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32 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Sensual Couple Seeks Bull (Part II)

  1. I am mesmerized, aroused (immensely), intrigued, envious, excited, conflicted, proud, in awe, ……. what a conglomeration of emotions. I cannot even begin to imagine what each of you felt, but so very thrilled that you both are sharing this experience with us. I cannot wait for the continuation. I doubt I will think of little else tonight. W O W

    1. Hi Desiree, loved this comment! It is very interesting to see the range of emotions you felt reading this…and the contrasting emotions…including conflicted. I’ve recently developed a degree of self awareness on the role of “contrast” as an underlying influence in much of my erotic thoughts and desires. This is something I think of as the erotic swirl…a term Byron used in this letter. The entire range of emotion…the highs and lows all grinding and compressing at once…such intense frictional heat building and grinding and building…hotter and hotter… Whew, I’ll stop there 🙂 So glad you enjoyed!

      1. Well, I think I admitted during the first posts regarding this fantasy that I was interested in it for several reasons. But you captured my feelings perfectly by saying “erotic swirl”. And I love the way we have all become a part of the fabric of this fantasy — as much as the waitress in the bar. Talking about me with the suspense and mystery — heavens, yours is enough to cause a girl to be left desperate and wanting. ;)

        1. I so enjoy the rich thoughts you have shared around this, Desiree. The entire journey for me has been so captivating–mentally, emotionally, and physically. Loved what you shared about becoming part of the fabric of this fantasy and your physical reaction as well! 😉 It makes me feel like I’ve at least been modestly successful in sharing the mental and emotional layers around this. That you find it stimulating takes it to a higher level. Not only do you connect with it…but it also makes you hot! This is very rewarding feedback! ;-)

          1. Michael — I must admit that at times in the D/s blogging community, I feel very much like an outsider looking in. You and Sienna have shared this fantasy in such a way that draws a reader in no matter what our lifestyle. Of course the D/s component adds another layer, especially in that Sienna’s desire to please you makes this even hotter. This fantasy transcends “lifestyles” and encompasses emotional bonds and fulfilled desires — something that we all share as humans (whether we have the courage to admit them or live them out). Again, thank you for making me a part of this journey, just by sharing and interacting. I truly am eager to learn all about the elements that led up to this fantasy and the emotions and thoughts surrounding it as well as the event itself!!

  2. This comment is probably a little premature, but be sure and tell us how it felt to watch Sienna take that giant cock. If you’re disturbed that it turns you on to watch a guy fuck your girlfriend, don’t worry because we all feel the same way.

  3. Great story, very erotic and I can’t wait for Sienna to get her first big black cock.

    1. Hi Larry! Man, this had and still has me on fire! More to come but I’ll be going back in time before the conclusion.

  4. Please tell me that you two were actually able to make your fantasy a reality and this is the sharing of that experience? 
Not that it matters as far as how HOT the story is and the anticipation that has now set in to read the conclusion. 
But, I just think it would be awesome to know that you both were able to turn a “desire” into an “achieved”.
Looking forward to reading more….

    1. Tis, you are being impatient, lol! Seriously though, thank you for the sincere hope that we have been able to live out this fantasy. I don’t want to give too much away at this point because we are going to go back in time and build back up to this post before the grand finale. I will say this though, this story line is a true story…only the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent and very well-hung! :-)

      1. I know, me impatient. Go figure right? ;)
Seriously I’m beaming for you both right now and will PATIENTLY await the re-telling/living or your journey with the not-so-innocent, very well-hung, BBC! :D

  5. I am with Tis’ and glad she asked before me and got the answer… not sure I am going to be able to sit on my hands though *ahem

    1. Haha! 🙂 I was hoping some might find better locations for their hands after reading this… I know I had a hard time keeping mine on the keyboard! ;-)

      1. With a lot of practice, you can learn to type pretty well one handed.

        1. I’m working on it! ;-)

          1. Even if it is a fantasy, it is one that you can both share while you are together and that doesn’t make the story any less. I’m sure that when you’re fucking Sienna, I just hope she is whispering in your ear exactly how it felt and what he did to her. There’s nothing better than fucking your woman while she tells you dirty stories. 

          2. Thank you, Larry! I totally agree and love having Sienna tell me naughty stories…nothing makes me hotter than having the mind and body fully engaged in the moment.

  6. Poetic Passions

    Wonderfully hot, arousing and erotic….

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the read! :-)

  7. There is something really admirable about turning fantasy into reality. Very exciting piece.

    1. Glad to hear you found it exciting. The road from fantasy to reality was long and winding in this case…especially long.

  8. CPMandara

    Delicious… I can’t wait to see the next instalment… will the reality be better than the fantasy? I do hope so…

    1. Glad you liked this! 🙂 I was a little worried about how it would be received. Looking forward to sharing the rest… I will say that disappointment is not part of the memories. 😉

  9. This was a fabulous story – or, reality? I guess we will have to wait and read the next post! Erotic, exciting, captivating… wow! :)

    1. hank you, Steve–such hot feedback! 🙂 Hope you were nestled in close with your HotWife as you read through this. There are additional elements to come that you may find a “little” stimulating when we share our thoughts and memories. ;-)

  10. Wow, wow, wow! Michael you have been the cause of more wet panties than you could possibly know. I can’t wait to hear the rest. Please don’t make us wait too long.

    1. Mmmm, this is such a HOT comment! I’ve had to wait years…what’s a few weeks amongst friends. 😉 Not that you and Steve ever need additional stimulation from the outside, but hope you were close together going through this post and were able to create another story-worthy moment! :-)

  11. Sex in Chocolate City

    guess i been tardy catching up with you guys…great buildup…i dont have the cliffhanger skills you possess

    1. Cliffhanger, haha! 🙂 I don’t like it myself but seem to enjoy doing it on this blog. I’m working on it though. ;-)

  12. I started to read your and Sienna’s story in a sleepy state sipping my hot tea, just having woken up, but now forget the tea for I am wide awake!!! 
What an amazing hot first encounter. I am hoping as I am catching on the blog Part two is already here…. the anticipation is killing’ me. Killin’ me…

    1. Thank you, Sofia! 🙂 I love seeing that kind of reaction…always makes me feel like I’m somewhat normal if others are turned on by similar things. As you discovered, this was a post with no beginning or end…just sitting there waiting for more context. I’m building up to it…love the build up! ;-)

  13. Michael, I still get flushed as I re-visit our fantasy… The most erotic piece for me is our shared connection to the moment of each anticipation and the pure flood of emotion that deeply engulfs us each time. I am longing for you now as we experience so many amazing memories from the past and the rush as we plan to be together in a few weeks! And last night…Baby, I’m still swirling! My indulgent feast of having my Man in and around the most unexpected and unsuspecting places made a night’s sleep on a red-eye flight feel like a blissful dreamy rest, atop the most plush inviting featherbed!

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