This gallery is a work-in-progress and based on visions that have drifted through my thoughts over the years. Eventually, a few of those visions found their way into my art studio. It is intended to be an open-ended storyboard with more images to be added.

One of the things I most anticipate about creating and sharing these images are erotic hot buttons they tap into and the sexy thoughts I hope they spark in your mind and heat between your legs.

One segment in this storyboard is to have a picture of the Queen full dressed. The sense that she is proper, aloof, and unattainable to the masses will be the vibe I’d like to achieve.

In other scenes, once captured as “war trophy” she is stripped down, reduced from her uppity status, and paraded in front of the masses. This plays a bit into “woman in peril” fantasy that so many (men and women) seem to enjoy, public nudity, and perhaps the clothed male, nude female kink.

The image below is probably the oldest one from this set and was completed over five years ago. It features one of my early attempts to model Sienna and captures a few of her dark desires in one image…interestingly, within a chess theme.

More to come with this storyboard and open to any suggestions.

A couple years ago (I mention this because the art feels a bit date to me), a follower of this blog made a request that added to this storyboard.  I will add his brief fantasy next time I come across it but the images tell suggest the essence of the story pretty well. Basically, he had captured a princess, stripped her down, and was holding her captive. Then, he became the one that was dominated and erotically humiliated in front of her.


4 thoughts on “Digital Art III (A Queen’s Submission)

  1. Love this story board. Sienna as a piece on the board is brilliant and captures her exclusive status. Not to mention the images show both a sexy and submissive side 💦

    1. Glad you liked this…and the “exclusive” status is a word choice that feels perfect for this evolving storyboard. When the conquering King fully implements his plans, she will be far from exclusive. Each and every pawn will know her deeply as she fully embraces the depths of her submission.🍆⭕️💧

  2. Lovely art as always and the story, Michael.

    1. Thank you, Dee…so glad you enjoyed this. 💫 The story is still taking shape but it feels quite steamy already 🔥

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...