Taylor and Michael have been successfully navigating their long-distance relationship for several years. Monthly visits, extended vacations, blogging about there sexy adventures, and daily communication have kept them close and feeling apart of one another’s daily life. Over the course their sexual exploration, cuckolding has emerged as a shared kink with a splash of D/s added to their erotic elixir.

Their first cuckold experiences had surpassed their wildest expectations and Taylor was ready for more. They decided it might be hot to search for a Bull that lived a bit closer to Taylor. This would provide a steady infusion of erotic heat in their relationship and help take the edge of Taylor’s raging libido. They created a profile on an adult dating site, and a gentleman named D’Andre caught Taylor’s attention. She was initially drawn in by his muscular build, tattoos, dark chocolate skin, and of course his magnificent cock. However, it was his witty, engaging personality that kept her engaged.

Michael nor Taylor paid much attention to the fact that D’Andre’s profile clearly stated he was Dom. They had dabbled in D/s in order to explore Taylor’s submissive desires, but it never felt truly authentic for either of them. Michael is more of a sensual, passionate lover. While he certainly provided Taylor with hot spankings, passionate sex lasting hours, and multiple orgasms; he came up a little short in the size department. His slender, 5″ cock didn’t back up his commanding presence, and he wasn’t physically capable of “fucking her into submission”. Rather than feeling sated and compliantly submissive after a hard fucking, Taylor was often left feeling sassy and craving more.

Sex with D’Andre would be very different. He fucked Taylor into submission the very first night they were together. She didn’t want to admit it to Michael or herself at the time, but deep inside she knew it. It was the kind of experience Taylor had always fantasized about. She loved D’Andre’s dominant energy and, unlike Michael, he had more than enough cock to back it up. While she often pleaded with Michael for “more”, she struggled to accommodate D’Andre’s overwhelming manhood and felt him in the very best way for days after fucking him. Over the course of their ensuing play dates, he skillfully guided Taylor deeper and deeper into her subspace. At the same time, Michael was having a parallel experience as he sank deeper and deeper into uncharted cuckold spaces. D’Andre was pushing their limits and skillfully opening their minds to possibility of a new type of experience – an “Owned” couple.

This new experience would require passing through a number of new thresholds. Ownership of Taylor’s pussy and overall sexual pleasure was one such threshold. The transfer of ownership began to happen gradually over the course of ensuing visits. Taylor began openly admitting to D’Andre he was providing her with the very best fucks of her life. This obviously meant that D’Andre was fucking her better than Michael but D’Andre wanted Taylor to say it. Invariably, while they were fucking, he would alway ask her if he fucked her better than Michael. Her answer was always an immediate and emphatic “Yes!”…and her admission was often accompanied by a toe-curling orgasm. For reasons not fully understood, it made her so wet to tell D’Andre this.

Taylor also enjoyed connecting with Michael after her play dates with D’Andre. She would gush about how well D’Andre fucked her and how his big dick filled and stretched her little pussy in ways Michael’s little penis never will. All the while, she could hear Michael’s heavy breathing as he stroked his modest member. Taylor would describe what a heavy comer D’Andre was and how he flooded her pussy or mouth his thick, creamy heavy loads…and how she loved the taste of D’Andre’s cum. This never failed to push Michael over the edge. She would encourage Michael to keep stroking his little penis and shoot his small load in a tissue…while reminding him that a real man’s cock had just flooded her womb with superior load. Michael always had the most intense orgasms in these moments.

The question of “Best Fuck” is one thing, the question of ownership is another and D’Andre often asked this question too. Taylor’s response was far more careful and nuanced to this question. She wouldn’t tell D’Andre he owned her pussy even though he was already commanding her body like no man ever had. This left both of them feeling less than satisfied. As part of their D/s experience “ownership” meant something to both of them…and to Michael.

As Taylor’s sense of submission deepened, cognitive dissonance began to set it in. How much of her experience was fantasy and what was real? Who really commanded her pussy and her sexual pleasure? Michael is the man she loves and the one making all of this possible, but D’Andre is the man actually delivering the dominant energy and physical pleasure she craves. How can she fully submit to D’Andre while at the same time being sexually available to Michael without her Sir’s permission? Shouldn’t a woman’s Dom control who she is allowed to have sex with? And, if she always needs Michael’s permission to be with D’Andre, then it didn’t feel like D’Andre was truly her Dom.

Taylor struggled with this dilemma. She loves Michael with all her heart and soul, and her interactions with D’Andre have done nothing to change these feelings. If anything, she only feels them stronger now. Michael is giving her a special gift of sexual freedom that few men would allow their lover. While she was once hesitant to accept this gift, she now feel very fortunate and grateful. If it ever came to a point where she would have to choose between the two men, she would always choose Michael without hesitation. Fortunately, her decision isn’t about one man or the other. Given Michael’s desire to be cuckolded, Taylor can still be with the man she loves while simultaneously enjoying the best sex of her life with another man.

However, D’Andre’s desire to command Taylor’s submission and her desire to submit fully to him does complicate matters.

Fortunately, she isn’t in this alone. Michael has been with her every step of the way and been very supportive of her exploration. He has consistently encouraged her to follow her desires and embrace the fullness of her sexuality. He has repeatedly assured Taylor that with every step she takes into submission, he is taking an equally arousing step into his incredibly arousing cuckold space. The question of ownership and how Taylor feels about D’Andre is something they have been openly discussing. Taylor’s primary concern is protecting her relationship with Michael so she has proceeded with great caution.

Michael eventually admitted that, as a cuck, it would feel extremely erotic for another man to “own” his lover’s pussy. Her desire to do this would reinforce what Michael already knew Taylor was feeling – D’Andre was more physically satisfying. Cuckold desires are hard to understand but Michael found it so exciting to have Taylor openly admitting her new lover was a better fuck. An added erotic layer for Michael would be D’Andre’s reaction to “ownership”. D’Andre would know Taylor and Michael discussed it and, regardless of how that conversation flowed, D’Andre would know that Taylor made it clear he was the Alpha and her pussy belonged to him now. He fucked her better, claimed her pussy, and took it from Michael. He would also know that Michael had fully accepted his lower position in the sexual hierarchy. Now, if Michael were to get any pussy, it would be D’Andre’s sloppy seconds. Even the thought of such an outcome has Michael rock hard and dripping wet.

Taylor has a play date with D’Andre and pre-date phone call with Michael in a few minutes. Given Michael’s openness to exploring this path, all that remains is Taylor’s long overdue decision. She owes it to D’Andre, herself, and Michael. The thought of telling D’Andre he owns her pussy is soaking her panties and making her inner thighs slick with arousal. Even if her mind is confused, her body is speaking her truth. She knew it the first night D’Andre fucked her, and she wants him to know it tonight. Taylor is craving this new reality and knows the dynamics of this situation excite Michael too. But, can she actually go through with this? How can she tell the man she loves and adores that another man has fully claimed her pussy, and she wants him to own it? How much of this is just a game to Michael? Does he really know how much she truly craves D’Andre’s touch, dominance, and big cock? Would it hurt him to know how very real her desires are? This is no longer a game to Taylor. She wants to submit fully…to D’Andre.

[The phone rings…Call from Michael]

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19 thoughts on “A Question of Ownership

  1. Anther example of your great writing on the subject, and the art adds a lot. The description of your load in a tissue versus his in her womb was delicious. I’m curious to learn what D’Andre’s ownership of her pussy will mean for your access. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Nelson, really appreciate your generous feedback. Just curious if you are the Nelson I’ve had a few chats with from DeviantArt? If so, just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog. Your callout about the tissue-womb difference…that always gets me so hot too! I hope you enjoy the way “a question of ownership” plays out… 🔥If you would like to share how it plays out in your mind, please feel free to share a little story here in the comment. Hope you have a great weekend.

      1. Yep, that Nelson. You are generous is responding to comments. I’m curious how the conflict between wanting sex with her but living with when and if he allows it. There’s some minimum amount of sex below which I would have issues. But wow if you visit and are allowed seconds… I look forward to how it plays out and I’m trying to think of possibilities but my imagination gives only snippets like the seconds, you watching him enter her, him giving restrictions such as amount of time or frequency. You not finishing within the restrictions and relying on the tissue in front of her.

        1. Ah, so glad you are here. You are the one that is generous with comments. The reaction and any discussion that comes with a story is one of my favorite aspects of doing this. This journey will play out over a series of posts. Some will answer your questions and others will capture moments you are seeing snippets of in your imagination. I hope you enjoy them🔥

  2. There was nothing about this that I didn’t find interesting and deeply arousing. I always look forward to your posts Michael.
    The fact he was a heavy comer was so hot

    1. I don’t get much feedback or reactions these days so I really appreciate your comment and the hot feedback. It seems D’Andre was coming out on top in every way…including the size of his release. I hope you enjoy the way this evolves… 🔥

      1. It’s one of those curious kinks, creampies and sloppy seconds. Mix those in with the complex psychology of the cuckold and I am very interested in what happens next.
        I will be sure to interact more when I see you have posted

  3. I must have read this post 3 times. It does evoke my curiosity and to see how ownership changes the dynamics of their relationship.

    1. It strikes your curiosity, but may I ask if you found it erotic from a woman’s perspective? There is a fine line to walk between love and the exploration of sexual kinks. In this case it may be the thinnest of margins.

      1. hmmm,
        I see you aren’t satisfied with my two sentences… I would demand a little more too.

        The idea of her submitting her pussy to be owned is explosive. Michael’s support heightens the experience. I imagine a scene unfolding, each playing a part in her pleasure while everyone is rewarded.

        The thin line…
        Emotional needs are not stagnant. If there is a time when Michael or Taylor has a need for comfort (to me comfort intimacy can be as different from play, and angry intimacy) that can be met/calmed/satisfied in the moment do they then have to ask permission.

        Over time, I wonder about unfulfilled longings…not just the sexual ones induced by play. Hence the curiosity.

        1. You would demand a little more…I would love to hear that. 😈 Thank you expanding on what you were feeling after reading this. Your perspective means a lot. It is so hot that the submissive aspect comes across as sexy for you and how Michael’s supports adds more erotic fire. I totally appreciate your hesitation around the thin line too. My perspective on cuckolding, I believe, reflects how it is most commonly experienced in real life. This real-life perspective is the link to your “thin line” curiosity. In the end, it always about the couple’s journey and the cuck or his cuckoldress/hotwife can pump the breaks anytime and everything will stop. It is only hot if both of them are enjoying it and loses its appeal otherwise. Their relationship is always supreme. This particular experience gets a little closer to that thin line because the other man, rather than a transitory bull, is a Dom and exerts more influence in their day-to-day relationship. Michael could still pump the breaks and Taylor would stop. However, she is getting something deeply fulfilling from her Dom, sexually and submissively, and it would be a loss for her if that relationship vanished. This raises the stakes. Fortunately, none of them will want to push on the line of comfort intimacy. Even D’Andre knows Michael has Taylor’s heart and that is sacred to Michael and Taylor. Any move to claim that would lead to D’Andre’s prompt dismissal. Robecca, this is a long reply and please don’t feel compelled to respond (not that you ever do). I just wanted to get this out of my head and onto paper. ☺️

          1. Your real life perspective is what fascinates me most. The lens in which you share your world through is vivid and I’m drawn to all the petty things. I needed this second post for clarity. So far the learning journey has been erotic fun and I’m so excited to travel back to early posts. As a couple their priority is to their relationship. Individually, their priority is to each other. In that is her happiness- and meeting her needs and the reverse. ( am I getting this?) He/Micheal is being full filled because she is. When broken down – without the heart pumping moments, I see it. Taste it. But now that I understand it, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Make my heart bleed for their next erotic moment.
            …out of your head and onto paper… 🔥 I hear tissue is softer, but what do I know. I live for these tiny pearls 😇

          2. Your comments are like sparking diamonds 💎✨I do think you get it…and your understanding of this dynamic is sooo sexy. I’m sitting here reading your message over and over…your words evoke such a swirl in my thoughts. I often find it very hard…to reply, and feel such a sense of rising tension with every stroke…on the keyboard. Good thing I have some soft tissue nearby, folded in layers, because your comment leaves me with a lot to absorb. Love your angel emoji. You truly are an angel…perhaps naughty angel more fully completes the picture, and I mean that in the very best way 😈😇

          3. Why, thank you, Michael!(curtsy) I do spend lots of time in the prayer 😈position. You telling me (I’m getting it) – no pun intended- just makes me want to sit at the front of the class lol- (all smart students know it’s the best view – you’re eye level with anything worth looking at) 🙃

          4. I was working on a few edits when it felt like my computer was starting to overheat. I closed my files but heat kept coming so I pressed deeper and deeper to open up the source…and here it is! Your curtsy and prayer position leave such a strong impression…one you would see if sitting in the front row, at eye level 😈🔥

          5. You felt me call to you… I think I like that 🔥

            “Would see?” Tsk tsk.

            I’m flattered that my words leave little impressions that I might see while sitting in the front row! 😇

          6. Little impressions that you might see…. Well, aren’t you such a frisky kitten, purring, calling, and skillfully playing with her new little toy 😈

  4. I hate to feel objectified unless i am getting what i want, their is a difference in submission to desire and succumbing to undesired attention! i find taking the empowerment of i am willing to let you present as a man, if you see the independance and confidence you hold is as beautiful in me as it is in you! Thankyou for liking my post- i translated it for my face book, i have a version in engish i just thought i would test the water!

    1. I hope I fairly expressed Taylor’s point of view. Her submission was part of getting what she wanted from D’Andre, and she found great pleasure in that. I did too ☺️

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