Built for Pleasure

by Robecca Austin

Michael, they did not design your sexual energy for mere mortals.

The steamy shower weighs with excitement and a sizzling bite of the unknown. No, I’m wrong. Excitement blankets our entire hotel suite. Made more palatable by the music humming on my phone.

Eagerness pulses between my thighs and fills my mouth with need. Not just any need. I long to be satisfied. Filled. Watch my pleasure reflect in my cuck’s eyes.

Anything could go wrong with our new bull.

He might not deliver on the fantasies building in me… us. I shiver, hoping it isn’t so. Hoping he isn’t a selfish lover and I could release this throbbing energy that had me in a frenzy for weeks.

But so much could go perfectly, too. I imagine Alex as a generous lover, taking care to play his role in satisfying all our desires. Will his tongue on my skin leave a scorching trail? Will his fire engulf me until I burn for nothing but his touch? Is that what I want, to be so far gone that nothing but pleasure matters?

I grip the wall and clench my thighs. Unable to stop the flood of images racing through my mind. Sex. Raw, hungry sex… and something more. Something I haven’t dared name until now—a thirsty claiming that would free my soul. Images of Michael not only sharing but taking part in our fantasy elicit a long wild moan I swear started from my toes rather than my quivering stomach.

My head falls forward against the shower tiles and warm water chases my hand to meet my waiting clit. The first press against my clit always makes my breath catch. But I wait. My fingers hover just shy of manipulating my engorged bud, prolonging my exquisite anticipation of pleasure.

Rihanna’s S and M drones from my playlist to lick the heat along my skin. My breasts become heavy and I’m spurred on by Rihanna’s voice telling me it’s okay to feel good about being bad. My fingers slip a little closer to home and my breath hitches—holds for fleeting seconds before shuddering through me. I’m rung so tight I almost explode.

Riding on the heels of my elation are thoughts of Michael kissing me with the flavor of our bull’s salty cum on his tongue. “Oh, God,” I whisper a desperate plea for self-restraint. But I don’t expect an answer to my prayers because I’m not patient, and I’m always good at being naughty.

I should wait. I know I should, except promised pleasure is an hour away. And I only need one orgasm to tie me over.

“Baby,” Michael says, entering the shower.

Damn it. I’ve been in the shower too long and he knows me well.

He presses his naked body against my back. “You can’t come yet.”

I whimper. But he’s merciless.

He trails one hand down my side. The slow pace only adds to the throb in my clit. But his touch doesn’t linger. Michael’s fingers move over my hip with devastating laziness to grip the hand still between my legs, placing it on the wall.

“Please,” I beg. Eager to satisfy my hunger. I know what my begging does to him and I’m not playing fair.

I don’t even need a big orgasm… I’ll take anything.

He inhales sharply, and I wait. “No, Becca.” He presses a gentle kiss on my shoulder. “Tonight, small wouldn’t do. You deserve a powerful orgasm from our bull’s dick.”

I squeeze my eyes shut, hearing the husky strain in his voice. His craving is just as intense as mine.

“Don’t move.” His breath fans my ear.

Too late. I’m already on my toes, chasing the whisper of his breath on my skin when he smacks my ass.

“Be good.”

I moan and wet my throat, pressing my lips against the water pebbling along my arm. It’s the only relief I’ll get. The only one Michael will permit before our play. We’ve waited for this moment for a long time. Talked, explored, and found release together many times as we share fantasies about our bull.

“Soon baby.” He lathers his hands in soap before spreading the suds over my shoulders and chest. Cupping my breasts, he rolls each dark nipple between his fingers.

Every pass of his hand fuses us in a heady concoction. Our energies swirl in a seductive dance, colliding into one. The feeling is potent, binding our love and desire and infusing it with a primal need so deep it’s all I can taste.

Michael continues to bathe me, getting me ready for tonight. Clean for our bull. This excites me too. Knowing he’s preparing me for another man. A more endowed lover that will stretch me in ways Michael can’t.

“Mmm,” he moans, “I’ve just washed your pussy and you’re wet again.” His dick surges against my lower back, nestling against the only tattoo I’ve allowed on my smooth brown skin. A lioness on the hunt, and my cuck is soaking her in his pre-cum.

His scent.

I lean back, trapping his slender dick between us, feeding my ferocious kitten his flavor. It’s my guilty pleasure to tease him. Arouse him as much as he sends me teetering on the brink of ecstasy. I admit to enjoying it too much.

He moans from my slight weight. “You naughty girl,” he growls.

I smile. It’s mischievous, but I don’t care.

“I’m right here with you,” he says. “Your need is my need.”

“It hurts so bad.” The sweet pleasure that aches deep in my pussy, that clenches my thighs, doesn’t come close to releasing the pressure.

He knows it.

I know it.

“Baby…” He turns the water off. “Think of being filled—”

I close my eyes. “His bigger dick bringing me my first orgasm of the night,” I say, finishing his sentence.

Michael dries, then oil me. I love his hands on me, massaging lotion into my sensitive skin. The only thing better is caressing his sun-kissed body, and I reach for him, rubbing oil into the muscles along his shoulders.

He lets me, holding my gaze from under hooded lashes. A muscle ticks along his jaw and my naughty side purr in approval from the lust reflected in his eyes.

“Dress me,” I say.

In the luxury suite, my lingerie is already on the bed. Delicate black lace with tiny bows decorating the panties, bra, and garter straps. My panties open at the crotch from above my clit to the top of my forbidden passage. The thin lace is provocative against my body. The light material heightens my senses.

I feel damn good, but I fear my panties will get soaked long before our bull arrives. My skin tingles and I gasp when Michael fastens the last garner strap, kissing the inside of my thigh. My heels are next. Purple and black six-inch pumps make my cuck tremble as his fingers skim my ankles.

Yes! His excitement feeds mine.

Time isn’t on our side, but I need a moment with him before our guest arrives. “Are you ready?” I stroke his cheek.

He pulls me against his naked body. He’s feverish. His pre-cum leaking on my stomach ignites my hunger.

I ease away enough to wipe his essence off with my finger before placing the digit into his mouth. “Alex wouldn’t want your cum on me.”

His irises dilate. His smoldering gaze holds mine and my breathing elevates in that intimate way it always does between us. My kitty claws at my lower back when Michael captures my mouth under his in a slow, sensual kiss. I let him because it might be his only kiss until our bull has his fill.

He tantalizes and teases me with his tongue. I am lost in Michael as his teeth nip at the seam of my mouth. The world melts away, leaving only us.

From the bathroom, my eclectic playlist hums a sensual tune. Michael’s support is all the encouragement I need to roll my hips against him. No matter what happens tonight, we’ll always have this unbreakable connection.

There’s a knock on the door, and with Michael’s nod, I answer it, turning away with a sway in my hips. I want Michael to get a good look at my ass in lace.

To be continued…

Postscript: This story is written by the sexy, talented, and very naughty author Robecca Austin. You can find her Patreon site here: Robecca Austin. A writer of steamy, romantic erotica, Robecca is also available for commissions. You can find more erotica, over 450 images (some explicit), and private messaging on my Patreon site – Dollhouse Studio.

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  1. Il a fallu être concentré pour lire cette article tellement c’était long à lire mais c’était pour la bonne cause tellement c’était excitant du début à la fin

    1. If it is going to be long, needs to be juicy from beginning to end 🔥So glad you enjoyed it, my friend 💫

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