It has been a little over a year since I first wrapped her in a sensual, erotic glow and presented her photos and our stories to the world. I was proud of my girl and wanted others to see her beauty and feel her sensuality.

I suppose this was a bit of the exhibitionist flowing through my own sexual energy. As it turned out, she also enjoyed these photo shoots, the public galleries I shared, and the interactions that followed. Given my desire to be cuckolded (for her to sleep with other men), I found it exciting to have other men looking at my lover and flirting with her. More importantly, I found it exciting to see her flirting with other men. She was hesitant about doing this at first, but it would become one of her favorite fantasies too.

Now, here I stand opening the door the my hotel room with Sienna and Jalen (her Bull) so eager to get inside the room and fuck. Entering the room, we are engulfed in the glow of warm, flickering candlelight with sensual trance music filling out the ambiance. It would be easy to suggest I am feeling calm and in complete control, but I’m not. I’ve tried to anticipate and plan for as much as possible, but I’m no longer wandering lustfully through a perfectly choreographed erotic fantasy. This is the real deal with so many unknowns. My heart is pounding…my mind is bending as the room begins to slowly spin and warp. It is hard to breathe.

I find my way to the pre-positioned camcorder, position the lens, and turn it on. I slide over to my laptop and push play on the video recorder. This second recorder will provide another angle of the experience for Sienna and I to enjoy later. It will be hot to be fucking her with the video and sounds of her fucking another man filling the room. Through glazed eyes, I glance over at Sienna and Jalen and they are…just standing there. Are they waiting for me? Given how touchy feely they had been in public just minutes before, I’m having a hard time processing what I’m seeing. Maybe the reality of this moment is setting in on them too and they feel like they need my permission for this next step.

I go to Sienna and take her in my arms…kissing, calming and reassuring her. I motion for Jalen to move in behind her. She tightens up momentarily as he presses in from behind her. We continue to kiss as she releases soft moans while pressing her hips back against Jalen. She’s ready. As I slowly turn her away from me and into Jalen’s waiting arms, she whispers, “Baby…I love you.” At 6’3″, Jalen presents a large, magnetic presence and Sienna is quickly drawn into his energy. She stretches her arms upward around his shoulders and neck as they share a passion-filled kiss…very similar to one we had shared just moments before. The words “I love you” that lingered on her lips are quickly replaced with Jalen’s lips and tongue.

I slip away to grab my camera. Any hesitation on Sienna’s part is fading quickly as she becomes more assertive and moves things along. She turns her back to Jalen and grinds her incredible ass against his crotch while removing her belt. She opens up her jeans, and then pushes them down a little lower on her hips. I am snapping away with my camera, but the moment still seems like a dream. It is such a hot sight to see Sienna like this. She feels completely safe in our relationship and free to embrace the fullness of her sexuality. Tonight she will satisfy her aching hunger for more along with my desire to watch her experiencing more.

Jalen had once boasted to Sienna that she would be kneeling before one him one day and worshipping, in his words, “at the BBC altar”. She scoffed at the notion and his boastfulness, but I thought there was a very good chance this would actually happen once she felt the fire of the moment. After all, his cock was almost twice as long as mine and certainly twice as thick. I knew it would make quite an impression once she felt it in person.

Sienna dips her hand between her legs, just as she had at the bar…

…and reaches back to feed Jalen her wet, pussy-soaked fingers.

There is some inaudible whispering between them as she lowers her hand and reaches behind her back to rub Jalen’s crotch. He must be rock hard by now because my own cock is throbbing! Her eyes widen in dismay as she looks at me and mouths the words, “He’s HUGE”.  She turns into him and is once again locked in a sensual embrace as she tastes her own juices on his lips.

Momentarily breaking from the kiss, she rests her head against his beefy chest and shoulder so she can look at me. Her long blonde hair flows partially over her face and shoulders. Her crystal-blue eyes look lustfully into mine for one last lingering look. My mind is racing. What is she thinking? Is she going to tell me she loves me one more time before sucking his cock? Is she going to thank me for making one of her fantasies come true? Countless phrases and questions rush through my thoughts at warp speed before she whispers, “I am sooo fucking wet.“

Just as Jalen said she would, my girl kneels down before him. Sienna rubs his cock through his slacks while lustfully looking up into his eyes and then at his bulging package. It’s as if she participating in a secret ritual, “Oh my god, your cock is so big…Mmm, I have never felt a cock like yours…I can’t wait to feel its weight, to taste you, and feel you inside me…I have been fantasizing about this moment for so long”.

Sienna is wet, ready, and so eager to be unwrapped and opened. But first, she wants to open up Jalen’s pants and worship at the altar. He helps with his belt and button. Sienna grasps his pants and begins to pull down. We have finally reached the point on no return.

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2 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Kneeling At The Altar

  1. It’s amazing to see Sienna transform from hesitant to confident in fully embracing the moment and fantasy. From her needing your reassurance in a sensual kiss to pulling his pants down. I imagine that uncertainty or doubt in the moment is very real.

    As always, love your writing and seeing these moments unfold though your gaze. 🔥

    1. Sienna’s “transformation” – you captured this perfectly. There was a lot to manage…the logistics, creating a sexy vibe for them to enjoy, and making them feel comfortable to managing my own sense of embarrassment/emasculation and needing that feeling to transform into the cuckold burn as quickly as possible. As you might imagine, my gaze in a moment like this would have flames dancing in my eyes. 🔥

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