Sensual Shadows is the title of a blog I once shared with Sienna (a former lover). Our blog afforded us with the opportunity to create something together, share a common daily experience, and the chance to interact within a virtual community of shared friends. I designed Sensual Shadows to reflect our loving energy – sensual, thoughtful, and very naughty. During times when we couldn’t chat or text, it was a dreamy space where we could visit and feel one another’s loving energy and erotic vibe. 

When I go into our blog, I feel US, and when I play the music it’s intense!!!! Mmmmm, you have such a very creative and esthetic touch! I adore this in you! You did such an amazing job capturing our energy…capturing US! ~ Sienna 

If you like romance and erotica (including cuckolding) you will find it here. We had one of those special relationships where it seemed impossible that any two people could have ever loved so deeply. At our zenith, our love was transcendent and, for a moment in time, it was as if we walked hand-in-hand in the realm of the gods. 

Artistically, Sensual Shadows was also an incredibly satisfying creative endeavor. It tapped into something deep within me that needed (and still needs) to be released. I’m excited for Sensual Shadows to once again see the light of day as an ongoing series here on The Dionysian Experience. I’ve built out a chronology below with brief descriptions and links to currently available posts and those coming in the future.

Sensual Shadows

Hotel California – The Buildup (Our First Cuckold Experience)

Hotel California – The Buildup is a mini-series that begins with the moment Sienna and I decide to make our cuckold fantasy a reality. It includes finding our Bull, her steamy interactions with him, our discussions behind the scenes, and takes us to the moment we are flying out to meet Jalen. If you are a fan of cuckolding, this series will give you a unique look at how it played out for us in real life. Welcome to the Hotel California ~ Michael

Hotel California – Threshold

  • Between Two Worlds (Dollhouse Exclusive) – Sienna will fuck another man tonight and my cuckold angst is on the rise
  • Arrival – Sienna and I experience the last two hours of our pre-cuckold relationship before meeting our Bull
  • One Last Photo (Dollhouse Exclusive) – Private moments with Sienna before our first cuckold experience
  • My Cuckolding Begins In Public (Dollhouse Exclusive) – Our public moments with Jalen at a local bar and our hotel

Hotel California – The Master’s Chamber

  • Hotel California: The Altar(Dollhouse Exclusive) Sienna kneels at the BBC altar
  • Hotel California: Sienna’a Submission (Day One)
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two – Part I)
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two – Part II)
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two – Part III)
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two – Part IV)
  • Hotel California: My lover, His “Slut”

Hotel California – Our Erotic Afterglow

Hotel California – Cuckold Residency

  • Life In The Fast Lane (Dollhouse Exclusive)
  • It’s Lust Lunch
  • You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream – A not-so routine visit to the ice cream parlor
  • Vegas
  • I’m Craving More, More, More! – Overflowing with lustful desire, Sienna pleads and begs for her next big black cock
  • Sienna’s First Gang Bang – A couple’s massage that quickly escalates
  • Fuck Doll – Sienna’s Barbie Doll Fantasy and Psychology
  • Putting the Service in Room Service
  • Cadet Inspection
  • In The Distance – My sensual girl’s lingering black magic spell
  • A Knowing Wink
  • The Wall – Sex Club Fantasy
  • Sienna’s Public Restroom Fantasy
  • Echoes – Our next Bull turns up the erotic heat
  • Coffee with Our Bull’s Cream – Coming soon…in my coffee
  • Naughty Santa – Sienna longs for Santa’s stocking stuffer and Daddy’s discipline
  • Sienna’s Wife Breeding Fantasy (Dollhouse Exclusive) – Sienna and I have a very hot discussion about this fringe fantasy
  • 5:15 Part I
  • 5:15 Part II
  • 5:15 Part III
  • Couple Seeks Bull (Again)
  • Reservations (Meat and Greet)
  • Kneeling at the Altar (Again)
  • Point of No Return (Part I)
  • Point of No Return (Part II)

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  1. Give me alot to work through why dont you? Sneaky sneaky what are you trying to do?

    1. No, no 😛No reason to read any of these yet. I will present them in due time. It is just a way to keep things organized for those that stumble across the Sensual Shadows part of my blog in the archives.

      1. Ah ok. Made me worried for a second that I somehow missed something you wrote

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