantasy and my response to her question. Is there any possible way she will find this arousing…even if just as a fantasy?

How about you? Does the fantasy make you hot? What would you do in this moment?

Michael – Interesting question. I just completed a post titled Cuckold Psychology – The Wife Breeding Fantasy that explores why some men and even women find wife breeding arousing. Personally, I think the fantasy does excite me, but it is something best explored in the fantasy realm. I want to be sensitive and realistic on this topic too. Most of us that find this arousing tend to think about it in the context of cuckolding and not actually about the reality of bringing a beautiful child into the world. How does the wife breeding “fantasy” strike you?

Amanda – I’m not there in terms of having kids right now so that’s a whole different thing on top of it all. I’m not sure if I could do it in real life, but I do find it exciting to think about a black man “breeding” me.

Amanda – I don’t really understand why it turns me on. I guess it’s the feeling of being out of control and taken. 

Michael – Whew, it really gets me going to know this fantasy turns you on. Can you take me deeper into the psychology of this fantasy from your perspective as a woman? You mention being “out of control and taken” as a hot button. What is it that you are losing control of?

Amanda – I would be in a relationship with you. You would be my man and we are supposed to make our own baby. Along the way, another man with a bigger cock takes me and then he takes me in the ultimate way by putting his mark on me in the form of a pregnant belly.

Michael – Yes, your gene pool is finally conquered by one of the most powerful forces of all…lust. One by one, women are submitting and surrendering their tight pussies and ultimately their womb…so the fantasy goes. 

Amanda – You have given this a lot of thought, and it is a hot fantasy. You ought to do some pregnancy pictures.

Michael – Are you envisioning a scenario like we have been discussing?

Amanda – Yes, for sure. 

Michael – Would you want her to look something like you?

Amanda – Yes. 

At this point I’m very turned on. It’s incredibly erotic to have this woman who approached me in such a sweet, curious manner to be sharing such decadent, deeply seeded erotic desires. Already aware of my modest endowment, Amanda can still imagine being with me which feels great. But, she acknowledges her desire for men with bigger cocks would be present and even finds it arousing to imagine one of those men “breeding” her.

Michael – Mmmm, this is feeling very erotic for me right now to have you wanting some artwork capturing you after being bred by a another man. Is it making you hot to request this?

Amanda – Yes, I’m feeling flushed and embarrassed about sharing this with you but also very excited. You just make me feel a little crazy and wild, I don’t know why. 

Michael – I don’t typically do requests, but I will…for you. You are very sexy and I appreciate the time you have invested here with me. 

Amanda – I like that. I wouldn’t mind if she was a redhead.

Michael – You got it. A few details if you don’t mind: eye color and hair length. Also, how do you typically do your eyes – shadow, liner, color?

Amanda shares some details about her features and preferences that weren’t evident in the photos she previously shared. It always gives me an extra erotic rush to be working on images that help to bring another person’s fantasy just a little closer to life.

A couple days pass before I complete the artwork and reach out to Amanda.

Michael – I have a render for you but first a little story intro…

You had been hesitant to visit the club known as The Wall, but your desire to experience for a larger man…with a more fulfilling cock finally became too strong to resist. Even though we had discussed the fantasy of another man getting you pregnant, it was just hot fantasy talk and we had no intention of making it a reality. Still, we knew the possibility (even if very remote) was always there when other men fucked you and came inside you.

Deep inside, you found it arousing that a larger man was taking you and making you feel things I can’t…making you feel more like a woman than ever before. These sensation swirling within you seem to generate a physical and biological urge that placed a premium on your Bull’s potent sperm. Then, it happened. A more endowed, more potent male planted his seed in your fertile womb. While he had conquered your body, I still have your heart, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We both know this will be hard to explain to others and there are some who will judge us. Just know, I will be here to take care of you and your new baby…our baby.


Amanda – Mmm, this is so hot! I am so flattered you created this. I find the story so exciting, you don’t even know! It is like you are the cuckold and writing to me as your lover. This makes it personal and even more erotic because I feel immersed in the scene. I was hoping she would look like me and you came surprisingly close. He’s darker than any black man I know and that makes it even hotter. I like his hands on my belly too. I found myself getting moist while thinking about the story and looking at the picture. The picture was arousing while not being intimidating or scary because you didn’t put me in a demeaning or vulnerable position. Actually, it is quite pretty and romantic. Lastly, the wedding ring. That was a nice touch, just barely visible, but there. It left me wondering how many men had fucked me before I became pregnant. I felt this stranger’s overwhelming cock and took his sperm but never even saw his face.

I feel your presence in this scene too. Maybe the view is through your eyes or your camera? I wonder if you are happy, sad, ashamed? 

Michael – Yes, I am always present – physically or in your soul – because we are deeply in love. As your cuck, I too would be feeling happy…and aroused. I would also be aware of the subtle of the subtle humiliation I would be exposed to over the years when people put things together. This wouldn’t be a sense of “shame”, it would be more like erotic humiliation. People that know us will realize that you became pregnant after we were married and know (or learn later) hadn’t adopted. However they get to their realization, they will have a glimpse into our intimate sexual desires.

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...