Breeding is a fringe sexual fantasy that sometimes appears in cuckold play. In this form, it is often called Wife Breeding – when one’s lover becomes pregnant by another man. The variations of how this plays out are too many to list, but it is typically driven by the couple as an arousing possible outcome of a sexual encounter with another man. It is important to note that wife breeding isn’t a fantasy that turns all cuckold couples on and, even if it does arouse “some”, it doesn’t mean that they want to actually experience it in real life.

Note: Before I get any deeper into this, I want to state clearly up front that I feel children are beautiful, a precious gift to their parents and the world, and certainly should not be brought into the world to satisfy a sexual kink. Even if this were to happen, he or she would still be a special gift. In this post, I am exploring a sexual kink known as wife breeding. This fantasy involves a cuckold couple where the woman is sleeping with another man (the Bull)…and now having his baby. It is only a fantasy enjoyed by “some” who are turned on by S/M play such as erotic humiliation, submission, cuckolding, and/or sexual objectification.

I’m sure each of us could come with a fantasy or two that makes us hot but would never want to experience it in real life. Some women fantasize about having an octopus-like creature with multiple tentacles violating her every orifice. I don’t assume these women are going to jump in the ocean to fuck sea monsters. It is just a fantasy…and one worth exploring in the future.

Other women fantasize about being abducted by aliens and being forced to serve as a sexual toy or even being bred by aliens. These variations on breeding probably fall within the “woman in peril” genre of sexual desires.

By comparison, wife breeding – even though it may be shocking – is relatively tame. It is a “fantasy” that arouses me and one that has sparked the erotic imagination of several lovers. Okay, enough with the disclaimers, let’s get into the fun stuff. In this exploration, I will dive deeper into the psychological and erotic layers of the wife breeding fantasy. I want to understand why I find it hot, provide context, and conclude by asking for insights from women (and men) that may find it arousing or at least intriguing at the fantasy level.

Let’s begin our exploration by defining cuckolding since having a lover (girlfriend or wife) is an essential aspect of this fantasy. At its core, cuckolding has three core attributes. We have a couple that is in an emotionally committed relationship, the woman is sleeping with another man (or men), and the couple finds this arrangement wildly exciting. From this core foundation, the fantasy often has additional erotic layers flowing through the experience which are unique for each couple. If you want more information on this kink, you can find it here: Cuckold Psychology – The Essentials.

In my cuckold play, I have additional erotic layers which are unique to my experience and may or may not be shared by all cuckolds. Two of these erotic layers are compersion (finding joy in my lover’s pleasure) and erotic humiliation. These two layers play on my mind in a dizzyingly erotic way. I want my lover to experience the highest levels of pleasure she has ever known. And, it turns me on when she experiences this transcendent ecstasy with another man. When another man fucks my girl better, I experience this as a form of erotic humiliation. Additionally, erotic humiliation experienced in the confines of a private setting can be potentiated when the cuckold’s lifestyle becomes known in a more public way – such as when the woman becomes pregnant with another man’s baby. To learn more about erotic humiliation, please see Erotic Humiliation – Exploring the Layers.

Sperm Wars is another erotic layer working on my mind in this fantasy. In short, knowing another man is pumping his sperm inside my lover’s pussy ignites the full biological fire of male sexual competition. Men that experience this reaction generate more sperm, have firmer erections, and thrust more deeply. This intensely passionate reaction to cuckolding is often referred to as “reclaiming” and many cuckold couples cite this as the best part of the cuckold experience. If you aren’t familiar with the effect, I discuss it here:  Sperm Wars – Seeding Passion’s Flame.

Let me take a moment to consolidate a few thoughts before moving forward. Wife breeding involves several intertwined erotic layers that trigger my arousal – cuckolding, compersion, sperm wars, and erotic humiliation. I get turned on thinking about my lover having sex with other men. The feeling is intensified when these more endowed men are providing her with the best sex of her life and physical sensations I am physically incapable of providing with my smaller cock. And, it fires up my heavy balls knowing this other man is pumping his sperm inside my girl. I haven’t addressed is the actual “breeding”, but the stage is set. 

With all of these erotic layers in play, the potential for pregnancy, however unlikely it may be, is sitting there in the shadows. More often than not, this risk is addressed through non-eroticized ways such as birth control, condoms, or preventive surgery. In this case, pregnancy never enters into the sexual fantasy. Sometimes, however, the risk of pregnancy is eroticized. Given all of the layers that excite me about cuckold play, having my lover surrender her womb or having her womb claimed by another man, along with her pussy, strikes me an incredibly erotic “thought”.

In the sperm war, the male with the superior cock and more potent sperm has claimed my lover’s body in the fullest sense. Another man fucked my woman, put his baby (now their child) inside her, and she will now give birth to the conquering warrior’s offspring. Damn, my cock is rock hard as I type this. I experience this as an intense form of erotic humiliation. There may be an element of submission at play for me too but, even if present, it is just another thread of erotic humiliation flowing through my fantasy.

This is how wife breeding works on my erotic thoughts through the lens of cuckolding, but this is ultimately a fantasy for couples. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to explore and discuss this fantasy in some depth with several women and will share those discussions in the future and link to them here as well.

I realize this topic will not be arousing to the majority of women that may read this. However, there may be a few of you out there that find this arousing or at least intriguing in the realm of fantasy play. Your fantasy may come in from a completely different space such as sex with aliens, being captured, or as a form masochistic play. If so, I would love to hear your thoughts…even if commenting anonymously. I imagine there will also be a few of my fellow cucks out there reading this. Do you share this fantasy? Did I hit the major themes? Is there anything additional or different in your fantasy?

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16 thoughts on “Cuckold Psychology: The Wife Breeding “Fantasy”

  1. Thank you for your article on wife breeding. I read a story that I found quite exciting that delves into this subject: Wife Shared with Dirty Old Men FIRST CUCKOLDING (Volume 7 Natalie Shared) by Matt Coolomon . what you refer to as erotic humiliation I think of as a thrilling humiliation, but it is the same thing and I think this story has it in spades. Thanks again for your writings.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks so much for sharing your perspective. I try to be objective when exploring these kinks to pull out the erotic triggers and not be too biased by my own desires. Thanks for the book reference and for letting me know at least one other person (that enjoys this fantasy) thinks I’m on the right track…a found the story hot

  2. Did not know women fantasized about being bred by an alien

    1. I don’t know too much about it (not something that works on my mind as a fantasy). There is a pretty thoughtful discussion about from men and women discussing it with many differing opinions on why some find it hot while others find it unsettling.

  3. I entered a powerful relationship at the age of 20. It was myself, an athletic young male, another male same age, also athletic, and a young lady. We all hooked up one wild night the three of us and both myself and the other guy realized we loved this woman and she wanted two males in the relationship. We also both had decided (we learned this later)that we wanted to displace the other male at some point, a classic male rivalry/sperm wars setup. Not surprising since we were both fit, strong, and well endowed, with the main difference being my testicles were larger than his by a decent margin. Long story short, we both double vaginal penetrated her one night and she was impregnated. How, we dont know, but it happened. Both of us men claimed the child as ours, with me being a bit more confident given my larger testicles and the fact i seemed to ejaculate far more product that he could. Turns out, after a paternity test, it was indeed me. I look back and think about how competitive we both were during this process, two bulls trying to outperform the other and establish some sort of hierarchy among the two men in the relationship. Its a fascinating lesson in male rivalry and how it manifests. A wonderful baby boy was born, and we all agreed to give him the best life possible. A year after, all 3 still in the relationship but with the primary couple being the other male and this woman (i had entered another relationship) she was impregnated again. And guess who was the father? Me again. Fascinating, right? He soon left the relationship feeling defeated, or in his words feeling like i “neutered him completely”.
    I love the concept of breeding and cuckolding, even when its between two dominant males, and as long as it is done responsibly (you are creating life remember) then its the most primal, raw manifestation of sexuality you can come across.

    1. For anyone coming across this comment, I’m in the midst of interviewing this gentleman to better understand his fantasy and the other kinks that flow around it. I will be sharing that interview in the future. The “Wife Breeding” fantasy is something I occasionally come across in cuckold erotica. The “Sperm Wars” reference in the above comment is another post I did about why some men find cuckolding so exciting. It is rare (my first time actually) to come across a man that fantasizes about being the “breeder”. I’m intrigued and hope to share some of the erotic insights later.

  4. The idea of this is the ultimate pinnacle of my cuckold fantasy, lol. I love the feeling of helplessness that comes from watching a girl I like take a bigger and stronger man’s cock. The interracial play is also exhilarating in many ways. When I was dating my ex GF, I loved it when her black lover would brag about breeding her. As for the breeding specifically, I think its a matter of embracing weakness and the ultimate humiliation. Not only is my dick not good enough for her, but my sperm aren’t either. The Bull being black just adds a tiny bit more on due to how *obvious* the cuckolding is and the whole genetic replacement thing. It’s one of those hard to explain carnal desires, for your wife to carry another man’s child. I don’t know how to describe it, its all just really hot imo.

    1. Haeth, this is excellent and so very hot! 🔥Everything else you experience around this fantasy rings true for me too – cock size, cuckolding, humiliation play, and the interracial erotic layers.

      1. So here’s a question for you: in the world of fantasy; if your lover came to you and told you she wanted to have kids with another man, how would you respond? Would it be erotic?

        1. In the context of cuckolding (which is my favorite fantasy) it would be extremely erotic. Truly, it matches up with what you wrote earlier. I do have a post which I walk through the sexual psychology behind this desire in some detail on my free blog. If you are interested, it would be great to get your feedback on it. You can leave it there or here. Hope you enjoy.

          1. I think I mostly agree with your blog. A lot of the appeal for me is also what you call “sperm wars” and I want to loose. I was born with an unusually small dick, to put it mildly, and I want my wife to experience real pleasure… that I can never provide on my own. thinking about squirting a tiny bit of sperm into her womb only for the bull to come in and just crust my seed with his… is insanely hot.

          2. Have you ever been able to share any of your desires with your wife? This particular fantasy may be a bit much for most, but small penis teasing and cuckolding may be within the realm of at least some fantasy play.

  5. Discover and Explore

    Your ability to write such an amazing fantasy is something else! Wow!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this 🔥It is certainly an edgy fantasy but really pushes on my erotic hot buttons.

  6. Secret Skwerel

    I’ve cuckolded my man since before we got married. He was well aware I had fucked a lot of other guys, as we had first met at one of my gang bangs. I’ve never hid the fact I like other cocks, and he agrees a woman should have as much cock as she wants.
    Our daughter also cuckolds her husband. I don’t know all of the dynamics involved, but do know we have fucked some of the same men, and talk about the sex with them.

    1. It seems your husband and I share some of the same beliefs.😋Thank you for giving this post a read. Recognizing you may be beyond the baby years but, as a fantasy, do you and your husband find the though of wife breeding arousing?

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