Lilah is just returning from her first date with a prospective Bull (Lilah’s Meet and Greet) that ended up with her fucking him in the backseat of her car and swallowing his creamy load.

My phone lights up with a message from Lilah. I’m surprised to hear from her so late in the evening and my heart is immediately pounding. My girl is deliciously naughty and I know something hot must have happened on her date. Across the miles between us, Lilah takes my hand and guides me through the dizzyingly hot, juicy details of her evening.

I absolutely love to make you hot by telling you all about my escapades with another man. I love when we are so on fire for each other and I can feel your energy and love burning so strongly! ~ Lilah

Lilah mind fucks me so well as she describes being seduced and slightly dominated by another man. Soon, my shaft is rock hard and my head feels so plump and swollen. It is amazing to see how hard I get when she talks about fucking another man. The silky wet juice flowing heavily from my head provides much needed lubricant to work my hand slowly up and down my manhood. Mmmm yes, my balls are loading up quickly and feel so tight and full. All too soon, I explode with multiple creamy ropes all over my stomach and chest.  

Michael - Pleasure 2

As the erotic haze lifts, a slow wave of embarrassment and emasculation washes across me. I think to myself, “Damn, my sweet girl just fucked another man with a bigger cock. My reaction was to stroke my smaller penis and cum on my stomach while another man came in her mouth?” Yes, that is exactly what I did. Post-orgasm is an interesting space for many men. There is clarity as we return from the realm of Dionysus with our cock flaccid and drained…a world away from transcendent ecstasy. 

Lilah, on the other hand, is turned on all over again after sharing the details of her night.

Mmmm baby, the scent of another man’s cock is all over your girl’s lips and face. I’m so craving his big cock again! I want to be able lay down in his bed and spread my legs wide to feel his full length and thickness opening me up deeper and stretching me so good. Can I see him tomorrow night? Please, Daddy? 🙏🏼😈😇

I have never seen my girl this excited about another man and have the sense that a new reality may be setting in on us. I want her to see Mason again, but let her know there will be a price to pay.  “Sexy girl, I’m going to spank your ass good for getting all hot and bothered thinking about having another man’s bigger dick inside you!”

Lilah - Daddy 1

Mmm, I hope you do Daddy!! 🔥🔥😈 It makes me burn so hot when you tell me how you need to discipline me for being naughty! I can’t wait to look into your eyes and see the passion there, and feel it in your touch. I can tell this is the start of an amazingly hot adventure and you are the best possible partner for this erotic journey.

While somewhat reasserting my dominance, I am also facing the reality of the moment. My lover is pleading with me for permission to fuck another guy. And, while my cum is all over my stomach and dripping off onto the sheet, his sperm is in her tummy. Cleaning myself up, I spend the rest of the night tossing and turning to wild visuals of Lilah being fucked in her car.

I greet the morning sun with a rising cock and am immediately immersed in the erotic rush of being cuckolded. We spend the day messaging back and forth about how hot this situation is for both of us. As Lilah shares the feelings and sensations she experienced, it brings a deeper level of erotic intensity to my cuckold experience. It also keeps the memory of last night burning hot for Lilah and fuels her desire to see Mason again tonight. “I have been thinking about fucking him all day and getting so horny and excited!”

It must feel so wild and disorienting for her to be in love with me while at the same time feeling so excited about having another man’s cock inside her. A similar erotic swirl is flowing around me. I’m turned on beyond belief that the woman I love and adore is so excited about fucking another man.

The energy flowing between us is like a burning ring of fire as we work one another into higher and higher states of arousal and anticipation. After work, Lilah rushes home to get ready for her naughty rendezvous.

Lilah - Getting Ready 3

To be continued…

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