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5 thoughts on “Cuckold Corner – Brian’s Cuckold Confession

  1. This interview is very insightful. There are many layers to Brian’s journey. From his fantasy discovery, to his reject, to how he expels his energy now.

    His willingness to fully submit to the dominant lover is very arousing 🔥 and even more so that he is willing to admit it.

    I wonder how many couples also have the reversed experience. Where the woman has fantasies and they are rejected by their partner?

    Michael, you must have a poll somewhere on this blog that answers my questions… tell me where.

    1. Your reaction to the Brian’s submission to the dominant lover has me feeling lightheaded 🔥There is something about this that seems to spark your erotic mind (mine too). 😈 I often go back and read these older works when you comment. I think I may have been more clinical than erotic in this one but there seems to be an ever-present constellation of fantasies in the cuckold orbit that caught my attention with all the callouts. The polling questions I’ve shared are a recent addition to the blog (and Dollhouse) so I haven’t asked the one you mentioned. Your poll question is a great one to ask. I explored the sexual denial/repression women experience in Hestia vs. Aphrodite and believe it is a very real issue. I’ll add your poll question to that post when it comes up again in the annual rotation of stories I’ve been setting up. ☺️

  2. Thank you.
    Your older post are little boxes of treasure. 🍬
    I’ll take a look at that post and perhaps it will add some clarity.

    1. Thank you – the pleasure is mine when you explore a little box of treasure. ☺️✨

      1. 😈 so naughty.

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