As we step into this moment, I’m in a loving and deeply sensual relationship with an amazing woman named Lilah. My recent post “Sexual Healing” gives a sense of the sexual kinks we enjoy but more importantly highlights the special love that flows between us. 

Romantically speaking, I aspire to be a sensual and thoughtful lover. “Sensual and Thoughtful” is actually part of my blog’s tagline. The other part of that tagline is “Very Naughty”. In terms of being naughty, cuckolding is high on my list of sexual kinks. I’ve written quite a bit about the sexual psychology of cuckolding. If you are interested in learning more. Please visit here – Cuckold Psychology: The Essentials.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t get much more intense than having the woman you love making her pussy available for other men.

Lilah & Michael 7

While Lilah is still getting her mind around the sexual dynamics of cuckolding, she loves sex and is cautiously open to sex with other men within the framework of our loving and supporting relationship. At this point, she has already cuckolded me several times so we aren’t exactly novices to the lifestyle. However, our early experiences have left us thinking deeper about what we want to get out of these experiences as a couple. Lilah is a sexy woman and, believe me, there are plenty of men that are eager to get their cocks deep inside my lover’s pretty little pussy. It’s not quite that simple for the couple though.

Lilah has high sexual energy and is a very adoring lover which makes me one lucky man. Unfortunately, we are in a long-distance relationship so our time for physical intimacy isn’t ideal. She loves me, but also craves more sex. The idea of her weeding through man after man trying to find someone she has chemistry with is a lot of work, frequently irritating, and emotionally draining. Because of this, a steady Bull for regular, no-strings attached sex is high on our list. And, it makes me feel better about her safety.

Lilah feels very strongly that she wants her prospective Bull to know how much she loves me and understands she isn’t looking to replace me. Well, I suppose she is actually looking to replace me “occasionally” between her legs. However, he needs to be aware of my presence and understand that he is not “dating” my girl. He will be our Bull, not her lover.

If we were able to snap our fingers and summon our perfect Bull, what would he be like? Sexual savvy and good communication skills are important. Mind play and sexting are something that Lilah and I really enjoy. We constantly have each other worked up and needing to cum. We engage our minds, build erotic tension, and mind fuck each other so well. Our Bull needs to stimulate my girl’s erotic mind. The physicality of sex is important but engaging the mind (the mind fuck) adds context and richness to an experience. It is the lubricant that makes everything flow. 

Lilah 19

Cock size is another consideration. I would prefer that our Bull have a larger cock than mine. It is hot when my girl sleeps with another man, but it even hotter if he can make her feel physical sensations that my smaller cock can’t provide. I want her to really enjoy and crave her Bull’s bigger cock. I see this as one way for her to experience and embrace the fullness of her sexuality. This would also increase the erotic intensity of the cuckold experience for me.

Lilah’s evolving perspective on cock size is fascinating and worthy of having an entire post devoted to it in the future. At this point, I will just say that she is uncertain if she has it in her to crave a bigger cock but is curious and open to the possibility that she might like it.

Comfortable and aligned in our desires, we began our search as a sensual, loving couple looking for a naughty adventure with a Bull. If we find our ideal Bull, my lover’s pussy will be open and waiting for him. There are plenty of well-endowed men that are eager to open up my girl’s tight pussy. Despite an abundance of manhood, the vast majority are lacking in sexual savvy and unable engage and stimulate our erotic minds. 

Our frustration level is getting pretty high when a gentleman named Mason enters our world and began messaging with Lilah. At 6’ 4”, Mason is a large white male with a thick frame and – allegedly – a long, thick cock. His large frame was enough to generate at least some intrigue from Lilah. While I am in the six foot club, I am not 6′ 4″. She loves large men because they make her feel so small. Mason’s big cock was something that made her feel a little nervous but also wet and curious. I encouraged her to message with him a bit to see how the energy felt.

I was excited about Mason’s potential because messaging with him had been so much fun! He walked the line of being sexy and flirtatious but also kind and respectful, which is so important to me. It has been so difficult to find the kind of Bull we wanted and Mason seemed to have the sexual savvy we needed. ~ Lilah

Mason had some of what I was looking but he identified himself as a Dom, not a Bull. This Bull-Dom distinction is important. We weren’t looking for someone to command her submission and become her Sir. We just wanted a sexually savvy man with a big cock to fuck her good on occasion – a Bull. 

Lilah and I were already enjoying our own power-play dynamics with me as her Sir and Daddy. I am the man that commands her submission and disciplines her when she has been a naughty little girl. I guide and support my little girl on her journey to release and experience the fullness of her sexuality. Other men may fuck her, but I own her heart and I own her pussy. And, this is exactly how Lilah wants it. 

Lilah & Michael 5

In all the messaging I did with Mason, the topic of submission definitely came up. I said that I’m only submissive to Michael – and only sometimes. He knows I’m not a sub, and it’s not something I really even want to be! One of the things I so appreciate about Michael is the variety of ways we relate to each other – how we move in and out of roles so fluidly. He is sensual and loving and, when I’m a naughty little girl, he is deliciously dominant and commanding. ~ Lilah

In full transparency, I’m at bit of a switch in power play. I do enjoy being dominant and can get in that mind space pretty easily. However, my cuckold fantasy is a very strong sexual driver…probably my most exciting kink. The thought of another man fucking my girl better and “owning her pussy” is something that would be a wildly exciting sexual dynamic within our loving relationship and a hot, hot, hot mind fuck. I brought this up to Lilah before and she made her feelings clear on this matter – not interested.

I do remember when Michael first brought this up. My immediate reaction was- no way! I love Michael and couldn’t even process the thought of another man “owning” my pussy. It is Michael’s to own! ~ Lilah

A few weeks pass and Lilah is starting to warm up to Mason and believes he might be fun for us. He offered to meet with us for a drink to see if there was any chemistry. The problem with this is that we are in a long-distance relationship. I hadn’t seen Lilah in a while (far too long), and it would still be several weeks before I saw her again. She was climbing the walls to get out and have some fun so I encouraged her meet alone Mason for a drink. It would be good for my sexy girl’s spirit to have some attention lavished on her. 

She reluctantly agreed to meet him alone for a drink to see if there was any chemistry. If the energy was right, she would consider meeting him again for more. We discussed the possibility of this first meeting going beyond a drink, but Lilah doesn’t think it is a good idea. Regardless, I know things can change in the heat of the moment and let her know she has the green light to go further if the mood strikes her. I assure her it will be hot for me too.

As the night of Lilah’s meet and greet with Mason approaches, our conversations around it are tempered and lacking the typical buildup we’ve had in the past. Then again, it’s just a drink so nothing to really get worked up over. Lilah rushes home after work to freshen up and then heads off to meet Mason.

Lilah 37

I went into this evening with the idea that most likely nothing would happen. But, I knew that if I felt good energy with Mason, I might be open for more… ~ Lilah

As I head to sleep tonight, I’m genuinely happy that Lilah is out enjoying an evening on the town. In terms of sexual energy, I’m feeling calm with only the faintest flicker of being cuckolded on my mind.

I should have known better. 😈🔥

To be continued….

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30 thoughts on “Lilah – Finding Our Bull

  1. Ahhhh, freedom….music to my eyes and ears. I love your mind….and this place.

    1. Freedom…it is calling to you.☺️Not sure if this kind of freedom would be hot for you but it gets me going for sure. 🔥As for my mind, step inside and take a look around. 😈😇

      1. your mind is an amazing place……..

        1. I really appreciate this. I always feels a little uneasy revealing these experiences and dirty thoughts but reactions like yours continue to inspire me 😈🔥

          1. OH, so brave of YOU.. THANK YOU

    2. Cuckolding is liberating for us females.

      1. Christina, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I’m looking forward to exploring your journey as well. You have found and are clearly enjoying your sexual liberation 🔥

        1. Thanks for your kind words, Michael. Cuckolding is very liberating for white females – and for their husbands as well. We should spread the word 😊


          1. Yes, liberating for all women actually 🔥

          2. Unfortunately most women feel very sceptical when they learn that their husbands would like to see the with another man.

            To me cuckolding is the ultimate sexual freedom. It matriarchal. The woman at the center of sexual relationships. It’s about ME.

  2. Maybe you should have known better haha

    1. I think I learned my lesson 😛

  3. Very interesting read. I am looking forward to the next texts.


  4. Damn, I am happy I didn’t miss this one.

    1. I’m glad you caught it. This is one of the first posts in a new series I’ll be sharing about my loving, hot journey with Lilah. 🔥

  5. It is interesting to me how many commenter (above) are have blogs that have been deleted. Not sure what that means. People are scared? WordPress canceled them?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jiminey, I generally like to respond to comments related to the actual post but this will work, ha! This post first came out about three years ago so people come and go. Really, WordPress, seems to have dried up…a lot of people do get their blogs deleted (myself included) for posting images that violate the community terms. My blog now is a self-hosted blog, but I still try to keep my images suggestive rather than explicit. Most people that do comment often don’t have similar content on their blogs anyway…they just find something here that sparks a secret desire.

    2. Thanks for stopping by Jiminey, I generally like to respond to comments related to the actual post but this will work, ha! This post first came out about three years ago so people come and go. Really, WordPress, seems to have dried up…a lot of people do get their blogs deleted (myself included) for posting images that violate the community terms. My blog now is a self-hosted blog, but I still try to keep my images suggestive rather than explicit. Most people that do comment often don’t have similar content on their blogs anyway…they just find something here that sparks a secret desire.

  6. I find it fascinating as an immaculate that your mindset so primitive but at the same time on a much higher idiology! Reality is it is the purest obsevational form of what the world is on every layer! Erotic obsessions post A-sexual masterage, achieving six carriages through self deliverance! I love the idea of breaking down walls and finding one loyal person to share kharmically! My sister personalities however seem to reflect that desire to play! Tantric aside parts of me long to drop the abstinance and whip a Frenzy!

    1. I find your comment fascinating. The callout of “primitive” and “higher ideology” certainly fit in psyche. I am drawn to these edges and love to create moments where they exist simultaneously. The clash and contrast between them stirs up an erotic whirlwind within me – a transcendent experience. Or, as you suggest, “whip a Frenzy” 💫🔥

      1. i just sired up with a libido; unfortunately i was so well behaved i did not even realise no contact was an issue, i have six kids mine masters and my friends,,. i am lucky that i am tantric, telepath as i enjoy recieving from my higher levels! Those mindsets were marriage is protection to be ourselves! My man was not prepared for my needs! oops

        1. Are you saying that these relationships (like some I have experienced) where the woman takes other men is something you might (or have already) enjoyed? I have a high sex drive but always enjoy watching my lover with more endowed men…filling her in every way she desires.

          1. i was layered with music movies, business schooling, etc..all couples who loved me and my freind and i had my masters through coming first and i delivered his witches! lol my husbands are international movies and music i am down trying to get my levels in order missing my layers and my dark angels!

          2. i stayed immaculate so post religious lock in i could take the professional route and chuck the staff their records back! my name is the declaration to why they attended work! dependant on level role and family present! lol now i just want to take my husband, brother or other! i only see and recieve my husband for loyalty but he is not here to play with! karmic balance ….grrrr i take any level i need tantrically to save life! i am unique! their behaviour only affects their houses! 😈

      2. My one submissive point, that feeling of i probably should not! to Oh but if you insist, short of being pinned to a wall with no desire to fight! I find the whole electricity of someone you empower, willingly applying your desires, whilst fulfilling theirs! Has become a form of creative art to release what i need to the world in order for it to manifest!

        1. Mmmm, I like your mindset ✨There is great freedom in submission…letting go and being able to experience all you desire behind the mask of submission.

          1. just me getting what i want with some military masters pre-empt for additional sirers! lol just in case!

          2. usually while minding others!

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