Michael and I were having one of our highly-charged, erotic evenings. It’s around 10 pm, and I’m kneeling beside the bed loving my Man’s beautiful cock, my lips covered with his pre-cum. The next thing I know, our sweaty bodies are flipping yet again in an erotic progression of positions – all of the sudden it’s 2:15 am! I’ve had countless smaller orgasms and at least 2 amazing mind-bending, body-wrecking orgasms!!! We were so hot for each other…teetering on exhaustion but couldn’t stop! I wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck!

At one point Michael is behind me. I’m laying flat on my stomach, ass raised up like a beautiful little melon. The fruits skin has been pierced and the peachy, pink, meaty flesh is exposed and juicy. He is infusing me with long deep strokes, our rhythm is perfect, and my pussy is singing! As he fucks me, a vivid fantasy flows into my thoughts…a fantasy I know pushes his hot buttons and mine, mmmm! My thoughts become words and our erotic space takes on added layers. I see and feel the fantasy…

“Baby, you need to give me a Big Black Cock! Present me to him, allow him to see and touch me…give me to another man and allow him to take your Girl!  Write on my body, on my ass…what it is your girl is craving. Baby, this is my gift to you and your gift to me.”

I start to visualize my Michael holding me, kissing me, and giving me to another man. I continue telling Michael what I’m seeing, “Yes, Mmmmm fuck me hard with your big black cock! Oh Baby, the bigger cock feels amazing…it’s making me feel so full! It feels so much thicker and wider, bigger than your smaller cock, Baby!”

Michael gets crazy hot and fucks me so hard…punishing my pussy when I talk about another man fucking me! His cock becomes more engorged…longer, thicker, and harder as plunges deeper into me. His breathing is heavier and our pace is matched… we’re almost to the finish line…neither one of us wants to win…we both desire to cross the finish line together…as ONE, in unison.

I’m fantasizing about being fucked by a black man with a huge cock while Michael is kissing and loving me…fucking me deeply with his cock. We’re there, a few meters more… “FUCK!”…the finish line…we are screaming in unison with our bodies pounding and exploding as we crash through the tape together!!!  He fills me with his creamy white love, and I bathe him yet again in my silkiness.

Michael Reminisces:

Sienna posted the above story on the Sensual Shadows blog we once shared. It was among my favorite posts because I always found it incredibly erotic when Sienna shared her BBC fantasy publicly. At the same time, it celebrated the passion and loving connection that flowed through our relationship. The original post included a photo gallery featuring Sienna in lingerie along with a few nudes showing off her ample breasts and sweet pussy. As she frolicked around the room, she posed with a large black dildo pressed against her lips, ass, pussy, and breasts.

Seeing her posing with the toy and knowing she was see desperately wanted to experience the real thing was such an erotic moment for both of us.

During this photo session, I also took the opportunity to mark my girl by writing “I ❤️BBC” on her ass and pussy. Clearly, this was truth in advertising and something we often indulged in.

I would sometimes mark her in the morning after she showered and before we went out for the day. It made her hot walking around knowing she was marked in such a naughty way. The rear waist of her low-cut jeans would occasionally slide down when she knelt and offer those around us a naughty glimpse into her secret desires.

Sharing the photo gallery of Sienna in that original post tapped into my cuckolding and erotic humiliation kinks. The party in the comments after its release was a whole another iteration of hotness (they are still included with this post). Sienna and I were able to text behind the scenes and get turned on all over again. One example of hot comments came from Jalen, the man who eventually ended up fucking her. His comment ignited this hot exchange between the three of us:

Jalen- If ever there were a siren’s call….. 🙂

Sienna – Hmmm, sounds like you’re answering the Siren’s call Jalen…

Michael – Perhaps “Jalen” would be a nice tattoo for my girl’s ass?

Jalen – ‘Jalen was here’

Sienna – LOL! Hmmm Babe, what do you think?

Michael – That would be a hot start! We can do better though. I think Jalen would need to have his hand on your ass…just above the ‘tattoo’…with his long, thick cock pressed against your AMAZING ass!

Sienna – Michael, you are making me so crazy wet with these thoughts! xoxo

Jalen – Interesting enough, I just fed some thick black cock to a new friend the other night. Really stretched her out. Told me she was nice and sore the next day.

Sienna – Jalen, I’ve experienced the morning after soreness, but not with a “real” BBC…only with the toy Michael uses on me. I wonder if it’s the same? Michael, what do you think?

Michael – Baby, you have experienced some morning-after soreness, but I don’t imagine that soreness compares to the hot reminder Jalen’s big cock will leave after he opens you up even further…

Sienna – BABY!!!! Yes you have! You’ve fucked me until I’ve ached the next day!!!! Although, I don’t imagine that’s like being stretched by a BBC. Mostly, my pubic bone and legs are tender. Your smaller cock can’t fill and stretch my pussy like that….only when you fuck my tight little ass ☺️

That exchange was like a hammer pounding hard on my erotic hot buttons! Whew, it still turns me on remembering that moment and how everything would eventually play out. Privately, Sienna had already expressed interest in Jalen and now she was sharing her desire publicly. At the same time, Jalen was making it very clear he wanted to fuck my girl. Knowing this was playing out in front of our close-knit virtual community made it even more arousing and intense. At the same time, she was reminding everyone that my modest endowment was part of her fascination with Jalen and his more substantial manhood.

Hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane ~ Michael

52 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows – Tattoo You

  1. So very hot!!!!!!

    1. We’ve had some more loving posts recently…thought it was time for a hot memory with more of a naughty edge! Glad you liked it! 🙂

  2. Anastasia

    Dearest Sienna, you are a Beautiful Woman. Now you have gone and done it. I’m left wet, and very aroused. Fortunately, I’m on my way to go pick up Hubby from work. Then I’m going to work him over.
Your Friend,

    1. Thank you Anastasia,
What a wonderful way to start the weekend!

      1. Anastasia

        Yes it is! XoXo

  3. Woohoooooo. Hard to beat crossing the finish line together. Great telling of a wonderful experience between you two. You’re making me wish I were black. 😉 JK

    1. JK, as you do with Sofia, we have many fantasies…some where you would “fit in” quite nicely, I’m sure! 😉

      1. 🙂 Any man can aspire to greatness, but fitting into fantasies that include a girl like Sienna, is something rare and magnificent. Thanks for the compliment.

        1. Our fantasies of “rare and magnificent” are born out of a love and desire that you certainly understand JK

          1. thank you for saying so, Sienna. yes, I understand.

      2. And I agree with my sweet Michael, you would certainly fit in!

        1. Wow, thank you Sienna. I’m truly flattered.

  4. Ocean's Water


    1. Looks like you enjoyed, thank you! 🙂

  5. So sexy girl and I love your lingerie. 😉

    1. Why thank you Tis! I’m sure you would look amazing in it as well!

      1. Your lingerie IS sexy, Baby!!! That “Tattoo” looks pretty hot too…you wear it all so well, mmmm!

        1. Mmmmm, I wear it for you My Love! xoxoxoxo

        2. Tattoo… thanks to your artistic expression My Love xoxoxo

      2. Would that be your lingerie I’d look amazing in or my own? 😉 couldn’t help myself. xoxo

        1. What a sexy HOT thought to wake up to Tis, I would be happy to share mine…you’re making me blush xxoo

          1. I do have a thing for pink cheeks. ;)

          2. Okay, blushing more!!! And… You realize you’re making me crazy with the PW protected post you just put up! Hmmmmmm a little hint????

          3. 😀 Yay!
            re: the PPP, it was nothing sexy or naughty, I’d let everyone see those. haha It was just something personal for B.

  6. I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog, and feel fortunate not to have picked myself up and hurried off as if nothing had happened – what some do even when they stumble over the truth. Your other recent postings, which Michael referred to as “loving” certainly are. Written by you both, they are public displays of affection and love, which melt the heart of one such as I who witnesses your connection.

    As to the fantasy-charged connection you both had here, introduced and illustrated by your “tattoo” images, I’m certain that the flames you fan, this fantasy fuel you add to your mutual passion, will not extinguish itself or burn itself out. It is an itch that must be scratched, one I also have known, and scratch it you one day will.

    1. Chris, thank you for taking the time to explore some of our stories. Also, it would have been easy to experience them and just move on…thanks for taking the time to share your reaction in such a thoughtful way. I don’t mean to be over the top but this comment is a gift – it truly resonates in my soul. Thank you. Regarding that itch, we have quite a few…time will tell which ones get scratched 😉 Thanks again for your visit and comment!

    2. Thank you Chris! I’m glad you enjoyed reading… And this is US… Pretty much the real, raw and authentic WE as we write! Stay tuned and thank you for the special comment!

  7. if ever there were a siren’s call….. 🙂

    1. Hmmm… Sounds like you’re answering the siren’s call Jalen!

      1. interesting enough…I fed some thick black cock to a new friend the other night. Really stretched her out. Told me she was nice and sore the next day.

        1. I’ve experienced the morning after soreness with our toy, but not with a “real” BBC… Wonder if its the same? Michael, what do you think?

          1. Baby, you have experienced some morning-after soreness but I don’t imagine that soreness compares to the hot reminder Jalen’s big black cock will leave after he opens you up even further…

          2. BABY!!!! Yes you have! You’ve fucked me until I’ve ached the next day!!!! Although I don’t imagine it’s like being stretched by a BBC… Your smaller cock can’t stretch me like that….Only when you fuck my tight little ass!!!

    2. Perhaps “Jalen” would be a nice tattoo….

      1. ‘Jalen was here’

        1. LOL…. Hmmm… Babe, what do you think?

          1. That would be a hot start, Baby! We can do better though. I think Jalen would need to have his hand on your ass…just above the ‘tattoo’…with his long, thick cock pressed against your AMAZING ass!

          2. Michael you are making me so crazy with these thoughts …. Baby!!! xxoo

  8. Sex in Chocolate City

    Sienna I’m so happy you were thinking of me, haha! Another hot and erotic posting that gets me going and I’m not even there. Keep up the great posts and I’ll keep admiring from afar! I’m visualizing all the cream that you could produce on me…

    1. Hot comment…we miss having you here on WP! Sienna, you remember his photos? What do you think about this visual, my sexy Girl?

      1. I DO miss those Baby… And Brian we miss your hot stories and comments…. They always had us thinking!

      2. Sex in Chocolate City

        I’m still around…my blog was shut down and had to move my stuff, hope you continue to follow 🙂 Now back to you! I want to keep you thinking and visualizing…your wetness coating my big cock as I pull out after you cum…Michael commands you to take me in your mouth and taste yourself. Your sexy white hand wraps around my large black shaft…the contrast and size flash through your thoughts as your lips part…

      3. Cameron Cuck

        That is pure sensual explosion. Thank you.

        1. Thank you, Cameron. “Sensual Explosion” captures this moment perfectly!

      4. Wow this is a such a hot piece of writing. Thank you for following my blog and thereby introducing me to yours.
sev x

        1. It’s our pleasure Sev. Michael and I love to share our experiences in writing or other media with those who truly appreciate! xx

      5. Michael, not that I’m unappreciative of these recent posts, they’ve all been wonderful, but am I ever going to read the end of the massage story? Did I somehow miss it? I’ve been on the edge of my seat for weeks.

        1. The end if the massage story DID happen, we need to post it!!!!! We will .. Right Baby!!! It’s coming JK!

      6. OMG!!! You guys are so unbelievably HOT! I just love reading your posts and I must say the pictures are pretty hot too. Sienna you ARE a gorgeous girl 🙂 Now Michael, where are your pictures…lol. I love your site!

        1. Thank you so much for the incredibly flattering comment! 🙂 As for my photos, I sprinkle them in now and then. Not that you were actually looking for my photos, but you may enjoy the gallery “Sienna’s submission”–we are both in that one. I’ll email Steve the password for this “protected” gallery. Thanks again for the great comment…we are BIG fans of yours too! 🙂

          1. I’m still waiting for that password Michael 🙂

      7. I am glad my heart is in good health; otherwise, I would have just dropped dead on the floor.

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