2019 ended up being a great year for my blog and the engaging community that followed. Early on, I was recovering from the misfortune of having the WordPress community police shut down my blog (for the second time) with no notice. It seems the concept of implied vs. explicit images was a foreign concept. I ended up making the transition to a self-hosted blog where I have a bit more artistic freedom.

As 2019 came to an end, I wanted to reflect on this year’s journey. The overarching purpose for my blog – The Dionysian Experience – is one of exploration and a quest for deeper meaning. While I had written a great deal about psychology, spirituality, and love, it was the cuckold-centered stories that were by far the most viewed. Here is a snapshot of my most viewed posts from 2019:

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 8.25.53 AM

Reflecting on these 2019 statistics, I can’t help but wonder if there is a lesson or takeaway in these statistics? When I opened this self-hosted site in late 2018, I knew I would write about cuckolding but didn’t want it to dominate my writing or art. I want to have balance and present the full spectrum of light flowing around me. The way I present my cuckold desires and how I am in those stories is not a constant state of mind. Figuratively speaking, cuckolding is a space where I venture deep into the wild to touch and release my primal energy. But, this space is transient and not my home.

In an effort to maintain balance, I actually backdated all of those “most-viewed” cuckold posts and buried them deep in the archives – none were ever released as new or featured stories to appear at the top of the “reader” scroll. Still, people found them through links in other stories, hashtags, email notifications, and internet searches.

I have long asserted that cuckolding is a “mind fuck” experience for the cuckold. Interestingly, my most viewed posts are those that deal with the psychology of cuckolding. Men want to understand why they have this fantasy, how it compares with the same fantasies of other men, and what women think about it. These men want to think about it and engage their minds. Women are also curious. They want to understand why it excites their lover to think about them being with another man. And, some women find the fantasy inherently exciting as well based on their own sexual desires.

The ranking of these posts varies from day to day but this core group is consistently among my most viewed. Here is a snapshot from the last 30 days:

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 4.01.06 PM

Occasionally, a new non-cuckold post will break into the top-5 when released but it quickly fades to never be read again. There is a great irony in this. You see, what I write about in my non-cuckold posts (such as love and romance) is what actually makes the cuckold posts even hotter. There is an essential duality in play within the cuckold experience. We must know and appreciate what it means to feel romantic love and to adore a woman in a spiritual, non-sexual way.

This is what makes it so mind-bending hot to watch or know she is with another man. Simply watching a woman we have no connection with having sex (or knowing she is having sex) with another man is a rather ordinary, superficial experience. It is the ability to love and feel things deeply that ignites the transcendent cuckold burn. You can’t feel the full cuckold experience unless you are able to love and be loved just as powerfully. These opposing forces of energy create the erotic swirl that fuels the transcendent experience, also known as the Dionysian experience.

Before I share my final takeaway from 2019, please indulge me for one more quick point of reference from my Deviant Art site. Despite creating and sharing many non-cuckold type images, my interracial cuckold creations were by far my most viewed works for 2019. Here is the top-5 most favorited images from 2019 (the art feels a bit dated based on my current techniques):

My Submission is to You-1
My Submission (to you)
Glory Hole 3-1 copy 3
The Wall
Owned 1 v2-1 copy
Trophy Wife (Your Wife, His Trophy)
Cuckold - Mind Bender 2 copy 2-1
Cuckold – Mind Bender
Fallen Angel 3 copy-2
Too Far From Home

So, back to my original question – is there a takeaway or lesson to be had in this 2019 review? I think so. There is something primal stirring within our psyche. We are repressing, denying, missing, or being denied something that aches to be released. This disconnect may be self imposed, perhaps it is societal/cultural, religious, or maybe it is another person that is denying you. My erotic content, while popular, or any fetish/kink focused content isn’t the actual destination. These are symbolic, ritual acts and manifestations of something deeper and more primal that is calling to us. This key takeaway isn’t an answer, it is a question to explore in 2020.

In 2020 I will aspire to drill down for deeper meaning and gain clearer line of sight. I will flow through the ages – thousands and thousands of years before Christianity – to the early archetypal dreams of our ancient ancestors to seek answers. After all, archetypes are the eternal dreams of humanity. They don’t die or fade away. They only morph and return to us in different forms.

From deep in the forest where we are all free and wild, thank you for a memorable Dionysian Experience in 2019 and may the 2020s be your best decade yet.💫

Dionysus - 14

Tales that kept the fires burning in 2019:

18 thoughts on “Michael’s Cream – Best of 2019

  1. I have enjoyed many of your posts this year and look forward to what comes next from The Dionysian Experience as we slip inside 2020

    1. I appreciate your visits and sharing of your reactions over the last few years 🔥I do like the thought of “slipping inside” 2020. See you there.

  2. I have enjoyed so many of your posts and our interactions as you know. And you have definitely have me thinking about some of your topics (*clears throat* like BBC) in some other kind of way. Can’t wait to see what your 2020 journey brings for you.

    1. Thank you for making 2019 such a fun and engaging year on WP 😘 It really means a lot to me. Regarding some of the naughty thoughts you have swirling around…you have no idea the hot a rush I had (still having) as I read that. 🔥 Well, you might – and thank you for stoking that fire 🍆💧

      1. Anytime. 😘 Its as fun for me as it is for you. Its fun stroking your fire, and your words always help it along. I’m in a constant state of teasing with you. 🔥🍆

        1. And because of that, I’m in a constant state of 🍆💧😈

          1. Well I aim to be helpful. 😈 😘

  3. Happy Holidays to you Mr. Naughty 😄

    1. Thank you, sexy 😘 I have been a naughty boy but nice too 😃 I hope Santa is still good to me ☺️

  4. Happy New Year! I hope 2020 treats you well.
    I have a few cuckolding posts, as you know, and they get traffic well after their release. I think there are a lot of people with this desire or at least curiosity.

    1. Happy Holidays, Violette✨ I may have noticed the cuckold posts on your blog, ha! I so enjoy them and especially enjoy reading about a woman’s experience in this kink. 🔥Thank you for sharing and hope 2020 is a great year for you!

      1. Thank you ☺️ I wish the best for you too

  5. New follower of your blog. I must say you are incredibly insightful. As someone who comes from a white nationalist background, have you considered how genuinely-held racist beliefs can be a powerful aphrodisiac for interracial fantasises/liaisons?

    “Racism and interracial sex are complimentary. A racist white woman will derive the greatest pleasure from surrendering to her most private and guilty desire, which is to have her white pussy ravished by a big black cock. Racists understand they are losing the demographic war so submission is a very natural response. Racists also caricature black men as hairless gorillas with cucumber-sized cocks who are hell-bent on conquering white pussy and wombs as racial revenge. There’s enormous tension between what we “should” want and what we actually desire. Fear, guilt, arousal, anxiety, treason, betrayal, revenge, emasculation, desecration, submission etc. all come together in a mind-shattering chemical explosion where all tensions are resolved in the ecstatic moans of the racist snowbunny.”

    1. Thank you for following…I have a lot of BBC/cuckold content you might enjoy. I also appreciate the thought-provoking question about the role of racism in interracial sex (black men/white women) and cuckolding. I have deferred most questions on this topic while working through the psychology of it myself in a thoughtful, non-sensationalized way. I will be releasing this post soon to specifically address this question. I will advance the case that racism (for participants) is not the core psychological driver of interracial sex and IR cuckolding. Instead, it is a reaction to racism and sexual repression that is expressed through interracial sex. Of course, I fully realize that my opinion will be but one of many on the topic.

      1. I await your post on the topic with anticipation. Your writings are always very well considered, I’d be very glad if you could give me feedback on some of my posts which explore these themes. http://whitetraditionalist.home.blog

  6. Michael, I am curious if you would share the top five non-cuckolding posts that are (presumably) tucked in between all the popular cuckolding posts.

    1. Eros, appreciate your visit. I’d suggest the Yumi series -https://dionysianexperience.com/category/yumi/ There are other non-cuckold posts in the American Gigolo category -https://dionysianexperience.com/category/american-gigolo/ Hope you enjoy ~ Michael

    2. I left a reply before this one…just realized I didn’t quite answer your request. I think you will find those top 5 in the series I suggested though. I am in the midst of bringing my posts in from several older blogs and not all of them have been presented here on this blog. Just running a numbers count wouldn’t be a fair assessment.

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