The Dionysian Experience in 2020 was, to a large degree, about making everything old, new again. My stories tend to be either autobiographical or thoughtful writings dealing with sexual psychology. Most come in around 1500 words and are accompanied by digital art that may have added several additional hours of time investment. Collectively, they are all intertwined as part of my journey for deeper meaning and are built to last. Each of them requires periodic maintenance as I make new discoveries and improve my art.

I received 136,000 views in 2020, up 4k from 2019. While I did have 12,000 less visitors compared to 2019, those that visited spent more time exploring my content – about 3.5 posts per visitor. The drop in new visitors likely reflects my lack of activity in sharing new content. This was counterbalanced by efforts to make my older content more compelling. Once people visited, they presumably had a better experience and explored more stories.

Throughout my storytelling journey, I have put forth a considered effort to balance the content with posts that fit my tagline – sensual, thoughtful, and very naughty. I have a lot of romantic stories and videos filled with sensuality and love. I also share writings, art, and videos exploring mythology, sexual  psychology, a little BDSM, and my favorite kink – cuckolding. As much as I strive for balance, visitors are overwhelming drawn to my cuckold content. Here are my most viewed posts (with number of views for 2020):  

This top-ten list has a couple juicy facts. First, every one of the posts is related to cuckolding. Second, only three of these posts were “new” releases in 2020. The others were never featured as new releases. They were simply backdated and slipped quietly into my archives.

My discussion with Sienna about eating another man’s cum from her well-fucked pussy seems to be the overwhelming favorite for 2020. Cuckold Psychology – Mind Bender is a long-standing favorite which focuses on the importance of mental stimulation for the cuckold during sexual play. The popularity of the “Wife Breeding” post is probably my biggest surprise on the 2020 most viewed list. I consider this a fringe cuckold fantasy but it seems to capture the imagination of kinksters.

If I look at the last quarter of 2020, there is some movement in this list as other posts pick up steam due to people linking to them on other blogs and websites.

Cuckold vs. Femdom (#1 in Q4) is a post exploring how those two kinks are often linked together but are actually distinct fantasies. Enjoying one doesn’t mean you necessarily enjoy the other. It seems to be the hot post right now, but I still haven’t shared it as a “new” release. My chat with Amanda about cock size, a digital art gallery focused on my cuckold interviews, and Mandingo are trending up as well.

I know what readers are enjoying but where are they coming from? Knowing this hints at where cuckolding fantasy may be popular. I have a translator on my site so I’m not sure how much command of the English language plays into this.

No surprise that the US, UK, and Canada are near the top of nationalities. Germany and Brazil strike me as interesting additions to my top-ten list. Russia came in at #11 and is #10 during the last quarter of 2020.

As some of you know, I have a Deviant Art page where I share some of my digital art.  Similar to my WordPress blog, I try to balance out my content to reflect my interests. I’m not thinking about cuckolding alll the time…just most of the time, ha! No surprise, my interracial cuckold art is among the most popular but there are a few exceptions. The chart below shows my top-5 most “viewed” images in 2020. The second, third, and fourth images were all in my top 5 in 2019 as well.

My most “favorited” works in 2020 (see chart below, middle column. #1 was an image (178 favorites) that I posted very late in the year. A piece I did for The Wall post and related to the Fuck Doll exploration comes in at #2. Catwoman milking a large cock and alone come in at #3 and #4, respectively. Both of these were shared with the DC Comics gallery. The fifth most popular work is an oldie created three years ago. It still received 136 favorites in 2020 and over 400 since its first release.

Here is the rest of the top-ten (numbers 6 – 10) most favorited creations:

Rolling towards 2021, there is a lot of uncertainty with COVID gripping the planet and its impact on all of us. I would have thought that the blogging community might have flourished during this period with more time at home. However, this isn’t what I’m feeling. I think many of us are looking inward and dealing with more immediate concerns for loved ones and our community. It is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs playing out before us. When focused on our physiological and safety needs, other needs and aspirations take a back seat.

To all you that follow and engage with my writing and art, thank you for an amazing 2020 ~ Michael 💫

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  1. Congratulations and good continuation !

    1. Thanks so much! Appreciate your visits and hope your Holiday season is wonderful 💫

  2. Wow that’s pretty awesome! My blog stats went down when I changed the name a couple of years ago. I went from 100 views/a day ~80 likes a day to barely 20 views. Constant content change too.
    You have such success because you are tremendously talented writer and not to mention invoking fantasies🤪 with the artwork!
    Your blog is wonderful!

    1. Awww, thank you Becky 🤗☺️Funny that you mentioned a couple years ago…this post is actually a review from 2 years ago that I somehow forgot to release. 🙄 I’m sharing the 2022 version tomorrow and the stats are down about down about 50%. I think WordPress as we knew it back in the day is gone. Still, we press on!😃I’m so glad you find some of the stories and art enticing – that kind of feedback is a true gift 💫

      1. You are so welcome.

        1. Hey Becky, I know your image is an art avatar. But I definitely feel your vibes from the avatar. You rocking Venus, Sun, Moon and Saturn mixed with your own erotic universe that is second to NONE!!!!!! Ooooooooooh how you make it do what it do!!!!! How you could make me do what it do in EVERYTHING you desire. Your desires is my desires!!!!!!

          1. Thank you ☺️
            Such a wonderful comment

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