I typically create digital art to complement my stories. Sometimes, I just let the creative juices flow. Hope you enjoy these pink dreams ~ Michael

Salem - Portriat 1

CB Esme8 1

G8 - 6 v2

Abigail - Hex Arcanum 2 v2

Chanel 15

You can find more of my art (digital art and videos) here: Visual Arts.

12 thoughts on “Digital Art – Flowing Pink

  1. Gorgeous. Do you use a specific computer program to create these?

    1. Hi Cindi, thanks so much for stopping by. I use DAZ 3D, Iray for rendering, and photoshop for editing/layering.

      1. Wonderful.. thank you for sharing.

  2. Ooh 😲 wow 🤩

    What amazing photo Michael…

    And those bodies.. even I find them super stimulating…

    You have such a creative talent…

    And the way you captured the beauty of these girls…

    1. Thank you Nita, you always make me smile (along with other reactions) ☺️Such a sexy treat thinking about you being stimulated…by any source of inspiration🔥

    1. Thank you ✨

  3. Happy Sunday <3

    1. Beautiful Simona, so wonderful to have you visit again. Hope you are doing well and had a wonderful weekend 😘

  4. Such beautiful perfect works of art. Thank you Michael for sharing. Sending you lots of love and hugs too. ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you Summerhill ☺️I’m a big fan of your artwork and really appreciate and value your kind feedback ❤️

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