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4 thoughts on “Shave My Pussy (For Sir)

  1. Can I just say, the opening had me panting with anticipation.

    Taylor’s awakening to D’Andre’s as her new Dom is both sensual and hot. Those words…“opening her mind and legs to erotic possibilities…” Yum!

    You built anticipation very well and the emotional tug of war caused from your delayed gratification was my cat nip. Foreplay and mind games! My heart strings tugged when you shaved a part of her that you loved for another man. Yet, your arousal could barely be contained as you did so!

    1. You panting with anticipation? That is high praise coming from you, seriously. Opening her mind and legs…yes 🔥I love that you were drawn to the mind play and delayed gratification. That mental space, those moments…are such a big part of my sexual gratification – intensifying the physical sensations and continuing long after those have faded. Being the amazing writer you are, I imagine you have the need for that mental edge too…the story going through your mind as it plays out in real time.

  2. i find this sad! why would you ruin your body with another blocking the experience of a sensual lover! masochism! knowing part of you enjoys the negative it really does seem a heart felt loss!

    1. Ohhh, thank you for your support and encouragement ☺️No worries though, it is only a temporary, naughty game. She enjoys submission so it makes her hot, and I enjoy cuckolding so it makes me hot too. We are both just having fun. In the end, the experience truly belongs to us. Long after her Dom has moved on, we will still be enjoying ourselves and looking for our next adventure.

Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...