Setting the Stage

The post follows Lilah – Finding Our Bull. When we left off in that story, Lilah was leaving for her meet and greet with a prospective Bull named Mason. As you will see, her evening ended up being so much more than anticipated. What follows is a true story filled with the details and insight Lilah shared with me in her erotic afterglow. Hope you enjoy ~ Michael

Meet and Greet

Lilah arrives at the bar filled with the butterflies and nervous excitement that comes with meeting a potential lover for the first time. Her date, Mason, is a tall, handsome man with a sturdy build that has designs on becoming Lilah’s Bull. As hoped, the chemistry she felt while messaging with Mason is carrying over in person. 

Lilah - Mr. Stone 6

A couple drinks in and the sexual energy is starting to flow as Mason leans in to taste her inviting lips for the first time. She likes the way he kisses – slow and sensual. Kissing is important to Lilah because she knows it correlates well with the chemistry she will feel for a man in the bedroom. The kissing continues and she feels an extra tingle being in public like this with him. Did anyone notice their casual first greeting and now see them kissing? Her thoughts drift to me and the erotic scenario now unfolding within our loving relationship. 

Encouraged by Lilah’s response and aroused by her kisses, Mason suggests they go to his place. She does wants to go his place one day soon, just not tonight. “I can’t have sex with you tonight because I told my boyfriend I wouldn’t.” They continue chatting and kissing throughout the evening. With the date coming to an end, Mason walks Lilah to her car and leans in for a goodnight kiss. Lilah feels flushed with excitement as this giant of man presses her against the car to have one more taste of her full, sensual lips. 

Lilah 38

Lilah’s earlier desire to not have sex with Mason is melting away as he presses for more. “Are you sure your boyfriend would be mad if you fucked me? Isn’t this what he wants?”  Lilah remembers that she actually did talk about to me about this and I had given her the green light for more if she felt it. Lilah isn’t sure what she is feeling but knows she doesn’t want the night to end…not yet. 

Mason slips his large hand inside Lilah’s pants and rubs a thick finger along her clit. Her dripping wet pussy feels like an invitation for more as Mason eases a thick finger inside inside Lilah. Soon he is finger fucking my girl and working her g-spot. Out in public view, Lilah experiences the rush of exhibitionism and exhilaration of a new man’s touch. Soon, her hips are rocking as her legs begin to shake. She is shocked by how her body is responding so quickly to him and feels so naughty. Mason is gripping her hair, finger-fucking another man’s woman, and making her body sing as she cums…for him. 

Lilah 42

His own arousal is now demanding attention. Still out in public view, Mason frees his cock and Lilah quickly wraps her tiny hand around it. She marvels at how long and thick his manhood feels in her hand. My lover’s sexual surrender to another man appears imminent as Lilah invites Mason into the back seat of her car. He quickly resumes working her tight pussy with his strong, thick fingers as she comes several more times.

The Dom behaviors that Mason had been holding back on are beginning to rise along with his hard, strong cock. He seems to be picking up on something with Lilah. Perhaps there is a submissive girl inside her aching to be dominated?  Lilah and I enjoy occasional D/s play but she has never expressed interest in a man being dominant with her. Mason directs her to look at him while she comes and she obeys. He encourages her to “let it go” and to say “please” when she wants to cum again. He affirms her for being a “good girl” and coming as directed.

I could tell he was a Dom by some of the things he said, but it was subtle and felt okay. He told me to say please and thank you a lot too. I did. I’m wary of Mason being a Dom, but he played it well tonight. I really enjoyed the subtly dominant things he did.

After getting Lilah off a few more times, Mason once again presents his thick, long cock to Lilah. She immediately begins to lavish attention on Mason’s big cock and is generous with compliments about his size. He seems intrigued and asks about the comparison that Lilah herself was no doubt making. “Am I bigger than your boyfriend?” Lilah excitedly answers, “Yes, you’re bigger…a lot bigger!”  Lilah has always enjoyed indulging my small-penis kink, but now it is feeling extra hot to her because it is real. Lilah is on fire in the presence of another man’s larger cock.

Lilah 41

Baby, his dick was so big and thick with such smooth, soft skin and a big pretty head. I wanted him in my mouth immediately! You know I had to! Mmm, he tasted so good! It isn’t like a monster-sized cock, but he is definitely big and much bigger than you.

Emblazoned by her excitement and early signs of obedience, Mason becomes more dominant. “You like this big cock in your mouth.” Lilah moans in agreement. He directs her to say thank you while her mouth is still full of his thick cock. The moment is surreal for Lilah because she is such a strong, smart, independent woman. She never imagined she would be in the backseat of her car thanking a man for “allowing” her to suck his cock. Yet, here she is struggling to do her best to thank Mason for having his cock in her mouth.

Baby, he kept asking me if he was bigger than you. I had to answer yes every time because he is and it made me hot to tell him so. He said things like, “Do you like this big cock in your mouth? Say thank you with your mouth full.” Sometimes I complied, but sometimes I was defiant. You know your girl – I’m not one to be completely bossed around…except by you and only sometimes. 😘

Lilah is enjoying the sensation of this newfound thickness in her mouth but wants – needs – to feel him inside her tight little pussy. Disheveled, sweaty, and oh sooo wet, my lover sits up and straddles Mason’s lap.

Lilah 40

Despite the cramped quarters, it feels really good to have this large man slowly working himself inside her and opening her up. She comes almost immediately and then cums again! She can hear people hanging out and talking just two spaces over in the parking lot. The possibility of “getting caught” by those people or them at least knowing what is happening makes her even hotter and is such a thrill! By the time she slips off of Mason, she has lost count of how many times he made her cum tonight. This thought is quickly followed by the naughty realization that we may have finally found her Bull.

With Lilah sitting by his side, Mason begins stroking his big cock and commands Lilah to rub her clit so he can watch. She does as directed and is enamored by the sight of this man’s large hand traveling up and down such a long, thick manly shaft. She watches with fire burning in her belly as he gets closer and closer…and finally erupts. Not wanting his cum to be wasted, she quickly wraps her lips around his large head to taste her Bull’s release for the first time.

I couldn’t let it go to waste – you know that. I was so eager to taste him! I got the second spurt and then he started moaning really loud and telling me it felt so intense with my mouth on him. His cum was thick and yummy, and I told him how good he tasted!  Mmm, I loved the taste of him and want more!

After getting home, Lilah is excited to connect and share the details of her hot evening. Some men would be out of their mind with jealousy and anger to know their lover just fucked another man, but this isn’t the case for me. Lilah knows cuckolding and erotic humiliation (small penis teasing especially) have such a powerful erotic effect on me. With a tummy full of another man’s sperm, Lilah reaches sends me a text to see if I’m still awake.

To be continued…

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  1. I really enjoyed this 😈💦🤘

    1. Thank you 😈 It was hot when it happened and still hot going through it again. 💦

  2. Very hot!!

    1. Thanks Michael, it was very intense as Lilah was taking me through this. It is going to get much hotter… 🔥

    2. I absolutely agree.


  3. Wow. Can’t say I wouldn’t have done anything different in her situation. Makes me eager to get out again.

    1. Mmmm, this a naughty comment 🔥If you were in love with another man though, would you would be excited to come back and share all the hot details…knowing it excites him? 😈

      1. Definitely. That’s part of the fun I think knowing it excites him and I’m doing something that’s considered “taboo” because it’s outside of a monogamous relationship. 😜😈

        1. It also excites my husband, and that’s a turn-on for me.


          1. I love that you bring awareness of your husband’s arousal into this experience as something as adds to your excitement. This is often ignored in so many writings about cuckolding.

          2. My husband’s arousal means everything to me. We do cuckolding as a COUPLE. 😊

        2. MmmHmmm, such naughty behavior…and we both like that 😈🔥

          1. It has added a new and very beautiful dimension to our marriage. We’re very grateful for all the positive things we have experienced.


    2. Yes, it’s inspirational 😉

      1. Michael sure has that way about him haha

        1. 😈😘

  4. I really enjoyed the text.


  5. Michael — I loved reading your writing and adventures years ago with Sienna — and still enjoy them now. You always offered a different perspective on sexuality. Glad to have run into you again.

    1. Wow…you are back? 😃There aren’t many of us left from that original crew… All these years later, I am still trying to finish writing about Sienna. I just seem to keep getting distracted by naughty angels… 😈😇 Hope life has been treating you well and that you are in a good place 😘

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