Some men enjoy a form of erotic humiliation known as “small penis teasing/humiliation”. As the label suggests, a man with this sexual kink gets turned on when a woman teases him about having a little penis or expresses her desire for a bigger cock. I suspect most men that are into this experience it as form of psychological masochism (the “m” in BDSM). The kink is often layered within Femdom and/or cuckold play and, when tapped into, are like little erotic fire balls that keep passion’s flame burning hot.

I suspect most women reading this will feel like they could never demean their lover’s endowment or that it might feel mean spirited. It’s all about context though. If your man desires this, instead of being mean, you are showing intimacy and being very sexy in his eyes through your openness to explore his fantasies and pressing on his erotic hot buttons. If you happen to be a woman that is into hot, passionate sex, this type of play could ignite the spark you may have been missing. Your man will burn with sexual fire and that passionate blaze will be directed at you.

In this new series, Small Penis Teasing – Appetizers, I’ll be coupling digital art with erotic vignettes from the women who loved, cuckolded, and brilliantly indulged me with incredibly steamy moments of small penis teasing. The fantasy was hot, real life was even hotter. Hope you enjoy this first edition ~ Michael

Small Window

Sienna and I were messaging back and forth one day trying to find some time to speak live. My schedule was really packed so I could only offer up limited availability. She wasn’t happy about it…

“I just tried to call you, mmmph! You have very small windows…just like your small cock!” ~ Sienna

Her message landed with an extra zing because she was expressing genuine frustration about my lack of availability and, in a moment of frustration, with my endowment.

Since You’ve Been Gone

In each of my cuckold relationships, I introduced the fantasy to my girl and would become the first man she cuckolded…almost always with well endowed black men. Part of the allure to cuckolding for some women is that for the first time in her life she feels sexually liberated while in an emotionally safe relationship. As a bonus, some women are curious about black men and the positive sexual mythology around their endowment (Big Black Cock). Cuckolding has afforded several of my past lovers and many other women with an unexpected but highly desired path for exploring their sexuality and curiosities.

One of the women that cuckolded is named Amber. I introduced her in the post titled Amber’s Creampie and will share a full series about our journey in the future. The image below is the featured image from that post and illustrates a scene with many erotic layers flowing through it. Amber’s desire to experience another man captures the cuckold layer. His endowment was a bonus for Amber who craved “more”.

During our play date, he was the alpha male. He was the one that fucked her and shot his creamy load deep inside my woman’s sweet pussy. My experience that night was filled with amazing moments of erotic humiliation. Witnessing how she responded to his far more substantial cock brought a new sense of reality to my own physical limitations. Licking his cum from Amber’s pussy filled me with even more erotic humiliation…not to mention a healthy serving of his cum. I was the less endowed man – a point Amber frequently reminded  me of throughout the night in front of her Bull.

After that first experience, interracial cuckolding became a consistent part of our sexual exploration along with small penis teasing. She loved the experiences she had with several Bulls, and her desire for sexual fulfillment with more endowed men burned hotter and hotter.

After my time with Amber had passed, we did briefly connect a few times as friends. A question I am frequently asked and one I often wonder about as well is the echo of our relationship and cuckold experiences in a former lover’s thoughts. Aside from our shared enjoyment of cuckolding, how good was the sex for her with other men? Did it change her in some way? Has she continued fantasizing about and seeking out sexual liaisons with black men? I once let Amber know that I sometimes fantasized about her continuing with what we started. She was somewhat guarded but still shared a little…

Oh how it excites me knowing that you’ve had many parties for one in your shower as you imagine well hung black men filling me up. You should know that since you’ve been gone…this has indeed been the case. ~ Amber

Our touch points were brief, and I was no longer her cuck so it wasn’t really appropriate for us for get all into it again. Still, it was incredibly hot to knowing she still craved big black cocks and had continued to act on her desires. All the while, her current boyfriend who has zero interest in cuckolding remains in the dark. He has no idea his sweet, innocent girlfriend is getting stuffed full of black cock at every opportunity during her “business trips”.

Big Hands

What can I say? When taking a cock shot, I sometimes need to hold my shaft. Sienna often commented on my hands being large which she believed made my penis look small. My hands aren’t large.

Baby! Did you purposely try to make your cock look little with your hand placed the way you did? Hmmmmmmm, I want my little white cock! Stomp, stomp! ~ Sienna

Her comment definitely gave me a hot erotic rush! It was amazing to be in a mental place with a woman where she could say exactly what she was thinking about my endowment. I can’t help but wonder how many times I have done this with other women who may have had the same thought but were too polite to speak their mind.

Becoming The Best Boyfriend Ever

After almost every cuckolding session (when I wasn’t present), Lilah enjoyed sharing her steamy, memorable moments with me. It was a way for us to reconnect and absorb the experience within our relationship. Here is one juicy update:

After riding Theo to yet another orgasm, I slumped down and melted off to the side with my back against him. He wasn’t done with me or my tender pussy. He spooned me for a minute before he started fucking me again in that position. Then he picked me up and sat me on top of him in the reverse cowgirl position. Mmm, you know I love being manhandled, so I liked the way he was moving me around into the position he wanted. It flashed in my thoughts how this position hasn’t work too well for us, but I quickly realized it worked great with Theo. He never slipped out like you do, and it felt incredible! The best part was looking down and watching his absolutely massive black cock disappearing into my little pussy. I remember feeling so amazed that I was able to take all of this man’s huge dick inside me! 🔥🔥🔥

Baby, I’ll leave you with this photo:

Your girl’s pussy is so swollen and tender. I want you to see how it looks after I’ve had a real cock inside me. I love you. Thank you for being the best boyfriend a girl could ever want! 😘💞✨ ~ Lilah


Baby, the size of your cock leaves a bit to be desired, but the size of your heart is perfect! ~ Amber

It’s About Our Love

It’s not about the cock…even a little one like yours! It’s about the greater love we share!  ~ Sienna

In the realm of cuckold play, wiser words may have never been spoken. If people don’t think more deeply about why a couple would enjoy cuckolding, they will miss the sentiment Sienna expressed. If it were truly all about a BIG cock, a woman wouldn’t be with her cuck in the first place. Enduring relationships are about far more than sex. Bulls will come and go.

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...