In Lilah – Sexual Healing, I introduce Lilah and few of our sexual kinks but really focus on the love we have for one other. We then look in on our search for a Bull to fuck Lilah on occasion while I am away in Lilah: Finding Our Bull.  Lilah: Meet and Greet, describes Lilah’s first meeting with her prospective Bull and how she ended up fucking him in the backseat of her car. A tight as those quarters were, the sex was amazing and Lilah was eager for more. Lilah: Please Daddy focuses on the erotic afterglow of her first night with Mason and Lilah’s desire to see him again.

Lilah and I are both turned on by the experience unfolding before us and I eagerly agreed to Lilah seeing Mason tonight.  We are a few hours out from her next naughty rendezvous with Mason when my phone lights up with a message from Lilah:

“Baby, I’m home now and getting ready for my night with Mason. I can’t wait to see him again! I’ve just taken a shower, shaved my legs, and put on some lotion. I’m going to wear his favorite color tonight too – blue. I can’t wait for him to bend me over his bed and fuck me so good. I know he’s going to have me coming non-stop tonight!”

Lilah - Getting Ready 3

Oh god, I love how Lilah is engaging me in this journey. It is intensely arousing knowing my girl is getting dolled up for another man. It isn’t lost on her that my excitement and sexual arousal is important too. After all, she may be fucking another man but I am her lover and the journey belongs to us as a couple. Lilah cranks the heat up even higher by sending me a few photos.

“Do you think he will like me in these panties?”

Lilah - Blue

“Blue is his favorite color so I want to wear this for him. “

Lilah - Blue 2

Whew. Let me tell you, it is one intense mind fuck to have my lover sending me sexy lingerie shots and asking if I think another man will find her sexy? I rub my hard cock knowing very well that Mason is going to love her outfit. He’s going to love it even more when he has his big hands on her ass as he bends her over and slides his long, thick cock deep inside my girl’s tight pussy. As this is building, my mind is compressing and I can’t think of anything beyond Lilah.

Lilah needs to finish getting ready and, as much as I would like for her to chat with me, she can’t spend the evening messaging with me. She has things to do and another man waiting to fuck her tonight. After making the drive to Mason’s place, Lilah let’s me know she arrived safely and is heading in. Then, there is silence.

As I describe my excitement around this erotic adventure, I do appreciate that others – man or woman – might consider this situation to be incredibly upsetting or confusing. That is the way kinks work though…if it made sense to everyone it wouldn’t be a kink. I have written a lot about the psychology and erotic themes of cuckolding. If you are interested in exploring the “why” behind it, you can find it here – Cuckolding.

A few minutes pass and I know she is now in Mason’s arms. There is a range of wildly contrasting emotions that begin to swirl within me. It is a very Dionysian experience filled with duality, inversion, psychological masochism, and contrast. It is an erotically mesmerizing and intoxicating space. And, it burns. I felt like I was ready for this moment but I’m struggling. As minutes turn into tens of minutes and half hours, the silence becomes nearly deafening.

Michael - Man Cave 1

I know by she is sucking Mason’s big cock and fucking him. He’s probably been fucking her for hours. My heart is beating out of my chest and my body is shaking. My mind is bending. Two hours pass and I’ve heard nothing. No text, nothing. She must be completely swept away in erotic bliss. Is she even thinking about me?

The mind does funny things in moments like this. The woman I love and adore is in another man’s bed this very moment. She’s probably coming on his big cock over and over…kissing him and licking his balls. Can a relationship really stand this kind of test? What if she falls in love with him? I’m a confident man…maybe I’ve been too confident. The very delicate balance I try to maintain is getting shaky. Yet, my cock is rock hard. Damn it! I’m feeling the cuckold angst but so turned on. The Bull gets to have his way while the cuckold waits.

Finally, a message drops in from my Lilah:

To be continued…

26 thoughts on “Lilah – The Cuckold Waits

  1. I see you have Lilah properly trained. Such a good girl; a treasure. Ladies like her are not easy to find. Looking forward to reading more. This was great. A good woman like that can leave a man trembling with anticipation.

    1. She is such a good girl and so very naughty🔥I was starting to lose my mind a bit in this moment but no denying she had me swirling with anticipation. It’s going to get edgy but I think you’ll enjoy this erotic journey. 🔥

  2. I was waiting for that message, too, darn it! 🤨

    Very naughty to leave us hanging…but very delightful. 😘

    1. Sorry for the cliffhanger but it would have required extending the post too far.☺️ I imagine you are hoping she had a great time and cuckolded me so good…it will be worth the wait I hope 😈😘

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent, Michael 😘😘🔥🔥

    1. Thank you Christina 😘

      1. So worth it. As always….🌹

  4. Michael Michael Michael 😘😘🔥🔥

    1. I don’t know what this means 😛 Sounds like you found some parts of it enjoyable though. 🔥

      1. I think it means you rendered me speechless. And yes it was

  5. Aww, this makes me feel sad for any times I’ve made my man feel this way. I’m sure she was thinking about you though! I’m always thinking about my love. Can’t wait for the rest! 🔥

    1. No, don’t feel sad…it was hot and you will see that it gets even hotter.🔥 One can be very disconnected writing about cuckolding in an abstract way as I often do. The reality though for a new cuckold couple can be much tougher and I was feeling edgy. They have to continue to communicate and work to understand one another’s needs while managing a new relationship with the Bull. She was so hot sending me photos and messages beforehand 🔥 And, there is more hotness to come… 😈

      1. That part was definitely hot! The buildup to the night and all the naughty photos. 🔥

  6. You make this good Italian girl have to go to church all week to confession for reading your naughty yet entertaining post. Haha

    Looking forward to the rest

    1. Who me? 😇 Going to confession isn’t quite what I was hoping it would inspire you to do… 💦😈

      1. Haha,
        Yes I needed confession among other things. 🙈

        1. See, you are a good girl 🍑💦😛

  7. Hey there.

    Your Lilah sounds just PERFECT for you.

    This whole post was wonderfully written and so erotic, dangerous, exciting.

    I would love a man to treat me that way; to gift me such freedom and that I would know that in turn, that freedom will arouse him beyond belief. Such a cycle of eroticism and love.

    Can’t wait until the next part .

    1. Fiery…so pleased to see you here ✨I’ve been away for a bit (as I seem to do) but what a hot rush to return and feel your reaction to this.🔥 To see a woman open to and craving such an experience – understanding and really appreciating the cycle of eroticism and love that flows through it – is like a gift to me. I hope the next parts won’t disappoint…

      1. Michael,

        So sorry about this delay in responding to you, I haven’t really been around. I am back now.
        Well I am very very pleased that I gave you a rush with my presence here.
        I am open to this, yes. Crave it, of course. Very much so. What needs and wants to be understood here, which you do so very deeply, is that there must be a profound and trusting love and desire between two people who want to explore each others bodies and bend each others minds and deepest desires in this way. There must be. My man would have to love me so so truly and deeply and I would do ANYTHING for him while I bare my body and soul to his love and dominance over me. He would have to OWN me in every way and I would please him in every single way he wants. No questions. I just DO. And when I am done or when he TELLS me I’m done, he can worship my body from head to toe in the heat of this experience we’ve shared which is ours and intimate and more erotic than we can bare. It is something that drives me crazy at the thought of it.

        Just my personal thoughts. 😉
        If I’m on fire for a man, if he arouses me the way I was made to be aroused and if I do the same for him and turn him on until he can’t take it anymore, in the truest deepest, sensual way we know, he can make me do anything and everything his heart and….other areas desire.
        I’ll be back to read more.
        Be well

        1. Fiery, after reading your thoughts…I am sitting here about to absolutely rip through my slacks. Oh my god this has me dizzy with primal heat! Wow! You have such a clarity around how you would desire this experience to play out and the erotic triggers driving your passion. While people can want to experience this in different ways, your desire and how you would want to feel it is exactly how I would want my lover to feel – this is erotic perfection between lovers bound in the most soulful way. 💞🔥

  8. Chris Nagovisi

    Beautiful, I empathise strongly with your feelings 😈.

    1. Thank you Chris, this was an intense but very erotic space to be in 😈🔥

      1. Chris Nagovisi


  9. I just came back to blogging and partly was because I missed reading your work, and I just started reading your journey with Lilah. This is amazing and I like how you also show or tell that even if you have studied the emotional and psychological complexities of cuckolding, you still have feelings and thoughts that challenge that knowledge in which the term – you’re only human sort of applies.

    I loved this Michael and as always I become so hooked by your work and experiences cause they feel so honest.

    1. Samantha, I am soooo glad you are back! 🤗😘 I’ve been a bit inconsistent here as well but want to make 2020 a great year here. So glad you enjoyed this. I know a lot about what to expect emotionally but that only means that I can put a label on it – I do still feel it very strongly. There’s just no getting around the angst of waiting a lover while knowing another man has his cock buried deep inside her. 😈

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