I arrive at the hotel first followed soon after by Sienna. It seems like forever since I last held and touched her. Normally, we would be in the bed making love and fucking within minutes of seeing each other. Not this time. Sienna promised Jalen she wouldn’t have sex with me for at least a few days before they met. Jalen wanted her fresh and on edge with a surplus of sexual energy. Unfortunately, it has been much longer than a few days since Sienna and I have been together and seeing her has me immediately aching for release.

I was in WordPress reading the build up posts of Jalen and I…our sexy banter back and forth. It was so very hot to go back and feel all those hot memories. I recall all of the anticipation building inside me and how everything was still unknown. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was aching for that first parting of my tight, wet pussy lips. My white pussy was still a virgin to black cock, but I was sooo ready to be claimed! ~ Sienna

Sienna’s night is going to be filled with hot, naughty sex and endless orgasms on the big cock of another man. My own release will be delayed until Jalen has had his fill of my girl. She will be covered with his scent, her pussy will be opened like never before, and she be filled with who knows how many loads of Jalen’s sperm. I will get his sloppy seconds. The thought causes my cock to stiffen. I move in on Sienna but she is evasive and teasingly escapes my hungry advances.

“No baby! I promised Jalen I would fresh and ready for him!”

Her denial is part of our erotic dance, and she knows it makes me hot. Still, it stings a little knowing this isn’t just fantasy play. Sienna is denying me because she IS saving herself for another man. She steps away and goes over to her suitcase and pulls out a few outfits.

“I want to show you a few outfits I bought for this weekend. I must have tried on a hundred different outfits. It was so hard to select one that was just right.”

Sienna went shopping for an outfit with another man in mind and how she might best present herself to him. My role is to offer feedback on which outfit he will like the most. My head is starting to spin, and there is a little ache in my stomach. I’m overcome by the feeling that Sienna is such a special gift…now being gift wrapped for another man to open up. She holds up a sexy corset looking top against her body…showing me how she will present herself to our Bull.

“Do you think he will like this?”

My heart is racing and, admittedly, I feel some jealousy welling up inside. Damn. This is nothing compared to what I will face later in the evening. She only bought an outfit. What’s it going to be like when I am standing there watching him fuck the hell out of her and making her scream in orgasmic bliss? Will I actually be able to standby taking photos and running video while Jalen is pounding Sienna senseless? Or, will I be shamelessly stroking my cock…perhaps even coming in a tissue as he plows my girl’s pussy and sows his seed in her erotic garden?

I assure myself, as I have assured her so many times before, that Jalen is right guy and this is as close as we will ever get to a perfect scenario. I know the truth too. Sienna is really looking forward to tonight, and she would be very disappointed if I hit the brakes after working her up over it for so long. In my mind, it is now or never, and I’m not backing out.

I respond to Sienna’s question, “Your outfit looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see it on you. You are going to be the hottest girl Jalen has ever laid eyes on.”

Sienna smiles,  “Awww, thank you baby. This isn’t easy you know. Jalen is a fantasy for me, but I am also fulfilling a fantasy for him. I want to look sexy for my Bull.”  

She moves in close and presses her full breasts against me as she kisses my cheek and whispers in my ear, “Besides, I know you want me to look sexy for him too. The sexier I am, the harder he is going to fuck me and harder I’m going to cum. That’s what you want, right?”

My breathing is shallow and uneven as her hands trails down along my chest. She continues, “You want to see my legs wrapped around his dark hips as he thrusts his dark juicy cock deep inside my tight pink and makes me come all over him. I know you do…you have told me so a thousand times.”

God, the thought of that visual makes my cock twitch. I sometimes wish I didn’t crave this experience like I do, but it drives me wild and there is no denying it. Sienna’s hand settles on my erection with a firm, confirming squeeze. “Mmmm, just as I expected. My man’s little cock is sooo hard. See baby, you know what your girl needs…and I need more than this.” She’s right. I know she needs and deserves more, and I am aching to see Jalen give her more.

With that, Sienna floats off to the bathroom to get ready…for him.

Sienna - Getting Dressed 1

To be continued…

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