After Sienna’s last massage (The Sensual Massages Part III), it was clear to me that we were hitting a road block in making our fantasy a reality. She seemed ready and very excited about cuckolding me by sleeping with another man. However, she wanted to do this as an act of submission to me and felt like she needed my physical presence. I decided to open a profile on an adult dating site and presented Sienna to the world…for the taking.

In order to protect Sienna from the harshness of the site (a million horribly photographed dick pics and men that had seemingly lost all semblance of social grace), I managed our profile and did most of the searching. There is a lot to not like about these sites and we certainly experienced our share of frustration. However, I did find one gentleman that seemed to be a match for us based on his desires and past experience. Not only was he a cock-sure swordsman, he also had a way wit words.

I’ll let him take it from here…

Michael, you must be getting excited about finally seeing your precious angel moaning from the touch of another man. I image you have both been thinking about her pretty little pussy being stretched wide and wrapped tight my thick dark shaft…her swollen pinks lips coating and making my shaft glisten with her juices. Yeah, me too.

Your business trip has finally arrived, and you and Sienna are flying here to bring our fantasy to life. During the entire flight, your heart is thumping hard and you are filled with anticipation for this evening. Even though Sienna has downplayed her excitement and tells you it is “all for you”, you know deep down inside that Sienna can’t wait to see and experience my big black cock. These assertions should ring true since you have noted how much thought she put into selecting and carefully packing her outfit and grooming her pussy to my liking.

How does it feel knowing your sweet angel is preparing her pussy for my visual pleasure? How does it make you feel knowing your girl bought a sexy new outfit and lingerie to look and feel sexy…for me? Were you with her when she went shopping? Or, did she go alone and share her naughty secret with the sales associate that helped her? When asked about the special occasion, did Sienna tell the associate that her boyfriend has arranged a date for her with another man and that is why she is shopping for sexy outfit? Sienna is such a naughty little minx, I bet that is exactly what she did.

Checking into your hotel, you jump in the shower and are so eager to finally meet. You are tempted to fuck her yourself, but you don’t. You want my hands to be the first to touch her tonight. While she is in the shower, you come out of the bathroom to discover she has already laid out her outfit. You love that she has selected something that shows off her breasts and cleavage. You can tell by the thong panties and outfit, she has put a lot of thought into this and know she is ready.

Arriving at the bar for a drink, Sienna bashfully whispers that her panties are already soaked. She is anticipating the moment you put your hands on her thighs and spread her legs apart to present her tight wet little pussy…to me. As planned, you spot me at the bar, and I wait for your signal. You call to your waitress and and request that she bring me a drink along with an invitation to join you at your table. As anticipated, the waitress is a little flustered as the implication sets in on her. I gaze across the room at Sienna for a moment before accepting the drink from the waitress. She has just become an unwitting accomplice to the erotic scene unfolding before her eyes.

Your girl is smiling brightly. I can feel the energy radiating off of her and the atmosphere feels electric. I thank the waitress and tell her this happens to me all the time. Arriving at your table, I extend my hand to Sienna and pull her to her feet. Good lord, she is fine! Her sexy long legs are highlighted by the short skirt and sexy heels she selected just for me. I lift her up and and pull her in for our first kiss…a full kiss on the lips for everyone in the room to witness, if they happen to be watching. Trust me, everyone is watching. A girl like Sienna doesn’t enter a room unnoticed and is not quickly forgotten.

She feels so small and tiny in my arms, like a perfect little fuck doll, and opens her mouth immediately to accept my kiss. As expected, this creates a murmur in the room. Everyone is looking at us and you with confused expressions and whispering back and forth. The erotic swirl is building. They wonder, is she with you, is she with me, or are you and Sienna one of “those” couples? I take a seat beside Sienna and pull her chair close to mine. Placing a hand on Sienna’s exposed creamy white thigh, I ask about your flight and compliment you on how soft your girl’s skin feels.

We order more drinks and you watch as Sienna gets more comfortable with my presence. She has slightly opened her legs and is allowing my hand deeper and deeper between those fiercely toned thighs. Michael, your girl’s panties are soaked…her pussy is so wet, hot, and tight. You are amazed by how open she is being in a public place around complete strangers. I can tell it is driving you crazy and your knowing smile is worth a thousand words.

With one hand still deep between Sienna’s long, tone legs, I motion our waitress to the table. She has seen this whole experience unfold and even participated. When she arrives, I ask if are you ready to pay the tab so I can “this angel” back to your room. You are both pleased with the confidence I have in front of the waitress as I build on the layers of the moment. You both wanted the waitress to know and imagine what is about to happen as if you are showing off how submissive Sienna is to you. Your sexy Sienna wanted another woman to anticipate the pleasure you are providing her…at the hands and cock of another man. The waitress is fumbling around and obviously nervous. She is on the erotic fringe and feeling the swirl.

Walking back to the hotel, my hand moves freely around Sienna’s waist and ass. You are eagerly watching me touch her body and can’t believe how excited you are to see her handled by another man. As hot as you are feeling, I assure you that Sienna is feeling even hotter. Her little panties are completely saturated and her arousal is dripping down her inner thighs. We walk into the hotel lobby and all eyes are upon us. Did these same people see you and Sienna earlier as a couple holding hands? Now, everyone knows that I am about to fuck your woman. You and Sienna have the anticipated erotic rush of this moment and it doesn’t disappoint.

Entering your room, Sienna and I are locked in a passionate embrace before you can even close the door. Closing in on us quickly, you direct her to kneel down and rub my cock through my jeans. Her dainty little hands are soon flowing across my concealed and ever thickening bulge. Your girl isn’t accustomed to handling a package like this, and you get to witness Sienna’s nervous excitement as her hands explore and assess the impression of my large, unfamiliar cock. Sienna looks up at me with innocent, almost overwhelmed eyes as she begins to realize just how big my cock is going to be when finally hard. She turns to you for reassurance and permission to finally touch and taste the object of her lustful desire.

To Be Continued…

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  1. I am mesmerized, aroused (immensely), intrigued, envious, excited, conflicted, proud, in awe, ……. what a conglomeration of emotions. I cannot even begin to imagine what each of you felt, but so very thrilled that you both are sharing this experience with us. I cannot wait for the continuation. I doubt I will think of little else tonight. W O W

    1. Hi Desiree, loved this comment! It is very interesting to see the range of emotions you felt reading this…and the contrasting emotions…including conflicted. I’ve recently developed a degree of self awareness on the role of “contrast” as an underlying influence in much of my erotic thoughts and desires. This is something I think of as the erotic swirl…a term Byron used in this letter. The entire range of emotion…the highs and lows all grinding and compressing at once…such intense frictional heat building and grinding and building…hotter and hotter… Whew, I’ll stop there 🙂 So glad you enjoyed!

      1. Well, I think I admitted during the first posts regarding this fantasy that I was interested in it for several reasons. But you captured my feelings perfectly by saying “erotic swirl”. And I love the way we have all become a part of the fabric of this fantasy — as much as the waitress in the bar. Talking about me with the suspense and mystery — heavens, yours is enough to cause a girl to be left desperate and wanting. ;)

        1. I so enjoy the rich thoughts you have shared around this, Desiree. The entire journey for me has been so captivating–mentally, emotionally, and physically. Loved what you shared about becoming part of the fabric of this fantasy and your physical reaction as well! 😉 It makes me feel like I’ve at least been modestly successful in sharing the mental and emotional layers around this. That you find it stimulating takes it to a higher level. Not only do you connect with it…but it also makes you hot! This is very rewarding feedback! ;-)

          1. Michael — I must admit that at times in the D/s blogging community, I feel very much like an outsider looking in. You and Sienna have shared this fantasy in such a way that draws a reader in no matter what our lifestyle. Of course the D/s component adds another layer, especially in that Sienna’s desire to please you makes this even hotter. This fantasy transcends “lifestyles” and encompasses emotional bonds and fulfilled desires — something that we all share as humans (whether we have the courage to admit them or live them out). Again, thank you for making me a part of this journey, just by sharing and interacting. I truly am eager to learn all about the elements that led up to this fantasy and the emotions and thoughts surrounding it as well as the event itself!!

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Not that it matters as far as how HOT the story is and the anticipation that has now set in to read the conclusion. 
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    1. Tis, you are being impatient, lol! Seriously though, thank you for the sincere hope that we have been able to live out this fantasy. I don’t want to give too much away at this point because we are going to go back in time and build back up to this post before the grand finale. I will say this though, this story line is a true story…only the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent and very well-hung! :-)

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Seriously I’m beaming for you both right now and will PATIENTLY await the re-telling/living or your journey with the not-so-innocent, very well-hung, BBC! :D

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      1. With a lot of practice, you can learn to type pretty well one handed.

        1. I’m working on it! ;-)

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    1. Thank you, Sofia! 🙂 I love seeing that kind of reaction…always makes me feel like I’m somewhat normal if others are turned on by similar things. As you discovered, this was a post with no beginning or end…just sitting there waiting for more context. I’m building up to it…love the build up! ;-)

  13. Michael, I still get flushed as I re-visit our fantasy… The most erotic piece for me is our shared connection to the moment of each anticipation and the pure flood of emotion that deeply engulfs us each time. I am longing for you now as we experience so many amazing memories from the past and the rush as we plan to be together in a few weeks! And last night…Baby, I’m still swirling! My indulgent feast of having my Man in and around the most unexpected and unsuspecting places made a night’s sleep on a red-eye flight feel like a blissful dreamy rest, atop the most plush inviting featherbed!

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