Cuckold Vignettes is a new series focused on cuckold erotica. Despite ample offerings exploring various sexual fantasies and love, my interracial art and cuckold stories are far and away the most popular. This came through loud and clear in my year end summary – Michael’s Cream – Best of 2022. I will continue to share my usual content but will also feature some of my favorite interracial and cuckold imagines and erotic vignettes in this new series.


Ohhh Baby, you are making me so crazy…I’m dripping! Mmmm, your girl is so hot and turned on but hesitant at the same time. You sense my nervousness, yet your warm, calming presence and loving voice slows my heart. There is a sense of calmness setting in all around me. I hear your sexy voice in my ear and it immediately makes me gush with wetness.

I’m longing to submit to your desire and give my Man what you need. A rush of adrenaline comes over me with the thought of pleasing you. Sir, assure me that you will not leave my side. Your girl needs this affirmation. You reassure me that you will stay close and encourage me to let go and fully enjoy myself. This experience is my gift of pleasure to you and your erotic, loving gift to me. It is our shared experience as a loving couple.

This turns me on as I realize YOU are truly the one in control. This thought makes me even wetter. I am only pleasing my Man by accepting the fullness of pleasure given by another. I relax with a willingness to please and be taken by this handsome, physically imposing black man.

For The Taking

Baby, I will be drifting off tonight thinking of you preparing US for the perfect moment we both dream of me experiencing. I think about you, our love, and our fantasy in complete synchronicity as we share the intimacy and rush of another man joining our pairing. My heart races as I envision the swirl leading up to that moment, and the thrill we will both feel when it is upon us. I imagine him positioning himself between my legs and spreading me wide before him.

His pursuit has been persistent, overcoming my initial resistance, and now he finally has your girl right where he wants me – I am his for taking. My legs weaken as a gush of wetness spills from my silky lips. At long last, the full deliberate parting of my tight little pussy is near.  This is a moment I have always fantasized about, but one I never thought would happen…until I met you.” ~ Sienna

Chronology, links, and brief descriptions for my loving, erotic journey with Sienna are available here: Sensual Shadows: Chronology & Links.

I’m Sooo Wet

I wrapped her up in a sensual, erotic glow and presented her to the world. I was proud of my girl and wanted others to see her beauty and feel her sensuality. Cuckolding was our shared kink, and we eventually reached the point where she was ready to make our fantasy a reality. During our first experience and just before she knelt before another man, she turns and gives me one last lingering look.

My mind is racing. What is she thinking? Is she going to tell me she loves me as a form of reassurance or gratitude. Is she going to thank me for making one of her greatest fantasies come true? Countless phrases and questions rushed through my thoughts at warp speed until she whispers, “I’m sooo wet”.


He pulled Sienna off the bed, lifted her and spun her around. “Take a photo of this,” he grunted. “I want to see this photo on your blog.” Jalen’s alpha energy was palpable. He had skillfully seduced my girl, fucked her for hours right in front of me, and provided her with moments of physical pleasure she never imagined possible. Full of bravado, he holds Sienna’s legs spread wide before me with his huge cock hanging proudly below. My sweet, sensual girl was his latest conquest and prized trophy…and he wanted everyone to know it.

Sienna was still in her submissive, big-cock trance and simply posed for him as he wished. When we looked at the image later on, she loved it and was very eager share it our blog. I was anticipating she might feel some reluctance sharing this, so her excitement was a little surprising.

As you might expect, I wanted to understand why it excited her. She felt like he looked so handsome and loved how strong and powerful he and his cock looked. She liked that others would know she had been able to handle and satisfy him so fully. Jalen was also a somewhat popular blogger in our circle of friends and had a quite a few of the women squirming. Sienna was excited for the others to know she had actually fucked him…and cuckolded me.

Worth A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it certainly applies to this one. This image is featured in my Cuckold vs. Femdom essay. In this essay, I explore how cuckolding and femdom are often bundled together into one fantasy but can (and often do) exist independent of one another.

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  1. The guy deserves all he gets for wearing a polo neck jumper! 🙂

    1. So, it was the turtleneck that caught your attention, ha! 😄

  2. Nice work again. Her thoughts are hot, yours are hot, and that addition of others who know you know about this is wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Cpt Nelson. Love the points you call out on that particular vignette. It’s already hot when happening in private, but then to have it shared in a more public way… 🔥🔥🔥

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