It has been about a week since Sienna and I shared our first cuckolding experience – the first time she spread her legs for another man since falling in love with me. As I watched Sienna with Jalen (for hours), it was clear to me that Sienna was getting the best fucking of her life. I have never heard her scream and moan the way she did when Jalen was inside her. She was either coming or on the edge of coming the entire time.

As a man, it is hard to admit to myself that another man fucked my girl better. It is even harder to share this in such a public way. That said, this is exactly what I wanted for Sienna. As amazing as our sex is, I wanted her to reach even higher levels of sexual bliss. And, I wanted her to have the freedom to experience this pleasure within the loving, emotional safety of our relationship. It was gift a pleasure, even if it came from the cock of another man.

In the afterglow of this experience, I have been really looking forward to going through all the juicy details with Sienna. I have hours of video and hundreds of photos to prompt our memories and keep the erotic fire burning bright. This has been the way we flow – we savor the buildup, have incredible sexual experiences, and relive the memories before turning our thoughts to our next adventure. It is different this time. She is quiet.

I have so many things I want to know about how it was for Sienna but she isn’t being very open with me. Maybe the experience was far better than Sienna had imagined possible and perhaps she is struggling with this new reality? I want to support her, but I’m also deeply vested in this experience emotionally as well. It isn’t okay for her to fuck another man and then shut me out. This is a critical time for me as  a cuckold. I need to be able to talk to her about what happened and for us to process it together as a couple. Our afterglow is huge part of the sexual experience for me – the mind fuck – and an opportunity for both of us to have fun with the erotic memories. Otherwise, it just feels like she fucked another man and the experience belongs to them, not us.

I have been sending her video clips and photos but only getting vague, brief replies about my photography skills or rather clipped “that’s hot” responses. There’s really nothing substantive or insightful coming from Sienna. I have been patient but the excitement I was feeling is now starting to fade. Here alone in the silence, I am starting to hurt.

It’s a new day and hope springs eternal. Sienna and I are texting back but her phone is lagging. I playfully tease her about her outdated technology. She comes back at me and suggests that I should behave or she is going to have Jalen put me and my cock in its place.

“Baby! You are being mean! You better be careful. I’m going to have my new friend with a big cock put you and your little cock in its place!”

Sienna’s reply is surprising. As our fantasy evolved, she has consistently resisted any fantasy talk that casts me as sexually inferior to her Bull (see Cuckolding – A Submissive Woman’s Perspective). I appreciated that she felt this way, but it also worked against a part of the fantasy I find very exciting – erotic humiliation (psychological masochism). Having now experienced a more endowed man, the reality of that experience seems to have given my girl a new perspective.

At this moment, I am absolutely flooded with anticipation. My desire for her to make physical comparisons based on her real-life experience is more intense than ever. However, there is more to it than my own masochistic pleasure. If Sienna will allow herself to go to this space (assuming she feels it), it will be a sign that she is tapping into something deep within her own sexuality—something raw and primal—that is purely pleasure based and distinct from the complexities of an emotional connection. My sexy girl would be a step closer to the Naughty Angel archetype I crave.

Having Sienna tease me about having a little cock compared to her Bull and admitting that he fucked her better would be erotic gold! This would be ultimate mind fuck and have me aching to cum. I explore this newly expanding erotic edge by asking questions that will make it easier for her to confess what I believe she is feeling. “What is he going to tell me or show me? Is he going to show me once again how much better he can fuck my girl? Will I once again witness how differently you respond to having a REAL cock inside you?” As Sienna ponders my questions, I imagine her naughty thoughts swirling and clashing with her more loving and angelic spirit.

“Mmmm Baby, yes! He showed this to both of us, but it seems you may be due for a reminder!”

Damn, she said it, right? Did my sexy girl actually admit that Jalen fucked her better? My heart is pounding out of my chest  and my cock is throbbing with arousal. Her next message drops in.

“Even so, we both know I will always come back to you and your little cock. It may be small by comparison, but it’s so dependable, loving, and precise.”

My body feels shaky and it’s hard to breathe, but Sienna’s not-so-veiled admission has me on the erotic edge. My straining erection reveals my truth – this is so exciting and I love it! He did fuck her better…and she admitted it. I push for more of the masochistic rush engulfing me. “Sexy girl, mine is the cock of the man that loves and adores you. Jalen had other intentions. He offered a big, thick cock intent only on fucking you and making your tight pussy recognize his sexual superiority. It’s a sensation you’ve experienced and one that has now changed your perception of the sexual hierarchy.”

Sienna is feeling liberated and finally opening up to reveal her truth about what happened and how she feels.

“Yes Baby, I now recognize this and I do crave MORE big cock! You are taking good care of your girl’s needs! This is all so hot and naughty…I love it! I can take it all from both my men and drain you both. Then again, I don’t ever really drain you. Even after you have fucked me so good and came so many times, my Man’s big beautiful balls keep loading up with more creamy cum for me!”

Sienna lets me know she has more to share and will do so in an email later in the day. She adds, “It’s about Jalen and I think you’re going to like it…I hope so!” I love when she feels inspired to put her thoughts down on paper. It is like receiving an erotic gift to be able to wander through her naughty and well-developed thoughts. I scan my inbox throughout the remainder of the day. Finally, her email and an intensely arousing confession appears…

To be continued…

He Fucked Me Better (Part II)

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  1. Fuck that’s hot

    1. Ah, you found my side project blog. I’m trying to arrange some posts here before introducing them on my primary blog. Thanks for checking out this post and commenting. 🙂 I think everyone is too bashful to comment on the posts in this blog. This was a very hot session with Sienna…still makes me so damn hard!

      1. I’m not so bashful.
        Would have loved to watch all that happen,
        Curious about doing the post cock licking

        1. Licking another man’s cum can from your girl can be an embarrassing moment but, if you have a cuckold fantasy, it can be the height of the erotic experience. It is definitely an erotic and intense act.

          1. Ver much sounds it.

          2. Would he be there to watch you lick?

          3. Usually. That is part of the embarrassment…or erotic humiliation. You might enjoy the post “Jolene’s Cream Pie”.

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  4. […] Michael – I totally get the creampie fantasy. I’d encourage you to read my exploration of the topic in Cream Pie & Sexual Superiority […]

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