As an abstract thought, I find the sexual fantasy known as wife breeding very arousing. I explored the underlying sexual psychology driving this fantasy in the post – Cuckold Psychology: Wife Breeding. While it isn’t something I would want to experience in real life, it definitely pushes an erotic hot button.

Throughout my relationship with Sienna, I explored and listened with great fascination as she shared her thoughts around different themes found in cuckolding. I knew how it felt for me as a man but was always curious about how it played in her mind as a woman – a very beautiful, smart, sexy woman. If you are new to my journey with Sienna, our biggest fantasy was for her to sleep with well-endowed black men. She craved it, and I wanted it for her. I was curious though how would my sexy, submissive girl react to the thought of becoming pregnant by one of her Bulls?

Excerpt from Sienna:

Baby, we are home and I’m wearing the tight yoga pants you like as you slip in close behind me. It happened sweet love, another man finally got your girl. His long, thick cock opened me up like never before and planted HIS seed deep inside my fertile womb…something you could never do. I had once doubted it but now realize your place in the sexual hierarchy is a given. Your strong hands stroke my belly as a brown bun swells deep within me. You affirm me with love and acceptance as you acknowledge I’m carrying another man’s baby and now there is no turning back. This was only made possible by giving way and surrendering to our fantasy and the deep desires we both hold.

Engaging with those who enjoy my work is very rewarding to me. Your “likes” are always appreciated, and I respond to all comments. You can find the full discussion of “wife breeding” with Sienna on my Patreon site – Dollhouse Studio.  Patrons have access to an extensive collection of my 3D art, including explicit versions. You will also have exclusive access to erotic stories (like this one) not available on my blog. Hope you enjoyed your visit ~ Michael 💫

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44 thoughts on “Sienna on the Wife Breeding Fantasy

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  2. Sexy symbolism…

    1. Thank you…pushes a few erotic hot buttons for me. Glad you liked it too.

  3. alaninlondon

    so very hot hot hot and exciting to read – thank you

    1. Thank you Alan, glad you liked this one. I was hesitant to post this but it was a really hot conversation and topic to explore with Sienna. She really went with it, whew!

    2. Agreed. It’s highly erotic.

  4. Very sexy. But I like the intimate undertones as well. Sienna certainly enjoyed the cuckolding as well but wanted to ensure you that she would always love you and consider you her life partner 😊
    That was so endearing

    1. Thank you Rebecca…this was released a bit prematurely. I had backdated and didn’t think it would show up in the reader. I didn’t account for the email notifications. I’m glad you enjoyed it though. It was a very erotic journey getting to this point with her. 😈🔥

    2. Great comment, Rebecca. If you ask me, I would say that cuckolding is about LOVE between me and my husband. My black boyfriend only plays a secondary role. The purpose of cuckolding is to strengthen our mutual love.


      1. This is refreshing to hear from a woman in this lifestyle 💖

  5. All kinds of tension and the contrasts balance. Real erotic truth in this, right down to the core of reproductive instincts.

    1. Wow ReaAnne, this is such a hot and insightful comment🔥 I agree that tension and contrast are very powerful in this vision. Her desire is primal and she can’t escape her reproductive desires that call from deep inside to fulfilled.

      1. Oooh yeah, mmm hmmm agreed. Its a hardwired breeding instinct superceding culture or rational thought. And just so boiling sexy!

        1. Mmmm, you have such a sexy mind and way with words…pushing erotic hot buttons on this end and a few of your own I’m sure 🔥

        2. Wow, Rean Ann. Absolutely true!

    2. Thanks for the comment, Rea Ann. We love tension and contrast in our relationship. That’s why cuckolding has strengthened our marriage.


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    1. Thank you for the reblog.😊

  7. (responding to “Still Your Queen” image) This is so perfectly conceived.

    1. Thank you Rae Ann, it is always provides an extra rush of excitement when a woman enjoys these types of images… 🔥

      1. And it’s nice when male artists can create ego free work, celebrating a feminine experience 🙂

        1. Thank you, I really appreciate that. I suspect it is the confrontation with and submission of the ego that many men (who enjoy this kink) find so arousing. I imagine women may experience in a different way.

          1. So true. I think the domme-sub, and hotwifing or cucking are psychologically and emotionally different thrills. Enjoyed by both yet experienced very different, at least in my opinion.

        2. You’re very inspiring. You should have a blog of your own, Rea Ann!

  8. (responding to “Still Your Queen” image) Sexy symbolism, gets even sexier reading the narrative.

    1. Yes…pushes a few erotic hot buttons for me. Glad you liked it too.🔥

  9. That’s an awesome text. Thanks, Michael!


  10. I hope that you are soon going to find more time to write more texts. They are very interesting and inspirational.

    1. Thanks Christina ✨ I know you have a post or two on this topic and look forward to reading those. I have a lot of content in various stages of completion and will be releasing plenty over the summer. I’ve haven’t been very active over the last year but look forward releasing some heat here. 😈🍇💧

  11. This is so hot. Her gene pool continuing while yours has been cut short by a superior man. What’s worse is if she convinced you to get a vasectomy so that you would never have a chance at her womb like others did/do.

    1. Mmmm, these are really hot thoughts you shared…seriously hot! Sienna’s mention of her “gene pool” was something she came up with (I didn’t mentioned it in my story to her). It took my arousal to another level and seems to have sparked you as well. 🔥 The thought of being dominated and fully conquered – surrendering both her pussy and gene pool – really got her going. The vasectomy…that would have a whole additional level of hotness 😈

      1. Seriously making me think I need to do a story around this situation.

        1. You have to follow the inspiration when it strikes 💫 I’m sure you’ll find a place for it at some point. If you write out some of the story, please let me know where I can find it. You seemed to feel this in a hot way, and I’d love read how it plays for you 🔥

  12. Beautiful, exciting and wonderful on many levels.

    Aesthetically exciting, beauty and life bearing goddess mystique.
    But also the future world and so many levels.

    1. Mmmm, this is a savory reaction. This image and Sienna’s thought sort of wrapped themselves around my mind and slowly seeped through my body with a warm, increasingly hot burn. I couldn’t deny my arousal.🔥

  13. Leaves me speechless 😀 She really said that to you?

    1. Yes, these are her words. Keep in mind though, she was responding to a fantasy story I had written and we were just working each other up. I don’t think she really wanted was only a fantasy. I think.

      1. Heheh I see. I’m really curious how her life looks like right now. If you changed her whole opinion about relationships 😀

        1. I hope to cross paths with her one day in a way that allows us to reflect on our time together. What she experienced with me became her favorite fantasy and it always made her cum so hard. She often brought it up herself and wanted me to talk about it while we were having sex. She even had a particular type of dildo to feed that desire when she was alone. Our real life experiences only added fuel to her fire. If I were a betting man, I would say she wants or at least fantasizes about the type of relationship we had. Cuckolding though would be a hard fantasy for a woman to bring up to a man. Meeting a man that would be into it is a roll of the dice and she would probably wait for him to bring it up. If he did, I have no doubt she would be thrilled.

          1. Please help me understand. The fantasy here is not to be with a heavy-built, well-hung African-American man, but to be in a relationship with someone who is into cuckolding and have sex with the aforementioned man while humiliating her boyfriend/husband etc. Am I right?

          2. I think this is a fair assessment…plus or minus the humiliation aspect. Sienna was resistant to the humiliation play at first but warmed up to it over time after seeing how much I enjoyed it. The relationship is always primary and is true source of love and ultimate fulfillment.

  14. Very nice and beautiful hot work! 😀 😉

    1. Glad you enjoyed the image…Sienna’s reaction definitely put the “hot” in it for me. 🔥

      1. Glad to hear!:D;)

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