One Night is part of the Touched series featuring stories, poems, or art by other creators inspired by their own Dionysian experience.

About the author: She had never been able to express her erotic desires. For too long, others shamed and judged her. They suppressed the erotic fire which swirled wildly within. Over the course of several months, she finally found her release and, in turn, touched my soul. Even now, her energy illuminates me and inspired this new set of art for her poetry.

One Night

Rolling ripples kiss my skin,

Feeling you gaze deep within,

Can you really see me?

Do you really know?

Just how much I yearn for you to never to go…


We only have tonight; so, let’s make it count,

Undress me,

Touch me,

Love me,

Desire me now…

Let me feel your breath on my cheek,

As you ravage away all my insecurities,

Feeling those chills up and down my spine,

As your hands covet my inner thighs…




My craving lips rhythmically explore,

Savoring every inch of you as you thrust for more…

Quenching my thirst

With your pearly conceit,

Trickling down my pouty lips,

As you wipe my rosy cheek…


Looking up to you;

Capturing that very moment,

Your eyes glisten and burn so bright,

I’m loving just how much you enjoyed me

How I’ve longed for this very sight

To feel like this with you

Even if for just one night…

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7 thoughts on “Touched: One Night

  1. The new artwork is incredible! The poetry is equal parts delight and heartbreak. She touches on feelings that are very familiar. I’m terribly excited for this new part of your blog! You continue to surprise me-at every turn…

    1. Ah sweet Carly, I’ve missed your presence. ☺️ So glad you liked the artwork…I thought you might particularly enjoy the vision of Dionysus summoned at forest’s edge. 🔥What she expressed does seem to be an all to common and unfortunate theme for women (and men). I like to think that we are able to break through this barrier…at least here we are free and unified with kindred spirits.💫

  2. Looks like something to look forward to. The artwork as usual is amazing. I never really picked it up preferring to stick to…other methods such as song and dance to express myself. You seem to be breaking down all sorts of barriers and I admire that. Ever since I’ve started following your blog I’ve been more at one with myself and my writing. Takes a special skill to bring that out of someone.

    1. Song and dance may be even better forms of expression… I love watching a woman dance especially when she’s doing it for me (in private) and removing her clothes 😈Thank you so much for the compliment on breaking down barriers. That has deep meaning for me and I really do appreciate it. As for your writing, you are tapping into what has always been within. I admire your passion and how well you express yourself. 💫 There is always a place waiting for you in the “Touched” series with a link to your blog if you ever want to share.☺️

  3. Maybe I’ll take you up on that. Might be good to break down a wall or two that I have

    1. I think you may have taken me up on that? I’ll be to that post a bit later today and can’t wait!😃🔥

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