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17 thoughts on “Cuckold Psychology: The Cuck & Camera (Erotic Theatre)

  1. liverpoolmunky76

    I am especially enraptured by the idea of you as the director, the arranger of the fantasy and the creator of the pleasures to come. It gave you a power in this and reinforced an erotic intimacy with Sienna that many couples would be jealous of. You creating pleasure in her of great intensity, but allowing another to take part.

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who is liking this stuff, but I certainly am

    1. Man, you totally get this scene and my journey with Sienna. I believe the power of the cuckold is typically present but most cuckolds seem to downplay this fact or pretend it is absent. I get it though…”loss of power” is part of the fantasy for many. As for the connection with Sienna, it was intense before cuckolding and only grew. Thanks again for following our journey into this erotic realm.

      1. Mind-blowing!

        1. Nothing like a hot mind fuck, glad you enjoyed.

          1. OHH YES !! thank you

  2. Cinnamon Girl

    I think we all have a fetish some more intense than others but I believe we all have one

    1. I would love to know yours…🔥Do you find mine a little intriguing/exciting or is it too much? Hope you are doing well, pretty girl 😘

      1. Cinnamon Girl

        Your fetish is quite spicy I must say, but I believe people do get arousal from seeing others in a intimate act. But, it is one erotic fetish you have, but you enjoy it and it is not hurting anyone so I say enjoy yourself.
        As for my mines well
        i love to exprimir el dentro de mi. I just have to do it, I love to do it. I love the feeling of exprimir, él dentro de mí especialmente la punta. When i have a boyfriend when I tell them they are surprised but end up enjoying it too. It is what i love to do, not hard but tight enough to make it feel mind boggling🙈 😊

        1. Mmmm, you have me apretando mi punta 🔥I think that would be an amazing sensation and your future boyfriend will really like it! It is sexy to imagine all the ways you do this. ☺️😘

          1. Cinnamon Girl

            Oh my, Naughty man you. But, apretando a man from within me It is quite exciting to think of and even more thrilling to experience it’s slow rhythmic motion. Reverse cowgirl is my favorite way to do this. Your naughty post make me think and say erotic things😄
            I hope you have a great weekend Michael

          2. Mmmm, this comment…this visual has me at my FULL measure.🔥I am so imagining you in that position right now – on me – and squeezing in that slow rhythmic motion. Whew, it is making my head spin just thinking about it.☺️😘

          3. Cinnamon Girl

            Ay papi, me haces sonrojar. entre otras sensaciones.

          4. I enjoy making you blush…especially when it leads to other sensations 🔥💦

          5. CInnamon Girl

            ay, papi. eres un hombre travieso, pero me gusta.
            apretando es perfecto y se mueve lentamente hacia arriba y hacia abajo,

          6. Mmmm bebé, me gusta cuando eres sexy y travieso … me hace tan grande, lleno y goteando 💦 (hope my Spanish is okay 😛)

          7. Cinnamon Girl

            Your Espanol is perfecto.
            Oh my, senor Michael. You are a very naughty man. You have me very flushed pulse racing and blushing right now.

          8. This is just the way I like you Señorita…flushed, blushing…and, I would add, wet. ☺️😘

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