Stepping inside the room, you witness a scene playing out with increasing frequency in hotel rooms and homes across the world.

Cuck Scene 1

A woman is laying with legs spread wide and lost in ecstasy as a muscular, presumably well-endowed black man thrusts powerfully between her legs. Off to the side, the woman’s husband moves about the room filming the scene, taking photos, and watching. He’s capturing the moments for the couple to enjoy long after their guest has completed his stud service and departed.

Tonight, in this hotel room, the man working the camera is me. As the evening has unfolded, my girl and I have crossed one erotic threshold after another. For the first time since we fell in love, she kissed another man, stroked and wrapped her sexy lips around another man’s hefty manhood, and welcomed her first black cock deep inside her sweet little pussy. Seared in memory forever is the visual of the “O ring” created from pretty pink pussy lips being stretched so tight and wide around strong, dark manhood. The contrast of skin tone was mesmerizing. Amber’s juices glistened and flowed heavily along the length of his meaty dark cock. God, my girl was sooo wet for him.

Throughout the evening Tyrell’s sexual prowess was on full display along his ability to fully command my lover’s body. At times he was down tempo while slowly and deeply grooving Amber’s pussy…touching and completely filling places deep inside her pussy that she never knew existed…places I will never know.

Amber - RIding

At other times, he pounded Amber so deep and hard! Her eyes would roll back and her head would fall back as if she was incapable of holding it up. She was taking ten inches of thick, black cock balls deep and filling the room with screams of “Oh my god!!!” She even squirted for the first time in her life…and then squirted for the second and a third time. Another man was doing things to her body that neither of us realized was even possible. Aside from squirting, my lover’s orgasms seemed to be almost continuous and, from my view, seemed to be far more intense with Tyrell. I have never seen her reduced to such a helpless state of orgasmic ecstasy.

Even though it wasn’t my cock that took Amber to these new heights of transcendent ecstasy, I am the one that ensured she experienced it by making tonight possible. As much as she and I had fantasized about an experience like tonight, it wasn’t always easy for me to watch. My heart was absolutely beating out of my chest. The whole scene had my stomach hurting a bit, and I even felt a bit queasy at times. This deep emotional burn I was feeling seemed like a natural response to seeing another man fuck the woman I love. However, the intensity of the feelings increased exponentially as the reality set in. Tyrell wasn’t just fucking Amber. He was fucking her better and making her experience sensations I will never be able to make her feel. It is impossible to overstate the erotic intensity of watching another more physically capable man rock your woman’s world. It is humbling in the deepest sense. Still, I couldn’t deny my obvious arousal. My much smaller cock was rock hard throughout the night with a continuous flow of pre-cum dripping like silky strands from my unattended shaft.

Amber - Being Taken

I hate to admit it but there were extended periods of time where I was so swept away that I completely forgot you were in the room. ~ Amber

Towards the end of the night, there is a moment when Amber is on her back with glassy eyes and tussled, wet hair. Tyrell has my girl in such a blissful haze that she will do anything he wants. Earlier in the evening, she had struggled so much to fit him inside her tight pink. Now, only moans and blissful screams fill the room as he pounds her with every thick inch of his overpowering cock. Tyrell’s stamina over the last two hours has been more than impressive, but he appears ready to blast his creamy load inside my girl. He is fucking her hard and harder, and it seems his release and final act of conquest is imminent.

With video camera in hand, I move closer to the bed and zoom in on his thick, dark cock moving powerfully inside my lover’s tightly stretched lips – her “O” ring was a prominent and unexpected visual throughout the night. Amber’s petite hands grip his muscular ass as she screams and pleads with him to cum inside her. The thought of this moment has always excited us, and now it is actually happening. He begins to grunt and moan as I witness the visual of his balls tightening as his shaft begins contracting. I kneel there mesmerized knowing with each pulse of his shaft he is pumping more and more of his creamy load deep inside Amber’s eagerly accepting pussy and marking his spot.

Once his orgasmic thrusts pass, I catch a glimpse of something I will never forget. As Tyrell’s plump cock slips out of Amber, a thick stream of cum spills from her pussy and trails down over her ass. For a brief instance, a large white pool of sperm inside Amber’s visibly gaped pussy. It looks like a cup that is about to overflow. The visuals last for a split second before her cum-filled pussy begins clinching and contracting as if trying to gather and hold on to its treasure…instinctually pulling it deep inside towards her fertile womb.

Tyrell falls back onto the bed with Amber nestling in close to him. They are both covered in sweat and glowing with radiant sexuality. She spreads her legs with one draped over his. She looks at me a little uncertainly as she lightly runs a finger between her swollen, cum-filled lips.

AMber - The Offer

She speaks to me directly but is indirectly filling in Tyrell on part of our fantasy.

“Michael, when it is just us in this moment, you usually get a warm towel to soothe my pussy and clean me. Since you haven’t done much for me tonight, I would really enjoy it if you to clean me with your tongue. I can tell Tyrell left a lot for for you to clean up….”

Amber wants me to lick her cum-filled pussy, but I hesitate. I feel embarrassed and shamed as my erotic humiliation deepens. My smaller cock stiffens and there is no hiding my arousal. These passing seconds of hesitation feel like hours as my mind fully absorbs all the emotions and thoughts of a lifelong fantasy that is now reality. Tyrell is laying there like he is king of the world with my fully satisfied girl all nestled into his body. His spent flaccid, spent cock is still larger than my rock-hard cock. He appears almost smug as he runs his hands all over her body like he owns her.

She responded to him in a way I have never experienced with her. He knows he just gave this beautiful woman the best fucking of her life. Amber also knows it, and I know it too. She had resisted this experience initially and said I was the only man she needed. She couldn’t possibly imagine sex with another man being remotely close to what we share. Still, I persisted. Now she lays beside this man in complete awe of how he made her feel and this our new reality.

Could I actually complete this odd but incredibly erotic humiliation by licking another man’s sperm from my lover’s pussy…with him still present to see it? My face feels flushed and my ears feel like they are burning red with embarrassment. Was it not humiliating enough that I had just watched this guy fuck my woman and know it was the best sex of her life? Was it not enough that my lover would now truly think of me as having a smaller, less fulfilling cock? Did I have to add to the humiliation and emasculation by going down on her and swallow the cum from best cock she ever had? Would it change Amber’s perception of me to see me acknowledging my place in the sexual hierarchy like this?

Playfully biting her lip, Amber runs her fingers lightly along her wet and swollen lips again.

“Baby, I’m waiting…”

Note: The original posting of this story ended here. Here is the rest of the story.

I move to the bed and slide down between Amber’s sexy legs. Tyrell’s scent is strong…his seed clearly visible between her flushed, swollen lips. My once defiant erection has faded into a more submissive posture. Slowly, I extend my tongue to her clit as I ease my way into the moment. I taste their spent passion as I hesitatingly swirl around her clit and build up my appetite for more.

I dip lower and lick the length of her cum-filled lips. My tongue is suddenly coated with Tyrell’s cum and my thoughts are swirling. I just watched this man fuck and satisfy Amber in ways I will never be able to. She knows what that feels like now, and it will always take another man to give her those sensations. I watched intently as his huge cock pulsed rope after heavy rope of sperm deep inside my woman. Now, I am tasting and about to swallow his cum. I hold onto the moment and savor the erotic rush briefly before swallowing his cum. Amber slips her hands into my hair and pulls me in deeper while encouraging me to get all of it. I part her lips and work my tongue deeper and deeper her pussy scooping out more of his creamy release into my mouth…and stomach.

She asks if I like it? My face already feels flushed with embarrassment by what I have been doing. Sitting up to look at Amber, my lips and face are covered with the mixed juices of my girl and her Bull. I am wet with their pleasure and admit I like it. She presses me for more. “What do you like, baby? Does Tyrell’s cum taste good?” My humiliation deepens. “Yes baby, his come taste good.” Amber beckons me closer. I move up to kiss my naughty angel but purposefully avoid entering her. The reclaiming will come soon, but I want to do that in a private, more intimate way after our Bull leaves.

Amber’s eyes are completely focused on mine as we slip into a sensual, passionate kiss. Stealing glances into one another’s eyes, a soul-gazing sensation envelopes me. She backs away ever so slightly and slides her tongue around the outer edges of my lips. Oh god, it is so intense to have my sweet girl licking another man’s sperm off my lips. She moans softly and comments on how good he tastes. She asks me to bring her more so I slide back down between her legs…

A lot has happened tonight but, in the end, this is all about our erotic journey as lovers. As good as Tyrell fucked her, our deep love comes through and still reigns supreme. The reclaiming of my girl’s pussy is going to be intense, and she will relish having the cum of two men inside her…feeding her sexual goddess desires. The, later tonight, she will nestle in against my shoulder with one hand resting softly on my tummy. She will relish in the thought that, just like her, we are both filled with Amber’s Creampie.

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67 thoughts on “Amber’s Creampie

  1. Don’t mind saying, this story got me so hàrd

    1. This is a hot reply! It still has the same effect on me as well. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      1. Look forward to more from this blog

        1. Thank you. I have about 10 posts on there now that you can navigate to from the home page at your leisure of course. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Re-Read this, did she wait long?

    1. Would you have made her wait long? I didn’t make her wait. My face was red with embarrassment as I sunk my tongue in her freshly fucked pussy and lapped up his cum. It was a very intense and erotic moment for the three of us.

      1. No I wouldn’t, but I got very aroused reading your reply

  3. LuvMyHotwife

    This is such a beautifully told story, thank you! Being a real-life cuckold, I understand the mixture of emotions involved with watching an alpha male bull give your wife what you could never give her. But, if you love her and know down deep that you are a beta male, then you should support your wife and her ability to have a lover or many lovers. In my opinion, having her take on black lovers is the way it was meant to be.

    1. Thanks for sharing you reaction. It is always hot to read how others have experienced these intense erotic moments as we cross the bridge from fantasy to reality…

  4. Anonymous Cuckold 1

    Perhaps I’ve felt a smidgen of jealousy while watching. But (LoL), I think in my case the jealousy is that I’m not getting it. I understand what you are saying though. Truthfully, I love her so much that I’m happy she is getting such pleasure and it gives me pleasure to see it.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You bring up a great point and it is an interesting theme in cuckolding. Many cuckolds do cite their lover’s pleasure as the main driver for cuckolding. It is free of almost all other erotic layers–humiliation, submission, race, etc… Just pleasure.

  5. TheCatzzzMeeow

    Is there a part II? If so, where can I find it? That said, I have to say that I could have written this story. I was always the director in these events. Although my wife was doing these men and enjoying it probably as much as you describe your lady’s reaction, she only had eyes for me during and afterwards. She was doing for my enjoyment as much as her own. My advice to anyone doing this is to keep doing what you both obviously enjoy. And, if you want to put your face down there and eat all of that delicious cum, do it and enjoy it! For me, one of life’s great pleasures is eating warm, fresh cum out of a well-fucked pussy…especially if it is the pussy of woman you love.

    1. Thanks CatzzMeeow, your bring up some rich topics in your comment. I absolutely have a preference for the “director” role. Though we don’t talk about it because it detracts from the fantasy, I believe that all cuckolds have the ultimate power in this sex play…much like submissive have the ultimate power in D/s play. I also agree that in a healthy cuckold relationship, the kink is ultimately about the couple’s experience…it is their naughty adventure together. I haven’t written part II yet but it is a true story.

  6. Anonymous Cuckold 2

    Fuck! Please tell me you did???

    1. Coming soon in Part II.

  7. Anonymous Cuckold 3

    If you want to be her cuckold then you will drink up every drop, then go to her bull and suck him clean, and thank him for pleasing your woman.

    1. Ah, this takes it to a new level of erotic humiliation.

  8. Anonymous Cuckold 4

    Great story, I hope you did as she asked and expected. Your little dick may be of little use to her now. But, she will always have a need for you to use your mouth and tongue. Welcome to “clean up” duty!

    1. This is a duty that many (not all) cuckolds want to perform.

  9. Anonymous Cuckold 5

    Nicely put. I have to say you described the situation very well, having experienced the same myself.

    1. Thank you, I tried to capture the erotic angst I was feeling..

  10. Anonymous Cuckold 6

    For men with little cocks, this is what we were made for.

  11. Anonymous Cuckold 7

    Yes, you did go down on her. She parted her legs with her black lover laying a strong ebony hand on her tight guiding it to open wider. He looked down at her and grinned as he told her to flex her inner muscles. Just as your tongue touched her swollen open pussy, she squeezed as his cum rushed into your mouth. Your erotic humiliation was now complete.

    1. Such a hot comment! I could almost feel that bolus of hot cream flooding across my tongue and lips…

  12. Anonymous Cuckold 8

    Great story, “food” for thought.

  13. Anonymous Cuckold 8

    This is a very good story and it is started for many of us.

    1. Appreciate your comment…and, it is a true story.

  14. Mister_Sticky

    That was an incredibly hot story… Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thank you Mister_Sticky. Appreciate you taking time to share that positive feedback!

  15. I definitely know what you mean by that “pang of jealousy” and about being around other men that appear smug when they realize your woman is not only attracted to them but almost completely unaware of your presence. I will admit…seeing other (real) men have this effect on my girlfriend can be a little uncomfortable. Well, actually it is a combination of jealousy, insecurity, and insignificance. Later, when alone, I will become very aroused as I relive the memory in my thoughts. The memory of seeing the woman I love and care so much for…flirting, touching, smiling, and flaunting her sexy body in from of these strong, assertive men is such a turn on.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Cruzin! That jealous emotional burn is part of the experience that many of us savor…it is almost dizzying. I totally get what you mean about reliving the memories. Even now, as I retell this story, I am flooded with arousal and how hot that experience was.

  16. Anonymous Cuckold 11

    That emotional angst when we know the woman we love has found a superior lover. The “I make her feel things that you can’t” is true. But, Amber is also giving you something that most women won’t. No, you won’t be shaking those images.

    1. True, it is a very special gift she gave me. She also gets to experience something many women won’t but perhaps fantasize about. She gets to experience another man in a purely sexual way within a loving relationship and also pleases her man at the same time. For Amber, the build up to this moment and the erotic context around it only added to the fire. If she was single and just meeting another man, the intensity of this moment may have been different.

  17. Anonymous Cuckold 12

    So hot! I should be used to it but I always feel a little jealous as her boyfriend flirts and rubs on her…knowing he is going to take her to orgasmic places I can only hope for. In my place, on my knees between her legs, I am ready to show acceptance of my status by cleaning and serving them both as directed.

    1. The status reference is a hot one in cuckolding. An erotic layer of submission and humiliation added on to cuckolding. Interesting though how in reality, it is the cuckold that is really in control. Shhh, I won’t tell anyone. 😉

  18. Anonymous Cuckold 13

    Exceptional short story.

    1. Thank you.

  19. Anonymous Cuckold 14

    Awesome story and great angle, love it!

    1. Appreciate the feedback, hope it left you with a taste for more…

  20. Anonymous Cuckold 15

    Hot story and well written.

    1. Thank you.

  21. I’m a little lost for words. I absorbed this as though I were taking a masterclass.
    So many things to take in…I may have to come back to this. All I keep thinking is, if I had YOU… I’d never want to fuck another man…and now I’ve just said that I’m thinking…that would be a turn off for you? That I’d only want you? Confusing…but this is truly brain food…I love seeing things from a perspective I’ve never had before.

    1. Sexy girl, this is a heavy post to take in. I backdated this when I released it and wasn’t sure I had laid enough groundwork to “feature” it. You are looking deep into my erotic thoughts here…some aspects of which I am still searching for answers. What I do know it is that it is wildly exciting. Your reaction is perfect though. I would want you to only want me. And, because of this, I will want you to fuck other men…men that are more endowed…men that look different from me. The theme of contrast is once again present. Love and cuckolding explode with contrasting almost dizzying emotions that fuel an erotic tempest. Then, there is the contrast of cock size and skin tone. There is inversion…you being a loving woman and doing something that feels like your world is upside down…a form of submission you never imagined…an erotic whirlwind. Of course, the entire moment is inversion for me too. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I think you are getting a great grip on this…and it is really making me hot! 🍆🔥

      1. You ignite my mind and… other things when you speak and tell me your desires and fantasies…unresolved and otherwise…
        I have so many thoughts about it, and that you are still Searching for your answers makes a vulnerability emanate from you that is truly irresistible.
        As you know 😏 I have been thinking about this a lot…trying to understand why it’s so erotic when inherently, it cuts deeply and hurts. Why do we want to couple pain with desire? Physical and emotional? I genuinely think it’s the deep duality of everything in existence…the unfortunately over used and abused concept of Yin and Yang, which is ingrained into everything that is actualised and is beautiful and harmonious when realised and absorbed.
        I think our pasts, speckled with so much pain, and our souls, pure and full and needing to be loved and desired and to give love and desire, play the leading role in this theatre of needs and wants and life.
        I think the pain you’ve experienced in life has attuned you to this concept, this ideal of duality. Your amazing mind and spirit have made sense of your pain, of your loss, of your need to pleasure and be pleasured, of your spaces in your soul that red to be filled. This delicious mixture of pain and pleasure drips through your psyche, your body, your warmth, your heart…and you resolve this battle through your fantasy of watching the woman you adore being taken and fucked and brought to orgasm by another man…because.. hmmm…let me see if I have this right…if there is a connection, an adoration and desire so deep between you and the luckiest woman in the world, then … your desire to see her pleasured and her desire to pleasure you are two sides of the same coin. She feels the pain of you feeling pain as another man pounds his way into her, deeply, and you both feel this BECAUSE you are so deeply connected, and this connection makes this moment, this experience insanely erotic, MORE than a turn on…like the wish to have an endless orgasm, that nearly kills you, but brings you back to life.
        Honestly, I have never EVER contemplated ANY of this before…but you’ve opened my mind, among other things and I wish…I could give you this.
        If both lovers are simultaneously doing this for eachother, but also for themselves, if both lovers are feeling the dizzying heights of submission and power at the same time..then this may be one of the most perfect erotic moments. ONE of the most, not THE most… because believe me…I have other perfect thoughts which don’t involve any one else. Where the rest of the world can fuck right off and leave us be…just two bodies heaving and swelling and dripping for each other, while their souls slide into each other in ertotic, blissful turmoil.

        I think I am getting a grip on this…and I mean that in every sense.

        I’m…so enamoured and beyond insane for your words and you

  22. Wow, if you won’t do your clean up duty, I sure will.

    1. Like yourself, I had harbored this fantasy for a long time. This was my first moment of truth where the fantasy had become reality and there was a lot going through my mind about the moment and the aftermath…and if Amber’s perception of me would change. Although, as I had witnessed in person…she already had a new view of reality around sex and the heights of pleasure she could transcend to with a BBC moving deep inside her 🔥Now, she wanted me to acknowledge my place in the sexual hierarchy.

  23. I..I um. I’m a little out of words at the moment Michael. I even went back and reread to try and form a thought but I think that made it worse haha. Thanks for making a mess of my thoughts. I’m going to go..take care of that.

    1. This was one of those posts that I backdated…unsure if I should have it forward in the timeline. I was nervous admitting that I tasted another man’s cum.😬 The way this story unfolds, would you find it hot to have your man do this? Did it make you think about me differently or did you find it hot? I always appreciate your thoughts 😘

      1. Honestly yeah I think I would. I found it hot and don’t think you should have worried about admitting it. People are always going to have an opinion but that’s life. If you enjoyed it and she enjoyed it thats all that matters

        1. Thank you Lili, I was hoping you would feel that way – turned on thinking about experiencing something similar and by what I did 🍑💦👅

  24. Great story. Man is lucky to be able to film his woman like this. And to find her a bvull with stamina, well, that is a gift.

    1. A Bull with stamina is often taken for granted. Those without are the stories that are rarely written about.☺️These moments are hot even without filming but it is amazing to be able to go back and watch. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving. 🔥

  25. wonderful

    1. Thank you Sindee, so glad you enjoyed 🔥

  26. Fucklicking is the ultimate sensation. Your tongue licking her Clit while a BBC is pumping cream deep inside of her.

    1. “Fucklicking”…that’s a great phrase. Sounds like you’ve had this experience and enjoyed it 😈

  27. Theres a hierarchy i just thought the world was full of abstainers and deliverers or the naughty inheritance set! i am still shocked people are willing to go so deeply into the areas extended abstinance sets! Recently reaquiring my little demoness or cat! layers of my husband are edible, i just wish i could ge the clearance right to set my core in, i am a AC/DC layers lady, b4 deliverance now i am missing far more than my deliverance…well theirs i am mising intimacy, that energy of desire, hunger and someone submitting to their desires!

    1. In this story, do see me as going deeply into the extended abstinence set? Their is denial but that denial is also very arousing. Do you find this story exciting…does it add desire and hunger to your erotic energy?

      1. i find kissing oe of the most erotic things in the world as a vamp the energy i feel through mine and others stisfaction is massive, with the right level of desire!

      2. i vent write with a friend who has a similar sense of humour, as i feel some days like i need to just take or be taken, usually when my youngest has an event! As a psychologist i know the further i am distanced from my desires the more evolved and dirty the requirements would become! I like to write it out, share them with a like mind and tantrically recieve which fulfills that self destructive urge! often the most erotic part is the manifesting of the event on other levels! At the moment i am more focussed on the amazing levels i recieve! it does mean that all my levels get satisfied and i am lucky that most my levels sat immaculately alongside me and support her!

  28. You can do no wrong , I love it here

    1. Livia, I love that you checked out so many stories and enjoyed it. I hope you were able to have a few orgasms along the way too🔥I was wondering when (if ever) a woman would comment on this post. I would think some women might find it arousing to think about their boyfriend licking another man’s cum out of her pussy. Glad you did – thank you! 😈

  29. I want to thank the author for sharing one of the hottest and most erotic stories that I have ever run across.

    1. Thank you, Indy Submale 🔥This was one of the first experiences I ever wrote about and shared publicly. As you can imagine, it was hot to experience but felt a little awkward to admit publicly. I hoped there would be a few men that enjoyed it so thank you for sharing your reaction. 💫

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